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  1. Cowboy Carty

    Deuce Stevens wins Gunsmoke

    Are the scores posted anywhere?
  2. Cowboy Carty

    Deuce Stevens wins Gunsmoke

    Congratulations to Deuce Stevens for having a dominate performance at the mid west regional.
  3. Hello Carty, I have a 94 marlin overhauled by Longhunter. It is very nice, but recently I`m thinking of short stroking it. Some forum members told me to contact you. How much shorter is the stroke? What is your process? and How much does it cost? Thank you in advance for your help! Kid

  4. Howdy Carty,I'm a S.FL shooter,and seen a few of your short strokes. I've talked to Cheyenne Culpepper. I've lost a digit on my little finger.and am trying a new levering tecnique,and would like the short stroke. So now I'm seriously looking or going to have one done. I'm still gathering info about bullet length, for a nice short stroke. I think about 1.30 "oal? What adv...


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