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  1. am I 'losing it' again?

    Why, this IS 3-4 days ago CR. You had just jumped forward a few days which totally messed up the space time continuum. Your post count is correct. (Jedi hand wave...) You need to get off the Wire and rethink your life........................ You miss me don't you?
  2. How often do you clean your guns?

    Pretty much this.
  3. Sass badge restored

    In the days where so many folks find it easier to buy stuff, (and do) it's really cool to see stuff like this. Way to go Mr. Drifter.
  4. Where do our cowboy roots come from?

    My grandfather raised cows back in the early 1900's around Flatonia, Texas but died in 1957- the year before i was born. Woulda been nice to talk with him about things. For me- 7th grade (1971) had "Career Day" films about once a month. Steel mill, timber industry, other stuff, ...........a working cattle ranch in Montana! The hook was set! Ended up with cattle on and off starting as an early teenager with my dad. Dropped that in the early 90's. The westerns were a default watching of course and continues to this day! Still love everything about ranching to this day, even though it's mostly memories. Our game is the best!
  5. A few of those who play our game are real cowboys. Some of us have run cows with a feed sack. Some admire them from a truck or car window. Where do our roots come from? Why do we like the idea of playing the game we do? Gene, Roy, John Wayne, Lonesome Dove, raised on a ranch? I think most of you out there will get a smile from this short 7 minute video from Walt Disney that my wife found, showing what a small boy dreams of about being a cowboy. It covers it all. (Gun Fighters will get an extra smile out of it! ) Two Spurs (getting older)
  6. SOLD- Jimmy Spurs NMV's .357, 4 5/8"

    Sold to Hoss Munny.
  7. Remington Gold Nitro 12 ga hulls

    I'll pile on as well. Been using them along with greens for quite a while. Zero difference.............. unless you're wearing a shirt that looks better with one color or the other...
  8. SOLD- Jimmy Spurs NMV's .357, 4 5/8"

    The full race work.
  9. SOLD- Jimmy Spurs NMV's .357, 4 5/8"

    Bump to reflect shipping. TS
  10. Up for sale is my pair of Ruger NMV's in .357. Blued, 4 5/8 barrels, stock grips, Sure Hit front sights, original boxes. Typical holster wear. If the light is just right you can see two small scratches on the grip frame of one as you will see on the close up pic. Action job by Jimmy Spurs: Full stroke with stock/jeweled hammer, beveled cylinders, etc, etc. Yes- these are smooth as glass and ready to run. $1,625 cash FTF in Texas- or $1,675 shipped my FFL to yours. First "I'll take it." PM me for details. Two Spurs
  11. Custom wood grip maker?

    I'm pretty tight with money spent but sure agree with Mr Sloe that these are well worth it.
  12. For Sale: (Will bring these to Winter Range if you want'em) (2) IMI 32 round Uzi mags $45. shipped if allowed in your state. (1) 36 round Mac 10 9mm mag (metal, unknown maker) $40 shipped if allowed in your state. (1) 8 round mag pouch that will hold the above mags- $15 with either of the above. First "I'll take it." Knock off $5 for each item to save on shipping if you want to pick them up at WR in a couple weeks. PM me for details.
  13. Last minute prep?

    I look for blank posts to quote.....
  14. Gunfighter splits...a better timer

    Moving the thumbs and shooting single action pistols that fast is just freaking cool. Way to go Smokestack. Keep pushing it.
  15. SOLD - Ruger NMV grips

    PM sent