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  1. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    "Would you like any help, Rye?" Pat asked. Rye flipped Pat a dollar coin and said "No, but if you don't mind could ya get me a bottle of whiskey and meet me at the Vet's office. I doubt he has that for treating horses."
  2. And on the lighter side of the news...!

    Notice he knew exactly what to do when the police approached. Not only is he well practiced at stupidity he is also well practiced in the art of arrest compliance. "Sostén mi cerveza y mira esto"
  3. Gun Cleaning - NON-SASS Firearms

    +1 for the +1 on CLP Break Free. Another thing that I do is wipe my guns down with a Kleen Bore silicone cloth when storing. If you take them for appraisal just wipe them off with a clean cotton rag. This way the guns don't show fingerprints and smudges from handling. As much as I would love to see you offer up that S&W for sale or trade I would recommend you hold onto that one. Their value goes up every year. Now if you were to say "Yeah Pat, but it has a 4" barrel and I really want a model 19 - 4 with a 6" barrel." I have one of those... But seriously, I would hang onto them.
  4. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Pat Riot was leaving the General Store where he had just purchased a new rifle and ammunition. As he was crossing the street he saw a rider coming into town that looked like Rye Miles. The rider was slumped over and Pat knew something was wrong.
  5. The stupid is strong in some people

    We need to protect these children by any means possible but to do that we need for the manufacturer to print warning labels on each pod. The container that they come in will need a child proof opening. Parents must be required to install a pod safe and any pods not in the safe must have a lockable blister pack that meets Federal blister pack standards. The lock (yet to be developed) must meet stringent requirements as well. Pods may not be hidden from view since they are dangerous and the hiding of a pod one one's person may be considered a concealed harmful device under the harmful device standards (yet to be written). The punishment for carrying a concealed Pod without a permit can range from a hefty fine to imprisonment. Children eating these pods will suffer effects like explosive bowel movements, glazed eyes, clammy skin and may also develop a strange twitching of their body. These effects are unique and children with these symptoms are to be classed as "Pod People". One way that Pod People can lead healthy normal lives is for them to be cloned (the technology is in development). One way around all of this is a technique used in years past that is very controversial. One would show the child a pod and loudly instruct them not to eat them. A loud voice will startle the child and they will have a higher level of attention and awareness. Any child not exhibiting signs of alertness may need a form of corporal punishment so that one may get their undivided attention. The level of CP, corporal punishment, necessary my vary from child to child. It is best to inflict the same amount of CP in all cases so as not to appear to be biased or favorable to any of the children. One method being discussed in regards to protecting children from these Pods is a "cooling off" or waiting period. The recommended waiting period from time and date of purchase will be ten days. This period of time was chosen to give the guardian of the child plenty of time to train the little idiots not to eat "the wittle soap baggies".
  6. This Year Is Starting Off Expensive

    Since you have the Tribute Mazda MAY give you a better price as you are a loyal customer? Duh...had to edit...
  7. Bridgeport Rig

    I seem to recall a shooter at my old club in SoCal wanting to use one of these at a match. He was quite upset when he was told that he couldn’t. Nifty gadget but I would always be afraid that I would knock my revolver out of the holder.
  8. way OT: plez recommend an accurate .380???

    Remington bought out Rohrbaugh for the rights to the design. I am real glad they did. Wonderful little shooter.
  9. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    “Maddog,” Pat said smiling at Maddog “That’s two, don’t let there be a third.” Pat turned and walked away listening to hear if Maddog might move to shoot him in the back.
  10. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Pat Riot over heard Mad Dog’s threat to Allie and decided to act. After Mad Dog walked away Pat told Allie to gather her things and he would get her passage away from here and away from Mad Dog. Pat decided that Mad Dog threatening him with a knife was one thing, threatening a woman was entirely another and he couldn’t or wouldn’t allow it.
  11. Pink Camo

    So that is the reason for that paint scheme? Thanks Joe. Learned something new today.
  12. Seriously? You Need A Sign?

    In the Bible it says that the poor will always be with us...I often wonder if the translation was incorrect and “stupid” was actually what was written...
  13. Nuke blast Calculator

    In a dark way this is very cool. Thanks, Chantry
  14. lncoming missle alert screw up in Hawaii!

    My wife asked me what would I do if we had heard that warning in Oregon. I said “We’d go for breakfast, where the heck are we gonna hide?” “Rocket-man”? Who gave that PITA that cool handle? He should be known as Psycho-Turd-Boy.
  15. way OT: plez recommend an accurate .380???

    I have shot a few .380 pistols and the best one that I have found for accuracy, handling and ease of use is the Remington RM380. PROS: It fits my hand well. It does not hurt to shoot it. If you don’t know what I mean shoot a Kel-Tek P3AT or a Ruger LCP gen 1. They will put a sting to you. Trigger pull is long but no stacking. It’s DAO and has second strike capability. It has and aluminum frame. The sights are small but usable. It is accurate enough. It has mag release from either side. It has digested every round with not 1 issue in nearly 500 rounds so far. It shoots a wide variety of ammo well. Coincidentally it excels when firing premium Remington ammo. Remington Ultimate Defense ammo in this little gun is a perfect match. It also really likes Blazer Brass ammo too. But it shoots all ammo well. CONS: The long Trigger pull takes some getting use to. Sights are a bit hard to see in dim light. Accessories and holsters made just for this gun are hard to come by. Crimson Trace has a laser and sticky pocket holster combo that I may get for the RM380. I actually enjoy shooting this little gun. That right there is a good thing. I despised my Kel-Tec. I called it the “little bast***”. I sold that thing. Also, I wanted a metal frame so options were limited. Before firing the Remmies I was looking at a PPK or a Bersa. Both nice guns as well. The RM380 is the Rohrbaugh design only they are reasonably priced. I got mine on sale for $300. They come with 2 magazines. One with a standard baseplate and one with the pinky extension. The grip is such that I actually like the flat bottomed standard magazine better. If you can rent guns at a range near you I would highly recommend you rent some pistols and fire them. I was on the verge of relenting and buying either the Glock 42 or the S&W Body Guard. I am so glad I rented the Remington. Good Luck in your search.