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  1. Original SASS Decal

    Hey my fellow shooters, I did not open this thread to have anyone upset over me looking for the old decal. I don't think it will do anyone any good to see fellow shooters in the cowboy sport to be in a argument. I expressed my feelings about the old decal as a answer to a fellow member, The current decal is most likely the one we will have and it's no big deal as long as the FEDS make my deposit next month. Later David
  2. Original SASS Decal

    That is the reason that we live in the best nation on this planet. We are allowed to have our thoughts and the free speech to express them. I would still like a vote on it. Chief, I don't know about that but they could still leave the decal and just remove the word. Several gun sites and stores have the word shooting with no problems. If the people who are protesting and I agree that some things need changing but not in the way of making others live the way that a few want us to. If several persons would have done the correct thing then several of our mass shootings including the last one would have never taken place. Several of the students who are protesting stated they knew that the shooter had several problems. They themselves did not report them.
  3. Original SASS Decal

    Yes that is the one I need. I can't thank y'all enough. I think that this one is so much better than the current one. The one we have now is in my mind, a failure as I think they were trying to do a repro of the old tins but it failed. I wish they would take a vote on this emblem and go back to it. It looks so much better on a T-shirt than the present one. Later David
  4. Original SASS Decal

    I'm trying to find one of the original SASS decals. I have some stored away in a box in a storage building that I can not get to at this time. I need it for a project I'm trying to do. I much prefer the old style to the new style. I will be more than happy to pay for the decal and shipping. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Take Care Fairshake.
  5. FS Tony Lama boots

    Man, I wish you could strech those great looking boots out to 11-11 1/2 EE!!
  6. Kahr mag and pouches

    Well here we go again my friend, I'll take it. Pm to follow
  7. Knives, Gunsite 5" folder

    I'll take the two Gerbers. Will send pm. Fairshake
  8. Winchester 1887 wanted

    Be Careful if you buy one of the repo's made by IAC The ones made by Coyote Cap are first rate and better than the originals. The IAC guns had a run that was made with cast receivers and these are the ones to stay away from. The ones made after a certain S/N range were made with forged receivers. I've owned 2 of them and they are great guns with American Walnut stocks. Cap's guns are being sold from $1000 to $1500 and more. They also have some repos made by other companies that are nothing but big trouble for your pocket book. They are fun to shoot and have a certain mystique about them, a few cowboys are able to win matches with them, I'm able to stay in Frontier Cartridge class and finish last. Ha!! Ha!!

    I had one of the first ones he did, I had the front stock laser done with barb wire pattern and same at the grip. Sold it in a weak time and missed it ever since. I tried for 5 years to buy it back to no avail. Decided to pull the trigger on this one.

    I will take it. Will send info in a follow up mail
  11. WTB Size 8 Felt Hat

    I've had this problem all my life as I wear a large hat size, I have a Sunbody 8 1/8 Palm hat that I will give the boy for shipping. Let me know his exact head measurement to be sure about the fit. As was stated above, you may stretch a felt hat to fit if you know the correct procedure.
  12. Starting to look for a Jimmy Spurs Rifle

    Hey Dakota Steele, I guess the other cowboys was waiting for you to open up the hunt for them. Good Luck my friend and Take Care.
  13. Uberti Hammer Safety Adventures

    Is there anything in the fitting of the parts that would stop you from changing out the hammer to the same as your earlier gun?
  14. Black Powder Shotgun Power Factor, by SWAG

    I must apologize to y'all for omitting the info on the wad I use. While writing my posting I drew a complete blank and could not remember the name of a wad that I've used for 5 years. I had to laugh at myself. All of my loading equipment, supplies, manuals, info sheets have been in storage for over a year as my wife and I were victims of the Great Louisiana Flood of August 2012. We had to leave our home for over 6 months and still have not been able to move those things and other furniture back into our home. I was finally able to find the info online after my mind was able to steer me in the correct direction. The wads are made by Gualandi and the number is 072SSW, they are green in color and sold by Ballastic Products. I found them at Precision Loading although they were white in color but had the same specs. A lot of shooters don't understand that it takes a larger load of BP to achieve the same results as those that load that new fad powder, I can't recall it's name at this moment. I noticed where some of the postings stated that some of us was using too much powder to achieve our kaboom. My feelings on that is that when I became a member of SASS, I had no intentions of ever trying to out do the next man. I load all of my shells as full as I can get them, my 44wcf loads are to the top with the bullet pressing it down when seated. I always leave the range with a huge smile even though I finished down the list. I feel I'm doing it the 1870's way. Take Care Fairshake
  15. Uberti 1873 44-40

    Smokestack, Read my post again or put your glasses on. I don't see any where that I stated that any other gunsmiths did or did not leave the brass carriers. Cody takes the stock carrier and cuts it in several places instead of using the aluminum carrier that is brass colored. When the aluminum carriers were first used, they were left in the natural finish, to me this takes away from the proper look. Maybe you never saw one of those. As far as getting my feelings hurt, your way off base with that, I could care less what you or anyone else thinks or says about me. My service from 65-68 in the Army then coming home and working as a cop and losing two riding partners insulated me from people who feel a need to start online arguments. My posting was meant as a satire and nothing else. Have a nice Day!