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  1. Dutch Coroner

    WTB a pair of ruger 44-40.

    JB Sledge
  2. Dutch Coroner

    WTB a pair of ruger 44-40.

    My brother has a pair of SS, 4 5/8, with work done by Jimmy Spurs. His cell # is 814-494-0933. He also has a blued pair with 5 1/2. Dutch
  3. Dutch Coroner

    Hot Tamale's Cantina Margarita Party EOT 2018

    Count this Classic in.
  4. Dutch Coroner

    Retiring,selling Colt,Winchester, Uberti, S&W

    My brother JB Sledge says he will take the Colt. His cell # is 814-494-0933. Thanks.
  5. Dutch Coroner


    Heard about this happening once at a state match. One of the overall match range/safety officers stopped to watch a shooter, saw a safety infraction tha none of the posse officials saw, made the MDQ call and it stood. My recollection is it was ONLY because they were one of the match officials. If you aren’t spotting, running the timer or running the loading or unloading table, it’s a no call. Dutch
  6. Dutch Coroner

    Tough hombre sweep

    If I remember correctly, red was pistols, blue was rifle and black was shotgun. The stage description was then written in that color. IE the pistol scenario was written in red and so forth.
  7. Dutch Coroner

    Tough hombre sweep

    Lassiter does that at Guns of August. And it’s color coded. Dutch
  8. Dutch Coroner

    Do you know what day you were hired?

    April 25, 1988, the one before that I don’t remember.
  9. Dutch Coroner

    Who wants to CRITIQUE?

    Great job Creeker! I read through the stages several times and I don’t have a single question. Dutch
  10. Dutch Coroner


    Pass. Some of the best advice I've received "Do yourself a favor and take those spurs off." Dutch
  11. Dutch Coroner

    Need info regarding SASS Wyoming State Championship

    Here's the link. Assassin is the MD and a good guy. Shot the Eastern Regional with him in 2016. http://www.bordervigilantes.com/
  12. Dutch Coroner

    If you had to pick one gun...This ain't what you think.

    That would be way cool.
  13. Dutch Coroner

    Custom engraved 73 in 38/357 SOLD

    BTT. Good thing it’s not in 45 or 44 or I’d have to start counting pennies. :-)
  14. Dutch Coroner

    SPF- NIB Uberti Short Rifle in 357 - Price reduction

    BTT with price reduction
  15. Dutch Coroner

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years

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