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  1. Fairshake

    WTB 1887 Shotgun***FOUND***Please Close

    I've owned three of the IAC 1887 shotguns and they all were excellent SASS shotguns. They have a learning curve but are a lot of fun to shoot. I shot nothing but BP out of mine and I got to the point of being able to win a few times when others stayed at home. When the 1887 was imported into the USA by a gunsmith named Coyote Cap. They had forged receivers that are much stronger than the original model guns. He found out that they had shipped some cast models against his orders and these are the ones that caused problems. The Cap guns had extra thick barrels so they could be choked. They will outperform any Chiappa made. s
  2. Fairshake


    I'll take the remaining SS model. PM to follow
  3. I've owned several Rossi 92 rifles over the years. What you may not know is that Rossi has been building these rifles for years for various distributors such as Navy Arms (The Best) (Interarms Next Best) which is what you have. They gave the specs that they wanted to Rossi and had their own inspectors check the rifles. You have one of the better 92's made by Rossi. The spring kit is a good idea and buying the CD from Nate is a good investment. You also want the SS spring and follower for the magazine. When you go to assemble the bolt in the gun, use a fired case to hold it together as it is the only way to do this step. If you are not up to par, call Nate. Later David
  4. Fairshake

    cataract surgery lens options

    Well it finally hit me about three months ago as I was watching TV, my vision was blurry and I told the wife that I needed to go back to my eye doctor. I had been putting off my appointment for several months because my A1c (Diabetic} readings were very good at 6.2, I should of kept that appointment. I was told that I have cataracts in both eyes and that my left eye had developed a stigmatism that will require a special lens to correct. The other good news is that my Humana Insurance does not cover the cost of the lens which is in the $1200 range. I had both eyes measured about three weeks ago but I had to go back yesterday to look at them one more time before my surgery. I'm happy to see that I have a Doctor that likes to make sure. They are going to do my right eye first and then around 2 weeks or so later, they are going to do the left eye. I'm hoping that I will have my sighting vision return but if not I will continue to use my special shooting glasses that my eye doctor had ordered for me. If your eye Doctor is a shooter then it's easy for them to understand what you are requesting . My pair require that I put them on for at least 30 minutes before shooting so that I may become acclimated . The right lens is for sighting and the left is for infinity sight. It takes a while as I lose my depth perception at first. Well my fellow cowboys, I hope to be seeing y'all with better eyesight by the end of July. Later Fairshake
  5. Fairshake

    Sold: MEC Sizemaster 12ga $175 shipped

    Sent you a PM
  6. Fairshake

    WTB Practice 12 ga. Shells

    You may buy a box of 25 from Brownells for less than that.
  7. Fairshake

    WTB Practice 12 ga. Shells

    I see you have a lot of good cowboys offering you practice 12 ga hulls for free and that is great. If you ever decide that you would like a box of factory style and weight shells, look in the Brownell's site. They sell boxes of factory made dummy rounds. They are white in color and each one is stamped Dummy and they have a silicon type of filler in the primer pocket that may be used for years with no problems. Later Fairshake
  8. Fairshake

    Attention casters: linotype

    I think I see why I'm thinking I'm not receiving a reply from you. You have this same posting on the Cast Boolits forum and I replied on both forums by mistake. The price on this forum is better than the CB forum by 50 cents a pound. You do live in OKC don't you? Please correct me if I'm wrong as I've already purchased my MO but now I'm not sure on which way to go. Later Fairshake AKA Cajun Shooter
  9. Fairshake

    Ariat Boots SPF

    I agree with ya Mcandless, I need some EE's in there also!
  10. Fairshake

    Attention casters: linotype

    I posted that I wanted a box and would pay by MO. I need your info to send MO to. Thanks David
  11. Well Doc, I'm very happy to see that a good buyer is giving this wonderful shotgun a new home. I'll shoot you a PM with all details. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Later Fairshake
  12. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  13. Finally after working all day I was able to figure out my new laptop and camera so that they work together and now the pictures of the 1887 are posted. It only took me about 6 hours and to think, I was the class leader of my first grade class!! Later Fairshake PS To make sure that this 87 reaches it's new home, it will be shipped in a brand new Plano gun case.
  14. It's going to break my heart to sell this 1887 as there will be no more. This was my second Cap model and they are a pure blast to shoot. This gun is almost like new and only has one small stock dent. I want $ 1050.00 for this shotgun. I will pay the shipping via the USPS . It has 3 chokes in a plastic case plus a very good wrench with a handle that goes into the choke and not the cheap one. The chokes are extra Full, Modified and Imp Cyl. This gun is one of the last ones built by Cap before his health stopped him from working. These guns have the forged receiver and not the cast ones that some Chinese models have. The SN is CC06- 00607 The first posting stating that they will take it followed by a PM to me to discuss payment will be the new owner. I was finally able to figure out my new laptop and camera. So the pics are up!!

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