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  1. Irontree

    SPF S&W .32 Side match Hammerless FS

    Don't know why but the text didn't post. Anyway, FS S&W .32 Hammerless, Fine bore, Fine action, fine grips. 98% or better original finish. Overall just a really good example of this little gun in the best condition I've ever found one. Has an original flap holster with it. $325 Shipped to your door state permitting.
  2. I have 2 other inserts for it. A post and a lollypop. I'll have to find them. I have a sheet of inserts that may also fit. Only used this one as it was every effective. No windage adjustment on the front sight. That was handled by the very precise dial adjustment on the rear sight.
  3. No damage to either and no modifications of any kind. They are still for sale. Original box and instructions included. I'll even send you an E-mail that explains exactly how to use this type of sight and figure your mils & points to be able to estimate where to set the sight at any range to match trajectory.
  4. Lightly used Pedersoli Long Range Soule rear sight. 4 inch tall Fine condition Fits my Shiloh Sharps but does have the longer rear slot to fit other tangs as well. $215 or reasonable offer shipped in CONUS Also, a custom front sight w/ internal bubble level. Custom manufactured to give an increasingly better sight picture as you reach out to 700-1000 yards where other front sights are harder to see through. $115 or reasonable offer $275 shipped if you want both.
  5. Irontree

    SPF Uberti 49 Pocket Wells Fargo

    If you've still got that 49 pocket and want to trade for BP guns, We should talk. I've got a few originals and some Uberti's in nice condition. PM me if It's still available.
  6. Irontree

    WTB 45-60 brass

    While I'm thinking of it, don't try that load in an original 1876. Outside of the fact that it might be too stiff for the gun depending on the year of manufacture and whether it was made with nickel steel, the bore of the original 45-60 WCF and 45-75 WCF was in the area of .450-.451. So like the original Sharps rifles in .45 ( bore .450) you don't want to run .457 to .459 bullets through them. That's why there was .45-70 Government as opposed to .45-70 Sharps. A. Uberti uses the ,457 bore in all the large .45 calibers for their rifles Sorry if I've rattled on too much.
  7. Irontree

    WTB 45-60 brass

    Gee Hoss ( hey that's funny!), Get a stamp set at Harbor Freight and over stamp the "7" with a "6". 45-70 brass is usually half price or less of 45-60. Tell you what, PM me your address and I'll send you 20 of 45-60 Jamison, you send back 35 of 45-70 matched brand maker, untrimmed ( I'm picky so I'll do that myself). I never read the silly head stamp before I shoot something with it anyway.
  8. Irontree

    WTB 45-60 brass

    Trim 45-70 brass to 1.89 inches and it's 45-60. No other modification needed. My best load is a Lee 340 gr soft lead ( about 3% tin) bullet sized to .458, 25.7 grs H-4198, Winchester lg rifle primer. Blue Angel lube. Do not used mag primers in this cal. it seems to screw your muzzle velocities up by pushing the bullet out of the crimp before the powder is really burning well even with H-777. Or at least that was my experience with it. Does the same thing in my Spencers.
  9. Irontree

    Want to buy: .41 Short Rimfire Ammo

    Hey Ethan, If you put "reloading .41 rimfire" in your search engine you will find a company that sells .41 rimfire reloadable brass out of Belgium. They usually have plenty. You can get the whole kit with hand tap dies if you want. Molds are available from "Accurate Molds" on line as well. I shoot mine regularly with this gear, even carry it now and then. After testing the cartridge pretty extensively I was surprised at what it would do to someone in a defense situation. Ball loads went 11 to 14 inches into gel and not in a straight line. Conical loads went 8&3/4 inches after shattering a ugly splintered hole through a cow leg bone held in the gel. I shot a 140lbs freshly killed buck with a BP ball load from 10 ft. As I dressed the deer I tracked the bullet path. It went through the chest completely, shattering about 2 & 1/4 inches of the near side rib, cut a ugly tunnel through the near lung, bounced off the spine cracking the vertebrae it hit then passed through the far lung and between the ribs, it came to rest just under the skin of the far side. There might be better small carry " last ditch" guns but this will do. Frank Barnes in Cartridges of the World, wrote that it was a " so under powered as to be worthless on anything but rats and sparrows". However, he admits that it could wound or kill a person at point blank range. I'd have to think that he never saw anything shot with it other than paper.
  10. Irontree

    Uberti 1860 FS

    Uberti 1860. Shot very little, maybe 100 rnds but I doubt it. Just haven't gotten back into cap & ball like I thought I would. Tresco nipples. Brass added on to the front sight in order to hit POA at 25 yards with ball and 25gr charge. With Lee 2 cavity .451 ball mold if you want it. $295 shipped

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