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  1. Larry Earp, Official Legend

    I have a good feeling you will break that curse just to show how danged ornery you are. Also, folks need to know that you can still shoot a 10-10-4 stand and deliver stage in the low 20's, sometimes in the teens. That's a good 5 seconds better than I can do it. Waimea
  2. Larry Earp, Official Legend

    Ok, first lesson: Sign up for Black Gold. You will thank me for the rest of the year. Dale and Barb are already signed up. They have camping on site. A whole bunch of Outlaws, Hillbillies and probably even the Living Legend himself, Larry Earp. Waimea
  3. Somebody 'please' tell RED KNEE.....

    There's a bunch of shooting to do before Tennessee but it turned into an annual favorite for me. Sounds like you two had quite a time of it at Land Run. Look forward to seeing you again. Waimea
  4. uberti 1873 stock finish

    Use 5-6 coats of wood conditioner then stain. The stain will not be be so brash. Considering redoing a stock myself. Waimea
  5. Larry Earp, Official Legend

    I have been pretty lucky to have been tutored in the Outlaw Way by one of the Legends. Today, Larry Earp (yes, he's related) turned the BIG 80. Yeah, he has slowed down some since his earlier days when he took me under his wing 7 years ago but he can still kick my butt pretty good when he feels like it. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our most elder Outlaw, Larry Earp, my Mentor and my friend. Waimea
  6. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Tombstone is good for chocolate coffee amongst other important things. MR culpepper!!! I may need to drink a gallon o' bleach. You just made him MORE impossible to live with. Waimea
  7. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Did you larn how ta spel from the Culpepper Finishing School fer yung ladies? You gotta work hard at that. Waimea
  8. Fl.state Championship

    Great job, Cass and Crew. That 14 foot gator never did figure out how to unzip the tent. Had a great time. Waimea
  9. This machine was built in 1993. It is in pristine condition. I ran 10 shells through it and other than forgetting to turn on the powder and shot at the appropriate time it runs flawlessly. Best crimp I have ever seen on a reloaded shell. Comes with a black garbage bag almost full of mixed hulls. Box of bushings. 90 primers. Has an extra tube for powder or shot because it was upgraded to 25# capacity tube. $800 FTF. Do not want to ship but ... I was told this was an LS 1000 model but cannot find evidence of that. If it is I will update. This machine will be at the FL State Match.
  10. Jim No Horse

    I believe that St Peter met Jim No Horse at the Gates and presented Jim with a Horse to ride through on. Rest in Peace and Love, Jim. I will miss you. Waimea

    Dang glad I didn't wait too long. Kinda had a feeling. Looking forward to it. Yeeeehaaaa! Waimea
  12. Ruger vaquero. Sold

    Might want to put this on the Ruger forum, Little Joe. Might get more action. Waimea
  13. Thank you! One week in as a Moderator!

    Cowboy super secret spy. I'm wise to your tricks. Waimea

    There are advantages: Nice green grass Quiet neighborhood And if I happen to have a little gas, who's gonna know Waimea

    Behind any of the targets in Bay 1-12. Waimea

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