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  1. Dual Sport/Adventure Riders?

    You expand a hole in the carb and change couple of small parts to make it run better.
  2. Dual Sport/Adventure Riders?

    I've ridden one a few times. Suspension is too soft. The ThermoBob, dohicky, 21 cent, and through bolt mods are highly recommended. Get a Seat Concepts seat.
  3. Waterproof Boot Maintenance

    I use Sno-Seal on all of my boots and leather things. I can't recommend it enough.
  4. Wimmen and Mice

    Those live traps do work very well. I caught dozens with one last year. I'd take the trap out front and shoot the pest with a pellet gun. I also discovered that they work well on squirrels. Just load with peanuts and set on a tree branch. They'd crawl in set it off and I'd find them on the ground later on.
  5. Car audio help

    I know nothing about car stereos other than how to operate them. I'm in need of one for my truck and I thought the great hive mind here might be able to help. What I have is a 1995 Ford F350xlt crew cab, so a single din stereo is all that will fit. I am looking for a cd player that I can connect to my Android phone via Bluetooth for hands-free calling. And I need it to have a flip-out screen that connects to a back-up camera that I want on my truck camper. I can wire the camera up with a connector in the same place where my camper plugs in but I would prefer a wireless camera. I would also prefer not to break the bank with this although I would sooner have a better unit even if it's more expensive. Any thoughts? I found some by Pioneer but they either don't support cameras or don't have Bluetooth. I could really use some help.
  6. Some things make you want to wonder WHY?

    Same thing happened to me with my cousin. She was 6 or 7 and I was 15 babysitting her. Mine got stick-on jewels.
  7. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    The funniest part of this is that I watched it while on the pot. Lol sorry.
  8. Alpoism...?

    I did not do well in chemistry. I was a Biology major before switching to Business. Never heard of the corrosion triangle.
  9. Your first gun

    My first was a red rider bb gun when I was 6. Then it was a H&R single shot 410 that I took my first deer with, I was 8. Followed by a Remington 870 20ga when I was 10 and a Remington 700 in .270win on my 11th Christmas. After that I was on my own. Those all got stolen but I got the .270 and the 20ga back still have the 20ga. Traded the .270 for a new one that wasn't kept outside for a year. In college I bought a Mosin Nagant M44, Springfield XD40, was given a glenfield .22, and inherited a Remington Rand M1911a1. Bought two Uberti Cattlemen in .357, Marlin 1894 in .357, Stoeger Coachgun, Rock Island 1911, Bond derringer, and I'm looking for more.
  10. Alpoism...?

    Had a strange thought and couldn't come up with a solution. Water does bad things to iron and steel. Causes or accelerates rusting. So here's where my question comes in. Water is H2O, rust is iron oxide or Fe2O3. If you were to have a pure iron bar and drop it into a sealed container of pure water. What would happen? Would it rust and release Hydrogen gas? Or would the purity of the water eliminate that possibility?
  11. Pistol info request

    All I have is the XD40 service. I have shot the subcompact .45 though. They are a fat gun. Reliable and simple to operate. My XD40 likes cheap ammo. The subcompact did as well from what the owner told me. Fairly accurate as far as a compact goes. Forgiving as well. You can shoot unsupported or limp wristed and it'll still go. .45 in the subbie was a bit rough. It's light so sharp recoil. Get the extended mag so that you have something to wrap your fingers around. That made a big difference for me. My XD40 and the subcompact both had passive safeties. A trigger safety that deactivates with a trigger pull and a grip safety. Nothing that you must actively actuate. Mine only jammed once because of some crappy ammo. Fed Winchester white box and it'll go happily for as long as you want it to. You need to watch the XD torture tests. That's why I bought one.
  12. How do reptiles drink?

    Different species handle it differently. Horny toads will suck condensation or sit in small puddle and suck. The way their scales are designed they syphon water up to their mouths. I've seen snakes dip their mouths into water and suck it up. Some just get their water from what they eat. Depends on the species. That said I've never heard of one lapping up water that's a mammal thing. Then again that's a dragon princess so maybe things are different. On a side note. Everytime you post one of these comics I get the feeling that we have similar tastes. Have you read the Erma comics? Tapas.io/series/erma Start from the beginning. Hilarious.
  13. I’m a simple man

    I'd like some good mead. Got any suggestions? I ran out of Bulliet bourbon otherwise that's what I'd have.
  14. I’m a simple man

    Mine was scotch and Knightfall.
  15. Do I dare?

    I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials.... I'm with DocWard. I used to watch but grew tired of it. I really lost my taste for all spectator sports. I much prefer things I can participate in. That said, I'm definitely in the "People wanting to see New England lose" crowd. They just irk me and I want to see their over-inflated ego popped. I was so excited at the last game until the fourth. Also really don't like that Brady fellow. He's very grating.