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  1. Ace_of_Hearts

    Completed stocks

    That is why we have a new approach. The piece was extremely small and our new process works on pieces twice that size and larger very well. A replacement would run you $75.00 + shipping.
  2. Ace_of_Hearts

    Completed stocks

    Send me the fore-end and I will repair it at no charge. I have a new process that reinforces the joint.
  3. Ace_of_Hearts

    New California ammunition laws

    If you are looking for a reason to not go to a shoot, you will surely find it. Dismissing all the shoots in California because of some law that apply to California residents only and because you MAY get stopped by the locals and asked questions you are not required to answer, will put you in the position of missing out on meeting some of the nicest people in Cowboy Action Shooting. That's OK with me if that is what you want to do. I will keep traveling across the border and enjoying friends (and girlfriends) I would have never had, had it not been for this sport.
  4. Ace_of_Hearts

    Need cut down 73 stock

    Buy a replacement stock and cut it to the length desired. Save the piece so you can add back length as needed. All cuts and spacers can be hidden under a leather butt cover.
  5. Ace_of_Hearts

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Before you condemn the shoot to do a term in Yuma Prison, why don't you wait and hear the other side of the story?
  6. Ace_of_Hearts

    Georgia Arms...

    500 rounds is 4 days of shooting. You'll need more ammo!
  7. Ace_of_Hearts

    Yuma, Is It A Mudhole Or Not?

    Miss Glitter will not be happy!
  8. Ace_of_Hearts

    Attended Cowboy Action Shooting Overview - Looking for Starter advice

    Caliber selection - 32 - A lot more bullets for your dollar. You will find that they lack the weight to knock over some knock down targets. 38 - Good compromise on price and power. 100gr bullets for light loads and 158 for those knock downs. 44/45 - Great power. Less bullets for your money. Bottle neck case are more expensive but seal the chamber well. Great choice if shooting smoky stuff. Pistols - Try them all before you buy!!!!!!! The back strap design, the hammer, the size of the frame are all different and the feel will determine what you like as well as your shooting style. Don't pass up looking at the 3/4 size revolvers. 38s are heavier than 45s Rifle - There is a reason that most rifles are 66/73 and Marlins. Even among these you will find better fits with stock design and barrel length. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Shotgun - 87 - Great style but has a VERY long learning curve 97 - Light, and fast but can lead many to train wrecks. When they work well they are a very fast to operate. Double - There is NOT SO EXPENSIVE and then there is EXPENSIVE. The good ones are not cheap. Fit is everything. Wood stocks are prone to breakage on many models. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
  9. Ace_of_Hearts

    Yuma, Is It A Mudhole Or Not?

    I stay in a nice clean warm mud free MOTEL!
  10. Ace_of_Hearts

    Need buttstock and forend wood for a Spanish Double

    What I do is make a pattern stock from softer wood. (I just by whiteboard or pine and laminate several pieces together) Once you have a pattern stock fitted to the action, then you can have that duplicated by someone like myself. All that is left is the time involved in fitting and finishing.
  11. Ace_of_Hearts

    Ithaca/SKB models?

    I can make the wood any shape I desire. The SKB fore end cannot be made longer, but it can surely be made wider.
  12. Ace_of_Hearts

    Need buttstock and forend wood for a Spanish Double

    To make a new stock without a pattern is a labor intensive process. Unless the gun is of very high value or has some history, the expense would far exceed the value of the gun. http://www.egunner.com/loyola-shotgun-12-ga,name,11823292,auction_id,auction_details
  13. Ace_of_Hearts

    Ithaca/SKB models?

    I would still need the hardware and the old fore end to duplicate the in letting. From that point I could make the exterior to the customers specifications.
  14. Ace_of_Hearts

    Completed stocks

    Sorry I didn't see this post before..... In order to do that, I have to make a pattern stock from soft wood. Then cut an inch from the middle of the pattern and reshape the stock. Then I take the what I have and make a duplicate stock. You are looking at a lot of time.
  15. Ace_of_Hearts

    Completed stocks

    I am not much of a checkering guy. The stock itself takes about 2 months of my spare time.

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