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  1. Fairshake

    WTB Practice 12 ga. Shells

    You may buy a box of 25 from Brownells for less than that.
  2. Fairshake

    WTB Practice 12 ga. Shells

    I see you have a lot of good cowboys offering you practice 12 ga hulls for free and that is great. If you ever decide that you would like a box of factory style and weight shells, look in the Brownell's site. They sell boxes of factory made dummy rounds. They are white in color and each one is stamped Dummy and they have a silicon type of filler in the primer pocket that may be used for years with no problems. Later Fairshake
  3. Fairshake

    Attention casters: linotype

    I think I see why I'm thinking I'm not receiving a reply from you. You have this same posting on the Cast Boolits forum and I replied on both forums by mistake. The price on this forum is better than the CB forum by 50 cents a pound. You do live in OKC don't you? Please correct me if I'm wrong as I've already purchased my MO but now I'm not sure on which way to go. Later Fairshake AKA Cajun Shooter
  4. Fairshake

    Ariat Boots SPF

    I agree with ya Mcandless, I need some EE's in there also!
  5. Fairshake

    Attention casters: linotype

    I posted that I wanted a box and would pay by MO. I need your info to send MO to. Thanks David
  6. Well Doc, I'm very happy to see that a good buyer is giving this wonderful shotgun a new home. I'll shoot you a PM with all details. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Later Fairshake
  7. Fairshake

    loading 44wcf on a Dillion 650/1050?

    I've been shooting 44wcf since the 70's and alot of people just don't give the correct advice when asked, some repeat things that they have heard or read. A lot of gun magazine writers get it wrong also. If I was you, I would not load on a 1050 Dillon for the 44wcf and the reason is that when loading any cartridge with BP you want to do it at a slow even pace that you are in control of. I do all of mine on a 550 that is fitted with a manual BP powder measure like a RCBS, Lyman. The guns you choose are going to be critical as a lot of the gun makers use the same bbls as those on the 44 mag and that will give you tons of problems with brass, accuracy and loads fitting cylinders. I see where you say your using laser cast bullets, the last that I tested on those were on the hard side for the 44wcf with BP and they don't give you the obturation that is needed for a good bbl seal. This causes bbl leading and poor performance. I don't see where you say if you have slugged your bbls or checked your cylinder mouths. This is a must to receive good results with the 44wcf. Your bbls should read .427-.428 and the cylinders should read .429. I purchased a set of Uberti Smoke Wagons from Taylors that were dead on these readings. I had two pair of USFA's that were also correct with these readings. Many Colts, and Rugers are way off from being correct. Ruger had such a problem that they stopped production. The inside of a new Starline 44 wcf case neck measures around .425 and if you continue to open them up to accept .431 bullets, your case life will suffer. You need to shoot a bullet in the BHN 10 range to have good results along with a good bullet design and lube. I designed my bullet and it's on the Accurate Molds catalog. It's a redesigned 427098 which is the original bullet loaded by Winchester I have shot this bullet for over 5 years. My friend John Kort who just passed has a 44wcf bullet that goes by the 43-215C and it is also a great one for the caliber. I have used what I think is the best BP lube made for several years now, it's called NASA and is made by a friend of mine. I will send you a sample to try if you wish. It does as well or better than SPG for a better price. One more thing, you may also use the Lee cast iron Turret press as it gives good service. Setting up either the Dillon or Lee requires a few extra steps but it's easy to do. If I may be of any further help, please contact me. later Fairshake
  8. Fairshake

    WTB Colt Clone in 44-40

    I have owned several sets of 44wcf revolvers including two sets of USFA Premiums. The Uberti Smoke Wagons are to the correct specifications than many others . I just purchased another set from Taylor's and the bores are .427 and the cylinders are .429. Many makers have been putting the bbs and cylinders that match the 44 special and 44 mags with bbls at .430 and cylinders even larger.
  9. I had some bad news at my eye Doctors yesterday. It seems that I have cataracts in both eyes plus a stigmatism that requires surgery not covered by my insurance. It ssems as if everything that happens to my wife and I is not covered by our insurance. We lost our Diesel truck, Harley Road King and two shops during the 100 year Louisiana flood in August of 2016. We had water in our home and to this day they have not paid for over $20,000 in damage. You pay for years and they don't pay. I'm dropping the price on the Krag and the Winchester and R-P 30-40 new brass to help with this. Later David
  10. Well I finally found my camera /laptop problem that was keeping me from posting pics, it was my SD card. I feel good that I was able to fix this problem and I apologize to those cowboys who asked for pics and I was not able to deliver. I feel that is behind us or at least until the next little gremlin pops it's head up. Later Fairshake
  11. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  12. Finally after working all day I was able to figure out my new laptop and camera so that they work together and now the pictures of the 1887 are posted. It only took me about 6 hours and to think, I was the class leader of my first grade class!! Later Fairshake PS To make sure that this 87 reaches it's new home, it will be shipped in a brand new Plano gun case.
  13. It's going to break my heart to sell this 1887 as there will be no more. This was my second Cap model and they are a pure blast to shoot. This gun is almost like new and only has one small stock dent. I want $ 1050.00 for this shotgun. I will pay the shipping via the USPS . It has 3 chokes in a plastic case plus a very good wrench with a handle that goes into the choke and not the cheap one. The chokes are extra Full, Modified and Imp Cyl. This gun is one of the last ones built by Cap before his health stopped him from working. These guns have the forged receiver and not the cast ones that some Chinese models have. The SN is CC06- 00607 The first posting stating that they will take it followed by a PM to me to discuss payment will be the new owner. I was finally able to figure out my new laptop and camera. So the pics are up!!
  14. Fairshake

    S&W Reintroduces the Model 19

    I paid 187.50 for my first 19 and it was not only very good looking, it was a very accurate revolver. I will have to say that my favorite carry and shooting piece was the model 65 I carried while in Narcotics Division. The round butt with that 3 inch heavy bbl was very easy to carry and also served well as a head knocker on search warrants. It was made to be carried in a waist band against sweaty skin in the Louisiana climate. Later David

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