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  1. Irontree

    F/S 54 caliber Lyman Great Plains $375.00

    I had one of those in .50 cal. w/ the 1 in 60 twist. Once I cleaned up the triggers and sear just a little you could drive tacks with it at 75 yards. Spooky accurate. Worth this price and then some.
  2. S&W hammerless .38 top break. 90% fine blue finish with slight holster wear, fine crisp and shiny bore, fine action. Lock up tight as a drum, grips very good to fine. 3 & 1/2 inch barrel. Lettering and edges are sharp all over. Color case on trigger nearly 100%. Made late 1920's - early 1930's so it's fine for nitro loads. Must go to an FFL or C&R for transfer unless you live in Georgia and want to do a FTF. Great side match gun that you rarely find in such nice condition. $550 shipped. As always, trades and reasonable offers considered.
  3. Irontree

    spf Original Remington 1889 hammer 12ga

    Your shotgun will never leave you of it's own accord. It doesn't even get mad it you bring another shotgun home to live with you.
  4. Irontree

    SPF-- Remington O/U Derringer FS

    For those who have asked: The hinge is in good order with no cracks or repairs after being cracked. This gun is in good shooting condition. I have owned this gun for years. I have shot it a bunch with only BP (H-777) loads and cleaned the same day. The target shown was shot with a .395 RB and around 14grs of H-777, Lee liquid alox painted in the exposed part of the ball. It is a more accurate with a conical but would suspect the RB is easier on the gun for practice. My thoughts, no proof. Carried it with FP heeled bullet (Accurate Molds on line) & 12 grs of powder, lee liquid alox painted on the exposed bullet. That load usually gives a group about half the size of RB. Getting a near center torso hit with either would ruin your entire weekend.
  5. Irontree

    SPF--Remington 5 shot .38 pocket gun

    Kick it to the top another time with a $100 off the price.
  6. Irontree

    SPF-- Remington O/U Derringer FS

    Price is pretty firm for those who ask.
  7. Irontree

    SPF--Remington 5 shot .38 pocket gun

    Willing to entertain reasonable offers or trades.
  8. Irontree

    SPF-- Remington O/U Derringer FS

    Remington made these small pocket guns in several type/models using .41 rimfire caliber from the later 1860's until around 1935. That's why I would send the reloadable .41 rimfire cases with it. I can't imagine owning it and not shooting it. Dixie Gun works sells the reloadable cases and they work really well with RB or conical bullets. You can use a .395 lead round ball (the common .40cal rifle ball) or get a mold from Accurate Molds or Old West Molds if you'd rather cast a conical bullet. Either way they are great fun to shoot and more accurate than you'd expect. There are side matches for these guns. I've been carrying this one as a backup gun for years. beats the hell out of a .25acp
  9. Remington O/U Derringer SPF---very good condition, works as intended, very good to fine grips, no issues or repairs to action or to hinge. Bore has good rifling with scattered pits. See pictures for how well it shoots at 15 paces. Originally in blue but little finish remains due to years of pocket carry. All lettering and edges are sharp/clear. No refinish on this gun. It is a Type 2, model 3 with an assy # of 107 so very early in that production starting in 1888. 80,000 of this type and model were made. Pre-1899 so my door to yours. I will include 6 reloadable .41 rimfire cases Asking price $600
  10. SPF--Here is a Remington that you don't see that often. A lovely little Remington New Model #4 in .38 caliber The action is solid and the timing is perfect. The bore has good rifling with even corrosion (doesn't stop it from grouping darn well at 20 ft). Grips are near perfect. As is common with the model 4, the nickel on the cylinder didn't last long however the rest of the gun still has around 80% of the finish it came with. I've seen 3 of these guns in the 50ish years I've been collecting and they all had the same issue. The only other place I see nickel missing is along the right side of the frame where you trigger finger would rest as can be seen in the first picture if you look close. Based on the Smoot design, it is a very handy little pocket gun in a fair man killer caliber. Don't let the fact that it is rimfire put you off as that it will come with 12 reloadable rimfire cases. Note the case end in the picture painted with red nail polish. the off center .22 blank is used as a primer and is easily removed after each firing, replaced and the balance filled with BP or the substitute of your choice. A soft lead hollow based bullet shoots well or you can get a heeled bullet mold from Bernie at OLD WEST MOLDS along with a correct crimping die. I've been using a .38 colt/ .38sp sizing die after removing the decapping pin, which I use to manually remove the fired .22 blank. I use a .38 S&W case mouth expander and a .38 S&W bullet seated and crimper with the hollow base bullets. Standard .38 cartridge seat is fine. Pre-1899 so my door to yours no FFL if your state allows. $450 Gun and 12 cases.
  11. I'll put them out there again and if no bites I'll repair them and try selling them at the Friendship BP shoot in September.
  12. Irontree


    Sold to the Rustler
  13. Irontree


    FS Lightly used Mowray rifle in .54 cal Manufactured in Olney, Texas Clear and clean bore, very few handling marks, completely tight and solid, original uncut or modified sights, very little blue or finish wear. Ramrod is a handmade hardwood (hickory?) replacement that locks in as it should. All and all it's in very good condition. A nice American made buggy / plains rifle in a ready for business caliber fit to hunt anything that walks in the US. $400 shipped to your door in CONUS

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