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  1. Colt Sheriff's Model .32-20?

    Wikipedia list 32-20.
  2. Couple of AR questions

    Some legislators would define it as an assault rifle. Adjustable stock, pistol grip, barrel shroud and removable ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than 10 cartridges that isn't installed in the pistol grip.
  3. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    The Kwajelin atoll wasn't that easy to take even after both naval & air bombardment flattened all but one palm tree. The secret to the low number of US casualties is UTD teams logging the channels between islands. They determined the invading force troop transports could pass into the 1400 sq. mile lagoon and land troops on Kwajelin, Roy & Namor islands wo/fire from the bunkers. The jumble of palm trees however provided excellent cover for the Japanese who ventured out of the bunkers to engage the marines. The only bunker that was destroyed was the torpedo bunker on Roy that a marine squad used satchel charges. All the torpedoes exploded wiping out the marines & leaving a crater where the bunker was.
  4. Darn all your Dillon talk....

    Aftermarket upgrades for the 650 that I recommend are: spent primer chute, live primer chute & Arredondo micrometer powder bar kit or micrometer powder bar. The stock live primer chute design sucks because some live primers wind up on the floor. Also spent primers tend to escape the spent primer tray. The micrometer powder bars save time setting up powder charges. Alternatively like with toolheads have a bar for each load*. An R&R die wrench works a lot better than the Dillon wrench. There are also items that improve the function of Dillon presses. A toolhead clamp kit which prevents toolhead movement. This movement increases the chance of crushing straight wall cases at the sizing decapping station. A shellplate bearing kit reduces shellplate friction & indexing G forces. The stock index ball & spring snaps the shellplate into position. *It takes me more time to adjust a non micrometer powder bar than perform a caliber conversion.
  5. Florida invasive iguana problem

    Back in 1980 & 1981 I made several business trip to Colombia to a nickle mine/smelter site that was located in the Caribbean coastal plain. Iguana & capybara sightings were very rare except were the mine/smelter were located. They were plentiful there because, the site had been protected from colonial times. Outside the site the only iguanas I saw were pets saved from the grill.
  6. What's going on with Marlin?

    The Bankruptcy filling has been delayed until this week.
  7. Latest status symbol in Silicon Valley

    Amen! Don't say that in front of my sister in law. The only way my brother in law can get ride of problem rosters & hens is to feed them to the coyotes, raccoons or bobcats that wander through their property at night.
  8. Any Glock fans out there?

    My wife saw a Glock 19 with factory out of the box US flag paint job which she had to have; so, we now own a Glock. It joined our pistol collection of CZ85, Kimber Ultra CDP, H&K USP 40 V2 & Taurus TCP. Only the TCP doesn't stovepipe if limp wristed. The TCP will fly out of your hand if not held firmly. The Kimber & the CZ are the best pointing of the lot. Haven't shot the Glock 19 yet. In late 90's when I acquired the H&K I did a lot of research on what auto loading handgun I should buy. At the time I wanted all the safety bells & whistles plus controls for a southpaw. The USP was the only pistol that had a variant for lefties. Ambi guns like the CZ85 & Kimber aren't completely ambi.
  9. You've all wondered......

    It would be better if torque limiting screw drivers were used. Did you notice Mateo cinching up the trigger screw.
  10. Reload recipes: go high or go low?

    If you use TrailBoss a smokeless powder designed for 19th century black powder cartridges. there is a formula on the Hodgdon website. to determine powder charge for any bullet weight.
  11. BP Sub load for 45-70 Springfield Trapdoor

    Unless the trapdoor is unsafe to shoot with BP loads or the box of store bought smokeless 45-70 loads are marked not for use in a Springfield or trapdoor rifle or only for use in Winchester 1886 or 1895, Ruger No. 1, etc. the pressure won't exceed the SAMI spec. for the trapdoor rifle. Otherwise the cartridge mfg. has a huge liability problem. To be safe the rifle should be inspected by a gunsmith & proof tested. If he doesn't mind risking damaging the rifle he could mount it in a jig on a rigid table out in the back 40 with a long string attached to the trigger. Then hiding behind a barrier pull the string.
  12. Why the AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle

    Didn't the trench guns have 20 in. barrels? Of course some doughboy could have cutoff the stock & took a hacksaw to the barrel to make a handy pistol. I remember seeing a few M2 carbines in Vietnam that had stocks modified to make a select fire long barrel pistol.
  13. Why the AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle

    Even if you assume the NFA doesn't infringe on the 2A a M4/16, M14, Tavor, FN FAL, AK47/74, H&K G3 etc. would not be covered by the NFA. The only case re. the NFA to reach SCOTUS was Miller. SCOTUS returned the case to the circuit court to answer the question Is a short barrel shotgun a weapon suitable for use by a soldier in battle? The question was never answered because the defendant failed to show up for the retrial. He was dead. Since the weapons listed above are or have been the post WWII main battle rifles the answer to the Miller test is YES; therefore, the permission part of the NFA doesn't apply. Of course the $200 tax could be imposed using Roberts majority opinion in the NFB vs Sebelius. However, I don't know of any other inalienable right that is taxed. The same applies to SBR's (M4). Requirement that a civilian legal machine gun be registered before 1986 would also be unconstitutional under the Miller test.
  14. Why the AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle

    The Mosin Nagant, 98K, M1903, British Enfield & M1 Garrand are battle rifles. The 1st assault rifle is the StG 44 (Strumgewehr 44) which defined what an assault rifle is, not the media or hoplophobic politicians. The StG 44 is a select fire rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge which has ballistics between a battle rifle caliber & pistol caliber.
  15. .50 BMG Uppers For AR-15 Lowers

    The muzzle blast/flash would be like that of a M109 howitzer. It isn't a pleasant experience to be occupying a privy located in the muzzle blast area of a M109 during a fire mission. Been there done that! JD Daily USA Republic of Vietnam 1970-1971