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  1. Sold PF- Mint SKB 100 12g, built by “Shotgunner”

    SPF to Deadeye George
  2. Sold PF- Mint SKB 100 12g, built by “Shotgunner”

    Yes , all his shotguns were built to reset with feather lights. That’s all that has been used through this gun when it’s been fired.
  3. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Ok Cowboys and Cowgirls, here’s the cream of the crop !!! This is a mint as new SKB 100, barrels are cut to 22” (LOP IS factory) and full race ready Action job by “Shotgunner”. For you guys that don’t remember Shotgunner he was the best of the best SKB gunsmith. This particular shotgun was converted to a cowboy gun from a New in the box SKB about 12 or so years ago. Since then it’s only been shot about 15 -20 Times. Shotgun is absolutely Stunning all the way around , Wood is extra super nice and Blue is 100% perfect. If your looking for that perfect set up SKB then look no further. Once it’s gone there will never be another “Shotgunner” SKB like this available. Price includes shipping to your FFL dealer of choice and will ship from a private seller. $1500
  4. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    It’s sold PF
  5. SPF- Horse blanket style poncho

    I’m not even sure where I bought this one.
  6. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    #1 is SOLD P.F
  7. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    SPF- to Joe LaFives, want let me send you PM, says you cannnot accept messages.
  8. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    Sold PF- I’ll pm you info on payment.
  9. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    Looks like a long oval
  10. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    SPF- I’ll send a PM for payment info.
  11. SPF- Horse blanket style poncho

    Sold PF to Carolina Reaper
  12. Sold PF. Wool blanket style poncho, like new maybe worn once. $20shipped
  13. Hats , Hats and more Hats !!!

    It’s amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over time !! All these hats have been used either by me or my kids as they grew up in SASS. All hats are excellent shape but some could use reshaping to your like. All hats are $40 each and that also includes shipping. Please post I’ll take it and the number you want. (1) SOLD P.F- Stetson silver belly 6x (2)Resistol 10x (3) SOLD P.F - Knudsen Hat Co. (4)SPF- Stetson - 4X (5) SOLD P.F- Pedigree Thoroughbred J.B No.1 Quality
  14. Damascus stag lock blade knife

    What make is it ?