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  1. Slick McClade

    NEW-Kirkpatrick - Long Hunter KH-09 series Holster Rig

    It’s almost 1/2 price of what a new one would be if ordered from Kirkpatrick.
  2. Slick McClade

    NEW-Kirkpatrick - Long Hunter KH-09 series Holster Rig

    I lowered it $100 from $400 to $300. For for any confusion.
  3. Slick McClade

    NEW-Kirkpatrick - Long Hunter KH-09 series Holster Rig

    Yes sir, you are correct.
  4. Slick McClade

    NEW-Kirkpatrick - Long Hunter KH-09 series Holster Rig

    Just lowered rig another $100 for a fast sell !!! It’s now $300 shipped
  5. Slick McClade

    His and Hers Roll Top Gun Cart

    I was fortunate enough to see this cart first hand by the master himself. It’s absolutely unbelievable the craftsmanship of both parties involved. My problem with owning such a work of art is I would never take it outside . Great job !! Slick
  6. Slick McClade


    We should be at the range around 3 or so Sunday. Myself and the family will be more than glad to help out Mr Joe and Mrs Martha. Slick
  7. Slick McClade

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    Leaving out in the A.M with the family. A little California bird told me you have something for me . I’ll see you at the gate Sunday evening sir. Have a safe trip and see you at the best little match in the entire WORLD!! Slick and Family
  8. Slick McClade

    Fast Engraver?

    Talked to Kelly Lassiter about two weeks ago. Seems he’s pretty open on his books and does great work. Slick
  9. Slick McClade

    Marlin 1894 JM or Non JM

    I’ve tried the RPP extractors in the last 44 mag and I couldn’t get it to work any better. I just took a factory extractor and tweaked it until finally it fed smooth and extracted strong. The chamber tolerance does seem to be a lot tighter and less forgiving on the 44 than other caliber rifles.
  10. Slick McClade

    Marlin 1894 JM or Non JM

    From my past experience I can never get the 44 mag smooth as I want my customers guns to be. The 45C on the other hand seems to be the smoothest of them all after the work is done. I can’t put my finger on the exact issue with the 44 but I have never been able to get them to my 100% satisfaction. I’m pretty picking about the way I want my customers match rifle to run. They should be smooth as glass and run without a hitch using one finger in the lever. Anyway that’s my thought and experience, I may not be 100% right and maybe another marlin smith like say “Widder” might chime in and give there experience with them.
  11. Slick McClade

    Marlin 1894 JM or Non JM

    I replied but now it’s not here I’ll try again
  12. Slick McClade

    Polish front sight

    Semi chrome or flitz on a soft rag. Don’t use a dremel tool !!!! Slick
  13. Slick McClade

    Marlin 1894 JM or Non JM

    I have built several hundred Marlins for customers over the last few years. I personally will NOT work on any “Remington” built Marlins. The few I have done have taken two-three times longer to work on than any of the JM stamped rifles. The fit and finish of the Remington rifles are seriously lacking. My professional opinion as a Marlin gunsmith is to wait and spend the extra money on a JM stamped rifle in 38spl, 357 or 45C. Try to stay away from the 44mags, they seem to be more problematic from my experience. Welcome to the game, Slick
  14. Slick McClade

    HELL FIRE '18

    Applications are flowing in, don’t miss out on your chance to shoot this match. If your headed to comin at cha then make sure to plan a double header and shoot Hell Fire the week before. Make the drive worth the trip and shoot them both. slick
  15. Slick McClade

    Best ear plugs for CAS

    I use the Decibullz ear plugs they are a moldable custom fit to your ears. These are a do at home ear plug and are very simple to do at a fraction of the cost. Feel free to check them out at slickmagicguns.com.

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