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  1. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    20 year membership pin

    Got my 15 year pin in the mail today Rafe
  2. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    1866 Yellowboy

    Yes just make sure you get the correct diameter screw hole Rafe
  3. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    Mernickle High Performance HP1 REF1

    Only have 2 sets Rafe
  4. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    FS Midway wood loading blocks SOLD THANKS

    Fireball is that $20 for all of them? If it is "I'LL take em" pm me details for payment! Rafe
  5. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    Got some catchin' up to do !!

    It's also your home gym!I see the dumbbells under the bucket of shotgun shells. Rafe
  6. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    Pima Cowboys Dec. 8th match

    Signed up, trucks 1/2 way loaded (with cowboy gear) hand feels better! See you all Saturday! Rafe
  7. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    SOLD Gove Conversion Rolling Block in .45-60

    Can you pm me his info Rafe
  8. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    SOLD Gove Conversion Rolling Block in .45-60

    Dusty, love the look. If you don't mind me asking who did the work? I have a rolling block that I have oftentimes wanted to do this to but with the longer barrel. Rafe
  9. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    new ruger vaquero for sale

  10. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    Actor Ken Berry Passes Away

    That's old in Indian territory! Rafe
  11. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    Boomstick Jay

    Dan he can't call you he's busy fixin my rifle Rafe
  12. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    FS: RCBS Rock Chucker and Lee Hand Press

    Ok my head hurts! I sent jackpine a pm about the hand press and got a pm from jackrabbit? Checked my pm to be sure and pm was sent to the right person. Rafe
  13. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    1866 Yellowboy

    Not a good deal, but being the nice guy I am I'll give you $800 so you make a profit. Rafe
  14. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    WTS Three Uberty Pistols

    Lots of exclamation points!
  15. Rafe Conager SASS #56958

    JP Sauer Colt clones

    My first real pistol was a Hawes Saa in 44 mag, wish I hadn't sold it for beer money! Kick myself for that. Rafe

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