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  1. Dutch Coroner

    Schoefield Revolvers for SASS

    I used them exclusively for 7-8 years. I switched to Old Model Vaqueros this year and now wonder why I handicapped myself for so long. Don't get me wrong, I think Schofields are great, if you shoot duelist, but they are expensive, not every gunsmith will work on them and in my experience they were temperamental and broke down a lot. Which is why I finally switched. They couldn't stand up to the amount of use/abuse I gave them. I ended up with a pair for dryfire practice and a match pair and I always traveled with backups, even to a monthly match, because I never knew when something in one of them would break. As Dantankerous said, they feel a lot different. The key to shooting them is getting a high grip. There are a lot of "cool" points when using Schofields but if you are competitive and are going to practice a lot, I can't recommend them. Dutch
  2. Dutch Coroner

    Rifle falling off table

    And by doing that, the TO has just changed the outcome of the match. The shooter has earned a penalty, what the penalty is we don’t know, until it comes to rest. Stopping the gun from falling and not applying the earned penalty changes the outcome of the match.
  3. Dutch Coroner

    Rifle falling off table

    I was an observer to a conversation between Lassiter and a couple of my buddies on this topic a couple of years ago. Interesting conversation. As I recall, the gist of the conversation focused on you can’t make the correct call until the gun comes to a rest or stops moving. Big difference between a MSV an SDQ. If if a gun falls, it falls and the shooter gets the earned penalty. Instinct says to catch it, but not during competition. Dutch As irony has it, the very next day one of my buddies shotgun started to fall and the other buddy, who was either spotting or running the timer, I don’t remember which, froze with the conversation with Lassiter running through his mind and the shotgun hit the ground, SDQ. Other buddy didn’t care, he knew it was his fault.
  4. Dutch Coroner

    Unbelievable time for a stage

    If anyone has looked at the stage winners from EOT this year, it looks like this situation happened and was not handled properly. I know nothing other than the stage winner on stage 5 with a time of 15.46, almost 2 seconds faster than Matt Black, best time other than that stage was 43.86. So, somethings not right. Maybe it was entered incorrectly. But there’s no way that person ran the time listed for them. Dutch
  5. Dutch Coroner

    2018 Eastern Divisional - Mason Dixon Stampede

  6. Dutch Coroner

    Idiot! I should stick to muzzleloaders.

    Poop happens.
  7. Dutch Coroner

    Loading strips and shell pouch

    Missouri Marshal loading blocks missourimarshal.net
  8. Dutch Coroner

    Power Factor for Classic Cowboy

    Do you shoot Classic? It’s called a costume category, so why single out Classic Cowboy for an increased power factor? We have the required costume, firearm and caliber requirements, but apparently those aren’t enough. I’ve seen and heard the questions about why isn’t CC a BP required category and now this “question”. With 25 participants at EOT this year, CC had good participation. However, my experience has been that below that level, participation is not that great. In 2017 there were just 4 CCs at the Eastern Divisional, 7 at the NC state match, 5 at the GE state match and just 3 at the MD state match. Not what I would call great participation. I can’t believe adding another requirement would increase participation and would probably end up actually reducing the number of participants. I’m proud to be a Classic Cowboy. Every time I’m asked why don’t I change categories, I say “I like my category.” There are BP categories for those that want to shoot BP. Make CC a BP category and I will move to a different category. There is a power factor that all SASS competitors must comply with, so why suggest something different for just one category? I don’t understand the “fascination” with wanting to change my category. As my buddy Tom Payne said: “Leave it alone.” Dutch Coroner 2018 World Champion Classic Cowboy
  9. Dutch Coroner

    School me on Schofields

    Rex, i got then from Taylor’s but I just checked their site and it’s not listed. I’ve seen some on Gunbroker one in a while. I only ever saw the Russian caliber in the 3 1/2” barrel. Dutch
  10. Dutch Coroner

    School me on Schofields

    I’ve got 3 Schofields in 44 Russian. The catch is they have 3” barrels.
  11. Dutch Coroner

    Heat vs. scores

    Oh yeah. Shot 24 stages at EOT (including warmups) and never felt bad. Shot just 4 stages at the July Thurmont, MD monthly and was wiped out. Probably shouldn’t have even shot the last 2 stages. Heat and humidity are a bad combination. Even when drinking plenty. Dutch
  12. Dutch Coroner

    2018 Eastern Divisional - Mason Dixon Stampede

  13. Dutch Coroner

    EOT Champion pics

    Classic Cowboys
  14. Dutch Coroner

    2018 World Champ Classic Cowboy Dutch Coroner

    Just got home from EOT. A solid 2 days of driving. Everyone, thank you for the kind words and congratulations. Lassiter, Deuce and Misty put on a fantastic match. If you’ve never been to EOT or it’s been a while since you’ve been there, you should get it on your schedule. Dutch
  15. Dutch Coroner

    WTB a pair of ruger 44-40.

    JB Sledge

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