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  1. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    SASS Wire "Fresh Start" and Grudges

  2. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    Another travel trailer question...

    It is Much more enjoyable to stay at the range in a camper. But big campers can be a mega pain in the a$$ My solution, since I usually travel alone, was to convert a 10' cargo trailer into a Camper. It;s great and has everything I need, safe storage for all my guns, a comfy bed, AC, TV, cooler & a cook stove
  3. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    WTS – Uberti “SASS PRO” 5.5” .357 w/Holsters

    Dawg, He's wantin' a Trade ..... Fluke... Sent Ya a PM !!!
  4. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    Once more around the horn ..................
  5. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    BTT for the weekend crowd.
  6. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    NRA Convention

    That is an UNDERSTATEMENT...... I just spent the last nearly 1 1/2 hrs trying to park anywhere within about 12 blocks of the convention center. I finally decided the ONLY way to get in, would be to drive back home and get an uber to come by the house, pick me up, drive me downtown & drop me off a couple of blocks away so I can walk there..... CRAZY Oh Yea.... I only saw about 6 protesters... They were all looking for news crews that wanted film em waving their stupid signs..... And there were Plenty of News trucks everywhere !!
  7. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    Thanks Cinco, It was a pleasure meeting you today too!! Now we gotta get you out to some More Matches..... And if your son is confiscating that Elgin, Then you will need another Watch ..... I just happen to know where you can git one!
  8. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    FS..... Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, 45 Colt.... w/ Pics

    This is Sam..... I had to post for Your Buddy Colorado Jackson..... The Poor Boy has led a sheltered life and no matter how hard he tried he cant seem to figure out how to post Pics..... So I had to do it for him.... Sad ain't it, how these Young Kids cant seem to function without sum Hep from us that are older & wiser
  9. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    FS... HK USP .40 S&W..... Pics

    Here is the 2nd of the two I'm posting for my illiterate friend............... An HK USP in 40 S&W I know nothing about this gun, But I do know HK makes Really Nice Pistols and this one looks like Brand New He is asking $500 plus shipping for the pistol & 6 magazines...... which I think is a Really Good Deal !!!!!!!! Com'on CJ Post some More Info for the Folks !!!!!!! As always.... must go to your FFL !!!
  10. I'm posting two guns for a Pard....... one Cowboy gun & one Not.......... (He Claims to be Computer Illiterate......... the illiterate part I believe ) First the Cowboy Gun... A Very Nice Marlin Cowboy Limited, 24" oct. barrel in 45 Colt I know it shoots really well and has a very smooth action. I will try to get him to post a reply below and share any more info he has on the gun. But I know it is a Nice One !!!!!!!!! He's asking $750 plus shipping.................. which is a Smokin' Deal !!!!
  11. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    They do need a wind now & again And I still love watching em tick........
  12. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    There's a Jewelry store on Main in Fredericksburg..... Segner's ??? I think...... they do pocket watch maint. & repair.
  13. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    Yes, All of these have just been serviced, are running good and keeping good time !!!! Cost of a service varies greatly, it should include cleaning, oiling and adjusting the regulator the average cost is probably around $100.............. If you only use it when you go to CAS matches then most likely it will never have to be serviced again in your lifetime !!! But if you carried one every day of your life, you might need to get it serviced again in about 5 years.
  14. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    Yep Tom, The workmanship that went into these is truly Amazing. I got interested in them at a young age, I had an uncle that worked on the Santa Fe RR and he gave me one of his "retired" RR watches when I was about 11 or so.... I decided I just HAD to take it apart to see what made it tick.... Oh Well... I did learn a lot. But mainly it sparked an interest in mechanical things that I still have today....
  15. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

    **ALL GONE** Vintage American Pocket Watch's

    Tom, That watch case was made by the Illinois Watch Case Co. out of Elgin Illinois I believe that case company was actually owned by the Illinois Watch Co. That particular model case was named "The Winner" and has an engraved Race Horse in the Logo. At that time most watch movement manufactures also owned watch case companies... there were 100's of em in the heyday of American watchmaking. Normally when someone would go shopping for a higher end watch, they would first pick out the case they wanted, then decided on which movement they wanted the Jeweler to put into that case. It was usually the cheaper watches, the "Dollar Watch" that came already cased...... BUT, then there were some really high end watches that were marked inside "Cased and Timed by" Elgin or Waltham or Hamilton or whatever. Those can command some Really High Prices with todays collectors.............

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