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  1. Hoot Hamilton

    Michigan's state match--registration open

    Contact Sauk Valley Stubby. He's in charge of the Swap Meet and can give you the straight scoop on the details prior to having it on the website. He is listed on the Hidden Valley info page under the Clubs dropdown on the Wolverine Rangers website. Hope this helps. hOOt
  2. Hoot Hamilton

    FREE Safe

    Ya said a mouthful right there Slim, but our new Governor said a few thousand times she was gonna "fix the damn roads". We'll need a hefty trailer to get that puppy back to Indiana. Interesting idea..........
  3. Hoot Hamilton

    FREE Safe

    If'n ya need a third driver, lemme know. Got some experience, could probly cut down on yer elapsed time.......
  4. Hoot Hamilton

    20 year membership pin

    I like it waytago Misty hOOt
  5. Hoot Hamilton

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    The way I always heard it was "beans, beans the MUSICAL fruit" hOOt
  6. Hoot Hamilton

    Powder check die for Dillon 650

    I use the Dillon on an XL650 with 3.0 Red Dot and it works flawlessly. hOOt
  7. Hoot Hamilton

    For Sale 32S&W Reloading

    Could not send PM Please email me at dixon.danl@gmail.com Thanks hOOt
  8. Hoot Hamilton

    For Sale 32S&W Reloading

    BTT for lower price, $100 shipped Thanks for looking hOOt
  9. Hoot Hamilton

    For Sale 32S&W Reloading

    BTT just in case a pard needs these
  10. Hoot Hamilton

    For Sale 32S&W Reloading

    I'll be coming to the November shoot at the Pass. Can deliver with a smile
  11. Hoot Hamilton

    For Sale 32S&W Reloading

    This is a good deal for 32S&W reloaders 21412 RCBS 3 Die Carbide Set 702832 Seater Plug for RN/SWC Dillon Crimp Die Dillon 20146 Caliber Conversion for 550 Press $140.00 shipped to lower 48
  12. Hoot Hamilton

    Your favorite 12ga load for CAS.

    Rem STS hulls, once fired for big matches, twice + for monthlies. 13.0 g Red Dot Fed 209 Primer WAA 12L grey wad 7/8 ounce #8 Loaded on a MEC9000 for SKB100s
  13. Hoot Hamilton

    Your favorite .38 special load for CAS.

    3.0 grains of Red Dot behind Deuce's 110 WITH 1.440 OAL. My standard load for rifle and pistols.
  14. Hoot Hamilton

    What is a Hoot Sweep

    Ya gotta watch out for certain golf carts at Ohio!
  15. Hoot Hamilton

    What is a Hoot Sweep

    Slim, you started something at Ohio. Ever since, I get no respect at all hOOt PS: Smokestack, you are correct on the shooting pattern

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