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  1. amount of money charged on credit cards

    Sound and practical advice.
  2. amount of money charged on credit cards

    I think you are confusing the bump fire stock with something completely different. The Sig arm brace was originally developed and patented and approved by the batf as an aid to help disabled or handicapped shooters more efficiently and safely handle an AR-15 type pistol. The Sig Sauer arm brace has nothing to do with increasing the rate of fire of a weapon.
  3. Hostiles

    Finally saw this movie yesterday. Fortunately I did not have any problems with volume even though I do have some hearing loss. I thought the movie was very well done, very well-acted and very believable but very depressing. The Exorcist was a happier movie. The scenery, the props, firearms, clothing and horse gear were all fantastic. A very enjoyable movie for what it was but I did not leave the movie theater beaming rays of sunshine. I will see it again and enjoy it again but it may take awhile to get there. Probably even own a DVD of this. Christian Bale does a great job in a western. I think he was channeling John Wick just a little bit in this one too.
  4. Shiny!

    I managed to scavenge a 50-cent piece out of a bank teller the other day because I'm always looking for pre 1964 half dollars. Those are very hard to come by anymore. Alas, this one was dated 1973 and had no silver value so I used it as part of a transaction later in the afternoon. I gave it to the cashier as part of the change I owed him from buying glorious red meat and he stopped momentarily and looked at it and casually said, "Wow. I have not seen one of these in a long time." He was in his forties and knew what it was and I could swear the first thing he did was look at the date on the coin to see if it was worth more than $0.50. I have a bag full of those Sacagawea gold dollars with a few presidential dollars thrown in. I usually use them to pay for my match fees at monthlies. I've had several people ask me how come my alias is not Gold Dollar Dan.
  5. 17 dead in another school shooting

    As we will look forward to your report. Monday night almost the same type of conversation began with the guy sitting next to me. I walked into the room a little late and there was a conversation going on about the legitimacy of certain firearms in society in reference to the Florida school shooting. I was busy with some of my equipment and I personally stayed out of the conversation because I could already feel my blood pressure rising and that's not why I was at this particular social function. The guy next to me, a computer professor at a local University (guess the nature of his political structure) randomly and excitedly started to fill me in on the importance of banning all the automatic weapons people have. I asked him why he would want to ban military weapons from the military? He looked confused. He said, "You know people should not have automatic weapons." To which I countered, "people do not have automatic weapons. Only the military does." He looked confused. He then said, "Well you know, semi-automatic weapons." I told him "Those are not even close to being the same thing and I have no problem with semi-automatic weapons." He looked disenfranchised that I was not going to agree with him. I purposely did not offer details or continue the conversation as again, that's not why I was at this particular social function. He stopped, I let him stop and the evening continued without a hitch. As a personal note, he has no idea about my political belief system especially concerning the Second Amendment as I generally don't wear that openly on my sleeve. I'm happy to engage in a debate in the proper setting and this was not the proper setting. As far as he knows the guy next to him does not have a problem with semi-automatic weapons. If he wants to continue that dialogue at some point in the future I'll be happy to further elucidate him gently on why he's wrong. I don't want to hurt his feelings, you know? That particular building where he and I would encounter each other does not offer safe spaces.
  6. potential response from school staff

    I read the book as soon as it came out. As somebody who has been there and done that as a student I wanted to see where this could lead. And although some could argue this book serves as a blueprint it should serve as a wake-up call to the entire country. This threat is real and it's multifaceted when combined with other threats today. Another interesting read from the same author is called One Second After. It is also a fiction but it addresses potential real life issues and threats.
  7. Best Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

    J Bar, my sympathies. Damn. Very sorry for your loss.
  8. 17 dead in another school shooting

    Hence the difference between inalienable and unalienable truths. Words mean things.
  9. 17 dead in another school shooting

    Perhaps she'd feel safer if her armed security detail was limited to three rounds?
  10. amount of money charged on credit cards

    I think the bumpfire stock review for ban is a sacrifice to alleviate some pressure off the NRA and the president. After all, it WAS the NRA who suggested it in the first place. If the left gets their ban on this gadget (I know, I know...) rather than a firearm, I am hoping they will swallow that as a victory and pat themselves on the back and settle down. The problem is if the left becomes infatuated with their success that they try and railroad more bans. IF this is the tactic, it could backfire. It all has to get past the House and Senate first. We'll see. In the meanwhile...stock up on everything else.
  11. 17 dead in another school shooting

    Tucker IS a hoot to watch though. He eviscerates people with a smile.
  12. 17 dead in another school shooting

    And maybe a new bazooka.
  13. 17 dead in another school shooting

    I watched all of 40 seconds of that before I had to get a stiff drink of a distilled Kentucky libation. Anti-second Amendment stupid people make my head hurt. I'm going AR-15 shopping tomorrow. Might even buy a few oh my God high-capacity oh my God magazines. And a new Glock. It will be cathartic.
  14. Dual Sport/Adventure Riders?

    Several years ago on an ATV trip a buddy and I just about bought brand-new KTM s at a Polaris dealership in West Pueblo, Colorado. We barely made it out of there without spending 13 Grand a piece but those big KTM 950s sure would have been one hell of a bike. In fact, a 100 horsepower dirt bike would have probably left me dead somewhere up in the Rockies. But at least I would have died in the Rocky Mountains. Last fall while leaving Crested Butte, Colorado scores of KTM Motorcycles were headed in to Crested Butte for some big KTM Motorcycle Company Festival. Looked like those chaps wete about to have a grand weekend. I really really wanted to be one of them...
  15. potential response from school staff

    And yet the armed teacher will be vilified and persecuted as the criminal...