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  1. Utah Bob #35998

    Army Museum Support Center

    I’m one of the founding sponsors.
  2. Utah Bob #35998

    USS Constitution, finally got to see her

    I’m reminded of Crockett’s talk with Travis before the battle in The Alamo. ”Some words can give you a feeling that makes your heart warm. Republic is one of those words” I would submit that Constitution is another one.
  3. Utah Bob #35998

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    Klingon cloaking paint.
  4. Utah Bob #35998

    USS Constitution, finally got to see her

    Like the man said, “Her decks no longer run red with blood. But she still has sides of iron”.
  5. Utah Bob #35998

    More adventures in shipping

    Now it’s back in Albuquerque!
  6. Utah Bob #35998

    More adventures in shipping

    A pair of earphones from Amazon.
  7. Utah Bob #35998

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    I’ve never seen a pic of an unpainted Market Garden C47. Flying at low altitude as they did, a silver bird makes a great target for AAA and every Kraut soldat in Holland with a Mauser? The Bombers and Fighters were coming unpainted from the factories mostly to save weight and costs and because of the lack of air opposition.
  8. Utah Bob #35998

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than drink that crap.
  9. Utah Bob #35998

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    When I was with Special Forces in Germany we had a 3/4 ton truck that was pink. It was for the Libya/Egypt A Team. Suposedly excellent camo for those deserts. SAS and LRDG used that color in WWII. It cetrtainly confused and amused the local Germans when they drove it into town.
  10. Utah Bob #35998

    More adventures in shipping

    It'll get here eventually.
  11. Utah Bob #35998

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    Tricky. I’ve done a bit of research on paint schemes when I was doing some models. The original volor we are used to seeing on C47s is Army Air Corps Olive Drab #41. In late ‘43 c9lor schemes were standardized as ANA Army Navy Aircraft colors. The OD color was standardized as ANA 613 which was a lighter Olive Khaki shade. Existing stocks of the #41 were exhausted through 43-44 until the #613 began to be used. I don’t have any examples of the 613 shade but I suspect that’s what they used for the film. They did an excellent job on authenticity for that movie. The Recon Spitfire they used was actually a wartime model, built in 43. It had a couple of kills over France, survived the war and was eventually sold to Denmark I think. Then brought back to Britain years later.
  12. Utah Bob #35998

    Spreadable Whiskey

    Got me all excited.....then... We can't ship this particular product to UNITED STATES... yet Why? We want to be able to deliver all of our products to every country in the world, but unfortunately at this moment it’s not possible. Sorry. This is usually due to shipping restrictions such as; electronic components, alcohol, food and even size and weight (in some rare cases). Please don’t take this as thinly concealed xenophobia. We are doing everything in our power to improve this so in the meantime please take advantage of those products we DO ship to your fine, upstanding nation. Thanks for being nice about it.
  13. Utah Bob #35998

    Happy 71st Birthday USAF

    Flying into San Fran on Eastern Airlines back around 1970. I was gazing at the runway that's right on the water and must have looked nervous. A guy sitting next to me smiles and says. "Haven't had many flights huh?" "Oh plenty of flights", I say. "Not very many landings though". He looked puzzled.
  14. Utah Bob #35998

    Weather change.

    Haven't spotted any moving through my property yet but I hear a herd of about 200 were just west of town.
  15. Utah Bob #35998

    Weather change.

    58 degrees and light rain. 15 deer between here and the Post Office fattening themselves up. Smells like Fall Spirit.

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