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  1. CarbineCasey #4469

    Reducing Firearms WTS Rifles "Pictures"

  2. CarbineCasey #4469

    Reducing Firearms WTS Rifles "Pictures"

    Your email doesn't work
  3. CarbineCasey #4469

    Reducing Firearms WTS Rifles "Pictures"

    Sent you pictures of the High Wall
  4. CarbineCasey #4469

    Reducing Firearms WTS Rifles "Pictures"

    Reread my post closely
  5. CarbineCasey #4469

    Reducing Firearms WTS Rifles "Pictures"

    Thank you Cody! Why people want to hijack a persons thread and not read it completely beyond me.
  6. Pards Over The next few weeks I will be selling some rifles and pistols, I will have to post pictures of a little bit later. Firearms are fairly priced and in great condition, prices are negotiable but I will not give them away. Prices include shipping and FFL guns will not be shipped to California, Illinois or another state with crazy gun laws....sorry! Also FFL dealer's must except from an individual no exceptions. Black powder weapons can we ship directly to your door or any other weapon made before June 1898. 1. SPF 2. T/C 50caliber Hawkens right hand double set triggers the back sight is not the original one for the gun but the gun but the gun is very accurate. $200.00 3. SPF 4. SPF 5. SPF Carbinecasey
  7. CarbineCasey #4469

    WTB Rossi 92 Ranch Hand .357 .38 Mare's Leg

    I have the 44 magnum and I'm working on a holster for it now I love that little so-called handgun! Carbinecasey
  8. CarbineCasey #4469

    Off Topic WTB Flintlock pistol's

    Greetings everyone I know this is off-topic but I am looking to purchase flintlock pistol's I would prefer Kentucky or early American style don't want to spend a lot of money I will do work on them if necessary it's more of a historical showpiece for reenactment but I would prefer they function and fire. Carbinecasey My email address is [email protected]
  9. CarbineCasey #4469

    1860 Army Pietta No Longer Available

    If you decide to sell the balls and patches please let me know. Carbinecasey
  10. CarbineCasey #4469

    SOLD>NON CAS 9mm AR Pistol

    This is an excellent deal!
  11. Oh that's nice and I'm left handed and blackpowder Rifle poor! CC
  12. CarbineCasey #4469

    SPF (KY) 45-70 Lee dies, brass, bullets

    Earl I'll take the Brass and Bullets $35? Carbinecasey
  13. CarbineCasey #4469

    WTB Rossi Butt Stock

    Once more
  14. That's a very nice shotgun wished I had a little bit of funds for that I had a 12 gauge similar to it hunted turkey with for years. CC
  15. CarbineCasey #4469

    WTB Rossi Butt Stock


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