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  1. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Who does plating?

    I asked the same question here on the Wire a few months back and Slick McClade and a few other folks recommended Bob Cogan at APW Cogan... https://www.apwcogan.com/ I sent Bob my old USFA Rodeos, the nickel was badly worn. They stripped off the nickel and re-did em in Hard Chrome... I think they look Purdy Nice
  2. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Ithaca/SKB models?

    Go to the SASS Merchant Corner, I'm pretty sure there is a vendor there that can fix you up. And there are plenty of other Stock Makers that could do the job. Or go Low Tech and put a leather wrap on it.....
  3. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Ithaca/SKB models?

    Billy, The "pointy" cocking levers are on guns with Ejectors (like the 200E) and the "rounded" are non ejector (like the 100)
  4. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Ithaca/SKB models?

    Billy, All of the Ithaca /SKB's of the period that we use in CAS are based on the same receiver. They made some minor changes (sometimes not so minor, like single to double lug) on that receiver throughout the years that it was produced, but the basic design of the receiver was unchanged. Each gun was hand finished and the barrels were fit to the receivers one at a time, so each one is slightly different. YES, sometimes a barrel will interchange with another gun and sometimes it wont... But there is No Way that you can predetermine IF a barrel will fit on a receiver by using the Model or serial number. You just have to try it and see how close it is and if it can be made to work. As you know, there are two types of forearms, splinter and beavertail. And two types of forearm Hardware, ejector and non-ejector.......... For your situation I think the easiest solution would be to have a new wood forearm made to fit the hardware that is on your gun.
  5. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Land Run 2019 Southwest Regional Championship

    FTO...... My appl is on the way........... Lookin' Forward to it, as Always !!!!! 103 Days left, if my math is rite. PS........ Ask Missouri Mae to save My north side by the gate dry spot for the "tiny" camper
  6. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Texas State Cowboy Match 2019 - Comancheria Days

    Always one of my Favorite Matches !!!! Sent mine today....... YeHawwwwww
  7. Ya got one more now. Mine went in the mail this mornin'
  8. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Well, That makes sense, cuz what you got in the pic is an SKB, not a Fox !
  9. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Just wondering, But Lookin' at your pics and I've never seen an Ithaca/SKB that sez "Fox" on it somewhere ?????
  10. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    It's yours Doc, I just sent Ya a PM !! Thanks
  11. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    You got one Rafe... I dun PM'd Ya !!!!! And I'd prefer Gold Nuggets... fresh outta the creek
  12. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    One box to CowRustler........... PM'd ya back Pard.
  13. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    You Got it Buggy!!! I PM'd my address... Send me Yer's !!!!!!!!
  14. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    PM'd Ya back........ You Got It !!!
  15. They're SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diamond Curly, Buggy O', CowRustler, and Rafe ............. all got one box each. Doc Coles got the last one. They ALL were shipped USPS Priority 12/31..... Shoot Straight !!!!!!!!! Thanks Again ........... Five Boxes ...... Priority Mail Flat Rate, full of Starline .38 Long Colt Brass. Each box weighs over 3 lbs and has over 300 cases in it Each box is $40 to your door..................... The brass has been wet tumbled, not deprimed and is ready to load. Some of it was shot w/ Black Powder and the inside of the case is green... which is common for BP and does not effect the usability of the brass. heres some pics................

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