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  1. Darn it! Sorry Wheelgunner If those are too small I'd guess the dress won't fit you either!
  2. Here is a set of Ladies Moc boots and belt. Completely handcrafted in doe skin, fully beaded using "Lazy Squaw Stitch", these are not loom beading. All glass beads. These are the later hard sole moccasins, plains style of the mid 1800's to present day. These are used and would need some repair to be worn again. But they are repairable for occasional use. The belt is of the same quality crafting and stitch. I am selling them as collectors items. These were used in two weddings, many pow wow dance and costume competitions. A hundred or more hours went into there making and the craftmanship (really craftwomanship) is first rate. The pink looking beads in the picture are actually scarlet red. Their size is roughly Ladies 7 to 8 $375
  3. 221 lbs and there is room a plenty for me. I'm right at 49 inches in the chest. I wear 36 waist pants. All my bulk is in the chest and belly. I ride a 14 inch saddle so I have no butt and carry almost no heft on my legs. I'd bet it would fit you if you waist is 38 or more.
  4. I know. When I make them myself I don't sell them for under $1000. I made all our for our wedding clothes back years ago. Here's a picture of us as newly weds. It was 9 degrees below zero. We spent the next week living in our teepee for a honeymoon. My Lady is hardcore. I've made several shirts, pants, leggings since then. Did a lot of beading and quill work for years. I still make sinew backed recurve bows, arrows, clothes, mocs , ect…... Mostly just for fun now days.
  5. another try with more info.
  6. Irontree

    SOLD Swedish M67 Rolling Block Sporter

    I thought Sweden used a 12.11x44 Remington for the M67? Nice looking rifle. Consider trades?
  7. Irontree

    Josey Wales Hat

    Nice hat! Even better price.
  8. Left cuff to right cuff measured inside front of the shirt = 69&5/8ths inch Shoulder seam to cuff on both arms = 22 inches (note that the shoulders are a drop style so the measure seems short but it is not) Chest panel =25 inches Back panel = 25 inches From collar down chest to center bottom= 32 inches From collar down back to center bottom= 31 inches Panel style gusset extends down both sides linking chest to back and sides of arms to not much above elbows for freedom of movement. = 4 inches wide each side It's a 7 piece design including throat bib My chest is "49" and am roughly 6ft tall. It fits me fine and allows for freedom of movement to mount a rifle or shotgun.
  9. Will be visiting the grand babies for a week. Will look when I get back.
  10. Would consider trades or close offers. Looking for: Uberti 1849 w/ conversion cylinder Remington pocket w/ conversion cylinder I like shootable pre-1899's in most calibers.
  11. Another run at the wagons...…..:0
  12. Irontree

    SPF Bone hair pipe chest piece.

    It is and it's yours.
  13. Irontree

    SPF Bone hair pipe chest piece.

    BTT to put it closer to the war shirt.

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