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    CAS, Shooting, Electric Mountain Biking, Motorcycles, Jeeps, RC Racing, Steam Trains & collecting Vintage Pocket Watches

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  1. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (spoiler alert!)

    If you haven't seen it yet, then My suggestion is watch the Previews, maybe even more than once... They Look Really Good !!!!! And then skip the Movie... Cuz it Sucks !!!! Go watch some Three Stooges reruns instead....... They are much more entertaining.
  2. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Beretta silverhawk for sass

    Butterfinger...... s'cuse ...... me BitterTrigger The main reason the SKB is such a great choice for CAS is the simplicity of the design. For example to cock the Hammer in an SKB there is a single lever. The forearm pushes it down on one side of the lever and the lever pushes the Hammer back on the other end.... Simple and Reliable. Look at a schematic of the beretta you'll see several parts doing the job the one lever does in an SKB The Beretta is a Great SxS .... but it's not designed for the type of abuse it would get in CAS
  3. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Beretta silverhawk for sass

    Thats a good price for a Silverhawk... I would probably buy it myself at that price. But I Sure as Heck wouldn't make it into a Cowboy Gun. If you end up doing what you're thinking about....... You'll be taking a Very Nice Sporting gun and making it into an average (at best) Cowboy gun.
  4. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    "BIG" Match Metrics 2018

    Ya Know I been shootin' this Game for nigh onto 20 years... And I aint never met No "Mean" shooters... But sum "Relative's" come close. "Regression"...... OK, Lots of Us do act like 10 year olds sumtimes. And I gotta admit when I git offin my "Algorithm" I kin git a bit Testy....... Yep! Jest my 2 cents
  5. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Category Acronyms?

    TDM = Too Damn Many
  6. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

  7. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    Kalamity Kathy FORCED me to make some Vegan Chili once........ It was for her sister who was coming back to visit TEXAS after she had moved to California many years ago and married a Left Coast Computer Geek. Anywho..... They thought it tasted Great and that they were eating Real Texas Chili. But I get a little nauseous everytime I think about it. Afterwards when Lucy wasn't in the room, Tim asked me if I would'nt mind making him some Real Texas Chili next time they visited
  8. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    In TEXAS, beans in Chili use ta be a Hangin' offense......... But I gotta admit, It is Good that way
  9. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    NRA story on Matt Black

    Yep, Dylan has matured into a Fine Young Man, I'm proud to know him. And I've known him since he first started shooting... I sometimes enjoy posting Pics of him from years past. Mainly because I know he cringes when he sees em ........ kin Ya pick him out..... He still wears Black!
  10. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **SOLD** BP sub APP 38 Spl ammo

    I miss the smell & the Flame !!!! Plus I got a Lot of BP for FREE..............
  11. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **SOLD** BP sub APP 38 Spl ammo

    Its All Gone Folks.......... Thanks !!! After 6 or 7 years of shooting APP I'm switching back to Real Black.......... I have 298 left over rounds of .38 Spl. APP loaded 125 gr RNFP oal 1.470 .... mixed brass, Federal Mag Primers It cycles just fine in '73 or '66... never tried it in a Marlin, but I see no reason why it wouldn't Goes Bang every time & makes Lots of Smoke........ FTF Only !!!!!! $100 take it all !!!! I'll be at the CVV / LSFSC Halloween Match this weekend........................
  12. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    '73 one piece firing pin

    No, the F P extension is drilled thru and a long thin one piece firing pin goes inside
  13. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    WTB Ruger Alphabet Bearcats

    Mack, Sent you a PM..............
  14. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Cerakote finsh

    Well, the ribs were not removed........... just the filler at the front between the barrels and the small round filler plug at the back of the bottom rib you can look down between the two barrels and see light at the other end. That ensures there is no trapped air pocket that could expand and damage the barrel. The ribs are still there in place and should still be in place once the bluing process is done. My understanding is lots and lots of SxS's, Overunders and other types of multi barrel guns have been reblued like this in the past. But again, I aint Doin' the Bluin'.... So I'm learning here too............. And I think now Billy is leaning towards Cerakote.... So its all a moot point.
  15. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Cerakote finsh

    GJ, Your link says the actual problem is the expansion of the air trapped between the barrels by the rib..... Rite? And I'm aware that you had no way to know this...... But, On Billy's SKB the filler between the barrels was removed before the barrels were sent off to be blued. And it will be replaced once the bluing process is complete. So no air pocket, No Problem, Rite???? ................ But then I'm not doing the bluing

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