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  1. Major Art Tillery

    Winter Range Applications

    Mine went in the mail this morning. Really looking forward to it. First time attending... Have heard lots of good things.
  2. Major Art Tillery

    Winter Range Applications

    Still got room? Planning on getting my entry in this weekend.
  3. Major Art Tillery

    ~2019~ CLASSIC COWBOY SHOWDOWN ~2019~ **UPDATE 12-12-18**

    Updated who is coming list... Had several that are planning to attend as Classics. This may be a Great gathering of Classics folks!
  4. Major Art Tillery

    Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year 2018

    Thanks everyone... I was tickeled just to get nominated, sure was surprised to find this out today! Appreciate everyone that nominated me.. And I sure hope to get to shoot with many of you in the future! Dang do I love this category! Congrats to Cayenne too! Now go get signed up for the Classic Cowboy Showdown, it is going to be some Shindig!
  5. Major Art Tillery

    Contact Info Needed - Past CC Shootist Award Recipients

    Well dang.. That was kind of a bust. Hmmmm
  6. Major Art Tillery

    Classic Cowboy costume requirements.(specific)

    I honestly think they would be just fine. Your talking zippered in the back correct?
  7. Major Art Tillery

    WTB 12ga brass shotshell

    Pit, I know you probably want some used brass. But I can point you in a good direction to get some new at a very good price.
  8. Looking to contact all past Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootist award Recipients. I hope to invite them all to the Classic Cowboy Showdown in May 2019! It would just be great to get such a group together! Below is the list of names... Thanks for all the help. 2010: T-Bone Dooley (Have Contact Info) 2011: Lefty Henderson Shotglass 2012: RJ Law Bella Spencer 2013: Big 6 Henderson Hot Tamale 2014: GW Ryder Squawty Bawdy 2015: Doc Baker Serenity 2016: Tonic Kid Marie Laveau (Have Contact Info) 2017: Chilipepper Kid. (Have Contact Info) Black Hills Barb
  9. Major Art Tillery

    A new shotgun. A tale of gun envy.

    Beautiful gun Chili! You bringing to The Classic Cowboy Showdown?
  10. Major Art Tillery

    Favorite sweep

    I call this one the "Major's Sweep" four targets. Single tap the four across, then double tap the three going back. Example 1-2-3-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 It can be shot from either direction and seems to "flow" well.
  11. Major Art Tillery

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    I enjoyed the first story mostly.

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