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  1. Critters

    When I first saw this thread, this is what came to mind.
  2. Favorite Primers?

    I use Winchester in my .38s and shotgun shells. I've only had one round out of several thousand give me trouble. I have light springs in my rifle and pistols and they go bang every time. The one round that gave me trouble still went bang, just a few seconds later and while I was practicing. I will note that when loading those rounds that I did have trouble with one not wanting to go in. I think that may have been the one that had a slow burn.
  3. Need a little automotive help.

    I want it to look OEM on the outside. Inside I want better performance. The heads, intake, and carb I have for it are factory Ford parts and you'd really have to know your stuff to tell them from the originals. Numbers are nearly the same but still not out of place. Only thing that'd be obvious would be the dual exhaust. An aftermarket starter would stand out more. Factory starter would still be more than strong enough. Engine is loosing compression, I know the seals are starting to leak, a couple of valves are ticking, and the exhaust is smoking too. It's time for an overhaul. Might as well put some better parts in while I'm at it.
  4. Looking for paint suggestions

    My suggestion would be to tear out the formica start from scratch. A robin's egg blue might look nice. Go with a low sheen paint in eggshell, stay away from satin or semi-gloss. The shine off of it will turn everything blue and make your formica look green. White or antique white would also look good. I've always been partial to greens.
  5. Need a little automotive help.

    Probably so. I had spare brushes, bushings, and a gasket. I just didn't have the contact. I probably should have ordered two but if this works out as well as the original one did then I've got another 50 years in it. If not then I know who to call to get another set. Now if I could only make up my mind about rebuilding the engine. It'll need that soon and I'll do it. What I'm wondering is if I should drop in a bigger crank and stroke the engine out or not. Right now it has the base 289, which is the same engine as the 302 just with different heads. I've got heads, a 4bbl intake for it and a carb that came off a Shelby GT350, it'll all bolt on just fine. I'm thinking of a slightly longer crank to turn it to about a 315, add a hotter cam, and better valves and I'll be burning rubber! I will have to bore the cylinders so I'll need new pistons. I'm thinking hypereutectic. No boost, naturally aspirated only. Then I'll have to consider upgrading the exhaust. Right now it only has the stock single pipe. I will be getting dual exhaust. But what muffler? Definitely not Flowmaster, Magnaflow maybe. I love glasspacks like Cherrybombs, but I don't think they're right for this application.
  6. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    I love that bird's head you showed. I'd love to have one with ivory grips, 3 1/2" barrel and case hardened. I think I'd rock that all the time.
  7. Need a little automotive help.

    It sure is. A wealth of knowledge that I can count on.
  8. Need a little automotive help.

    Rooster thanks. They had the part I needed and it came in today. I got it installed and tested. It works beautifully. Gonna install the starter tomorrow and go for a ride.
  9. Heat Pump Water Heaters

    I don't have any experience with the heat pump water heaters but recently I installed a tankless water heater for a client. It's not much bigger than a cereal box and gets the water plenty hot and on demand. There's no keeping a tank of water hot or anything like that. As soon as it senses water flowing through it, it activates and heats the water. Works great. If my water heater goes out while I'm living in this house that's what I'm planning on replacing it with. Very low energy draw. Only when it needs power.
  10. Am I Crazy?

    I was about to join the WWII ADT. There's a team stationed out of Frederick,OK which is less than an hour's drive from where I live. I was putting together a uniform when I broke my ankle. Now I can't do it. I have however been able to fly with them once. They do two jump schools each year and I try to go to the summer class's open house graduation. Always cool to see them jump.
  11. Question -

    Proof of psychic powers.
  12. Pistoleros

    Alright after a long awaited delay, cause I kept forgetting. Here's my list of Pistoleros. Please note this list is not complete as I'm missing some aliases and some bought pins for others as well. Dorado Rye Miles Billy Boots Randy Saint Eagle Gunbutcher Doc Kay B. May Rustler Tommy Reb Denton Dancer Kow Katcher Texas Tommygun Flint N. Steele Bandera Kid Wolf Tracker Tame Bill Cahawba Kid Sedalia Dave Safecracker Solon Iron Maiden Jailhouse Jim Isom Dart Nichols Creek Buckshot Dobbs El Hombre (All the way from Australia!) Dustin Checotah Pale Ale Rider Smokin Gator Driftwood Dan Big Boyd El Muerto Negro Diamond Curly Grandpa Gary Sixgun Schwaby Deputy Short Stack Jersey Sue Deacon Henry Patchogue Pacos Pave Harry S. Webb Outsider Don Coyote Bo Hunk Charlie Lew Morris Rowdy Rube Hopalong Mac Magnus Halvorson Swede Action
  13. Pistoleros

    I'll have to get to my computer to give my full list. I've got a lot.
  14. Pistoleros

    I'd like to welcome Magnus Halvorson and Swede Action to the ranks of Pistoleros. They should be getting their pins this week.
  15. Anyone else notice this?

    I think it depends on where you are. Other than inserting the card there's really do difference for me.