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  1. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915


    Steal one from Korrupt Karl.
  2. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Shooting the Rifle last on a stage.

    Around the Central Florida area, many of the clubs do write stages with the rifle last. Others have stages specifying “rifle not last” but still have a stage later with rifle last. At our last match in Orlando, two of the six six stages had rifle last with no problems. Orlando’s range has separate berms with side berms for each stage though. So the possibility of recording shots from adjacent stages is greatly reduced. Or maybe because Florida is almost at sea level for the whole state, the atmospheric pressure is higher, and when coupled with higher humidity, causes sound to travel faster making rifle shots easier to pick up. Anyway my clever attempts to “game” the system by using my Marlin Model 1892 chambered in 32 S&W (short) didn’t work. The timer always picked up the shots.
  3. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Match Pins: On Hat or elsewhere

    I vote for a box in the garage.
  4. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    Nope. Never had the opportunity to try Boogie’s system. If it’s as good as his pistol work, I’m sure it’s great. The only problem I have with making the ‘73 any smoother than with flat springs is that I’ afraid it would go full-auto on me!
  5. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    The coil spring is an elegant solution to a nonexistent problem. I’ve got two of them, and three flat springs (tuned factory) respectively in 5 ‘73’s. Nothing has broken in any of them after about 20 years of use. All work great, but the flat springs are smoother.
  6. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Inertia vs Mechanical

    With an inertia trigger reset, a misfired shell won’t reset the trigger, so a second pull of the trigger won’t fire the second barrel. The Johnny Meadows modification to make it “both” probably solves that. The mechanical trigger resets on release of the trigger so the speed of reset depends on how fast you can release the trigger. On my double with mechanical triggers (not an SKB), If you squeeze the trigger like you would on a target rifle, the recoil will cause the trigger to momentarily move away from your finger enough to reset, then your finger recontacts the trigger, pulling the now reset trigger again causing a second shot so fast that most timers won’ pick it up. I don’t know if all mechanical triggers will do that, but mine does. (Phantom, If I do that in a match, it’s not on purpose, but it gives me an incredibly fast split!)
  7. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Speer brass problem

    Deprime them with a hand decamping tool. Throw away the faulty ones. You can’t get the remnants of corroded primers out. If you don’t have a hand decamped, see if you can borrow one from a black powder shooter.
  8. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    WTC...Shooter has two pistols shooting gunfighter...

    Winter must start early up there in the far North!
  9. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    OOPS! somebody crossed the line

    Does Trump know yet?
  10. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Ammunition and light primer strikes

    It’s pretty much impossible to measure firing pin protrusion in a Vaquero with a caliper. Warden Calloway had a picture of the method of comparing protrusion to the thickness of a dime (more than) and a penny (less than). In my experience as a “kitchen table” amateur gunsmith, a lot of Vaqueros have too little FP protrusion to give reliable ignition with lightened springs. Nate Kiowa Jones had some good suggestions on finding the problem. One other thing to check is where the part of the top of the hammer that hits the frame above the transfer bar. It should allow the transfer bar to fully depress the firing pin and not depend on inertia. You can check this by manually depressing the transfer bar while the hammer is cocked and compare that protrusion to that with the hammer down. If you get more protrusion manually, take a little metal off the hammer until the protrusions are equal. That’s an easy fix that can even be done without even removing the hammer.
  11. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Lonesome Dove - Is it just me?

    It was black powder. He would have had to clean his gun. That’s why they had Bowie knives. (To finish off bad guys, not clean guns.)
  12. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Shooter's rifle holds only 9 rounds.

    Uberti made Henrys in both carbine and trapper models. A friend has both models and a 24” one as well. The trapper won’t hold 10, I think only 8, and the carbine may not hold 10 either. All guns were 44-40.
  13. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Henry Conversion

    I put in a modified lifter of my own design and shoot .44 Russian in mine. After the first firing to “blow out” the case, I just neck size the cases and they work fine in the 44-40 chamber. You do have to modify the carrier/lifter so that it will feed though.
  14. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    1866 VS 1873 >>> Is this true?

    In a ‘66 the trigger can be pulled and the hammer will fall any time during the cycle, both closing and opening the action. For the firing pin to strike the primer, the case must be against the bolt face and held there by the extractor. This happens in the final 1/4” or so closing the action. So you can get an OOB discharge any time after the cartridge is against the bolt face and the hammer falls. Including late trigger pulls when opening the action. So the guy who told you that if you pulled the trigger early, you would not get an OOB discharge was only partially right. You MIGHT not get an OOB DISCHARGE and IF you don’t, then recock the hammer and try the round again. (With the action fully closed of course.) There are other things that can cause an OOB discharge such as a lodged bullet that prevents the next round from fully chambering.
  15. Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

    Your favorite .38 special load for CAS.

    I like to have enough pressure to make the case seal the chamber to eliminate blow-by. To do that generates a little more recoil, which actually helps when shooting Gunfighter. That load is 3.4 gr Titegroup/158gr RNFP, seated 1.43”. It’s been a while but Ithink it chronographed 730fps from pistolsand 1000 (?) from rifle.

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