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  1. High primer rounds in my rifle

    Make sure the bullet is pointed away from you. I am kind of fuzzy on the details but I remember a guy who shot himself in the leg trying to fix high primers that way. Of course like most on the board I would be a liar if I didn't admit to using a Lee hand primer that way. I am not that smart. I recommend getting rid of them using the rifle singleshot.
  2. So, who builds the best....

    That is the biggest part of it, but you also need to clean the carrier and bolt and that means you have to remove the lever and a few more parts. Just don't lose any and they go back together pretty easily.
  3. Shooting the Double Barrel

    The heck if I know. I have been trying to figure out how to shoot a double barrel for 10 years and still find ways to miss. I think it is just practice and knowing your gun.
  4. Good Mail-Order Ammo Seller?

    Georgia Arms cowboy loads are a good choice if you don't reload. I have used them without complaint.
  5. So, who builds the best....

    For the longest time I thought it was going to be hard to clean the action completely, but there are a couple of really good videos on the internet that explain the disassembly process very well. Just watch them a few times and you should be fine.
  6. In honer of the great people participating in SASS

    Does this post mean you are getting out of the game?
  7. So, who builds the best....

    I have a Cody and a couple of 73s from Cowboys and Indian. I would recommend either. There are others who do great work as well. If I was starting out and didn't know what to buy or who to buy it from I would probably buy the Taylor's Comanchero. It is a little on the high end but Taylor's has really good service. The first thing you should do after buying a 73 is learn how to disassemble and clean it. Most of my problems with the 73 have been caused by not properly cleaning it on a periodic basis. Oh, all 73s will need work eventually. It is just the nature of our game.
  8. Today Did My Heart Good

    We in SASS, and especially on the Wire, tend to focus on the fastest shooters and the biggest matches. We sing the praises of the 18 second shooters who fly through a big match with ease. They are champions and deserve our adulation, but today I want to talk about some of the biggest winners in SASS--the shooters who show up to shoot regardless of the pain they might be enduring. I also want to talk about the shooters who hang in there when their equipment is balking stage after stage. To me they are real winners deserving all our praise and encouragement. Today I shot on a posse with several such shooters. One gunfighter had shoulder problems and couldn't lift both pistols so he had to change his style. Another had issues with his back and had to move very gingerly from gun to gun. He was slow but nearly clean. A couple had knee problems (amazing how your knees are the first things to go as you age.) Another had rifle that seemed to balk on every stage. It seemed like half the posse had a physical or mechanical problem, but there they were doing their dead level best. They hooted and hollered and handled their posse chores without complaint. They made sure we all had a great time. To me those guys and gals are the true winners of every SASS event. Their commitment to the sport, their clubs and their fellow shooters makes SASS the game I want to play. They are real winners deserving of all our praise. Shooting on my posse at the Gold Coast Gunslingers monthly today did my heart good. Thanks guys and gals.
  9. On another thread I pointed out that among other outlawed items the Shooters Handbook lists "all types of athletic shoes or combat boots, no matter the material from which they are constructed." Mustang Gregg asked the obvious question, what about a boot turns it into a "combat boot?" Without jumping the other thread would somebody care to explain what the rule makers had in mind?
  10. Broke newbie cowboy

    I thought the same when I started CAS and saved to buy boots with leather soles. One day I saw somebody with lug boots and asked if he was legal and was politely told yes he was legal. Lugs are outlawed in two classes. Suddenly the boot world opened to me. Sometimes the handbook can be little challenging. When in doubt ask. In any event you don't need to worry about your costume all that much until you have decided on your category. Just wear long sleeves and jeans. Suspenders are a nice touch as is a cowboy hat, but there really isn't any requirement you wear a cowboy hat. I think you are more likely to garner some funny looks if you wear one of the prohibited items. Here is the prohibited items list. You can't wear athletic shoes or combat boots. Your work boots don't look like either. If you want to start a fight say some woman's tank top is a tank top or her feathered hat is a Shady Brady or some one's fancy blue jeans are "designer" jeans.
  11. Race ready guns - Is caliber that important?

    I have shot with a lot of fast shooters, most of them haven't seemed that fast until the TO calls the time. Transitions, positions and lack of fear make great times.
  12. Coated Bullets?

    You are a many times champion who has developed his processes carefully over years. I agree the improvements aren't worth changing your current practices, but if you had to start over would you start with lubed bullets or coated?
  13. Coated Bullets?

    Coated bullets are much cleaner to use than lubed bullets when reloading. They also reduce lead fowling in barrels. I don't think I am ever going back.
  14. What bullet do you reload

    Coated is very different from jacketed. Coated is legal and I prefer them. Jacketed bullets are covered (jacketed) in some "hard" metal like copper or some alloy. They damage and worse, bounce off steel targets. They are rightly outlawed in SASS. Coated bullets have a thin "paint" like material on the outside. It's not really paint, but that is how it appears. They behave exactly like regular lead bullets when hitting steel. They splatter quite nicely. They have several minor but important advantages over plain lead, mostly in ease of loading, bullet lubercation, and providing a measure of safety for people concerned about lead poisoning. They reduce lead fowling in barrels. I think they look nice.
  15. Starting Over In Cowboy Shooting

    If you could start over in CAS what would you do differently? In my case I would have: 1. started 10 years earlier; 2.shot 38 from the beginning, 3.not worried about why I was losing, 4.treated every monthly as an opportunity to practice, 5.shot frontier cartridge dualist, and 6.smiled a lot more, this is a game after all.