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  1. Brother Jim

    What's Happening Sept 20-22, 2018

    Ruckus in the Nations, That's what!!! Oklahoma State Match at ITSASS range on Zink Ranch west of Tulsa, Ok. We are getting ready for another great Ruckus in the Nations with all our facades painted and fixed up for a great back ground for one of the best matches in Oklahoma. We have new and improved banquet facilities, lunch each day at the entrance building to the range. We are looking forward to seeing you. We are excited about all the new things happening and the chance to show our old and new shooters we can still host a great, fun, exciting and entertaining match. Hope to see you there.
  2. Brother Jim

    0920-0922 2018 Oklahoma State Championship “Ruckus in the Nations”

    This is an awesome match. We have improved the range, painted up the facades and repaired a lot of things that needed a little tending to. We are back on track to have a great Ruckus in the Nations. Sept. 20-22, 2018. Get your entries in now... New and beautiful banquet facility hope to get pictures on line or link soon.
  3. Brother Jim

    Welcome The Bearded Wonder!

    The Bearded Wonder is not only great to shoot with he is a waddie that can be depended on any time ITSASS has work to be done. Great to have you on the wire. Enjoy it with us.
  4. I'll take the Ubertis per our conversation. Thanks.
  5. Brother Jim

    Taylor's '73 with Lassiter action 38 SPL-357 Cal

    I will take it, how do I get the gold dust to you?
  6. Brother Jim

    F/S Taylor 73, 38 Special, ---SOLD----

    Bbl length. Also, would you consider shipping ffl to ffl
  7. Hey Stiff Finger Jim! The Ruckus Threads are running in the Events and Wire forums.


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