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  1. Another thing I do't need but kinda want.....

    Couldn't hep myself. I ordered it.
  2. Search for Texas bomber ends.

  3. https://www.ruralking.com/atari-flashback-7-game-console.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=2018-03-21+Atari&utm_campaign=298710123&utm_contnet=298710123&_bta_tid=32056512065476410414092769104739037680265342676059936072681104039189094352699766351479829444137293236841
  4. Porky Pine

    Ate one once. Can’t recommend it.
  5. semi auto cartridges in a revolver

    Well, first Cimmaron doesn’t really “make” anything, they import. Never seen a .380 wheelgun either. Should function as well as the 45 acp and 9mm though, which is to say just fine.
  6. if you have it that bad why not quit

    A lot of people have simple solutions to the problem. More discipline. Better parenting. Less bullying. Etc. But there are no simple solutions. What we have here is a perfect storm created by a number of factors, including those above. It is compounded by mental ilness that is unrecognized or untreated and eventually culminates in a tragedy, either suicide or an unspeakable act of lashing out as last resort. I wish I had solutions, but it will take better educated and more experienced folks than me to figure it out.
  7. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    Actually the weapon on the CIB is a 1795 Springfield Musket, the same arm is used in the infantry crossed rifles insignia. It would have been bad form using the Brown Bess, which was a Redcoat wepon.
  8. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    Basic Capitalism actually. Supply and demand.
  9. USS Juneau Found

  10. March Weather

    I been snowblind once. Uncomfortable. So I always use some sun glasses or goggles when the blue skies and bright sun return after a storm.
  11. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    And thank goodness. They make things interesting.
  12. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    I bout choked on my popcorn
  13. An 18 year old

    The camera hides a of of flaws. For instance, look at my selfie.
  14. March Weather

    Plowin time!
  15. March Weather

    All done.