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  1. When did pickup Trucks become this....

    A year or so ago I had a choice to make. Rebuild my truck or buy a new one. The prices shocked me. What else baffled me was all the crap stuffed into trucks. I think what really chaps my hide is if they can turn trucks into pansy-mobiles and they can’t seem to figure how that many, like me just want a “truck” why can’t they build the flying car? https://amp.businessinsider.com/luxury-pickup-trucks-pictures-features-2017-10
  2. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    Juiceharp Jen, Yusta B hit the nail firmly on the head. Call some local ranges that offer self defense courses, for Ladies in particular. Next, call the NRA and tell them you are looking for women’s training in your area and I will bet you they can get you hooked up and you won’t have to buy a new gun to do it as you already have 2 reliable pocket shooters in your possession now. Next, when you say “cowboy ammo” are you taking reloads? Or Factory made ammo that can be used in Cowboy Action Shooting? Factory ammo should be just fine if you are confident in aiming , shooting and shooting again and again and hitting your target. DO NOT USE RELOADS! Why? Because Forensic Investigstors can’t correlate scientific data that matches what happened versus what you say happened. Call the NRA or your local gun rights organization and request info on Women’s Defensive Training. This isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t need to be intimidating. Leave the science to the Factory ballisticians, find a trainer and find the ammo that you can shoot well and with confidence. Kind Regards, Pat Riot
  3. Truck Radios...

    CB is nearly useless from all the “Skip Land” morons Uncle Charlie no longer gives a good $&@#%¥£# about.
  4. Butter bars?

    Ah, I see.
  5. Butter bars?

    Not really...7 months, yes.
  6. Anyone superstitious? Friday the 13th.

    Monday the 16th is worse ...come to think of it every Monday is worse...
  7. Well I did it. Bring on the pain!

    Great job, Grizzly Dave. It seems hard to do but you proved its doable. I hope you kept an old pair of your pants around just to step into once in a while and be amazed at your accomplishment.
  8. Butter bars?

    Yep!...Ya made it back didn't cha?
  9. Butter bars?

    Have you ever been at sea?
  10. Standing

    Without getting political I will say this, which is my opinion and mine alone. The NFL is a business. Football is entertainment. If they use their business / entertainment to influence politics. They do not need my money or support. The music industry is a business. The musicians are entertainers. If they use their business / entertainment to influence politics. They do not need my money or support. The movie and television industry is a business. The actors are entertainers. If they use their business / entertainment to influence politics. They do not need my money or support. IF a comet hit the earth today and society needed to rebuild EVERYONE in the vocations above would be useless parasites of resources. They are entertainment. Nothing more. They do not matter in the big picture so why should I give a damn what they think? They are entertainment. Jesters in the King's court. Nothing more. Side Note: If some strange event happened that all sports figures vanished into thin air (players, broadcasters, the talking head morons that move their hands constantly for no reason to talk about the inane on TV sports shows, and all associated sports personalities it wouldn't bother me one bit. Maybe then people would pull their heads out of their butts and start paying attention to life and what is really going on in this world.... Like I said, my opinion. Donning my Fire Proximity Suit now...
  11. I have decided...

    Utah Bob needs no horse. He has bears.
  12. Am I Crazy?

    Go For It! There are things a man has to do, if for nothing else than to satisfy that desire that burns within. There will come a day when that desire cannot be fulfilled.
  13. Butter bars?

    Ensigns are much better than 2nd Lieutenants in the other services because they are Navy. ...and then the fights started
  14. I'm wondering

    Oh, it's in the tag line, Alpo?...those little black banner thingies that no one reads...or at least I don't because they don't stand out at all....those tag lines? Those things are about the most useless things on this forum. Especially when they are the brilliant color of BLACK with little tiny white lettering in them Okay...I'll play fair now. Lt. Mike Torello (Dennis Farina) in Crime Story
  15. What age based category's does SASS Recognize

    If you go to the FAQ tab on the home page you will find yhe handbooks. Here's a link: http://www.sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php