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  1. Red Rider Rudy


    We still have lots movement. Jail to ally to Salon.
  2. Red Rider Rudy

    SOLDPair of ROA's 5-1/2 in. SS Fixed sights. SOLD

    Thanks! That's what I have, but couldn't get mine to stain? Didn't know to try leather dye? Did you just use brown?
  3. Red Rider Rudy

    SOLDPair of ROA's 5-1/2 in. SS Fixed sights. SOLD

    Were did you get the grips? Really would like a set like them.
  4. Red Rider Rudy

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

  5. Howdy Capt.  My address is.


    Roger Dorner

    5029 Mattis Rd

    St. Louis Mo. 63128 


    Is personal check O.K.?


    Thanks Rudy

    1. Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme

      Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme



       Yes Sir, check works like a charm.


      Please send to:


      Joseph Witcofsky

      90 Fairfield Dr.

      Staunton, VA 24401


      (c) 203 - 216 -2316



      Capt R. Hugh Kidnme

  6. Red Rider Rudy

    This is Sparta

    For those that didn't make it. This was a Fun Fast Shoot !!!! Great Match !!!! Job well done by the Kaskaskia Cowboys! R.R.R.
  7. Howdy, it's a Coyote Cap 1887 Special Edition,   18" barrel  and 12 1/2 " LOP and screw in choke


    # cc-06 00024 

  8. Red Rider Rudy

    Got to Love Dillon

    Same here, paid to ship it back. About a week later was on the porch when I came home from work. Same thing said I owed "0" They are the best!
  9. Red Rider Rudy

    Source for custom made conchos

    Smoke, this place has a lot of stuff.
  10. Red Rider Rudy


    On another post Coyote Cap said new they were $600 and if you buy one now under $1200 it's a deal?
  11. Red Rider Rudy


    Well just picked it up from LGS. It looks almost new! Now just have to go shoot it! It is the Coyote Cap Special Edition.
  12. Red Rider Rudy


    Didn't need a third one but price was right. Already have a Lasiter IAC, and a Chiappa with nothing done to it Yet!
  13. Red Rider Rudy


    Looks jut like this one. Why did you not keep yours?
  14. Red Rider Rudy


    Thanks Gritz, Looked like it's the real thing from the pics. Even if it's not bought it right.
  15. Red Rider Rudy


    Not really Warden. It looks like it says Coyote Cap Special Edition on the side of the receiver. Didn't have time to contact sell before action ended.

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