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  1. Fairshake

    WTS NON-SASS S&W 65 3"

    I've owned this 65 for about 10 years. I had a friend talk me out of my previous mdl 65 and I was sorry for selling it. These guns are not as abundant as the other model S&W 357 mags and it takes a while to find one. It took me two years to find this one and I swore that it would never be sold. Some ongoing medical problems have caused me to change my mind on a few things and I'm having to sell off some guns. This revolver is my favorite as I was first issued one when I worked Narcotics Division. I'm asking $700 for this very hard to find revolver . I'll accept personal checks from established members and USPS MO's Buyer pays shipping to his FFL
  2. Fairshake

    SOLD TO SKINNY>>>>>10.75 inch Knife / 5.50 SS blade & Leather Sheath

    Hey pard, I was a day late on seeing the knife you sold to skinny, the one with the Buffalo bone handle. Do you have any other knives that are like this? Your work is outstanding and I sure would like to add one to my collection. Do you have a site where I could see what you have? What steel do you use to make your knives? I like D2 as it seems to work for most uses. I don't miss any of the knife making shows they have on Wednesday nights. Too many questions, Ha!! Ha!! I know My mail is [email protected] Thanks David
  3. Fairshake

    cataract surgery lens options

    Well it finally hit me about three months ago as I was watching TV, my vision was blurry and I told the wife that I needed to go back to my eye doctor. I had been putting off my appointment for several months because my A1c (Diabetic} readings were very good at 6.2, I should of kept that appointment. I was told that I have cataracts in both eyes and that my left eye had developed a stigmatism that will require a special lens to correct. The other good news is that my Humana Insurance does not cover the cost of the lens which is in the $1200 range. I had both eyes measured about three weeks ago but I had to go back yesterday to look at them one more time before my surgery. I'm happy to see that I have a Doctor that likes to make sure. They are going to do my right eye first and then around 2 weeks or so later, they are going to do the left eye. I'm hoping that I will have my sighting vision return but if not I will continue to use my special shooting glasses that my eye doctor had ordered for me. If your eye Doctor is a shooter then it's easy for them to understand what you are requesting . My pair require that I put them on for at least 30 minutes before shooting so that I may become acclimated . The right lens is for sighting and the left is for infinity sight. It takes a while as I lose my depth perception at first. Well my fellow cowboys, I hope to be seeing y'all with better eyesight by the end of July. Later Fairshake
  4. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  5. Fairshake

    BP pistol caliber bullet survey

    I have used my cast bullet for the 44WCF for quite a while now and I keep them at 9-10 . You have shooters giving you the different numbers but it's important to know how they load and what they shoot. I shoot full case loads of 2F and my bullets give a perfect seal. If someone shoots 38 spl with a mouse fart load, they will not have much blow by. A person who shoots 45 Colt with full loads of real BP not only needs a soft bullet but you should anneal your case necks to soften the brass and stop most of the blow by. You can't compare the play like powders with shooting the real thing as the two don't burn alike. Paul Matthews has written several books that are good reading for a person interested in shooting the real powder. The lube you use is very important for good sealing, accuracy, clean up. I use NASA. Take Care Fairshake
  6. call me on my cell 601-431-1603 i want it, Pat


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