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  1. I just never knew

    Then why am I so lonely...? Oh, yeah, I'm poor and not a snowflake!
  2. Emotional support kitten

    I wonder if I can have an emotional support pistol?
  3. Sinus transplant?

    I changed the air filter in my a/c. That helped me a lot.
  4. Gun Cart on a Small Budget

    Don't feel bad for being thrifty. My cart cost mr a whopping total of $20. I made it from scraps I had laying about.
  5. Pistoleros

    I sent yours. Honestly, I've been covering most of the US and sent a couple to Australia as well. I'm handling international pards on a case by case basis. If any of our Northern brethren would like to join I can take care of them as well. I will note that international shipping is expensive so it'd be best to join together and have a joint order.
  6. Portable Generators 10.5 or Larger......Your Opinion

    I have a Champion 3400 inverter generator. I can run my rv with ac going full tilt, tv, dvd player and fridge no problem. I have used it once for my house. It'll run what I needed but I wouldn't rely on it for more than basics. I'm very impressed with my Champion generator. What's more, it's fairly quiet and I can get a propane conversion kit so that I could also run it off of that as well.
  7. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    Yeah that's one aspect of the old west that I'd rather not participate in. I'm happy taking a daily shower.
  8. I offended 4 cowpokes...

    We have the JEDI's, We have the Pistoleros, We may have something for the two handers, What we need is the Offenders. Their job is to offend at least 4 snowflakes a day. Matthew Duncan can be Offender #1
  9. Gun shop etiquette

    Some people just can't mind their own business. Get them a lot when I'm working on the outside of a house in a neighborhood. Always someone there that knows more and can tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong but doesn't know which end of a hammer to hold onto.
  10. Interesting side matches

    Something the Shortgrass Rangers is a Man on Man competition. Think drag racing. We have two stages set up mirroring each other. Two shooters start shaking hands the run to the firing line. They shoot the same sequence. First one done wins and moves on to the next round. A miss or procedural is an instant DQ.
  11. Sass wire shrunk?

    CTRL 0 will return sizes to normal usually or hold CTRL and scroll with your mouse wheel to adjust accordingly.
  12. YouTube Channel for the Old West!

    That's a great tip! I got my Stetson from a pard I shoot with. Cost me a 10 spot but that's fine by me. I cleaned it up, had it reshaped, and put a new sweatband it in and it's been good ever since. Nice and comfortable to wear even on the hottest of days despite being a felt hat. I see all kinds of hats at garage and estate sales, there's lots to be had at second hand stores and antique stores as well. Those are also a good place to look for accessories and other bits and bobbles.
  13. KUKRI ?

    Kukris would not be anywhere near my first choice for brush clearing, They're not designed for that. You'd be better served with a Woodsman's Pal, or other specialty built tool. Kikris are a fighting knife, not a machete. Get the right tool for the job at hand and it'll be a lot easier.
  14. How are you prepared for an emergency?

    I have what I call my Tornado Bag. It's a drybag back pack that I keep 3 days worth of food in as well as a sleep pad, sleeping bag, tent, axe, saw, water filter and purification tabs, first aid kit and some other gear like that. I figured that if I need it that I'd only really need that much until help arrives. I also swap other things in and out of it for camping or whatever else I need.
  15. WIDDER!!!!