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  1. Slick McClade

    Knives: Bowies and otherwise

    What’s the second from bottom “Frankland Warner beach”?
  2. Slick McClade

    Marlin Bullets

    In my past experience the flat portion of the TC bullet seems to get stuck on the side of the chamber entrance. The RNFP seems to be a little more forgiving as the rounded edges seems to help deflect the bullet and causes it not to “stick” near as bad. Like I said this has been my experience and I prefer the RNFP design. Every little thing to help aid in the marlins running smoother I open to trying. Hope my odd way of reasoning helps you understand. Slick
  3. Slick McClade

    Marlin Bullets

    Just my advise from years of experience and tuning literally 100’s of Marlins. Stay away from the truncated cone style Bullets in the marlins. RNFP will run much smoother and consistently in the marlin rifles. I use a Hightec coated bullet from bangandclangllc.com and have had excellent results. Slick
  4. Slick McClade

    Guns at Winter Range Swap Meet

    I know it not guns buuut...... I’ll have several very nice men’s and ladies winter coats I’m bringing to sale.(all $50 and under , most sold for $150 plus new) Doing some closet cleaning Slick
  5. Slick McClade

    Sure Hit Sights

  6. Slick McClade

    Sure Hit Sights

    Should have been two instruction cards with the sights. Did you buy them directly from my website at www.slickmagicguns.com or from a dealer of mine? We also have directions with pictures on my website. If you ever have any questions please feel free to call or email. Slick
  7. Slick McClade

    Load data for Trail Boss

    Morning Purly, 3.5 works great for me and has for years. I load 100gr RNFP coated bullet for match rifle/pistol ammo and 158gr for knockdowns. I don’t change anything except the bullet I set on top of the case. Keep it simple and trust me this works great, even for all my different guns from marlins , 73’s, pistols 4”- 5 1/2”. Slick
  8. Slick McClade

    Winter Range Awards policy updated

    Ok, I understand that. I just always thought the nice bronze was the National Champion trophy. Guess I should have paid closer attention to the ones I have . They don’t have “National Champion” anywhere on them. I apologize for thinking otherwise.
  9. Slick McClade

    Winter Range Awards policy updated

    Not meaning to stir the proverbial pot, but isn’t the National Championship throphy suppose to go the the USA National Champion? What good is a title if you don’t have the throphy to go along with it. kinda like winning a car and you only get the title but can’t get the car. With that being said , I’m super glad WR is headed in the right direction with the Champion awards. Our state match awards the state champion in each category with a nice custom buckle and the title of state Champion for that class. If the winner in a class is from another state then they get an award but the Champion buckle and title goes to the first up Louisiana resident. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this way. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!
  10. Slick McClade

    Winter Range Awards policy updated

    I agree 100% with this and should have always been this way, it’s the USA nationals. I’m going to ask about the nice bronze Fredrick Remington trophy. Since it’s a USA National Championship “Champion” trophy it does go to the 1st in line U.S resident if a Non- resident should take 1st right ??
  11. Slick McClade

    Winter Range vendors

    As it stands now we are attending the match to shoot. We decided not to vend because of the possibility of having to leave early due to a Law Enforcement training Academy. Slick
  12. Slick McClade

    All Sold PF : 3- Wahmaker vest for sale

    Glad they worked out for you. I cleaned out my messages so PMs should work now. slick
  13. Slick McClade

    Winter Range vendors

    This is the first year in a long time that we (Sure Hit Sight Co.) want have a vending booth. Buuuut, Long Hunter Shooting Supply is a dealer for us and will have a full line supply of all our products. Winter Range has always been one of our favorite places to vend. Thank you for all the hard work everyone does to make this one of the greatest shopping and shooting venues. Slick and Family
  14. Slick McClade

    All Sold PF : 3- Wahmaker vest for sale

    All sold to Sweet & Sassy, pending funds.
  15. I have 3 size Med Whamaker vest for sale. Vest 1 and 2 are like new with no stains or blemishes. #2 is in almost like new because it’s missing a button as seen in pic. Price includes shipping, please post “I’ll take it” with the number. Slick (1) Colors in this vest are maroon , copper,gold, bronze and black .$25 (2) Color is Dark Blue with a paisley type print (very nice vest). $25 (3) Black in color with a print pattern. $20

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