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  1. Mr. W, I ordered a rough stock from Taylors for less than $100. 1/2 day with a sander & dremel tool & bI had it fitted to my wifes rifle, cut to her length of pull and finished to match the forestock. You might give that a try.
  2. Chickamauga Slim

    Black chaps $50 plus shipping

    Cimmarron, I reckon I'll give 'em a try. Let me know where to send the $$. Chickamauga Slim
  3. Chickamauga Slim

    American Cancer Society

    Cancer has hit us all, either directly or through someone very close & dear to us. It is an invasive and life altering sickness. We shouldn't rest until a solution has been found, so let's all saddle up and join the fight! If everyone who misses a match this winter due to weather kicks in their normal match fee to the American Cancer Society, just imagine how much research we could fund by the spring thaw. You can send donations (checks made out to the American Cancer Society) to Randy St. Eagle or directly to the American Cancer Society. Let's show 'em what a bunch of cowboys with cabin fever can do to help win this fight.
  4. Chickamauga Slim

    American Cancer Society

    This year during the 2018 Tennessee State Championship match the match participants raised $7200 for the American Cancer Society. That is about $33 per person. Our goal for 2019 should be $10,000. I don't know if we can pull it off without help so here is my request: Every time a monthly match is cancelled this winter, please consider contributing the match fee to the cause. Randy St. Eagle will be more than happy to collect the money and it will jump start our 2019 cancer fund. The Wartrace Regulators match was cancelled yesterday so I am throwing in the first $25 for me and Ricochet Ruthie. I am sure the American Cancer Society will be grateful for anyone from any club who feels led to participate. If you are uncomfortable sending the money to Randy, no problem, just send it directly to the American Cancer Society. They need it and we all need to win the fight against cancer!
  5. Chickamauga Slim

    Stolen Gear

    Several years ago I was eating lunch at Interstate BBQ in Memphis. The placed was packed with SWAT teams who were in Memphis for a training exercise. 3 SWAT vans were broken into and guns, ammo & gear were taken while they ate their lunch! Memphis thugs have no fear........
  6. Chickamauga Slim

    WTB Uberti 1873 Straight Stock

    Looking for an Uberti 1873 stock to cut down to 12 1/2" LOP for my wife's rifle. I can't bring myself to cut the one that is on it now. Let me know if you have one please.
  7. Chickamauga Slim

    making Henry Big Boy SASS ready???

    My experience exactly. I love my HBB but once I got to the point where I could run it anywhere near fast, it couldn't keep up. I got a Uberti 66 from Cody Conhager and haven't ever been able to outrun it.

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