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  1. S&W .32CF Spur Trigger #1 & 1/2 FS/FT

    It's a good shooter. If I can find the time tomorrow I'll shoot a target at 15 or 20 paces and post it here. If my grandson is available, I'll have him video it so you can watch over my shoulder from the pacing it off to the bullets impacting.
  2. 2nd Model S&W .38 safety Hammerless. 80- 90 percent origin nickel finish. Fine action, cylinders and bore. Solid cylinder and frame lock up with no wiggle. Original grips in fine condition. Just a really nice 2nd model to collect or shoot in side matches. Pre-1899 so no FFL needed if your state has no "add on" laws. $385 shipped to your door.
  3. One of the original J.P. Gemmer Trapdoor 50/70's. Damn, I love old guns like I love air.
  4. I have no idea why the pictures are not right side up now. I went back through and rotated each one and saved each to a new file name and then deleted every old file. Then put each new file on this post only to fine them still wrong side up. I hate computers
  5. Pulling out another S&W spur trigger that is in very nice condition and putting it on the block. Action is crisp and the bore is in good condition. The lock up of both the cylinder and the frame is as solid as new. Timing is perfect. Grips rate fine and you can even clearly see the patent date that is on the lower portion of the left grip that is almost never able to be seen. Notice the abundance of color case on the hammer. $375 shipped to your door if your state permits. I will consider all reasonable offers and trades.
  6. 50-70 Gov Gemmer style Trapdoor rifle that is a 300 yard hat shooter (crazy accurate) Everything except the lock and frame / receiver is of new manufacture. 25 inch barrel that is 1/2 inch across the flats & of target quality. Perfectly adequate for killing paper, steel or anything that walks on this continent. The lock has been lightened and sculpted stylishly which enhances the overall rifle. The finish of all the metal is brown. Wood to metal fit is very good. The bore is mirror bright with sharp rifling. Rear sight has a screw adjustment for windage and a sliding adjustment for gross elevation changes and a screw adjustment for finer elevation adjustments. R.S. Hannahs was the maker and did a fine job. As I said in the title, this rifle is in near new condition. $1535 cash shipped direct to you (your state willing) and worth every penny.
  7. BTT. To answer the questions I've had PM'd to me. 1. This rifle is not a bolt action. It is a very strong rolling drum action. The drum rolls side to side, not front to back like a Remington, which allows it to have a straighter stock like a bolt action rifle. 2. This rifle is SASS legal for single shot rifle caliber side matches. It has both an exposed side mounted hammer and uses a large rimmed cartridge similar to a bottle necked Sharps or Remington caliber. It is a true .44 caliber bottleneck cartridge (.446).
  8. This rifle is SASS side match legal having both an side mounted exposed hammer and a rimmed rifle cartridge. I have an 1872 manufactured Werndl-Holb infantry rifle (Model 1867) that I am willing to part with that was rechambered for the 1877 Werndl 11.15x58R cartridge around 1878 during it's time with the Austrian military . Cartouches ,Unit and rack # marks are still in place and easy to read, Bore is very good, action is completely functional and in very good condition, it's stock is in good condition and has 130 years + of normal rack and stacking marks that tells of it's long history of going to war. No import mark that I have found so I would assume that it arrived with an immigrant or with a returning US soldier . I have shot this gun out to 500 yards (the longest distance available to me at the time) and can state that one would be truly unfortunate to be at that distance or less if this rifle were in the hands of a reasonable marksman who wished you harm. It's rear sight can be adjusted for both windage (moved in dovetail) and elevation (slide / ladder). I still have 20 bottleneck cases formed from 50-110 Starline brass for this gun but Buffalo Arms sells 11.14X58R Werndl cases and even already loaded ammo if you want more. I'll send these with the gun.... Dies are available from the same source. Other options are to use a 50-70 sizing die to remove the primer or you can hand decap the cases then , neck size, seat and crimp with 45acp dies like I did. It works just fine without of the cost of 11.15X58R dies. This rifle is very found of H-777 2F, H-4891 and of course cartridge grade Black Powder. Best accuracy results have been with the two former powders being a bit + or - 2 MOA on average @100 yards. Opening the rear sight slightly and cupping the forward face of the rear sight might improve that somewhat. MV is around 1470fps with a 370gr lead bullet. Asking $825 shipped but will consider all reasonable offers and trades.
  9. Gee Cinco... you're in Texas. I always thought Texans were expected to own at lease 50 rifles each.
  10. GOT SOME: 38 Long Colt loading dies wanted

    I've used a set of Lee .38sp dies for over 20 years and they've never loaded anything but .38 long colt. Just a 10th of an inch difference between the two. Just adjust them back and forth as to whether I'm loading and crimping a .358 dia inside lubed bullet or a .378 dia heeled bullet and crimping with a die made just for the heeled bullets. Most of my reloading dies are 10 to 25 years old. Have they taken out the ability to adjust the decapping pins and the throater plugs in the newer stuff?
  11. Cant believe nobody has snapped up this sweet ol muzzle stuffer, you lookin for any trades? Don't really need another one of these but thought I would shoot you a message and see whats on your mind! Thanks-SCJ

    1. Irontree


      Sorry for taking 9 days to get back to you.

      I'd consider most trades if it would advance my cause but really looking for cash if possible. 

      I'm trying to stock pile cash to have ready to bid on a Spencer sporting rifle later this month.

      I do shoot anything made before 1899 or a repo of the same.  Front stuffer or cartridge.

  12. Sold it is (Yoda voice).