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  1. Waimea

    Anybody shooting full length shotgun?

    I have always been fascinated by the various ways doubles can be opened. The underlever is awesome. I used to regularly shoot a 30" 97 from the hip.
  2. Waimea

    CAS shooting around the Ocala, Fl area?

    A little further south and we can be neighbors. And you will always have at least PT work. Ocala is nice tho. Waimea
  3. Waimea

    Boomstick Jay

    So that's his number.... Well then, no more hiding.
  4. Waimea

    SASS Kentucky State Match 2019

    Not yet. Trying to work out a conflict.
  5. Waimea

    Pleasant Surprise at Cabela's

    I'll count them for you. One for Tyrel. One for Waimea. One for Tryel..... .....Two for Waimea.
  6. Waimea

    Outlaw bullets - question answered Thanx!!!

    There are codes available. Folks should PM me if they want one. I don't want to be breaking Wire rules. Self promotion and all that. Waimea
  7. Waimea

    Outlaw Bullets

    Please let us know about blowback and leading. Others have reported very good results. Lower velocities require softer bullets. Thank you! Waimea
  8. Waimea

    Outlaw Bullets

    I wondered where them 2 boxes went. Gotta get a new slogan now. Congratulations to Quicksdraw Connie, first CHAMPION Lady Outlaw from Florida. CLEAN MATCH!
  9. Waimea

    Outlaw Bullets

    Thank you, Deuce. High praise, indeed. I am humbled. Ok, I was gonna wear my size 7 hat tomorrow but change of plan. Get out the Hoss 10 gallon special. Waimea
  10. Waimea

    Uberti 1873 Competition Cleaning

    It ain't just cleaning. Now there is a competition for cleaning. I lost that one before I got to the range. Waimea
  11. Waimea

    Outlaw Bullets

    I don't have any. I have never had complaints from my customers. Lower velocities (like Cowboys shoot) require softer lead to expand quicker to reduce blow by which causes leading. Outlaw Bullets are 10-12 BHN. Waimea
  12. Waimea

    Outlaw Bullets

    Thank you all for the kind words. What you should know is I feel like I have the best customers in the world. Flanigan placed his order just before Comin' at Cha, TN State and NC State. So it was kind of a struggle for me to get him everything. He was very patient throughout even though it took a while longer than normal. I have many other stories like this where people write a check or give me cash and say "Just get it to me when you can." So I say THANK YOU TO THE BEST CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD! Waimea
  13. Waimea


  14. Waimea


    WTG, Scarlett. Obviously the Jedi powers were with you. Waimea
  15. Waimea

    Stolen Gear

    So sorry to hear about your troubles, Randy. I worry about this type of thing a lot. One of the reasons I don't have any advertising on my trailer. No answers here either. Sad for the state of affairs. Waimea

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