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  1. Study Finds Background-Check Laws in Wa. and Colo. Did Nothing

    Charlie, You're correct on you're next four assertions. None of them will keep tragedies from happening. Even if enacted they still would not make the anti-gunners happy because expanded background checks are really just more of the same. Anti-gunners do not want more of the same they want more of what they want but don't yet have which is a drive to total registration and confiscation. The logistics behind expanded background checks would be very difficult, very costly, extremely legally contentious pertaining to what that expansion would involve leading to years worth of litigation, and very prone to mishandling and mistakes. And I'd argue expanded background checks would have no greater effect than what we currently now have.
  2. 2017 Iron Hero Match - Grand Island, Nebraska

    Gonna be a hoot! Major and I are really pretty much in the same boat. We are gunfighter incompetent. Fortunately all the BP smoke will obscure (HOPEFULLY) the total circus of my ineffectual gunfighter ability. I'll be shooting Gunflounderer class.
  3. Not the time to politicize gun deaths!

    Hillary thought it was the PERFECT time to politicize gun deaths. But what a shocker... Good article.
  4. Gun rights, How the states rank

  5. Study Finds Background-Check Laws in Wa. and Colo. Did Nothing

    Charlie, your number three is an interesting point in that the only way to control for this is George Orwell's thought police. But I submit that there are people in government who would be happy to place US on another red flag list solely for being an NRA member, on this board, or maybe even simply driving pickup truck with a republican candidate name on a bumper sticker. We are all evil, you know and must be dealt with accordingly. They know better than we and are only acting to protect us from ourselves. Apparently laws against murder don't work either. Just what is this new phenomenon? People killing other people? Did it never ever happen before the invention of the firearm? I might argue and have argued that background checks presuppose the notion that we are all guilty until proven innocent, or criminal until proven not criminal. In order to legally purchase a firearm we have to show that we aren't who they think we are. What happened to due process? Isn't that the Crux of the anti-gunner's argument? Anti-gun folk generally presume the worst in people apparently. Therefore no one can be trusted as they think they know what's in our hearts and souls. Again, we are all guilty until we show ourselves through some type of legislative bureaucratical red tape to be legal, moral, and decent folk.
  6. 2017 Iron Hero Match - Grand Island, Nebraska

    Are you guys doing any kind of a cowboy swap table?
  7. Life Membership Upgrade Quarterly Payment Plan - Promotion

    Awesome x 100! Thank you. I'm on it!!!!!!!
  8. Study Finds Background-Check Laws in Wa. and Colo. Did Nothing

    Colorado... Tighten up the gun laws but let's make marijuana legal for everybody. That can only mean one thing. The legislature there is all smoking marijuana and turned into a bunch of goofy b**tards. Criminals don't use background checks. And background checks will never reveal the intent a firearms purchaser might have.
  9. Favorite Primers?

    Federal 150s, Large Pistol Primers. Started with 'em, they work perfectly and never saw the need to change.
  10. The way things used to be

    And yet, totally effective in preventing recidivism.
  11. 2017 Iron Hero Match - Grand Island, Nebraska

    Otto Shootem and I are a maybe for dinner. All depends on when we get to town.
  12. Correct Text of Second Amendment

    Maybe the text of the Second Amendment at the top of the Team SASS page should be changed to reflect what is actually written in the Constitution?
  13. Just how many books a year do you read?
  14. Standing

    Stolen valor. Plenty of videos on YouTube where people catch and confront on video people who have done just that.