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  1. ‘87 technique.

    I'm ready.
  2. ‘87 technique.

    People need to read a little bit so they do not make profoundly silly statements.. I said from the outset MAJOR matches, i.e, SASS contracted matches, i.e., State level and above matches. SASS could not exist without the clubs. However, anyone who has been around for a while knows that many clubs do their own thing as far as equipment allowed, costuming, stage writing, etc. There is no way to regulate what the clubs do. SASS sanctioned matches are a different matter. Again what does all this BS have to do with speed loading an 87???????
  3. ‘87 technique.

    SASS ain't a science. It is a shooting sport with "protocols." Can we get back on the actual topic which is how to speed load an 87? I could care less about goofy things done at the club level.
  4. ‘87 technique.

    WB has nothing to do with CAS rules.
  5. Reloading from bullet loops on holster

  6. ‘87 technique.

    Poor stage writing. Any major match that did that I would leave.
  7. ‘87 technique.

    I have never been to a SASS sanctioned match anywhere that allows shotguns to be "stoked." Simple enough reason is that a LOT of shooters are using double barrels. So your original statement is 100% correct and you owe no apology.
  8. 97/Mod 12 forends

    Many late model 97s came with a larger oval shaped fore end.
  9. Dillon 650 handle-standard or roller?

    Use what YOU like. It does not matter what anyone else likes.
  10. Didja Watch The Lone Ranger TV Series When You Were A Kid??

    Watched lots of old westerns but not so much the Lone Ranger. I never bought into the idea that the good guy was wearing a mask.
  11. A new cylinder for an old Colt

    Make sure he gets the proper cylinder. A new 3rd Gen will not fit a first gen. There are basically no 2nd Gen .44-40 cylinders. The only 2nd Gen .44-40 cylinders are from a small run of 100th Anniversay commemoratives.
  12. Attention Veterans - Cabela's Cuts Vets Discounts

    Yep. At the local Cabelas every register had a bright colorful flyer taped to the counter by each register. The clerk said it was a new policy and that the exclusion was noted at the bottom of the flyer. The exclusion language was printed in tiny letters in a feint gray color that was illegible. Had to wait until I got home to see what was actually excluded. Basically everything I buy at Cabelas (guns, ammo, reloading equipment, etc.) is excluded.
  13. Original Colt Lightning rifle?

  14. WTB 44 shell plate & pins for dillon 550

    Might help to put .44 what. .44-40, .44 Mag?
  15. '73 Firing Pin

    That is a weak spot with the stock Uberti firing pin. There are several after market pins with a radius at that point. Annoying but no big deal.