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  1. 1860 Army Pietta

    If you decide to sell the balls and patches please let me know. Carbinecasey
  2. SOLD>NON CAS 9mm AR Pistol

    This is an excellent deal!
  3. Left Handed 50 cal Dixie Tenn Mountain Rifle F/S or F/T

    Oh that's nice and I'm left handed and blackpowder Rifle poor! CC
  4. SPF (KY) 45-70 Lee dies, brass, bullets

    Earl I'll take the Brass and Bullets $35? Carbinecasey
  5. WTB Rossi Butt Stock

    Once more
  6. That's a very nice shotgun wished I had a little bit of funds for that I had a 12 gauge similar to it hunted turkey with for years. CC
  7. WTB Rossi Butt Stock

  8. WTB Rossi Butt Stock

    Hello I have acquired a 44 magnum Rossi lever action that has a short stock, that has possibly been cut down for a young lady or a young man. I would like to replace it with a full-size stock if someone has a used one for sale? does not have to be in excellent condition I can do the woodworking myself, I would also like to have the butt plate. please send me an email or private message thank you email- [email protected]
  9. SPF

  10. SPF

    Greetings Doing a little spring cleaning came across a black powder CVA 1860 Brass frame, put together as a kit. It's got an old look to it, see pictures below, NEVER BEEN FIRED, does function but has a timing issue and has never had nipples placed in it I bought it in Friendship, Indian when I first started shooting sass years ago. I'm not a brass frame person. Shipped to your door $85.00. You can send me a private message or email me if interested [email protected]
  11. Non SASS guns for sale to buy SASS guns!

    That's a pretty good price on that Garand. Wish I hadn't sold mine
  12. WTS Movies DVD's reduced

  13. WTS Movies DVD's reduced

  14. WTS Movies DVD's reduced

    Pards My computer is down so I'm doing this by other means, but I have movies for sale, DVD's Western's, War Movies and hunting shows. Some are new, $50 shipped. Text me at 859-613-1907 and I'll shoot you a picture of what I have. Carbinecasey
  15. Pard, my ankle holster is still available, but if I don't hear from you real soon I plan to trade it for another. Lobo Tom


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