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  1. Bart Solo

    Lee vs Dillon

    This is an interesting topic. Yesterday i "won" a Dillion press at a reduced cost. I have never used Dillion reloading equipment. Instead I have always used Lee and most recently a Hornady Lock and Load. If I can figure out how to use it in an apartment, I actually have a need for a progressive. That way I can reduce my costs and my dependency on my Florida ammunition connection. Of course, I don't have any way to clean cases so I am not sure a press will do me any good. Question is it possible to set up a reloading stand in a small space, and is it possible to clean brass in an equally confined space? Has anybody done it? (I am pretty sure a lot of shooters who ride the annual and above circuit do it in RVs. ) How have you all saved space and dealt with the noise? How do you mount your press? Is it portable. and concealable when not in uses. Remember reloading is not something my wife has any interest in me doing in the living room or kitchen. As to the basic topic. If you are going to reload lots of ammunition you really can't go wrong with a Dillon, but Lee is a good alternative if you really just want a single stage or turret loader.
  2. Bart Solo

    Gun Chest or Trunk

    Lots of options, but one option I don't subscribe to is doing nothing. I have young grandchildren. Even a StackOn gun cabinet will stop the grandchildren, as long as you actually lock it.
  3. Bart Solo

    Prince of Pistoleers 2018

    I will let others report the winners (spoiler alert Doc Hurd won) but I want to talk about something personally more important. One thing I have learned about cowboy shooting is the people are all intensely interesting and fun to be around. For me the people of SASS are simply the best. I know that is cliche but it is the truth. More than one CAS participant has joined our little enterprise because there is something down right endearing about competitors who dress up in old west costumes, use aliases and play their game on theatrical stages. You encounter people you learn to love without ever really knowing their names. Last year I won my category. This year I came in 6th. It was my own damn fault. I shot poorly. Five misses will do that. But I think I might have liked this match best of all, because I had an opportunity to spend time with dear friends from my club and beyond. Sandy and I shared a table at tonight's banquet with Bulldog Brown and two of his running buddies and their wives. They live in North Central Kansas. Retired, they travel from match to match in their trusty RVs. Bulldog and I have been friendly "enemies" for years, but this was the first time we had a chance to have an extended conversation. I have been something of his nemesis. He has fallen just short of beating me on several occasions. He won this time, but I will get him the next time. The next time I hope to share more time with him and get to know him better. At bottom that is the reason I shoot Cowboy. I simply love the warm, generous people who play our game. I love their stories. I find common ground with each and every one. SASS is where I go to live in a world as it ought to be and not as it often is.
  4. Bart Solo

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    Both you and Warden are right. It really all depends on the reason the original poster wants to install a short stroke himself. Is he trying to save money, well, I think we can agree that is unlikely unless he is experienced. If he wants to install the kit because he wants to learn how they function, then I vote with Warden. He shouldn't hesitate. He just shouldn't expect to use the rifle with great effect in the next match. A lot of gear heads play cowboy. It is a big part of the fun. The great thing about working on cowboy guns is your livelihood isn't involved. Screw up and start over. Unless a person does something exceptionally stupid or dangerous it is a lot of fun working on guns. Go to any match and listen. You will discover all sorts of shooters have fun working on guns. Many times those guns don't hold up, but their owners learn from every malfunction. After a few years many of them will pretty darn good.
  5. Bart Solo

    Have You Ever

    Got up this morning, loaded the car with all of my SASS gear, turned the key and drove 70 miles to Fort Lauderdale. Got to the range. Rolled down my window to pay the $1.5 park entry fee and discovered I left my wallet on the dresser. So, I turned around and drove home. Never made it to the range. Have you ever done anything similar.
  6. Bart Solo

    Top Shooters ("Stars") in our Sport

    I have shot with a lot of top shooters over the years. While I am awestruck at just how fast they are, I am more impressed with them as people. For the most part they approachable and will share tips with slower shooters. I remember a few years ago shooting on a posse with Missouri Lefty and his dad Missouri Traveler at a match in Springfield Missouri. After one stage Lefty sidled up to me and quietly said "you can shoot that stage faster if you stand back from the window." He was absolutely right. I had allowed myself to get too close to a window and had to back up to move. There was no brag, no show off, just quiet advice from a nice young man. I think Lefty is typical of the really fast shooters I have shot with over the years.
  7. Bart Solo

    Scully "quality"

    Instead of bad mouthing Scully on the wire, call them personally and complain. I have had really great encounters with SASS vendors over the years. Most of them are anxious to make things right. What you might not understand is most of these companies are small operations. There just isn't a giant market for old west style clothes. A personal call will do more good than this post.
  8. Bart Solo

    .45 Cowboy Special. Load Data

    I would just go to the Hodgdon site and look at the starting load for 160 grain 45 ACP bullets using HP-38 or Win 231. Now if you want to go lower than the recommended starting load you are on your own but I have never had a problem using the bottom end of 45 ACP data with Cowboy Special ammunition at least as a start. I agree that Trailboss is a much better choice for this purpose.
  9. Bart Solo

    My Compliments to Mr. Jimmy Spurs

    I have two of his Rugers. It is really cool owning a gun you know you can't out run no matter how hard you try. Jimmy is the best.
  10. Bart Solo

    Angles and Belly Buttons...

    Fascinating thread. Thanks to the OP for starting it.
  11. Bart Solo

    What exactly is a gamer?

    At the end of one intense practice my mentor Rowdy Buckshot took the hat off my head and affixed a permanent sticker to the front of the hat that read "Gamer in Training." That is one of my proudest possessions. It is on permanent display in my Missouri home office. To me a gamer is a shooter who thinks about how to move with greater efficiency and genuinely tries to shoot each stage faster than the last.
  12. Bart Solo

    Special brass/reloading for big shoots?

    New brass is a little harder through the sizing die, but with 38 not enough to complain about. Once fired brass is slightly easier to load. Since I wash my brass, it is hard to tell the difference between new and once fired.
  13. Bart Solo

    Winchester 73 carbine

    You say it is a carbine. Does it hold 10 rounds? I am not familiar with the new Winchesters but didn't Uberti make one that only held 9?
  14. Bart Solo

    Special brass/reloading for big shoots?

    I don't do anything differently except I use new or once fired brass when I am loading for a big match.
  15. Bart Solo

    If you were writing a stage how would you describe this sweep.

    But the discussion had moved on. The OP's sweep is also subject to being broken down into easily pieces 3321 5 43321. Just remember that you double tap the middle target. And you move right to left except for the last shot of the first pistol. Actually it is a pretty easy sweep. If the targets were in the form of a circle it would be very easy. Planning to attack the stage really requires knowing where you go and what you do after the 2nd pistol. That will dictate which pistol you shoot first.

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