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  1. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Non SASS - AR-15 kit includes Colt Expanse upper - $350 + shipping

    please mark this sold or SPF if it is not available. Thanks
  2. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you. I will google this up, not having a lot of luck, everybody on the internet seems to be wanting to sell you something and not answer your request. Thanks again, Abilene
  3. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sneaky Pete Holster

    Outlaw I would take it if I knew my SCCY 9mm would fit, but I think the SCCY is too large, compared to the Ruger. We did a little trading back when Santa Fe and I live in Hastings, MN and attended some of the same matches, really miss those days. Clubs are further apart back here in the SouthEast. Abilene Al
  4. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Missouri Marshal's Loadin Blocks hit 2500

    Santa Fe Gal and i both have them, great product from a great Cowboy. Surprised Santa Fe with her at the NC State match and she love them and i got a little reward too. Don't forget to ask about the different woods he has to use if you want something besides Oak. Abilene Al
  5. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    These are really nice pins for a mason, I wear mine as tie pin at times and get ask about it a lot. Keep up the good work. I would like to know what company makes them, I would like to have another pin made for my law-enforcement brothers. If anyone knows the manufacture, please let me know. Abilene Al
  6. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

    Loco, Call Bond up, nice folks, ask if they have any seconds. I called them and you had to look real hard to find the very small defect (cosmetic) that made it a second. He also sold me a real nice set of grips at a great price. You got nothing to loose, just do it, you might be really surprised. Abilene
  7. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    FS USFA Consecutive Rodeos in 38 cal, SOLD PF 4-26

    Dutch You are right these are great guns, just didn't have the CCH added which kept the price down. Something for prospective buyers to think about, these are perfect guns to antique and come out with a gun that looks like an old Colt found in the desert. You would never want to do the CCH models that way, it would de-value them. I have two pairs of USFAs, both done by Jimmy Spurs and my wife has one pair in 38, mine are both 45. Love them, don't shoot them, shoot Jimmy's Rugers he built for me. Due to health problems, wife doesn't shoot anymore and I have slowed way down, but looking forward to Spring, will try to start back then. That is a reasonable price for a gun that we will not see again and they only made a limited number of them. Abilene
  8. Sgt. How about $550 and I will pay shipping in a plain cardboard box, if you don't have one, I will send you one to ship it in? Abilene Al
  9. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    LARGE Hunting or Bowie knife & leather sheath

    I will take it. Let me know where to send the dust... AA
  10. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    PM Sent. AA
  11. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Western Talking Books SOLD

    Cowboys, If you drive a lot of long distance runs I have something for you. I love these CDs and if you get tired of the same old radio and like to be entertained on a long boring trip these will be for you. I have 13 CD Box sets, each one has either 5 or 6 CDs in each box, five of them are stories about a Half-Breed, Yakima Henry. Makes you glad when you stop of gas/diesel that you will not miss anything like a radio program that doesn't stop for you. All of these are by Graphic Audio, a few of the authors are: Zane Grey, Mark Twain, Alan Lemay, Max Brand, Robert E. Howard, Ernest Haycox, T. T. Flynn, Richard S. Wheeler and more. I was sorry to have these come to an end. We have rented talking books from Cracker Barrel Restaurants, but they almost never have western books for rent. I would like to sell to the same person for $65 shipping included, it will take a medium flat rate box to ship all of these. Or a couple of cowboys can get together a purchase and share the listening pleasure. These would be excellent for a long haul trucker Cowboy. Abilene Al
  12. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    Slip What can you tell me about the shoulder holster for the snub? Abilene
  13. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    SOLD- Jimmy Spurs NMV's .357, 4 5/8"

    TS I too have Jimmy's full race pistols, two pair, one NMV in SS and one pair of top of the line USFAs, my wife also has a pair of USFAs by Jimmy. These are top notch guns and you have a very good price on yours. Someone who wants the only pair of guns you will ever need are right there for the taking. Jimmy normally only does Ruger pistols, I talked him into doing the USFAs for us, really nice guy in person also. Good luck with your sale. Abilene
  14. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    WTB Shot Timer

  15. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    WTB Shot Timer

    Fatboy Send me $100 plus $10 for shipping and I will send you a brand new in original box, never used. [email protected] Abilene Al

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