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  1. Dantankerous

    Prayer posse for Stirrup Trouble he's in the hospital

    Stay strong, amigo! Prayers for ya!
  2. Dantankerous

    Vaquero help

    Welcome to cowboy action shooting and SASS The mostest funnest game going! Are your revolvers new? You could just shoot them a whole bunch and then shoot them a whole bunch more and the springs will lighten up with use just a little bit as the gun wears in. That's what I did with my first pair of Vaqueros. Shot them for 3 years before I felt I ever needed to do anything to them. There is also what is called the poor man's spring job. I'm sure someone will mention that later in this thread. It's easily doable by removing your grip and then doing something else super easy but I don't remember exactly what at the moment. What you can eventually do with spring kits will depend on the primers you're using as sometimes the hammer spring won't give you enough uumph to detonate some primers. Federal primers seem to work with any spring weight for what it's worth. Long Hunters sells spring kits. Wolf Springs or I believe what most guys use. Slix Springs I believe is another choice. More educated opinions to follow mine I am sure. Enjoy!
  3. Dantankerous

    Assault Revolver???

    New York or New York City has a magazine limit capacity of 7? Is that correct? If I carried a Smith & Wesson 8 shot 357 Magnum Revolver would I be in violation of that or not because it is a non-removable magazine? But wait, purely hypothetical moot point since I will never be in New York City nor will I ever be allowed to concealed carry anything in NYC anyway... An 8 shot 357 Magnum Revolver sure does scream cool factor though...
  4. Dantankerous

    When and where does beer taste the best?

    My answer is Always.
  5. Dantankerous


    Works for me on my laptop and my phone although I have no idea what software I'm using cuz I'm pretty much a computer anti-nerd. Although I've been told my browser is Firefox my phone is an Android something or other.
  6. Wow! But what exactly are they replacing this with?
  7. Dantankerous

    FS-Cimarron 72' Open Tops 44's

    These are a HOOT to shoot! I love mine. Good price on this pair. Great to pair with a Henry too.
  8. Dantankerous

    Pair of 1860 Armies, Pietta SOLD

    PM recieved, Silver Creek.
  9. Dantankerous

    New Member, Selling old guns to buy SASS Guns

    Welcome, Fat Tuesday! Great alias! Enjoy!
  10. Howdy D ! I have a nice Colt Gold Cup ( 1911 style) .22 caliber pistol and holster, Has been shot and holster has been worn by me, that I would trade you for those 1860's if your interested. Shoot's really good no jams! let me know if your interested and I will be in Wichita tomorrow- SCJ

    1. Dantankerous


      Thanks for the offer but right now I'm just sellin' for cash.


      Hope you are well!


      Put the Chapman shoot next May on your list. Itsa gud 'un!



    2. Silver Creek Jack

      Silver Creek Jack

      You bet, hope you get what your askin! Yup well as can be here, I have shot Chapman before and had a blast, don't they have a shoot this fall? Was thinkin so...

  11. Dantankerous

    advantages in the pistols 32-20, Colt 38 short or long and C45S?

    Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from managing recoil safely from 45 Colt loads why bother shooting 45 Colt if you're just going to load it down to something akin to a 22 short? The 45 Colt was originally designed with a 250 or 255 grain bullet. I use 200 grain bullets as well as 250 grain lead and either smokeless or a full case of black powder. Why? Because it just seems right. And it's fun. And you never have to worry about knockdowns not going down. And I like being able to tell my handgun went off and that large chunk of lead smacked the target with authority. Shoot it like it's meant to be shot and walk away smiling.
  12. Dantankerous

    Pair of 1860 Armies, Pietta SOLD

    PM recieved. Still for sale.
  13. Dantankerous

    Would this be racist?

    I think we need more context. Who is Leibowitz? Maybe he's a character in the book to whom Perry was referring and commenting on his ways of doing something. Could be as simple as that.
  14. Dantankerous

    Favorite holster set up

    When I started I shot in Wrangler category and used a cross-draw. I was certainly okay with it. When I went to classic cowboy I got a double strong-side rig and absolutely love it. Had to train my non-dominant hand to work properly and now I shoot double duelist. Either one is just fine, just practice with it. If you have any ability with your non-dominant hand you might want to work on shooting with either hand. It's just plain fun. And if you were going to shoot duelist, double duelist can be worked up quite a bit faster than just duelist and you avoid handing a loaded gun back and forth.
  15. Dantankerous

    .357 or .45LC

    45 Colt.

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