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  1. Dutch Coroner

    Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year 2018

    Congratulations to both of them!
  2. Dutch Coroner

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    The Horseshoe Roper was recommended to me and they are the most comfortable boot I've found. I have also recommended these boots to anyone that asks about comfortable footwear for shooting. Dutch
  3. Dutch Coroner

    New Starline Schofield Brass For Sale

    I’ll take it. Let me know where to send the $. Thanks, Dutch
  4. Dutch Coroner

    SASS Divisionals

    There will be a Mason Dixon Stampede in 2019. It will be the Thurmont Rangers annual match. Same time frame as the Divisional and the Regional before that. Dutch
  5. Congratulations Slick!
  6. Dutch Coroner

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    Well, my Mom makes her chili with beans, my wife makes hers with no beans. I'm not as dumb as I look, I'm not answering...
  7. Dutch Coroner

    New side match

    Dang, how did I miss that? Shucks.
  8. Dutch Coroner

    Missouri Lefty Sets Four New World Records!

    Fantastic! Way to go Lefty.
  9. Dutch Coroner

    45 Schofield - reloading stepchild?

    160 gr bullet and 4.2 grains of Clays.
  10. Dutch Coroner

    Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink at The Tennessee State Championship?

    Here's your winner Missouri Lefty and his sidekicks! This was too good to leave on Facebook.
  11. Dutch Coroner

    Largest East Coast SASS gathering

    This is by no means comprehensive but I pulled these from the latest results: NY State 219 FL State 191 GE State 175 NC State 173 Eastern Divisional 105 SC State 101 NE Regional 92 VA State 60 MD State 45
  12. Dutch Coroner

    Mason Dixon Stampede

    Scores haven't been posted yet, but here's a picture of page 1, I took last night after the awards. Congratulations to Walker Colt as top man and overall and Spinning Sally as top lady! 2nd year in a row for Walker as top overall shooter and 4th year in a row for Sally as Top Divisional Lady.
  13. Dutch Coroner

    What One Thing Decreased Your Time?

    Like what a lot of others have said, practice transitions, dry fire practice, definitely shotgun work. One thing I haven’t seen suggested however, in addition to the practice, is just shooting faster and be ok with missing. If you’re not missing at a monthly, you aren’t shooting fast enough. Dutch
  14. Dutch Coroner

    Schoefield Revolvers for SASS

    I used them exclusively for 7-8 years. I switched to Old Model Vaqueros this year and now wonder why I handicapped myself for so long. Don't get me wrong, I think Schofields are great, if you shoot duelist, but they are expensive, not every gunsmith will work on them and in my experience they were temperamental and broke down a lot. Which is why I finally switched. They couldn't stand up to the amount of use/abuse I gave them. I ended up with a pair for dryfire practice and a match pair and I always traveled with backups, even to a monthly match, because I never knew when something in one of them would break. As Dantankerous said, they feel a lot different. The key to shooting them is getting a high grip. There are a lot of "cool" points when using Schofields but if you are competitive and are going to practice a lot, I can't recommend them. Dutch
  15. Dutch Coroner

    Rifle falling off table

    And by doing that, the TO has just changed the outcome of the match. The shooter has earned a penalty, what the penalty is we don’t know, until it comes to rest. Stopping the gun from falling and not applying the earned penalty changes the outcome of the match.

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