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  1. Cleaning and reloading Paper shotshells black powder

    I just wipe off the outside if they look or feel dirty! If not load it up and shoot em! Rafe
  2. Cleaning and reloading Paper shotshells black powder

    Nope just load em up Rafe
  3. The Army-Navy Game

    Army wins!!! And now we are all brothers and sisters again! my house was divided for 4 hrs. Sorry hunny but the good guys won again. Rafe
  4. Got a problem with my shotgun, need help

    Don't know about the wiggle, but I got my chamber brush from here http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1286 Before that I just used a stainless cleaning jag on a short pistol handle then a bore mop sprayed with balistols. Brush is easier. Rafe
  5. Cap n Ball Question

    I had my 1st chain fire in 12 years shooting sass a few years ago, charged all 6 for the 1st time ever and wouldn't you know it 1st round off I had 2 chambers go off hit the wedge, knocked off another cap. Scared the you know what out of me and the timer and a few spotters .never charged 6 again. Rafe
  6. Goex powder out of Business?

    Loading it so I'll have plenty when the thumb heals up! Last time I shot it was Oct. at Bordertown, you remember that don't yo? Rafe
  7. Goex powder out of Business?

    Rumor alert! Still in business, you can buy it direct or online. Rafe
  8. Update:Frontier Cartridge Revolver Tips

    I shoot open tops, Richard masons, or uberti 73s in .38 or .45 can make it through 6 stages most of the time but on occasion I spritz a little moose milk on the cylinder face and wipe with a rag or just squirt with balistols and wipe. Both work great with subs if I use real black I don't have any issues because bullet lube keeps from binding. Prep your guns by removing any smokeless residue or petroleum based lubes you may have on, I spray thoroughly with break cleaner or Windex then use balistols to lube. Base pins get Mobil 1 or balistol. Rafe
  9. How Many Henry 1860

    Stop showing Henry's, I'm starting to think about which guns I could sell to buy one! Rafe
  10. 2-Double Duelist Questions

    If you're ok with shooting with your weak hand it saves time, you can be pulling one pistol just as you break the last shot from your 1st. Also saves time not having to switch hands shooting or holstering. You can also plan your stages and which way you move so you don't break the 170 rule. Lots of advantages if you can shoot this way, disadvantages I'm slower with my left so I try to go faster with my right hand, leads to pushing it a more missing farther targets give me a little problem with my weak hand, but working on it! Shooting pistols weak hand did allow me to shoot bordertown this year, I tore me tendons and ligaments in my right thumb just be for the match. By shooting lefty I still was able to shoot and had more fun since the pressure was off. For your second question no it should be harder to pull back with a short stroke installed, you just have to get used to the shorter throw of the hammer. Rafe
  11. How Many Henry 1860

    I've left skin on my 66 shooting black, but my cap guns are 4 5/8" 51s and 5 1/2' 60s. Can't wait for my thumb to heal haven't shot since Bordertown and won't be able to until around February. Rafe
  12. How Many Henry 1860

    Y'all making me want to get a Henry! Not sure if that would be smart, shooting a Henry with black powder in Arizona, but it sure would bring style points using my 60 armies and ttn hammered double Rafe
  13. EOT '18

    Hotel room booked can't wait Rafe
  14. 1851 Yankee 44

    I looks like the 4 5/8" barrel 51s are on sale also, looks like I'll be getting backups for my backups. Rafe
  15. Anyone put their hands on the new Fox SXS

    I have my grandpa's old fox/savage 12 gauge that I started sass with. Wonder how much I can get for it? (Not much) Rafe