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  1. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Another type of 22' RV

    Very nice, Loophole.
  2. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Would you recommend the surgery?

    Sorry, “Surrogate”.
  3. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Would you recommend the surgery?

    I would still rely on her desires and whoa be unto any “advocate” that went against them, if an advocate got involved.
  4. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Would you recommend the surgery?

    You didn’t mention her having or not having the ability to make decisions. I am assuming that she does. I would ask her what she wants. Her decision, regardless of my feelings, would be her decision and I would abide by and respect it.
  5. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    I never understood the colors and patterns used for camouflage paint schemes on planes. They never seemed to be right for the environment. I remember having a discussion about WW2 plane camo with an Air Force Officer aboard a plane (commercial flight). I asked why planes weren’t painted the color of tarmac (concrete gray) on top and white or even light blue or gray on bottom. He said that the Army Air Corp painted the planes the way they did to differentiate them from civilian aircraft and that “they” thought that they might have planes stored on grassy lots for camo. I said then “Why not pain them the color of grass?”. He put his headphones on and pretended to go to sleep...I don’t think he really knew.
  6. Pat Riot, SASS #13748


    There’s always tomorrow.
  7. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Pranking Google

    Oh, that’s good. Hahaha...I guess I didn’t catch that this guy was portraying himself as someone else and as a Google agent.
  8. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    No worries.
  9. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Pranking Google

    A lot of these phone spoofers use a person’s number who is totally unaware, like me and my number. I get calls all the time from people wanting to know why I called them when I did not. I also get calls that I don’t answer and then call back only to find they have no idea how I got called from their number. I have noticed that if I don’t answer my phone when I get calls from numbers I don’t recognize the calls have diminished a great deal. From 3 or 4 a day to one a week now.
  10. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    Is that an attempt at an insult or humor? When people tell other people that they shouldn’t judge they themselves are being judgemental, in my opinion. I am old enough to know my own mind and I don’t need others telling me how I should think or act, thank you very much.
  11. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Speaking of fly-ing.

    These things are great, and yes, they hurt when you touch them. My poor dog found this out the hard way. I was seeking out a fly and had pressed the buttons. They hold a charge, like a capacitor. Or maybe it is a capacitor. Anyway, my dog Daisy was curious and she put her wet nose against the screen to check it out as I held the swatter by the handle by my side. Before I even realized what was happening I heard a “SNAP”, a yelp and my girly dog flew out the doggy door yelping and rubbing her nose in the grass. I felt so bad but I couldn’t help laughing.
  12. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    I always laugh when people say that judging people is wrong.
  13. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    For those with more money than sense...

  14. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    high school time frame juvenile record

    It also varies by the infraction.
  15. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    For those with more money than sense...

    Eyesa - always looking at the bright side.

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