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  1. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    That's not what the sign means, Lady.

    I worked with an idiot in Charlotte that wanted to put signs up along our train tracks to warn the deer not to cross the tracks. I kid you not.
  2. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    New Remington Marlin 1894C and SC 38/357 now available

    If their release of this rifle goes anything like the R51 then just be advised things may be spotty. I truly hope they got it right...but guess what? No one’s gonna know unless someone buys them and reports about it. Be it here or elsewhere. We can speculate until the cows come home. If no one buys them then the product line will be short lived.
  3. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    I would just contact the post office and ask. You may get a more harmonious outcome.
  4. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Not broken any more

    Grape please Very nice repair job. Nicely done.
  5. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Not broken any more

    Was it just above the checkering on the third photo down?
  6. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    That's not what the sign means, Lady.

    OMG that’s hilarious, Injun Ryder
  7. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Dead Men

    I did...and I agree.
  8. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Dead Men

    Never heard of this one.
  9. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    jerry Miculek S & W 45 auto revolver

    I would check some of the online auction sites. Me thinks your dealer could go lower on that price...especially since he / she has been letting folks dry fire it. My 2 centavos.
  10. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Irish Cops

    I believe you are on to something there.
  11. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    CCI red, white and blue .22lr

    Alas, the days of cheap .22 is behind us.
  12. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    jerry Miculek S & W 45 auto revolver

    What is the model number?
  13. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    End of Trail Yesteryear

    T3 has a point... Thanks for the photos Big Jake. I shot EOT in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Fun times. What is is depicted in those photos is what got me interested in CAS.
  14. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    Words Being Used Today

    I cuss like a sailor but only in situations where that behavior is acceptable...to me and to those around me if those around are a.-deserving of my diatribe. b.-close makes friends / co-workers. c.-in my car or on my bike. I do not swear in mixed company or around “ladies”. I will cuss around women not worthy of the term “lady” as I do believe in equal rights (they demanded it) and I will go toe to toe with anyone that chastises me for cussing in front of one of these women. Women cannot claim equal rights and then expect extra rights from me. They do not deserve it and any man that allows this is a Pansy and needs a good cussing too. Now, how do I know I am amongst women that are not ladies? I can be in a room less than a couple of minutes and I can spot them in short order, but if there are “Ladies” present I defer to the respect for ladies I was taught as a child. As for newsies and assorted talking heads, it seems it has become the norm to be a ghetto - white trash influenced moron to “connect with da people”. Or to act like children trying to get away with something to be cool to the other kids. Yet again the pre-school generation shows their true talents. I have solved that problem. I get my news from the radio and internet.
  15. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    UK Scrambles Fighters

    I actually heard a guy today telling the folks at a sandwich shop that it was 90 degrees out with a heat index of 99...what a bold faced idiot. It was 81, breezy and beautiful. Why are morons prone to exaggeration? The kids behind the counter just smiled at him as he rambled.

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