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  1. 1878 ttn $

    After much thought would be willing to sell it face to face Tucson area, or Thursday at winter range for $500, pm me for pictures Rafe
  2. Ttn 1878 for sale Thursday at Winter range

    Soo thinking about selling my backup TTN hammered double, locks up tight has had an action job by Johnny Meadows, a few cart dings on stock but nothing major. Would like to sell it face to face in Tucson area or I will be coming down to Winter range Thursday. Want to get $500 for it! Thumb injury makes it hard to cock the hammers so I am going back to a hammerless! If interested pm me with a phone # for photos. Rafe
  3. new but interested

    Get out and have fun! Don't worry about what you have just shoot! Trust me you will change most if not all your guns down the road. Only original gun I still shoot after 12+ years of sass is my 73 rifle, have several sets of pistols and several shotguns, 3 rifles , several different holster setups. Rafe
  4. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    I use my mec loader, I have a universal charge bar set up to drop my powder, but only bp sub like black mz or pyrodex for real bp I use a lee dipped. Plastic wad clay buster pink. When I dip I do it at the wad stage, clean up is spray Windex let sit then push wad of paper towel, spray with balistol done. Rafe
  5. Show me your Winchesters!

    I'll give you $80 for it that would double his original price! Rafe
  6. How often do you clean your guns?

    Every time, I shoot black powder, complete tear down 2-3 Times a year right before a major match . Rafe
  7. 1878 ttn $

    Yep a few cart dings but very good shape
  8. Cap n Ball basics

    I use pyrodex in my shotgun loads, cheap and goes bang. Just clean asap.no need to wash your flask! Just dump pyrodex in a bottle and fill flask with whatever you want to use! Rafe
  9. 1878 ttn $

    Tully pm sent
  10. 1878 ttn $

    Going to keep my main ttn just in case my thumb can take it, but moving back to a hammerless Sg so thinking about thinning the heard to make room. Rafe
  11. 1878 ttn $

    Not even close! Shooting black powder I'd probably leave layers of skin trying that.
  12. 1878 ttn $

    Ok thinking of selling my backup 1878 ttn hammered double, has been tuned by Johnny meadows. Major thumb surgery makes it unlikely to be able to run hammered shotgun like I used to. Now the question is not sure what they are going for? Any one know what they are going for? Thanks Rafe
  13. Cimarron 1889 12ga shotgun SOLD BY GOLLY!!!

    Hey Bob is that the one I used at border town? Rafe
  14. Question about Baikal

    I'd snap it up! There going for $500-600 on gunbroker Rafe
  15. 45 Cowboy specials

    I use a red marker across the primer, looks like Driftwoods picture, keeps my rifle and pistol loads from getting mixed up. Rafe