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    Off the trail, still west of the river from old Delano. Sometimes in the middle of a cloud of gunsmoke.
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    Colorado, camping, Jeeps, the Old West, ghost towns, US History, the US Constitution, big band music of the '40s, red meat, whiskey, coffee and flapjacks.

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  1. Dantankerous

    shoulda been packn .41s

    This info got me to reading up on the 41 mag. Pretty new to me although I've known about its existence for decades. Now I might hafta git one. Thanks for the primer, Noz.
  2. Dantankerous

    shoulda been packn .41s

    His stuff is top notch and very period authentic. Maybe not what most fellers want for CAS but very comfortable to wear ( I LOVE the money belt) and perfect for re-enacting or just a great leather companion for your SAA.
  3. Dantankerous

    The things you see in books

    Actually, now that you mention that I think I remember that. I have only read his westerns so I cannot comment on his other books.
  4. Dantankerous

    The things you see in books

    When I read Ludlum's the The Bourne Identity I was surprised to see in the middle of such a well written story there were the standard glaring errors made about firearms. Happily, authors like Lee Child and Robert B Parker and especially Stephen Hunter get that stuff right damn near 100% of the time. Details DO make a difference. Of course, about half of Louis L'Amour's characters carried the S&W 44 Russian it seemed. When reading this as a kid I could never figger that on out. I still can't.
  5. Dantankerous

    OT Memorial Day

    The remembrance is indeed solemn and revered and should be respected by all. The sacrifices gave are what allow us to continue to celebrate what we enjoy in this country. People who say Happy Memorial Day either do not understand or do not know what Memorial Day is about, and it ain't about spending the 3 day weekend partying. And that is sad.
  6. Dantankerous

    Be thinking of me.......

    Best wishes, Sir. Whip this thing. We are all with you.
  7. Dantankerous

    Appaloosa Guns

    Find a coat or have a tailor make you tailor make you a coat. You will of course need the leather shotgun pad on the right shoulder much like Hitch has on his coat. And I believe you can find those online through some of the great leatherworkers we have available to us. Try Appaloosa stuff Scroll down a ways...
  8. Dantankerous


    MSNBC fail? Whaaaaaaat? I don't believe that fer a durn second.
  9. Dantankerous

    shoulda been packn .41s

    I had two like that, once upon a time but foolishly sold each one of them. One in 44 magnum one in 45 Colt. A very nice handgun.
  10. Dantankerous

    The NFL caved....

    I ain't never seen a cowboy take a knee when the National Anthem is played/performed before a rodeo. Hmmmmm...
  11. Dantankerous


    Typical. Libs need to use "incidenary" language to generate hyper foolish support for their agenda. The truth must really hurt some folks.
  12. Dantankerous

    Democrat Eric Swalwell Wants to "Buy Back" (aka Take) Your Guns

    Because a well armed populous cannot easily be taken over by their ideas and goals of removing our freedom for their socialism.
  13. I might reference my comment or anyone else's comment to a recent threat about the f word.
  14. Dantankerous

    Tired of Your Lies

    If somebody gets their brains bashed in with a framing hammer I might argue that the framing hammer used had become an assault weapon. And I believe I would be correct. Would not a weapon used in an assault also be defined as an assault weapon regardless of its mechanical complexity or original design intent or even material of construction? Now, if somebody gets their brains bashed in buy a cattle salt block, would that be considered an asalt weapon? Grooooooooan.
  15. Dantankerous

    Democrat Eric Swalwell Wants to "Buy Back" (aka Take) Your Guns

    I might have an AR-15 that I would let them buy back for about $15,000.

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