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    Colorado, camping, Jeeps, the Old West, ghost towns, US History, the US Constitution, big band music of the '40s, red meat, whiskey, coffee and flapjacks.

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  1. Commingatcha

    Is the Stoeger nickel or stainless by any chance?

  2. Dantankerous

    Anything to sell at Cimon'at Cha

    I will be bringing a blued 12 gauge SxS Stoeger Coach gun to sell. I'm also bringing that pair of saddlebags I've had on the classified section for a while, just so any intrested party can get a look at them in person. Odds and ends of other stuff as well including 45 caliber loading strips, some Pyrodex pellets, and some 58 caliber stuff.
  3. Dantankerous

    high school time frame juvenile record

    The difference today is, kids are entitled to act how they want without consequence. I could go on but then the topic would become political.
  4. Dantankerous

    Ruger GP100 10mm

    The 10 millimeter to me makes perfect sense in the large frame Glock model 20. Excellent magazine capacity and very respectable muzzle energy especially from some of the aftermarket loads. Makes a very nice backpacking or camping or fly fishing companion while in large Bear Country. In a revolver why not just stick with either 41 magnum, 44 Magnum, or 45 Colt. Those loads have been around for long enough to have tweaked them every which way possible and there sure ain't nothing wrong with any of them. The 10 millimeter while a nice concept idea in a revolver might just be overshadowed by those other three calibers.
  5. Dantankerous

    Dueling Marlins at Gunsmoke 2018.

    Where can I get a semi automatic lever action rifle? Nice shootin', ya'll!
  6. Exactly, but then they could not be the hypocrite they so strive to be! But wait, gun control is about power grabbing, not anything else. Want to know who the true socialists are? It ain't hard to ID them. They're anti 2A all the way.
  7. Dantankerous

    Classic Cowboy Gunfighter? Anyone?

    I figger that D or DD works jess fine for CC. After all, cowboys weren't not exactly gunfighters finely schooled in the fundamentals of ambidextrous hand-gunning. And only a handful of fancy rodeo types can actually spin two lariats at the same time although no one in their right mind would ever rope two steers at the same time. But whatever, this is a fantasy game (emphasis on both words) so anyone can be whatever they want to be. Lots of us dressed CC while shooting in an age based category once upon a time. No reason a shooter can't dress CC while shooting GF or FCGF. IMO the dress is 1/2 the fun anyway.
  8. Dantankerous

    Greetings from Cutting Edge Ammo!

    Welcome! Ya'll gonna be offering larger CAS calibers anytime soon? Thanks.
  9. Dantankerous

    Gunsmoke rookies

    I can personally attest to Briscoe, Work-N-Ranch, and Lassiter. All great folks! The remainder I hope to discover myself at Gunsmoke next year. I fondly remember the PoA spoken every day in school when growing up. I love that SASS events have this everywhere. It sure ain't all that hard to love this country.
  10. Gee, of them two ignoramuses, which one is more anti-gun? Um, I mean anti-freedom?
  11. Dantankerous

    Not Firearms, But Still 2nd Amendment

    My mind began to wander when you mentioned a 20 ounce rib-eye...
  12. Dantankerous

    making Henry Big Boy SASS ready???

    Yup, trade it for a Henry, '66, '73, Marlin or anything else. But maybe not a new Remlin-Marlin. That might be worse.
  13. Dantankerous

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    Anymore I am of the opinion that not giving a rats arse make one fashionable. I'll look how I want to and sport it with confidence. But a man bun just won't be a part of that equation for about a zillion trillion years. My two tone wing tips combined a psuedo-Hawaiian-Dia de los Muertes Magnum PI shirt totally rock style points these days. Don't they?
  14. Dantankerous

    Something a little different - Poland Zoot Shoot

    I disagree. If'n I ever have an extra 25K laying around with nuthin' else to do, I'd git one. Just because thar ain't nuthin' like it anywhar else. But I jess don't see that happenin' anytime too soon. But I'd better not never take it to Chicago no more. Them folks ain't gun friendly nohow.
  15. Dantankerous

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Damn. I'm so sorry to hear that. My sympathies and condolences, Stirrup.

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