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  1. Hey Bill,

    In regards to your 1875 Remingtons in 44-40,  did you switch calibers?

    Would you be interested in trading them off?

    1. Bailey Creek,5759

      Bailey Creek,5759

      I have a pair of outlaws with 7 1/2 inch barrels in 44-40s .

      Always liked the looks of the 5 1/2 inch bar . Do you know what you mite want for them ?

      Bailey Creek

  2. Getting out of the game continued . . .

    I'll take the black vest. It'll be headed to 31058 in GA PM me the destination of the payment. I can do Pay Pal if you want.
  3. Sold to the Sidewinder.
  4. I believe I do have it. I got it with the gun.
  5. Pair Uberti 1851 in 38 Special

    PM sent.
  6. WTB 10 Gauge components

    Now THAT is a deal that is almost enough to make me look for a vacation sight near Tucson to visit.
  7. It is yours. I'll PM you with the particulars and answer when you can.
  8. Frock Coat SOLD Pending Funds

    Sorry for your troubles Pard.
  9. Sold pending funds. This gun is missing only the dust cover. Stocks fore and rear complete with normal wear and have not been refinished. Wood to metal contact is correct. No finish left to speak of but the wood would grade good to very good conservatively. Only two buggered screws and they are the lever access/pivot screw and side plate screw. All others look fine and are present, even the tang sight hole screws. Bore is a sewer pipe in the round rifle barrel and begs to be bored and lined. Both sights are present, complete and in good condition. Action parts appear to be all present with the noted exception. All springs are present and in good working order. Action functions smoothly but the firing pin appears locked in the fired position. The hammer does not lock in the cocked position functioning the action but will lock into both the half cock and full cock position correctly if done manually by just thumbing the hammer back. Trigger breaks cleanly at around 3 lbs. The finish has turned plum with only superficial corrosion. $450 shipped for this fine old coyote killer. Will consider trades or offers. Pre 1899 so no FFL if your state permits. I'll post pictures as soon as the phone charges back up.
  10. Snap the reins again and around the square.
  11. do you still have these?

  12. One more time around the square.
  13. Will consider reasonable offers