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  1. Dantankerous

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (spoiler alert!)

    I agree that the wagon train and the prospector are by far the best in terms of bleakness and potential realism. Not as bleak as Tommy Lee Jones's movie The Homesman, but certainly gave an interesting perspective for those two points of view. The first vignette gets funnier every time you watch it as long as you enjoy the main character and understand that he is almost reprising the same character's personality as the actor had in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. That said, your mileage might vary. Overall, I thought it was well done and much better then some of the previous movies passed as westerns lately.
  2. Dantankerous

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (spoiler alert!)

    It's kind of a Western Twilight Zone. I'm diggin'it.
  3. Dantankerous

    Got my Colt Lightning revolver!!!

    Nice score! Congrats!
  4. Problem is, this enemy does not see itself as the enemy. Libs are like a cat. Always ready to pounce but never have a second step to their thought process about what might happen next. Real consequences to their emotional reactions be damned. The ends justifies the mean in getting to their imaginary socialist utopia. Plenty of examples to illustrate this.
  5. Dantankerous

    FOX news: did you see this story?

    About 10 years ago while going through a divorce part of the agreement was of course me giving her money. She was going to use some of this money to buy a house. While sitting in the loan officer's office explaining that the down payment would come from me for her house he needed to know where the money was coming from. I said my checking account. He asked me where the money came from. I said my checking account. He asked how the money got there. I said I've been working longer than you've been alive, what part of this don't you understand? I got a blank stare. When we came back to close on her house loan I had deposited the money into her account via a check I wrote. It was not a huge amount of money but certainly more than the 10K limit. The loan officer went into a panic because he did not have a paper trail for where this money came from. I just laughed. There was nothing he could do. I'm sure I'm on some government watch list because of this. And all I'm guilty of is having been employed since I was 15 years old. For something more fun, go to the store and pay for something with gold Sacagawea or Presidential dollars. Try using two dollar bills on anyone under 30 years old. It's always worth a laugh.
  6. Dantankerous

    LEO question: WHY?

    UB, Do any of those apply when dealing with an Antifa mob?
  7. Dantankerous

    Jack Reacher...

    Not many actors in Hollywood are Jack Reacher size. This guy gets close. And most importantly he is not Tom Cruise. I suppose once upon a time a young George Kennedy could have pulled it off. Matt Dillon (James Arness) was probably actually too big.
  8. Dantankerous

    Jack Reacher...

    John Cena gets my vote. 6'1, 250 lbs. Sooooo more Jack Reacher than TC.
  9. Dantankerous

    California gun law question

    Except in several European countries you can have supressors without all the NFA style hassle. Hmmm.
  10. Dantankerous

    California gun law question

    No such thing as a high capacity magazine.
  11. Dantankerous

    Cyrillic Cursive

    Looks like about any doctor's signature...
  12. Dantankerous

    Ban Guns and Violence Will Stop......Right??

    One school of thought in this country would be that anyone who has that particular ability (to do what you are talking about) holds that they are probably going to be guilty of that based on simple "possession" or ability. I'm trying to find the right words here. But you get the idear. People who own guns are probably going to commit crimes with those guns. People who have... Thar just ain't no logic behind how far some anti-gun fervor and ideology goes.
  13. Dantankerous

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    I was hoping this was going to be about rank points versus total time scoring. I am so disappointed.
  14. Dantankerous


    This will fail to be reported on after a couple of days by the leftist media because there was no AR-15 involved.

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