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  1. Cowboy & Cowgirls Clothes New Added

    Stumpy, Do you want to send me an email address to sent the picture? Not sure what you can tell by picture, they actually look like they have never been worn. if you buy them and they are not what I say they are, you get your money back and return shipping cost. Abilene Al "If my word is no good, I'm no good"
  2. Cowboy & Cowgirls Clothes New Added

    Doc PM Sent
  3. Cowboy & Cowgirls Clothes New Added

    Doc, Blacks in 40" are all spoken for, holding 40" Brown for you, would you be interested in the Summer weight 42"s and alter them for a five dollar each discount? Send me an email to [email protected] for address to send funds. Thanks, Abilene Al
  4. Cowboy & Cowgirls Clothes New Added

    Brazos, sent you a PM. IN GENERAL Pictures of Ladies blouses will be posted today at some time, just hope they will open for folks, emails addresses will get them quicker and might get you first choice. Not sure the value added of pictures of black pants????? Not much detail there, maybe the Ladies pants. Abilene Al
  5. Cowboy & Cowgirls Clothes New Added

    Hello all, we have some like new pants, most are Frontier Classic and one pair of Ladies Wah-Maker pants for sale, most are like new, some never worn. All are $30 a pair shipped. Ladies blouses are $20 shipped. Just ordered replacement pants and they are $45 plus shipping. No sob story, just gained weight after cancer, Santa Fe Gal has P-MS and does not shoot anymore, it has slowed her going to matches also and she just wants to make some room in the closet. All of these clothes are in excellent condition, if they are not as represented, send them back and I will send your money and the shipping charges back to you. Abilene Al Men Pants: 2 ) - Pair, Black 40" X 29" Canvas Material (1 New) (2 Like New) SOLD 1 ) - Pair, Dark Brown 40" X 29" Canvas Material SOLD 1 ) - Pair, Black 42" X 29" Canvas Material SOLD 2 ) - Pair, Black 42" X 29" Lighter Weight Material For Summer Shooting SOLD 1 ) - Pair, Black 44" X 29" Canvas Material (Like New) ADDED Ladies Pants: 1 ) - SOLD 1 ) - Pair Black 32" X 26-1/2" Frontier Classic SOLD 1 ) - Pair Tan (Mustard Yellow) 32" X 26-1/2" Frontier Classic SOLD Ladies Blouses: Wife has pictures of two Blouses left, please send email for pictures to [email protected] aka Santa Fe Gal We would like to thank those who purchased these clothes, they will be shipped as soon as packaged. Abilene Al and Santa Fe Gal
  6. WTB - Old model Vaqueros 357/38

    Did you give any thought to the pair of Bisleys for sale on the wire that were converted from standard ROAs, if he still has the frames and will let them go with the guns it would be a good deal, he has a decent price on them? You could sell me the "B" frames... AA

    If the others were 45LC, I would be all over them. AA
  8. SPF- Dillon 650-SPF

    Paul There is a lot to a 650XL, to buy one with all of the extras is more like $1450. When you can find one fully equipped for less, buy it, I own two, things to look for are the high rise stand, case feeder, powder check, etc. The are like buying a good stock, hold on to it. My wife use to shoot 38s and I shot 45LC, so rather than change out a lot of items it was easier to own two of them. I do know folks that own 550 and love them too. Just some info going forward. Good luck, my advise buy one at a good price with out thinking too much about it. Abilene
  9. SOLD - Denim Jacket with SASS Marshall

    But Joe, maybe you could use a little PINK in your life...I was hoping it was an XL so it would fit me. AA
  10. Found some - WTB- Used pair of Jimmy Spur Vaqueros 357.

    To all, I believe my wife owes a pair, I will ask her if she wants to sell them. I do know she owes a pair of USFA that Jimmy did for me as a favor, he really does not like to work on pistolas other than Rugers. AA
  11. Holsters - 3- fit Ruger New Vaquero- for sale SPF

    DB At $50 per holster, you got a bargain, no matter who made them. I also wondered who made them, but the sleepy dog gets an empty bowl. AA
  12. WTS non CAS Mosin Nagant $225 SPF

    Did anyone read Buckshots profile, if you did you will see he has his life lined-up just as it should be. We need more members like like him. My hat is off to the individual that brought this man into SASS CAS. AA
  13. FS New Uberti 73 44-40 Rifle

  14. FS New Uberti 73 44-40 Rifle

    Pards, Brand New Uberti Deluxe 73 Rifle (pistol grip), 44-40, 20 inch barrel, low profile rear sight, Grabber front sight, Pioneer Super Short stroke kit, whisper springs, lighten mainspring, aluminum carrier and coil lever spring. I cannot think of anything you could add to this rifle. This is a brand new gun and match ready. $1450 shipped. Abilene Al at [email protected] Send email address for pictures, please.
  15. Pards, I am looking to purchase an 1886 Winchester or Replica in 45-70 with the pistol grip, NO Plain blue ones thanks. If you have one to sell, please email me pictures and price to [email protected] I have a brand new full race Uberti 73 Deluxe model in 44-40, CAS race ready if interested in a trade. Thanks for taking the time to read my ad. Abilene