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  1. 1931 Model 12 Winchester 12 gauge

    What Hardpan said. I bought two of these last year. If I had not done that I would be all over this one. You're buying a piece of history as well as a fine shotgun.
  2. FS: Taurus 44 Special Revolver

    Doggone that was fast. That should make somebody a darn fine heater.
  3. Did kids have these then?

    I always thought it was the stupidest damn thing for any kid to have to have a cell phone let alone smartphone. Sure, I understand the argument of convenience but... Cell phone carriers have been absolute Geniuses of marketing in the last 20 years. Where I live I think most kids have a cell phone by age 13. Times are changing much faster than I am.
  4. What If it happened?

    Watching an incoming comet or meteor would still not be as depressing as watching MSNBC or CNN.
  5. What If it happened?

    Been downhill every since Elway retired...
  6. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    Seems like a logical win-win relationship.
  7. Gun belt recommendations

    From my experience... JM Leather Rudy Lozano at Black Hills Leather Kirkpatrick Red Dog Leather on Ebay Mernickel leather For authentic Old West: David Carrico out of Kansas Old West Reproductions, Montana
  8. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    if it cost $10 or $12 or $15 to shoot a monthly at any given club why would anyone have a problem with somebody shooting twice in two separate categories ( other than by nature some people just have to complain about any damn thing) if they just paid twice the entry fee? Anyone could do it. Keeps everything simple and fair. You might even be able to quantify that as twice the fun for twice the price.
  9. What DID Happen to the WIRE resulting in a Mass Exodus

    I'm just here to play cowboy and have fun. How hard can that be? Why make things more complicated than they are?
  10. German chocolate cake Brownies......

    Um, I think this picture constitutes food porn and should be banned.
  11. New California Ammo Regs Already Giving Vendors Trouble

    But as it is necessary, make it fun.
  12. New feller from Alabama

    Welcome to the fun! Yer gonna find yoreself addicted to this business.
  13. Looking for a "long range" rifle.. Suggestions?

    Hopefully Major Art Tillery chimes in soon. He shoots a Shilo Sharp's Quigley (I am pretty sure) with either 45-110 or 45-120 ( I cannot remember but the cartridges look like they belong in a submarine torpedo tube). He reloads and uses real BP too.
  14. Christmas Gifts

    Yeah, but look at the expression of excitement and sheer suprised joy on the man's face! He even has the happy-clappy going on.
  15. Christmas Gifts