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  1. This one is for the taller fellers.

    I was at 6’...then I fractured a vertebra...
  2. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    Okay Bob, one more and the bases are loaded!
  3. now even General Hooker offends people

    Look, if people are ashamed of their station in life they should strive to do better. They owe it to themselves to try harder. If they won’t, then they deserve to be lumped in with the rest of the mediocrity.

    It was a beautiful day here in Oregon. Cool but sunny. Tomorrow I get my walking boot brace off at 11:00...the rain is predicted to start at 1:00 and continue on for the next several days. Murphy, I despise your law!
  5. Cody-Dixon

    Thank you Hoss. Good to know. I guess if I ever get the chance to shoot Cody-Dixon I will need a new gun...Darn!
  6. Brownells VS Gun Parts Corp

    THIS IS JUST FOR INFORMATION No slam against GPC or their products. I am just posting this for information only so folks know about parts packaging and being careful about identifying ahead of time if ordering many parts at the same time. Normally I buy the majority of my gun parts from Brownells or Midway. Depending on the part AND (big "and" here) How easy it is to find on their website. Brownells is better in some regards Midway in others. I usually don't buy parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corp unless I just can't find it anywhere else and normally I am not buying a bunch of different parts. Recently I was cleaning my S&W model 60 Pro and managed to drop the little center pin spring and lord knows where it bounced to. I went online to look for another and found that Brownells had the spring so I put in in the shopping cart. I then noticed that there were a lot of S&W revolver springs that were not available and not backorderable (is that even a word?). This kind of put me in a little panic mode so I began searching elsewhere for other springs that I didn't even need but wanted to have on hand in case springs for S&W revolvers became scarce or non-existent. Between Brownells and Gun Parts Corp I found nearly all the springs I thought I might need someday should I ever lose or break an S&W revolver spring. Side note: Brownells had nearly every spring I needed for my J frame revolvers and GPC had nearly every spring for my K frame revolvers but Brownells did have some K and N frame springs GPC didn't. This ordering process took me quite a while. Problem is there are different springs for different models within frame sizes. For example the center pin, bolt plunger, locking bolt and sear springs for a model 17 are different from a model 10 or 19. So the Brownells packaging lists the part number and part name on each spring. Gun Parts Corp DOES NOT. So if you are ordering many parts for many guns be careful on how you track these parts BEFOREHAND if ordering from GPC. Luckily I wrote all these parts and what they are for in my log book but even still there may come a time when I have to determine which spring is the right spring at the time when I may need it. Another thing I found was Brownells prices per part were better than GPC and they were packaged with a part number and a part name on each individual packet. Also, another side note. Many springs that will fit a K frame revolver will fit L and N frame revolvers as well. I attached some photos to demonstrate. These are just a sampling of the springs I ordered. You can see how the GPC order might cause me some trepidation later on. The ironic
  7. Congrats to the winners!
  8. Happy Birthday Prairie Dawg!!!

    Happy Birthday, Prairie Dawg...hope I am not too late.
  9. Cody-Dixon

    Wait...you mean the targets are actually outside spitting distance? Well I’ll be doggone...who’da thunk people could do such a thing...fascinating! Tell us more. Just curious, would a Henry Single Shot 45-70 be legal for Cody-Dixon?
  10. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    “It’s a crummy commercial!” Thanks Cleburne.
  11. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    That has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a while...Joe, I am pretty sure that last funniest thing I have seen in a while was something you posted. Thank you
  12. As I return from exile, I begin anew with an apology

    Sounds like justification for being an as***** to me.
  13. For Allie Mo II

    Peace in the family...until that phone rings.
  14. Just once...goats

    Just once...
  15. toy soldiers no longer carry rebel flag

    Yeah...they are really gonna love my big NRA sticker on the back window of my truck. I wouldn’t call it “liberal tolerance”. I displayed very conservative bumper stickers on my vehicles in all the 23 years I lived in the LA area of CA and only got a handful of negative comments. What we have today is “PC activism” and there is no tolerance involved. off my soap box..
  16. Just once...goats

    Uh...they are goats in sheep's clothing...
  17. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    I would think it was "Cool" and that would be that...but I am sure that might not be the opinion of those that make and / or enforce the rules. I would definitely PM Palewolf. It would be a shame to trick out a gun only to find that you can't use it.
  18. FINALLY! Field Sobriety Test For Pot

    This video was obviously written by someone who has has some personal experience with dopers. Her reaction to blowing the Kazoo was hilariously dead on...in my humble experience. If if you want to see another funny “cop and doper” video clip look up the movie Super Troopers opening scene. I would post it here but it’s not appropriate. Oh, and not the Youtube clip that some Lamo’s tried to recreate. It’s the first one that pops up in a search for some idiotic reason.
  19. Christmas present question

    When I was a kid I never got anything I asked for in regards to Christmas and Birthdays, except for once. I got a bicycle. So if someone gave me something now that I asked for as a kid I probably wouldn’t get too excited. Except for the .22 rifle I wanted. Like Widder, I asked for a .22 when I thought the time was right. It wasn’t...My parents freaked out. But the reason for that is for another time. Not here. Not now. If someone gave that .22 I would be pretty excited. I asked for “either the Marlin or the Winchester .22”. I wanted either the Marlin 39A or the Winchester 9422, but wouldn’t have been unhappy with any .22 rifle.
  20. toy soldiers no longer carry rebel flag

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana
  21. am I 'losing it' again?

    Yep, mine ticked up. Not sure if I have lost any but the numbers look correct.
  22. am I 'losing it' again?

    Let's see...
  23. Drawers

    Here is a website for similar products...these people are VERY proud of their products: https://qlinedesign.com/
  24. FINALLY! Field Sobriety Test For Pot

    Reminds me of Super Troopers...and my high school years...
  25. FINALLY! Field Sobriety Test For Pot