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  1. Smokers in NYC

    NYC? Couldn’t care less.
  2. One man's trash...

    IIRC they were imported by a Miami firm. They seemed to be the Saturday Night Special of choice when I was there back in the 70s.
  3. Time to chill out now..

    I met Buffet once in Miami. Talked to him for a couple of hours. It was my impression that he would eat a parrot if necessary. back in the 70s
  4. Time to chill out now..

    Eagles Ventures Buffet (just because it's an island we're talkin about) Boney James
  5. https://www.ruralking.com/atari-flashback-7-game-console.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=2018-03-21+Atari&utm_campaign=298710123&utm_contnet=298710123&_bta_tid=32056512065476410414092769104739037680265342676059936072681104039189094352699766351479829444137293236841
  6. Another thing I do't need but kinda want.....

    Couldn't hep myself. I ordered it.
  7. Search for Texas bomber ends.

  8. Porky Pine

    Ate one once. Can’t recommend it.
  9. semi auto cartridges in a revolver

    Well, first Cimmaron doesn’t really “make” anything, they import. Never seen a .380 wheelgun either. Should function as well as the 45 acp and 9mm though, which is to say just fine.
  10. if you have it that bad why not quit

    A lot of people have simple solutions to the problem. More discipline. Better parenting. Less bullying. Etc. But there are no simple solutions. What we have here is a perfect storm created by a number of factors, including those above. It is compounded by mental ilness that is unrecognized or untreated and eventually culminates in a tragedy, either suicide or an unspeakable act of lashing out as last resort. I wish I had solutions, but it will take better educated and more experienced folks than me to figure it out.
  11. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    Actually the weapon on the CIB is a 1795 Springfield Musket, the same arm is used in the infantry crossed rifles insignia. It would have been bad form using the Brown Bess, which was a Redcoat wepon.
  12. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    Basic Capitalism actually. Supply and demand.
  13. USS Juneau Found

  14. March Weather

    I been snowblind once. Uncomfortable. So I always use some sun glasses or goggles when the blue skies and bright sun return after a storm.
  15. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    And thank goodness. They make things interesting.
  16. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    I bout choked on my popcorn
  17. An 18 year old

    The camera hides a of of flaws. For instance, look at my selfie.
  18. An 18 year old

    Marlin that is.
  19. March Weather

    Plowin time!
  20. A D Day vet,

    That’s all brother. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/thats-all-brother-takes-to-the-skies.html
  21. March Weather

    All done.
  22. Christmas present question

    30 years? Maybe not. Now? Yeah.
  23. March Weather

    We rarely get that much liquid. Y’all better break out the canoes!
  24. March Weather

    Aaaand here it comes again. Just as I finished plowing....
  25. Mixed Messages

    These are children. They only know what their liberal “education” has shown them, anti gun propaganda they see, and what they get from their peers on social media. They have no life experience in most cases. They expect to be protected and taken care of and don't understand how bad things might happen. I can’t really be mad at them. But I worry that they are being validated and used by the rabid anti gun crowd.