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  1. ACES vs PractiScore (SASS sub-type) -UPDATED

    Thanks, Maybe I emailed the wrong contact. I sent to a support email. I did not see the developer email. The exports are unreadable to the human eye.
  2. ACES vs PractiScore (SASS sub-type) -UPDATED

    I am not sure what is on the Practiscore Web Site, But the CD Tom Program tracks more than just the latest score. ie accounting, dues, club roster, history, etc. I sent an email to the support contact on the web site asking about adding back the dump to ROUNDUP also ( thats the one I wrote ) I have not heard anything back. I hope that they will add back both the dumps for CD Tom and Roundup. When ACES came out, they graciously added the dumps for us. We can code our programs to meet whatever requirement they need. If I knew how to program andriod and apple, I would just write my own interface. But having this within ACES made it very usefull for scoring both with and without the additional ( roundup or tom's) program. But I can understand them possably not wanting to support outside programs.
  3. We have always stated.... "T-Rex is Voluntary, Do not enter is you do not want to meet the requirements." note t-rex is the "T-Rex Fahert Society"... for kok, sos, chn So, it is self regulated. Not worth my reputation to cheat. Others in the catagory will know if something doesnt seem right .
  4. Interesting side matches

    team shoot to cut 2x4 in half ( one pistol, one rifle, one shotgun )
  5. Let's be the Match Director

    While I certainly have shot with 10 many times, answer this yourself 3 spotters 1 TO 1 Shooter 1 loading With the other 4, what jobs are you going to choose to not do ?
  6. Dillon SL 900

    Assuming that all the parts are included and that it is in pretty new condition, then i will take it. I will pm you tomorrow. If there is any known problem with it, then please pm me the details.
  7. Dropped long gun penalty change?

    As long as the shooter has contact with the firearm, it is considered as still in their control. No call should be made until the firearm comes to rest—wherever that may be. Then determine the condition of the firearm at rest and whether or not the 170° safety rule was ever broken on its way to its final resting point in order to assess the proper penalty (if any at all).
  8. Dropped long gun penalty change?

    Any unloaded gun dropped during a stage will result in Stage Disqualification. Dropped unloaded guns away from the line will be a no call. A shooter is forbidden from picking up a dropped gun. The Range Officer will recover the gun, examine it, clear it (if necessary), return it to the shooter, and assess the penalty. A dropped loaded gun is a Match Disqualification. An open, empty long gun that slips and falls after being set down and does not break the 170° safety rule or sweep anyone will result in either a “Prop Failure” call or a 10-second Minor Safety Violation, depending upon the circumstance.
  9. OFFICIAL BLACK GOLD aftermath Thread.....

    CONGRADULATIONS to 2017 Sultan of Smoke Kid Rich King of KaBoom Billy the Avenger and Champeen of the Hillbilly Nation Jackalope Tell your friends, we will do it again.
  10. Champeen of the Hillbilly Nation at Black Gold

    Back to the top. So that anyone coming to Blackgold will be aware.
  11. Sharing Pistols

    "And I was enjoying sneaking up behind and lifting my pistols from her holsters after she left the unloading table. " even if he "checked" them when he got them , she would get the penalty because she had already left the unloading table. It would however, keep away all of the problems of trying to dq him when he got to the loading table.
  12. Black Gold Shootout 2017!

    Just limit your black water usage. Use the restrooms and shower at the range.
  13. EOT Awards

    while buckle vs badge is a debate I will not get into here, but, I do not understand those that think the sticker part is "cheesy" So you would rather have an award buckle ( or badge ) that just said WINNER than one that actually says what you won ? I have a couple regional and world buckles that say winner. Almost hard to remember what I won or what place I was in. And talk about cost, if you engraved instead of using a sticker, that would be a big cost. maybe doable for EOT ( I do not know ) but for other levels this is not feasible.
  14. Champeen of the Hillbilly Nation at Black Gold

    I shot my CHN loads at Hooten last week. Getting ready to challenge Jackalope.
  15. Champeen of the Hillbilly Nation at Black Gold

    it isn't so