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  1. Pat Riot, SASS #13748


    They have rockets and guns. No pit maneuver needed...well, maybe. Would a bull dozer shoving the burnt wreckage into a hole be considered a “pit maneuver”?
  2. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    The Mechanic and the Surgeon

    How very true.
  3. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    The Monkees Peter Tork Passes at 77

    Rest In Peace, Peter. Thank you for the great music and the entertainment.
  4. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Mice CPR

    I thought it was “don’t get up or you’ll die”...
  5. Pat Riot, SASS #13748


    That plane is a helicopter. That is also one of the first photoshopped internet sensations right there. The original photo showed the whole chopper.
  6. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    This allowed at school?

    Years ago at my daughter’s middle school I was in the office waiting for my daughter so I could take her to a doctors appointment. This @&$clown comes into the office and complains to the clerk “There’s a white Ford truck in the parking lot and it has some offensive bumper stickers and it has an NRA sticker in the back window.” Before the clerk could respond I asked the limp-wristed pansy if he had a problem with me exercising my first amendment rights to promote my second amendment rights? He bolted like a scalded cat. I can imagine what would happen today. That was 20 years ago.
  7. Pat Riot, SASS #13748


    50/50 blend of what? Do you want it lighter or darker? What color is it now? Perhaps selling it and buying what you really want is a better option?
  8. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    At least they have options in this town!

    I know some people that wouldn’t even deserve the landfill. They work in Washington DC and various State Houses throughout the US.
  9. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Post of the day

    How true. That looks like an LAPD police car. That sign should be all over LA. Nope, never mind. It’s not. It has hubcaps and the symbol on the door isn’t quite right.
  10. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Sky Writing to a Whole New Level

    “NSFW”? Not safe for work?
  11. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    You could wear a little bell and carry pepper spray
  12. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    My new toy

    Nice Jeep, Geronimo Jim. I like it.
  13. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    This Was Intentional...Sort Of

    Leave it to a Submariner to poo-poo a direct hit. Thanks Joe.
  14. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Now, THAT'S a new one

    Write him back and ask him to provide the account number so that your bank can have the money transferred.
  15. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Australian pilot tells millons exactly how he feels.

    Awesome catch. Thanks for the belly laugh. I didn’t notice them either.

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