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  1. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    Slim Terrible pictures...how about $65 and you ship in USPS envelope (cheapest way)? Abilene Al
  2. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Hand Crafted, Custom Made Loadin Blocks

    I too have 6 of these fine loading block, this allows you time between stages to spend time doing other things besides re-loading your block or counting out cartridges to put into a bag for the next stage. They are well made and he has custom woods if you prefer something a little different. I surprised my wife with 6 of these at the NC State shoot a few years back...paid off dividends, oh yea. Marshal I wish you all the best going forward. Abilene Al.
  3. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sure Hit Sights

    New subject, does anyone know if a ladder sight from a 66 will work on an 86? They seem to measure the same, just thought someone on this thread might have an answer. AA
  4. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sure Hit Sights

    Slick I purchased them from Long Hunter and thought that everything would have been included. Now that I know about you, I will purchase my next pair directly from you, if you sell direct. I do appreciated being directed to the instruction, now that was constructive and helpful. The only card in the package, give the name and says they are made for Ruger pistolas, oh, it does say they are "Endorsed" by you. They seem kind of loose on the sight, do they need to be clamped in any way or just let the "metal adhesive" do that? Somehow "Painted" seem to think I would know what was in the package...you just rely on the dealer to do the right thing. Thanks again, Abilene
  5. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sure Hit Sights

    Charlie I think you have explained it so and ole cowboy like me can get a handle on it. My answer above was not in response to your post. I do appreciate all who offer helpful information on the wire. Those that don't, I just appreciate you pards for different reasons...LOL I love all you cowboys, greatest group of folks I have ever been associated with. Abilene
  6. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sure Hit Sights

    Cleaned properly, with soap and water? Cleaned with gun cleaner? What came in the vial with the sights, epoxy? Little disappointed for $80 with what I got for the money. AA
  7. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Sure Hit Sights

    Pards, any experience, advice concerning the installation of sure hit sights on a pair of Rugers. No direction were included; only the sights and a vial or tube of a dark liquid. AA
  8. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    1873 Stage 3 Deluxe

    DR It would have been nice to see a stick rule that would show the short stroke, just to make sure it is legal, of course. Nice high resolution picture though. AA
  9. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Uberti 1873 24" short stroked SPF

    Putnam Under Is right, folks have no real idea what it cost to get top notch work done on a stock rifle. There is as much difference between a stock rifle and a full race rifle as ther is in a race car and one right off the lot at the dealer. Abilene
  10. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    Smoky, Someone beat you to the draw. If that deal falls through I will contact you right away with my address. I am sorry, Abilene
  11. Abilene Al, SASS #72248


    BTT with new items. Brand New in the bag Frontier Classic black pants size 48, never been opened. Abilene
  12. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    WTB: Uberti 73 carbine butt stock

    #4 Must have been too deep in the Bourbon. I have a 97 stock, not a 73. There is a company out there that makes and sells 73 stocks, you can google them. I believe they even will make a shorter one. Sorry to mislead you. Abilene
  13. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    Posting Pictures From Your Phone

    Man you crazy. This looks like my first one. Glad they worked out the bugs since then. Abilene
  14. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    [PURCHASED] WTB: 24" Uberti 1873 in .45 Colt (might consider 20")

    Cowboys should understand that the parts to make a rifle "race ready" cost about $300 for parts and labor or more, depending on who is doing the work. So a stock rifle may look like a good deal, but they could be purchased at a lot of stores. Race ready guns if truly race ready, are worth their money everyday. AA
  15. Abilene Al, SASS #72248

    WTB double strong side holsters 44" to center

    Jack It occurs to me that you are not getting what you SAID you were looking for? Can I help you in some way. Dan at Murphy Gun Leather can make you a really nice pair of holsters. I would be glad to talk to him and see what he can do and even help you with the price if you need that. You seem to be a real friend to newcomers to this game. Let me know what I can do, since you did not show any interest Never let a gun belt from getting a good rig, you can always purchase a belt, it is the least of the gun rig. Call me, if you want to discuss this issue or anything to do with the game of cowboy shooting. Abilene

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