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  1. Utah Bob #35998

    The Monkees Peter Tork Passes at 77

    RIP man. You made me smile and tap my feet.
  2. Utah Bob #35998

    Left in the dark! What to do?

  3. Utah Bob #35998

    My next planned trip to the theater

    I don’t go to the theater buy I do have Netflix.
  4. Utah Bob #35998

    Australian pilot tells millons exactly how he feels.

    Color me skeptical
  5. Utah Bob #35998

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    One ptoblem is going from a lighted house into the dark. Your eyes need time to adjust.
  6. Utah Bob #35998

    Expected to get below 30 degrees here in Florida!

    I was in the Tallahassee area back in 85 and it got down to 17°. With 70% humidity. It was uncomfortable.
  7. Utah Bob #35998

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    Next time you could have your wife stand behind you, slightly to the side, so your rifle will be in the cone of light. That should give you view of your sights. Otherwise you’ll have to modify the rifle with a laser or night sites, which I assume you use for SASS side matches and probably dont want to do that. There are some clamp on lights that you can get.
  8. Utah Bob #35998


    Training that is!
  9. Utah Bob #35998

    Silverado movie sheriff's badge

    Try Starpacker. They make our BOLD badges. http://www.starpacker.com/xcart/home.php?cat=249
  10. Utah Bob #35998

    Shrimp Chowdah wins AGAIN!!!

    I may have to cut that down a bit for two.
  11. Utah Bob #35998

    Way OT:Need hat design?? winter project pards...

    You may need to install an Illudium Qx36 Explosive Space Modulator in the spike to ensure large chunk fraturization before impact. Solar is better than battery powered in my opinion. I think they’re available on the surplus market. on Mars.
  12. Utah Bob #35998

    Way OT:Need hat design?? winter project pards...

    Prussian? Nah. ‘Merican!
  13. Utah Bob #35998

    No Civilian Needs...

  14. Utah Bob #35998


    I am leaning that way also.

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