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  1. Need info regarding SASS Wyoming State Championship

    Here's the link. Assassin is the MD and a good guy. Shot the Eastern Regional with him in 2016. http://www.bordervigilantes.com/
  2. If you had to pick one gun...This ain't what you think.

    That would be way cool.
  3. Custom engraved 73 in 38/357 SOLD

    BTT. Good thing it’s not in 45 or 44 or I’d have to start counting pennies. :-)
  4. SPF- NIB Uberti Short Rifle in 357 - Price reduction

    BTT with price reduction
  5. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  6. New in the box, Uberti Short rifle, 20" barrel, 357, C/H frame, buttplate and lever. $975 plus shipping. Now $895 plus shipping. Thanks for looking, Dutch
  7. SPF - 7" Schofield in 45 Colt for sale

    Nope, but Three Cut has a pair of Ruger Old Models that he’s getting ready for me. :-). Best, Dutch
  8. SPF - 7" Schofield in 45 Colt for sale

    Thanks LQ, but Dad is looking to sell and isn't interested in trades. Dutch
  9. SPF - 7" Schofield in 45 Colt for sale

    It's a Uberti.
  10. This is one of my Dad's safe queens. It is a Navy Arms import that he bought back in 2003. I don't think it has a 100 rounds through it. Dad has the box and all the paperwork it that came with it. No work done to it. He wants $800. Thanks for looking. Dutch
  11. Rio Bravo Coat

    It just shrunk in the closet Tom. I've had clothes do exactly the same thing. ;-) Dutch
  12. COWHAND Classic Cowboy SW Regional Champion

    Congratulations Cowhand!
  13. Lorenzonie Repeating Flintlock

    That is really something. Thanks for posting.
  14. A Question for the Collective Wisdom of the Wire.

    Absolutely will do it, I've got one in the gun safe. It takes a special carrier, that you can get from the Smith Shop. Dutch