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  1. I have quite a few parts for my various Remington shotguns however I don't think I'll be needing a spare receiver. This one still has the thumb release latch assy in place and all of it is in fine condition with some color case still present in covered areas. It is clean and not showing any pitting or rust. Gunsmith's quality replacement if you have a Remington 1882 model SXS that is not as pretty. SN# 17977 so it can come right to your door without FFL assistance if your state doesn't get upset about pre-1899 guns. perfect for the guy who wants to build his own or convert one that he already has to a non-gun status. The only supplier I've found who carries these very often is willing to pay me $125 (I pay the shipping) for this one but he sells them at $265. I figure I should offer it to CAS shooters first at the same $125 shipped or reasonable trade of that value.
  2. SPF (Remington)

    PM sent again.
  3. SPF (Remington)

    PM sent.
  4. one more try... will consider part trades too. need to have $150 in cash to pay for parts for my Spencer project, the rest can be it trade.
  5. removed

    If you have an Uberti 1851, 1860 or Dragoon you'd be willing to trade we could be on the way to a deal.
  6. Non SASS Sig Mosquito F/S $200

    Offers for cash or trade?
  7. removed

    BTT for another run on a sweet little gun.
  8. Non SASS Sig Mosquito F/S $200

    I can, but had not planned to.
  9. WTS 2nd generation Colt Dragoon price lowered

    Interested in primitive archery? English War Bows? I'm assuming that you aren't interested in other guns.
  10. I'll throw in an old 12ga roll crimp tool with the deal. You'll need to hold it in a small vice because the foot broke but it still crimps a shotshell just fine.
  11. There are a few people who might shoot light load nitro from a Damascus gun but it is not recommended and considered not safe. Black powder or substitutes is what is used by most anyone who intends to keep all ten fingers and exposed body parts. I like a load of 70grs BP or equivalent volume of Hodgdon H-777 2fg and 1 &1/8th oz of shot. I use AA-Winchester hulls, a standard AA-shot cup and Winchester 209 primer. Over shot wad card and a roll crimp. This is also a pretty good field load for dove and quail but use #6's for hunting instead of the 8's you'd use for a SASS match. I punch the bores after every stage with a damp wad or swab just to insure that there isn't any fowling build up if using real BP