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  1. Utah Bob #35998

    Now don’t get me wrong

    I like Nathan Fillion. But The Rookie has to be one of the stupidest cop shows on tv.
  2. Utah Bob #35998

    Secrets of Gift Giving REVEALED

    Best gift wasn’t exactly for Christmas, but close. It was 25 years ago on our 25th anniversary which is 3 days after Christmas. (No Spring wedding for us. I was in the Army in 68 and you took what you could get) We were living in Miami and I told Carol we’d take a shuttle flight to Orlando and hang out at Disney World for a few days. Unbeknownst to her I had booked a stay at the Golden Nugget in Vegas. I told her at the last minute the flight would be a little longer. I can still hear her squeal when she saw the plane tickets.
  3. Utah Bob #35998


    Watching Juan of the Dead this evening, I developed a hankering for some rum but I haven’t had any that I can say I enjoyed. I understand Cuba makes the best but obviously that’s quite a drive. Any recommendations for a decent sippin rum? NOT any of that spiced crap!
  4. Utah Bob #35998


    And tried it this afternoon. Figured as it was snoepwing sideways outside, it was a good time to get in a tropical mood. Didn’t exactly make me a Flipflop wearing Parrot head but It’s the best dark rum I’ve had so far! Definitely drinkable. The wife put some in her hot chocolate.
  5. Utah Bob #35998

    Book of the Garand by Julian Hatcher

    I’m currently refinishing the stocks on our VFW Garands. Got four finished so far and two ‘03s for the color guard. There are a few dings here and there on some. 70 years of service leaves marks. But I’m getting most of the bad spots out and putting 5 costs of boiled linseed oil on them and a few coats of stock wax. There’s nothing like American Walnut and forged steel. My personal M1 retains it’s earned scars.
  6. Utah Bob #35998


    It has always been my opinion that everybody should have education in firearms laws including use of deadly force. And they should receive it in high school or home school.
  7. Utah Bob #35998


    I stay out of contagious states...especially in flu season.
  8. Utah Bob #35998

    Dang Navy recruiters!

    He had me at "Liberace"
  9. Utah Bob #35998

    Secrets of Gift Giving REVEALED

    Wait till Carol see's what she's gettin this year.
  10. Utah Bob #35998

    Here comes winter

    Spotted 3 bald Eagles and one Ferfuginous Hawk on my way back from the post office. Sure sign of winter here.
  11. Utah Bob #35998

    Book of the Garand by Julian Hatcher

    I believe Fulton Armory has those. Yup found it. https://www.fulton-armory.com/gascylinderplugsystemadjustable.aspx
  12. Utah Bob #35998


    Yeah. I know.
  13. Utah Bob #35998

    Speaking of Whop whop whop

    Watchin a syfy movie this afternoon it occurred to me that virtually every time you see a helicopter in the movies it sounds like a Huey. No matter if it’s a Blackhawk, Apache, MI-24, an Aerospatiale, or a Chinese Z-10. I guess it’s the only helicopter sound Hollywood has in it’s audio library.
  14. Utah Bob #35998

    Speaking of Whop whop whop

    Cool. The wheels are a bit out of scale but looks good otherwise.
  15. Utah Bob #35998

    Speaking of Whop whop whop

    You have to point it at somebody.
  16. Utah Bob #35998

    Speaking of Whop whop whop

    Pretty much any bird with two blades will sound like that. Three and for bladers won’t.
  17. Utah Bob #35998

    Creamy or Chunky

    Peanut butter and banana sammiches were m6 dad’s favorite. I’m fond of them myownself.
  18. Utah Bob #35998

    Speaking of Whop whop whop

    Yup. Just like all guns.
  19. Utah Bob #35998

    Book of the Garand by Julian Hatcher

    Yup. A lot of people think the change to the M2 ball ammo was because the M1 was to powerful. Not so. The Garand was built to handle it. I load my ammo close to M2 specs. I don’t need to reach out very far.
  20. Utah Bob #35998

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    Some of the smallere SUVs won’t take chains becuse of the lack of fender clearance. You need cables for those. Check the owners manual.
  21. Utah Bob #35998

    Baby, Just GO Outside

    Look at my link. There is hope.
  22. Utah Bob #35998

    Another cop question

  23. Utah Bob #35998

    Book of the Garand by Julian Hatcher

    Happiness is a warm Garand.
  24. Utah Bob #35998

    Baby, Just GO Outside

    Ta Da! https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/station-nixes-ban-on-controversial-song-after-overwhelming-poll-results/ar-BBQNHmW?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout

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