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  1. Chief Rick

    How Do You Store/Transport Your Gunbelt(s)?

    When transporting, I have rolled them up loosely and I've laid them out flat. When I hang them up at home, I hang them up by the buckle and let the belt hang straight.
  2. Chief Rick

    Gun Cart? (Creating One Thank you)

    I started by building a plywood "cabinet" to hold two long-guns that I then bungeed to a dolly. That worked well until the wife started shooting - then I bought a Rugged Gear.
  3. Chief Rick

    Reloading 12 guage

    1 - If you can buy a box of low noise/low recoil shells that will reliably shoot & shuck from your shotgun for $5, I believe you'd be hard pressed to rationalize any savings if you factor in your time. 2 - Can't help. I no longer buy reclaimed shot as the last few that I bought had a lot of trash and steel shot mixed in. 3 - I reloaded on a MEC Sizemaster for a lot of years. How many rounds per month do you shoot/load? I could reload a box of shells in about 10 minutes taking my time.
  4. Chief Rick

    Load data for Trail Boss

    I can't help with the velocity numbers but in NMV's I was getting inconsistent loads with 3.0 grains, especially in the cooler temps, with Win or Fed SP primers. No issues with 3.9 grains.
  5. Chief Rick

    Help with 73

    Take a look at the tab on the bottom of the bolt. If it's still there but has started to bend down, take a file dress it to where it no longer catches. Take off a little at a time. It may or may not be good to go after that and last a while. Otherwise, you may need a new bolt or send that one off to have the tab replaced.
  6. Chief Rick


    Thanks to all for the replies. I try to include a "what's the call" scenario in our clubs newsletter and seeing these discussions allows me to not only better understand why some calls are the way they are, but also to better explain it in a short article.
  7. Chief Rick


    For this scenario there are two sets of three rifle targets: X X X X X X Instructions are to engage one set of rifle targets with a 1-2-2 sweep starting on either end, then repeat instructions with other set of rifle targets. Shooter engages and hits first three targets appropriately. Shooter then engages second set of targets: hits left target once, hits middle target once, then misses, hits middle target second time, then hits right target once. What's the call?
  8. Chief Rick

    Bad practice session?

    Like practicing low speed maneuvers on my motorcycle, if it starts going bad, I stop. No sense in reinforcing bad habits. Practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect.
  9. Chief Rick

    Advice - shotshell loading

    Win AA or Rem STS hulls Rem primers Claybuster gray wads (CB0178-12) 7/8 oz # 7 1/2 or 8 shot 14.5 gr Clays powder (#26 bushing)
  10. Chief Rick


    I'll add that the Tavor SAR is a very nice rifle for left hander's as well. The charging handle and ejection port can be user configured to go on either side of the rifle. With that said, it's not very conducive to weak shoulder shooting as the election port would then be in the user's face. And yes, they are pricey.
  11. Chief Rick


    The Tavor SAR has a very heavy factory trigger. The Geissele Super Sabra makes a noticeable difference but it's nowhere close to match grade. Very acceptable for a duty weapon or home defense. The bullpup design carries the weight in the stock and very little forward of the handgrip. This, combined with the short overall length, makes it a very maneuverable rifle. With an 18" barrel, overall length is just under 28" and weighs just over 8 pounds.
  12. Chief Rick

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    It was 29°F when we left the house this morning and 32°F when we arrived at the range. It was almost 60°F by noon! Humidity was well over 75% and there was no wind. Turned out to be a beautiful day at the range.
  13. Chief Rick


    And all sorts of noises...
  14. Chief Rick

    Stoeger Coach Gun LOP update and new shotgun leather

    Not to mention the wasted leather due to mistakes when learning. I've successfully made one so far, no tooling/stamps/borders, and am only partially satisfied with the outcome.

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