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  1. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Doodle Hill Ranges

    It’s Florida. It will rain - Just a matter of when and how long.
  2. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    I asked about the cylinders being rotated too. They were disassembled to unload. But when reassembled they were cocked to see if they would function. When the damaged part of the cylinder hit the frame, the gun hung up and would not rotate far enough to drop the bolt. The only to drop the bolt was to take them apart again
  3. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    No one was injured but Chance was a little shaken up. Given Chances’ experience and the fact that he has been shooting those guns for years, I doubt that he mixed up the cylinders or left cleaning materials in BOTH guns? But no way to tell now. My original thought was that he may have been loading using a powder measure with a little smokeless left in the bottom, but he was using a dipper which eliminates that possibility. I certainly hope he breaks down the cartridges in that lot and finds the answer. )
  4. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    Chance Ramsey blew up two open tops at yesterday’s match with the Lake County Pistoleros. As I understand it they were 38’s loaded with black powder. He was shooting BP Gunfighter and blew up the guns with his first two shots. He os a very experienced shooter and reloaded. He told me that he was absolutely sure that there was no smokeless powder any where near where he was loading. He was using a single stage press and dipping the powder with a calibrated dipper. I have no idea how all this could be the case and still blow up both pistols on consecutive shots. I wouldn’t have thought that you could get enough BP in a 38 case to blow up a gun (much less two guns). I don’t know what weight bullet he was using, but assume it was 158 gr.
  5. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Interesting Old Pistol - 19th Century Colt Clone?

    Thanks all y’all for the good info. The old gun is a lot more interesting than I originally thought.
  6. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Interesting Old Pistol - 19th Century Colt Clone?

    Thanks to Goody and Warden for good information. The article Goody posted was quite interesting. As far as caliber and frame size though, you can tell by comparison with the 1902 Colt in the pictures below that the gun is full size, not a “pocket” model. I’ve shown both guns with a factory 44-40 in the cylinder for comparing scale. Warden, do you remember if the gun in your pic had a front sight? After reading Goody’s article and looking at the front sight on my gun, it is quite possible that it has been added, or maybe the barrel has been shortened (I don’t think the bbl has been shortened though.). There are tool marks around the front sight making me think it may be a late addition.
  7. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Interesting Old Pistol - 19th Century Colt Clone?

    Check out the pictures of an old pistol that I got from a friend. It had been passed down to him and his brothers from a grandfather as a toy. It took some “rejuvenating” to get it working again since it had been played with hard over many years. It has Colt patent markings on the left side of the frame just like a Colt would. No other marking on the frame but the serial number, 6622. On the barrel it is marked: “SISTEM Manufacturans ANIT & CHAR E.C.E.” The caliber is 44-40 but it’s not marked as such anywhere. The frame and grip-frame are all one piece like a ‘58 Remington and the trigger guard detaches in a fashion similar to the Remington. All of the internal parts are very similar to a Colt, but not identical. The gun is a little loose but locks up well. I have fired it with light loads. Not very accurate but it works! The posted pictures show both sides, a top view (lettering not very visible), and a disassembled view. If anyone can help with info about this gun, please let me know.
  8. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    IMR-4759 in 44-40 WCF

    It has now been discontinued from all that I read. I used to use it in 32-40 and 40-65 loads with cast bullets and excellent results. It it is probably not the best powder for CAS loads though. Since it is discontinued, you should be able to sell it for a good price or trade it for a more suitable powder. That is unless you are planning to make “hunting loads”.
  9. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Yet another "New Press" thread.

    I have a Lee hand press like the one in OLG’s first link. It holds the punched out primers inside the ram. Probably holds about 25 but I never counted. I only use it to recover live primers and mistakes, like backwards or sideways primers. It would be pretty clumsy to use for any sort of production.
  10. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Unknown Pocket Pistol 32 RF

    Rafe, I looked on the Dixie Gunworks website and couldn’t find the rimfire conversion kits. I remember seeing them in the print catalog years ago. Do you know what their “official” name is? I tried “rimfire conversion kits” and got nothing. Disregard the Dixie Gunworks comment. I found the cases on the hlebooks website. Kind of pricey though. Thanks for the help.
  11. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Unknown Pocket Pistol 32 RF

    Thanks Purdue Boy,, I ‘predicate it. Now, do you have any 32 rimfire ammo?
  12. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    What's the Call - holsters

    I believe there is an exception for Gunfighters if pistols are split by a long gun. If the stage calls for “five shots from the first pistol, then a long gun sequence, then five shots from the second pistol”, a Gunfighter may fire the first five shots using both pistols, make them safe on a table (reholsterimg partially loaded pistols is prohibited for Gunfighters), shoot the long gun sequence, then complete the second five shots of the pistol sequence and reholster.
  13. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    1873 Rifle Jam

    It makes the job easier if you can take out the magazine spring and dump the unfired rounds. Using the method described by Flash and Goody above works well but can be a little difficult with a 45 and loaded rounds in the magazine. Another caution: Make sure the round stuck in the chamber is a FIRED round, not a loaded round if you need to tap it out with a ramrod. Tapping on a loaded round with a ramrod will cause a discharge from the inertia of the firing pin if the bolt face is in contact with the case. Unscrewing the magazine cap is a whole ‘nother issue. Uberti installs them with Gonzo-the-gorilla. If yours has never been removed, you should loosen it when you get the current problem solved. There a e other threads on how to do this.
  14. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Dillon Inprovments

    I’ve called Dillon several times over the past 25 years for replacement parts for both 550 (my favorite) and my 650. Their response has always been “Parts will be shipped tomorrow”. They have never asked if there were any aftermarket parts. I’ve never sent a press back for reconditioning though. But since I only load about 15,000 rounds a year, not enough wears out to need reconditioning. (I did wear out a non-carbide sizing die though. Wasn’t a Dillon die.)
  15. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Unknown Pocket Pistol 32 RF

    With no markings other than a serial number (hidden under the cylinder pin on the underside of the barrel), I’m sure it’s not a Colt. It seems well made though and is still tight and smooth. It probably spent most of it’s life in a drawer somewhere. Or maybe in a saloon girls garter? After seeing the asking price for the Colts in Red Hooker’s link, made me wish it were a Colt! It is in pretty good shape though and I couldn’t find any proof marks or lettering of any kind other than the four digit serial number to identify it. If anyone has a clue where I could look, I’d appreciate it.

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