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  1. WTB Size 8 Felt Hat

    If you or your son ever make it up to Dallas drive over to Garland and visit the Resistol / Stetson Factory They have a Factory store there on site with literally thousands of Hats to choose from. If you dont see hat you like just pick out a blank that fits your head, give it to the hat maker there with a description or a picture of the Hat you want and your can watch him make your new hat while you wait. I promise you will leave with a New Hat & a Big Grin........ Oh Yea... They dont charge anything to custom shape your hat, but I always leave the Hat Maker a tip.
  2. Deal Pending..... IAC Winchester 93-97 12 ga.... w/Pics

    Yes, lots of interest, but rite now It is still available !!!!!
  3. Deal Pending..... IAC Winchester 93-97 12 ga.... w/Pics

    Dutch, I replied to your PM
  4. Deal Pending..... IAC Winchester 93-97 12 ga.... w/Pics

    If anybody is interested in reading through it, here's what happened according to Coyote Cap..... http://coyotecap.com/9397thetruth.htm the short version is some of the WB had their panties in a wad....
  5. Deal Pending..... IAC Winchester 93-97 12 ga.... w/Pics

    More Pics.........
  6. Deal Pending ............... I have a nice little Chinese IAC Winchester 12 ga Pump 93-97 that needs a new Home. These are Wild Bunch Legal, but not Cowboy Legal... Although just about every CAS Club on earth has no problem using them in monthly matches. Nice smooth action & holds 6 in the tube. Really nice wood and the gun has hardly been used... It looks almost brand new. I got it from Boomstick Jay a few years ago just cuz it was there and looked like it needed a good home. And its been sitting in my safe ever since. I shot it in a WB match a couple of weeks ago just to make sure it functions good, it does ! But now I NEED more room so it's gotta Go!!! Yours for $350 plus shipping........ Your FFL Must accept a long gun from an individual.
  7. Navy Arms 1873 ?

    I think the French Grey looks very Nice and I would pick it over the Blued.... BUT, every one of the Navy Arms Case Coloring I've seen is so friggin' Beautiful it would be my 1st choice. I THINK all the Navy Arms guns w/ the shotgun buttplate come with the Miroku Factory Short Stroke.
  8. Uberti 1873 Lever Assembly issue

    loosen up the 2 short screws that hold in the bottom tang / trigger assy and just jiggle it around till all the holes line up and the lever screw will slide in You do have the lifter & lever springs loosened up or even better, removed.... Rite ???
  9. GOT SOME: 38 Long Colt loading dies wanted

    I load 38 Long Colt all the time with 38 spl / 357 dies On the crimp station I use a Dillon Accu Crimp die... It will even crimp a 38 Short Colt
  10. First Match

    I miss ole #1 already..... I think it found a great new Home! Hope to see you & your daughter at Comancheria Days in April Pard.
  11. Show me your Winchesters!

    I have several, but this is my favorite.......... Its a 2nd model '73 SRC 38WCF mfg in 1881 I still shoot it pretty regularly Oh yea, several stories I could tell about it, the Best one is how it got Saved.... A friend of mine found it in a barrel with a bunch of farm implements at a Flea Market The seller said it was just an old "wall hanger" and sold it to him for $40
  12. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Silver Sam 34718 Life TEXAS 19 years
  13. Gun Engraver?

    The "Guy" at Comancheria Days was Larry Hopewell... He was Master Engraver for Weatherby for many years. He lives in Harper Tx now.... But last time I spoke w/ him he was planning to "mostly" retire and is only taking on a very few jobs a year. heres his email.... [email protected] you mite be able to get him to do some for you. He's done several guns for me... My 2nd model Winchester '73 he did is a work of Art !!! I've had work done by several others also..... D W Harris of Texas, is definitely one of the Best in the country, but his waiting list was over a year last time I checked. Jim Downing and Kelly Laster both do Very Nice work. As does Aspen Filly who is my current Favorite... In fact I'm taking my new '66 Winchester to her at Winter Range.... She'll make it Purdy
  14. Hatband Ideas

    I thought he was joking when he said he ordered one.... Then I saw he's from South Jersey & understood.