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  1. RO Classes at Western Divisional

    Where, on the range, are you holding the class.
  2. steampunk b westetn

    i hope you got those gauges on the receiver approved........................
  3. Gun Cart Wheels

    I have used these on two gun carts. Cheap and hold up well. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Arnold-14-in-Wheel-for-Universal-Application/50063481
  4. Gun Cart Wheels

    https://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?AttribSel=Wheel+Type%3D'Flat+Free+Tires'&CatPath=All%2BProducts%2F%2F%2F%2FUserSearch%3Dwheel&RequestData=CA_AttributeSelected&dir=asc&order=EAScore%2Cf%2CEAFeatured+Weight%2Cf%2CSale+Rank%2Cf&q=wheel Here ya go. Lowes also carries a flat free 10" wheel.
  5. steampunk b westetn

    What you are reading is the results for B-Western/Silver Screen COSTUME contest results.
  6. Category Question

    Footwear is not required in most Categories.
  7. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    The stocks I sell are 90% inletted. You would have to fit it to your gun using simple hand tools and then finish it yourself.
  8. Let's talk SASS cartridge power factor

    Shooters Handbook page 12: The minimum standard for center-fire ammunition used in all smokeless categories in all SASS matches State, Regional, National, International, and World Championship Competitions is not less than a minimum power factor of 60 and no velocity may be less than 400 fps. Black Powder has no such minimum standard for POWER FACTOR.
  9. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    I make and repair stocks. Standard grade Carlo Walnut. Better than factory in most cases. 90% inletted. Buttstock $150.00 Forestock - $75.00
  10. Handling Malfunction Firearms

    Your RO-II Manual covers this question on page 1 to some extent "References in course material to ―Range Officer‖ are generally meant to refer to those persons in official match positions with official duties (Posse Marshals/Leaders, Stage/Berm Marshals)." A Match official will include Match Director, Range Master, Berm Marshal, Expediter, Posse Leader, Timing Operator, Loading Table officer, Unloading Table officer, and Score Keeper. Handing a malfunctioning gun off to someone else on the firing line is never the best option. Better to table or ground (yes.... lay it on the ground pointed in a safe direction). While on the firing line you are under the direction of the Chief Range Officer (Timing Operator). He/She is the one you should look to for direction on how to handle Your malfunctioning firearm. When you are done with the stage, you still have two uncleared pistols and a shotgun in your hand. It is better for a malfunctioning firearm to be handled with TWO hands rather than the one you have left free. If you don't want anyone to touch it then you will have to return for it after you deposit your firearms on the unloading table. This will hold up target reset, brass picking in and around the malfunctioning firearm. A person with two hands safely carrying your firearm (AS DIRECTED BY THE CRO) to the unloading table where it should remain untouched until you arrive is a better choice. The subject of Match Officials and their duties is covered EXTENSIVELY in the RO-I course.
  11. Posse me with...

    It might help if on the application...... A MUST posse me with list for non-negotiable requests. There was a line(s) specifically for : Spouse/Significant other Children/Relative Friend Additional lines could be provided for..... IF POSSIBLE posse me with list These requests could be filled as the Match Director sees fit. Finally is line or two for ..... Don't posse me with..... Many applications are single shooter only so you need a way to link the spouse/significant other together. With Cowboy names and SASS #s there is no way to link Children/Relative together Good friends not being on the posse or people you are sharing equipment with need to be linked together With these non-negotiables you could have 5 or 6 people linked togetrher With an IF POSSIBLE list you now know you have some flexibility if you need these shooters somewhere else With the DON'T list you now won't put the "Exs" together or even people that just irritate the hell out you. With all this extra information I know that the application will grow from one to two pages but I think it will save the poor fool putting the posse list together a lot of heartache the first day of the match.
  12. 5 Shooter

    5 shooters are legal but the hammer must rest somewhere else besides on a live round. Shooters Handbook page 8 - Under Revolver cylinders. Centerfire and rimfire cylinders may have no less than five and no more than six chambers. Shooter handbook page 23 - Six-guns are always loaded with only five rounds and the hammer lowered, fully down, and left resting on the empty chamber. ―Five shooters‖ may load five rounds, but the hammer must rest on a dummy chamber, safety slot, or pin in the cylinder so the hammer does not rest on a live round/cap.
  13. Henry Big Boy- Your Input

  14. Henry Big Boy- Your Input

    The Henry Big Boy action is very similar to a Marlin Action in it's operation. The Henry uses the same main hammer spring and the same ejector as the Marlin. No other parts are interchangeable. Henry has added a transfer bar between the hammer and firing pin and its carrier operates in an entirely different manner. Like the Marlin timing of the action is critical and it is almost impossible to adjust. Cartridge length is extremely critical if operating fast and varies wildly from gun to gun. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands and can handle the frustration of time and error testing. You will find that 357 cases loaded at maximum length will give you the least trouble.
  15. B Western Boots?

    After you rake your spurs over them a few times they won't be as pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!