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  1. Utah Bob #35998


    I just couldn’t empathize with any of the characters. And when Costner was about to put down; the horse I hollered, “Don’t shoot him there!” My wife said, “What? Should he get him out of the trailer?
  2. Utah Bob #35998


    I’ll have to give it a thumbs down. Big, expensive, great vistas, good production values.... but about as realistic as a John Wayne movie. Water rights, which are a huge thing in the West, are ignored. Costner’s character is pretty unlikeable for me. The cattle war was just goofy.
  3. Utah Bob #35998

    MCPON Resigns

    Unlike a regular Master Chief, the MCPON doesn’t really run much.
  4. Utah Bob #35998

    Shooting blanks

    Note the lack of sights.
  5. Utah Bob #35998

    Memories Good and Bad.

    Doing some research on field equipment, I found this pic of a friend. Capt. Jim Gribbin from Novato, CA. He and I served together in the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany in 68. He was sent to the 5th group in Vietnam in 69 and I went to the 1st Cav division a few months later. In Sep of ‘70, just before I came home, I received word that he had been killed in action while with the 5th grp Mike Force in Kontum Province in March. A fine man and a damn good soldier. May he rest in peace and honored glory. https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/68796
  6. Utah Bob #35998

    Shooting blanks

    1/2 lb is cheaper.
  7. Utah Bob #35998

    Shooting blanks

    And those suckers are LOUD!
  8. Utah Bob #35998

    My boss is going to kill me!

    Looks like a lot of rust flakes on the floor.
  9. Utah Bob #35998

    Aircraft Transport

  10. Utah Bob #35998

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    I think you misunderstood Country Wildman’s post. Whiskey Business is a member here.
  11. Utah Bob #35998

    On the road with pasture puppies

    Much earlier actually. I dare not go up there now and re check on him. :
  12. Utah Bob #35998

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    But the fish shall be content.
  13. Utah Bob #35998

    Tragedy in Kentucky

  14. Utah Bob #35998

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    "Running into a nearby creek" Momma, fetch my cane pole!
  15. Utah Bob #35998


    92° here now. It's gonna be a long summer.

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