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  1. Major Art Tillery

    CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    Plan on me being there.. probably be July or August before I get entry to ya! Looking forward to it. Major
  2. Major Art Tillery

    Hot Tamale's Cantina Margarita Party EOT 2018

  3. Major Art Tillery

    High School shooting in Houston, Santa Fe HS District. At least 8 reported killed

    Proves the point... They probably don't know the difference between an AR and a 38. Sad to see another shooting happen... Prayers up for all those involved.
  4. Major Art Tillery

    WTB .380 brass

    Appreciate that! Thank ya!
  5. Major Art Tillery

    WTB .380 brass

    Thanks! Major
  6. Major Art Tillery

    WTB .380 brass

    Thanks Slim, let me know what I owe ya. And your right you gotta keep them girls happy!
  7. Major Art Tillery

    For Sale Pedersoli Lightning 26" 44-40

    Any luck selling this Rifle? Interested in trading for a Marlin 1895 cowboy in 45/70?
  8. Major Art Tillery

    WTB .380 brass

    That is a good start.. thanks! Pm sent
  9. Major Art Tillery

    WTB .380 brass

    As the title says I am interested in a good price for some .380 brass. My girlfriend has begun to really enjoy shooting my Sig P238, so as long as she wants to keep shoot'n it... I figure to make sure she has plenty of ammo. Let me know what you got and $ ... Thanks Major Art Tillery
  10. Major Art Tillery

    Once Again, Get Out Your Hankies

    Sometimes it is just the simple things that makes a person's day!
  11. Major Art Tillery


    Hey that Major Sweep I like that one too...
  12. Major Art Tillery

    CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    Heck I would bring him some too... But he has to sign up as the "Lima Bean Kid"
  13. Major Art Tillery

    Major Artillery Classic Cowboy Champion Kansas State Blackpowder

    Thanks fellas... It was one fun match.
  14. Major Art Tillery

    2018 Siege at Clarks Station Chapman , Kansas

    Appreciate the kind words folks. The gang works hard to put on the best match we can! Glad the hard work is enjoyed, makes it worth while!

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