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  1. Slick McClade

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    And when you leave T-Bones drive straight down a couple hrs and shoot Lily Bleu’s Missions for Cowboys two day match. You can find all the info on our website www.jacksonholeregulators.com Slick
  2. Might have a couple DbarJ hats I’ll list, maybe worn 5 times or less.
  3. Problem is these are the ones that I don’t wear. I probably own 20+ pair but all I wear is boots, I do have two pair of running shoes.
  4. SPF , message sent with address.
  5. Ok, Cowboys it’s getting close to Christmas and it was time to clean out my boot closet. Below are several pairs of boots that I’ve purchased new and have worn some of them twice and some of them a lot. Here’s your chance to save hundreds off the new price. Price will include shipping to your door. Please indicate which pair you want by stating the number and “I’ll take it”. (1) Nocona Square toe Caiman alligator belly. Black in color and size 9 1/2 D, these boots are in super great condition with good leather soles. $150 (2) Gold Collection Caiman Horn back and Ostrich chukka Boots. These are black in color size 9D still in the original box, worn once. These were very expensive when purchased . $100 (3) Cowtown Full Quill Ostrich Round toe, black in color size 8 1/2D ( but fit like a 9D). Very soft leather and comfortably broken in, leather sole was replaced with a rubber neoprene sole and professionally died black from the original saddle tan color. $50 (4) Justin smooth Ostrich cognac in color round toe size 9D. Leather soles are good but the light color Ostrich vamp does have some staining around the toe area. $35 (5) Justin bullhide square toe brown in color size 9D. These boots have the Justin oil resistance rubber soles and boots are in almost new condition with little use. $65 (6) Justin Full Quill Ostrich,saddle tan in color, round toe, crepe soles, 9D. Boots are in good condition, boots heals have a little wear from spurs but still tons of use left. $85 (7) SPF
  6. Slick McClade

    Benefit Match- “Cowboys for Missions” Support Lily Bleu

    If you just can’t make the shoot and want to make a donation to a worthy cause you can use the application and send it that way. It’s also tax deductible if done before the end of the year. We hope to see a good turnout and thank you to everyone that’s sign up so far and or made a donation. Slick & Lily Bleu
  7. Slick McClade

    Shotguns for Sale. SKB & 97s. All SOLD SPF

    Ok, thanks
  8. Slick McClade

    Shotguns for Sale. SKB & 97s. All SOLD SPF

    Any work done on the SKB? If so who did it ?
  9. Slick McClade

    Bayou Bullets

    Sent you a PM.
  10. Slick McClade

    F/S Woman's Short Tan leather Coat SOLD

    Evening Bama, If it doesn’t work out with Russ I’d like to be next on the jacket list for Lily Bleu.
  11. Slick McClade

    1897 IAC pump 12 Ga. for sale

    Did you have two for sale or was this a double tap on the key board?
  12. Slick McClade

    Antique Bison shoulder mount for sale

    Since I wasn’t sure where you are located I had to ask. Anyway if shipping doesn’t work out with the other guy, I can have someone pic it up from you at Winter Range for me. Of course only if that’s ok with you , I’d send payment to you. Let me know if it doesn’t work out shipping it. Slick
  13. Slick McClade

    Antique Bison shoulder mount for sale

    Where are you located?

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