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  1. Two Spurs

    Tombstone Leather contact

    Just got the word- Nick is back in town and passing himself in the hallway trying to get caught up!
  2. Two Spurs

    Tombstone Leather contact

    Will do. TS
  3. Two Spurs

    Tombstone Leather contact

    thanks for that.
  4. Two Spurs

    Tombstone Leather contact

    Yes. Also his shop phone and email...
  5. Two Spurs

    Tombstone Leather contact

    Been trying to get hold of Nick at Tombstone Leather for a while now to order a SG belt to match the rig he did for me. He's always been super prompt in response. If anyone knows anything can you shoot me a PM please? Hopefully just technical difficulties... Thanks, TS
  6. Two Spurs

    prayers for my daughter

    Have done so. God's peace with you all.
  7. Two Spurs

    Do presses get jealous?

    x 7! . I almost spewed my cup of hot tea! Hope to see ya soon!
  8. Two Spurs

    Do presses get jealous?

    It's a "sign". Go Blue. Next shooter...... After finally overcoming my tight wad tendencies and buying a 650, I wondered why I put it off for so long. Dig up your coin jar and just do it! You won't regret it AT ALL. TS (if you don't buy a Dillon, then I am going to start shooting Cody Dixon................. )
  9. Two Spurs

    Texas State match

    That pretty much sums it up nicely.
  10. Two Spurs

    Hi folks!!!!

    Actually.... YES! . They even made a toll gate that you had to lift and go through after the beep! Oh my gosh that was hilarious to watch the different variations of that line!
  11. I have a gray derby but am looking for a gray Milani Homburg hat. (7 1/8) Specifically a Milani. They have a greater curve on the brim than a regular Homburg. I've seen them in both black and brown.... but the gray seems elusive. Would think they've got to be out there somewhere? Thanks, Two Spurs
  12. Two Spurs

    Hi folks!!!!

    You guys need to come check out the Green Mountain Regulators annual match on the 4th weekend of October. Phantom and crew are setting up a set of stages that is sure to be pretty epic. Last year (the theme was Blazing Saddles- complete with a toll gate... ) was one of the top 3 funnest ones I've ever shot. No doubt this one will be top shelf. TS (Hellfire 2017 Black Cloud Posse!)
  13. Two Spurs

    Jim No Horse

    Like several others I had a chance to talk with Jim a few times this weekend and he even showed up for the banquet Saturday night! His true priorities were right on indeed... Looking forward to meeting again one day!
  14. Up for sale is a ready-to-go 2 wheel wooden gun cart at Texas State next week. Ammo/goody box for 2 people with leather straps for screw drivers, mag tube wrench and whatever. Also has rain cover, 2 pairs of cart holsters, holes drilled for your own squib rods, and a killer spring loaded latching system for the easiest removal and put back possible. Simply pull and twist. $250. First "I'll take it".
  15. Two Spurs

    pistol squid and possible recovery?

    That's okay CC- he's used to that...

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