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  1. New Guy - Gimme your help

    My thoughts for me is to "Play Cowboy" . I want to be in the mind set that I'm in the old west. I started 20 years ago when we played for the fun and action instead of the speed of the bullet. We laughed so much our sides hurt. Now days it seems folks just want to put on what ever and shoot cowboy guns as fast as they can. Patrice is a great help. Handle your guns so they become an extension of you. You can always try other categories. I went from two handed to duelist to now gunfighter... I Cowboy action shoot to have fun... Heck, you're going to miss and mess up. That's why there's BootHill and than Dime Store novels. Not every cowboy was as good of a shot as others. Someone has gotta lose. Have fun and you can always improve your gear later on.
  2. Flying Flags At Matches

    We're Americans playing and being an American Cowboy. We're from all nations but we chose to live in America. If you're offended by our Flag and history, there's always your choice to leave. All this BS about removing our Civil War history makes no scenes, How can you say it hurts you by seeing American History but it's okay to have the month of February dedicated to one Race. Doesn't that history hurt as well? Why discipline a student for wearing an American Flag shirt to school on May 5th while you allow another countries flags to be flown in front of the school? We are in AMERICA!!!!! We need to wake the heck up and be PROUD again to be Americans!!! Fly our flags and tell our history from all sides and pray the way we feel fit to. History happened and we can't change it. America is a melting pot, stop messing with the dam recipe....
  3. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    Thanks for sharing Santee. That was pretty good, Always nice to see Old West stuff in this bat crazy world.
  4. Hi Misty, I signed up for myself and the Red Eyed Kid. I did it on the the sign up sheet. Not sure if I need to sign him up on his own. thanks, Dice