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  1. Irontree

    Uberti 1860 FS

    Uberti 1860. Shot very little, maybe 100 rnds but I doubt it. Just haven't gotten back into cap & ball like I thought I would. Tresco nipples. Brass added on to the front sight in order to hit POA at 25 yards with ball and 25gr charge. With Lee 2 cavity .451 ball mold if you want it. $295 shipped
  2. No I have not sold it, but I'm not really looking for trades.


    Thanks for asking

  3. Look out chickens! Doing another loop around the barnyard.
  4. Once more around the barn yard please.
  5. Leather covered handmade 3 hoop dreamcatcher. Very nicely done. $35 shipped
  6. Very nice and authentic looking Plains Indian style breast plate. Down right convincing to wear or display. Not as yellowed as this picture looks. At the bottom of the dreamcatcher picture you can see the breastplate in more true to life color. Each bone pipe is 4 inches long. Made from deer, antelope or irritating mouthy Antifa people bones..... $35 shipped.
  7. I am always interested in trades or part trades. Your right it is quite a nice rifle and the pics don't do it justice. It shoots even better.

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