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  1. Dantankerous

    california gun law question

    As an out of stater I'd have it unloaded and locked in the trunk in a locked CA approved gun safe. And leave the keys to said gun safe at home. Why take the chance?
  2. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/a-letter-to-the-woman-who-called-a-cop-a-monster-for-his-tattoos-after-he-saved-her-life/ Wow.
  3. Dantankerous

    I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer than...

    No kidding. My sentiments exactly. I'll chase problems with a used vehicle any day over paying new car prices. As a Jeep owner this is what I'm used to doing anyway.
  4. Dantankerous

    I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer than...

    Does not bode well. Have you gotten on a Chevy truck website/message board and posted your truck's symptoms? Those guys might have some good suggestions.
  5. Dantankerous

    I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer than...

    Maybe mechanic shop first?
  6. Dantankerous

    New California ammunition laws

    Because REAL criminals don't matter...
  7. Dantankerous

    New California ammunition laws

    What happens if somebody actually moves TO California from out of state and brings with them a lot of ammunition? Their intention is to become a resident of California. How would this be handled if discovered?
  8. Dantankerous

    Gun cart holsters

    3 pair of new holsters for your gun cart. Pictured with 5.5" Original Vaqueros and 4 5/8" New model Vaqueros. Open toe design. Unlined. $65.00 each pair shipped. I'll combine shipping if you want more than 1 pair.
  9. Dantankerous

    North Jersey auction to include rare Civil War Gatling gun

    Texas. Gotta love Texas. Just because Texas. And I live in a very gun friendly state.
  10. Dantankerous

    Coffee cup shape?

  11. Dantankerous

    Good For Her!

    I like her.
  12. Dantankerous

    North Dakota lawmakers to consider new round of gun bills

    I meant to say pro FREEDOM legislation.
  13. Dantankerous

    North Dakota lawmakers to consider new round of gun bills

    Nice to see PRO gun legislation being introduced somewhere.
  14. Dantankerous

    Do you have a floppy one?

    Not what I thought this would be about and I'm glad it's not what I thought it would be about. I think I will shut up now… As a slightly intelligent human with a computer past I can attest that 5" floppy disks were terrible. But then again, everything experiences evolution. I can only imagine that a floppy sloppy gun cart can't hold its weight in gold against good old fashioned God-made wood.

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