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  1. Ace_of_Hearts

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Story? Did someone say "STORY"?
  2. Ace_of_Hearts

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    For those who have a quest for knowledge........ Pahrump is a community aprox. 45 miles west of Las Vegas. The name is a Southern Paiute derivative meaning many waters or water rock. "Pah" being the Paiute word for water.
  3. Ace_of_Hearts

    Another happy loading tool

    It is used to push the rounds into the magazine without hurting your fingers. The "brass tube" is a 38-55 case with the rim turned off. I make them in pistol caliber all the time. Especially useful for the ladies.
  4. Ace_of_Hearts

    Can you name this young cowboy?

    Leonard Franklin Slye
  5. Ace_of_Hearts

    Another happy loading tool

    The wood is mesquite.
  6. Ace_of_Hearts

    Another happy loading tool

    This is the first 38-55 I have made. It is a lot longer than pistol rounds.
  7. Ace_of_Hearts


    Do you have the old stock?
  8. Ace_of_Hearts

    Duelists speed

    In 2016, Pecos Nick was 4th overall as a duelist.
  9. Ace_of_Hearts

    Completed stocks

    The shop is nearing completion. Just the Thickness planer and the drill press and a small grinder/buffer to go.
  10. Ace_of_Hearts

    Another Interpretation question

    "In hand" means whatever the Match Director says it means.
  11. Ace_of_Hearts

    Duelists speed

  12. Ace_of_Hearts

    RO-I and RO-II classes

    Location - Nevada State Championship "Eldorado" October 04, 2018 beginning at 9:00AM RO-II to begin aprox. 1:00 PM If you are planning on attending these courses please RSVP so materials will be available for everyone.
  13. Ace_of_Hearts

    Wanted— Old Rugged Gear Cart

    Bearing are great. They sent me a whole new front end at no charge last year. I snapped the handle off at RR Bar last year, the brakes were toast and the front end was worn. Got new handles, new brakes and a pair of holsters tho mount on it.
  14. Ace_of_Hearts

    Wanted— Old Rugged Gear Cart

    If you are going to be at Chorro Valley in August you can measure mine. I have a REALLY OLD one.
  15. Ace_of_Hearts

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    I'm busy building a shop!

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