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  1. Hats for sale!

    That's my problem too! I need half an inch to make them work. Lol
  2. Hats for sale!

    How does $75 each sound? I'm hoping to use the funds to renew my membership. Btt
  3. Trigger Pull Weights for one-handed shooting?

    I don't have a gauge but I will say that mine are as light as I could make them. I also put low/wide hammers on to make cocking easier. The easier it is to operate the better. That said, if you're not having trouble with your triggers now then I wouldn't worry about them. A lighter hammer is better than a lighter trigger.
  4. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    I liked this one. I use dual slim Jim's with a right hand cross draw that I made. My next one I'm thinking of a low riding shoulder holster on my left and either a mexican loop like your HoG rig or a cut down Slim Jim on my right. Can't wait for the knife episode!
  5. Hats for sale!

    I have two hats for sale. The black is a Resistol George Strait edition 4x beaver. The other is a Resistol Quarter Horse 100% wool felt. Size is 6 3/4". I'm asking $150 on the Black and $100 on the Quarter Horse, obo. Shipping extra, unless you buy both then I'll cover shipping. Will ship upon payment. I accept cash, check, and preferably PayPal. Pictures below. The black on was stored inside the Silverbelly hence the dusty look. Both saw little use.
  6. Movie Sword Fights?

    It wasn't a movie but on the first episode of Black Sails when Captain Flynn fought for command of his ship. That looked more authentic than any other I've seen.
  7. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    Lobster. If I'm not mistaken, back in early 1900's prisoners in a prison on the east coast wrote letters to the Warden to get him to stop serving lobster, that they were all sick of it and that it was cruel to keep serving them. Hey Santee, How about an episode on knives! Very useful things but not much is ever said about them. Heck I can't go a day without using at least three of them.
  8. National Reciprosity

    https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/115-2017/h663?utm_campaign=govtrack_feed&utm_source=govtrack/feed&utm_medium=rss http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2017/roll663.xml According to the votes. H.R. 38 The National Concealed Carry Reciprosity Act has passed in the House. 231 vote Yea, 198 Ney, 4 not voting. 225 Republicans and 6 Democrats voted in favor of H.R. 38. 14 Republicans and 184 Democrats voted in decent.
  9. National Reciprosity

    Training is a wonderful thing. Mandating it is not. Who sets what the minimum standards are? How much is that going to cost? Hundreds? Thousands? Who's going to regulate it? Mandating training is going to restrict gun ownership and the right of self-defense and gun ownership to only the elite. While I agree that every gun owner should seek out proper instruction and training, making it mandatory is another restriction that the Democrats can exploit with their lies and deceit. Why give them the opportunity?
  10. Refridgerator magnets - new age art and humor!

    Yup! Gotta poke fun when possible! I sense no twisted panties. I just wanted to say panties.....panties....
  11. Refridgerator magnets - new age art and humor!

    You know what we do for fun and you thought we were right? Hmmmm...
  12. Refridgerator magnets - new age art and humor!

    You're right, it's hilarious!
  13. This is what makes waiting for Christmas each year, worthwhile

    Hmm, I'd like to try some. I'll see if the local market has some.
  14. This is what makes waiting for Christmas each year, worthwhile

    What's Pfeffernusse?
  15. Hats

    He had dozens. These were not something special for him. We kept his guitars and lots of other things. These were just something crammed in the back of a storage unit. He gave some other family members his favorite hats. These are not heirlooms. I'd need half an inch or better. I don't think these have that in them. I don't have a place for them either. I have several hats myself. No one else wants them.