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  1. One more. looking for reasonable offers.
  2. Shoulder holster Sold

    $$$ on the way to you.
  3. High tone Hawken rifle Sold PF

    Spur that ol' nag!
  4. looking for a long range "V" type tang sight to fit a Shiloh or C. Sharps or at least the mount. If you have one that is unemployed and looking for a job.......

    I always see these after they sell.....Still need one for a Shiloh....
  6. Shoulder holster Sold

    I'll take that. PM address please.
  7. High tone Hawken rifle Sold PF

    Once more around the square.
  8. Nice rifle. Do $850.00?


    Thanks for considering. Ed Topp aka Chicago Steeley

  9. 24" antique Uberti barrel sold

    wish it were in 44-40
  10. Yup! This one is made for the 10% of Americans that have trouble finding a rifle that runs the same side that they do. Of course, being a caplock that isn't as big an issue to shoot it either side as a flintlock gun is. I am open to most reasonable offers.
  11. High tone Hawken rifle Sold PF

    1 in 54 as I remember it. Could be 1 in 60 but I'm pretty sure that was the Lyman. It's a round ball gun. If it didn't shoot well I would say so before I sell it. This one is a real fine shooter. You've bought a few of mine so I think you know that if I tell you it shoots better than the average gun of it's type, then it's a fact.
  12. Left hand Dixie Tennessee Mountain Rifle in 50 caliber. Excellent condition, fine bore, near new gun with few minor handling marks. $495 shipped in CONUS. Reasonable offers?
  13. On the block is one of the high grade Italian Pedersoli Hawken rifles in .50 caliber. Curly maple stock, browned barrel, Color case lock and fittings. Really pretty gun that shoots as good as it looks. If I have time I'll shoot a 100 yard target with her this week and post it here as well. Not abused, it's been shot not more than 100 or so rounds and it has only a few minor handling marks. The bore is like new. I would consider a good 20ga or 16ga Muzzle loading shotgun in a trade deal. would need to have a 14 to 14 & 3/4 pull. I'll need $850 shipped to your door if your state permits.

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