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  1. J.D. Daily

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    Especially if you are a prepper! Those EMP's will smoke the electronics. Most safes these days have electronic locks. they are cheaper. Also, Liberty will send out a locksmith to open your safe rendered unopenable by fire or burglars at no cost. P.S. My antique bank safe's two locks are worn to the point that you can't unlock them. The available S&G mechanical locks can't replace them; so the outer door lock is a S&G digital; because the keypad is connected to the lock by a ribbon cable. Fortunately the electronics is burned in to insure that the electronics won't fail for many years. A 24 hr burn in will find 99.999% of defective electronic components. For greatest reliability use only Lion primary batteries & replace them before their 10 year shelf life.
  2. J.D. Daily

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    A locksmith friend since 73 of mine told me to bolt a safe to the concrete slab in the house or garage which the minimizes the max thermal energy exposure. Think of a dutch oven. Also, evaluate safes by looking at the door bolting & steel thickness. Don't save money by by selecting a size the doesn't have ample space to accommodate expanding collections. In 1999 when I purchased a Colt sporter A2 HBAR I lived in CA so I purchased a Liberty safe with highest fire rating available. I had a small collection, 2 long guns & 3 handguns. I wanted a fire safe because as long as I lived in CA I couldn't replace the sporter. I was so concerned that I built a closet w/2 layers of 5/8" drywall including the door to contain the safe in the garage. My collection has grown to stuff that safe. And when my daughter briefely separated from her husband she brought hers he son's shotguns here for temp. storage storage. I went out and bought another safe to hold them. P.S. when my locksmith friend's daughter & son inlaw who had taken over his business decided to go 100% mobile he sold the property. The store fixtures had to be removed & one item was a 1900 vintage bank safe. I agreed to take it. The out side dimensions are twice that of the Liberty safe; however, it's storage volume is less than the Liberty & long guns won't fit because half the interior is another vault. While I could load it into a 2 horse trailer using equipment rollers & 1.5 ton floor jack I had to rent a fork lift to move it into my shop. The floor jack could only lift one side. This thing has 1/2" steel outside walls and 3 1/2" concrete fill. Once it was sitting on the shop slab I moved it myself because it has steel wheels. It is my ammo, primer & powder bunker.
  3. J.D. Daily

    Reduced Recoil Shotgun Loads?

    I cut the stock on my Stoeger & refit the stock recoil pad to fit my wife. I also purchased a leather slip-on recoil pad. I kept the piece cut from the stock & insert it in the slip-on pad to fit me. If proper form & the mods aren't enough have her wear a Past pad under her blouse. I found the Past pad is the only way I could take firing 100 rounds of target loads through my Rem 1100. It also helps reduce the punishment from a box of 3" &/or 3.5" steel shot fired in a Binelli SBE II. 3.5" are real teeth jarring.
  4. J.D. Daily

    Words Being Used Today

    Shop talk belongs in the shop. The problem with common use of it is it looses the shock value and just indicates the ignorance of the speaker. When I hear this and other misuses of the English language I know they either didn't learn anything in K-12 school or they were victims of poor performing schools.
  5. J.D. Daily

    How to vote...?

    It was the Governator's great idea. However it isn't an idea hatched in Kalifornia; LA has had this for many years.
  6. J.D. Daily

    AMA Intensifies Push For Gun Control Ahead Of Midterm Elections

    "Gun Free School Zones" I believe schools have been since Monica L was playing Slick Willie"s willie in the Oval Office.
  7. J.D. Daily

    New York: Microstamping On the Assembly Calendar For Thursday

    It works perfectly. No new semi automatic handguns can be sold & those on the DOJ list will eventually be removed as the listing expire. Eventually only revolvers will be sold to civilians in CA.
  8. J.D. Daily

    Conference of Mayors passes resolutions favoring gun control

    "Common Sense" usage means those using the term can't articulate a cogent argument to support their solutions. How does banning so called assault weapons make a significant dent in homicides? The deadliest school shooting in USA was Virginia Tech where 2 Glocks were used. How does limiting magazine capacity reduce carnage when it takes less than 2 seconds to change magazines?
  9. J.D. Daily

    Gander Outdoors

    Online retailers like the 800 lb. gorilla AMAZON are killing brick & mortar retailers. At least AMAZON doesn't want to compete with LGS's.
  10. J.D. Daily

    California to declare Coffee doesn't cause Cancer

    The effects of Prop 65 are so pervasive that just about every business in CA has Prop 65 warning signs at their public entrances. They are so prevalent that I don't notice them. Only wack job watermelons & public interest nonprofits that fund raise by suing & settling care. And CA is full of these people & org's. I tell everyone that visits from CA to stop by Big R before heading home to pick up a gallon or two of Gleophosphate (Generic Roundup). P.S. I understand that "Gunmagedon" doesn't restrict visitors to the Golden State from bringing ammo with them & doesn't require that any left doesn't have to be removed when they return to less anti 2A states.
  11. J.D. Daily

    The Pass

    The YF-12 was a air intercept version of the CIA's A-12 with the chines shortened to accommodate radar & ventral fins added because the shortened chines introduced instabilities. The program was canceled for the same reason the YB-70 was cancelled. The reason was technical advances in ground based antiaircraft missiles. The penetration mission had to evolve to very low & slow to avoid ground based long range radars. The A-12 while looking like the SR-71 is not the same airframe, it's smaller & were operational 2 years before the SR-71.
  12. J.D. Daily

    FedEx "Smartpost" - Steer Clear of this "dumb as a post" service

    Living 8 miles out of town it can add 2 days to the delivery if the package doesn't fit in my mailbox that is 1.2 miles from my house; since, even if you go to the post office the day the tag is left in the mail box the counter person won't give the package to you. These tags say available for pickup the next day. The only bad experience was with a XL650 press upgrade from a mfg. in Alaska. It fit in a padded envelope and was shipped via USPS. I didn't receive it and the supplier said the USPS delivered it. A couple of months later walking with the dogs I found the packing slip on the ground about 1/2 mile from my mail box. I am sure some thief removed the package from the mail box & later opened the package. I doubt the thief had a use for it & discarded it as well as the part. P.S. People who work the counter are friendly & courteous.
  13. J.D. Daily

    The Sheriff giveth..

    If you are inferring that not having LEO experience means poor department management, the Broward County department is prima fasica evidence that experience always means good management. What it proves are politicians generally are bad managers. P.S. Ross Murikarimi is definitely evidence that a SF Board of Stupervisors politican will not be good for the sheriffs dept., residents & visitors as the sheriff. Only in SF would the voters elect that piece of work.
  14. J.D. Daily

    For us LEO's

    I would expect that whenever your pistol has been out of the holster & out of site that when retrieving it you would press check it unless it has a loaded chamber indicator. Could be dangerous if you assume there's a round in the chamber when there isn't. Similar to assuming that the firearm is unload & not checking it when you pick it up. I was surprised one time when taking a firearm out of my primary safe to find a loaded chamber. Surprised because I put it in the safe and I "ALWAYS" remove magazines from pistols & rifles before putting them in a gun safe.
  15. J.D. Daily

    A Tale of Three Lightinings

    You should acquire cerrosafe chamber casting metal and cast the offending rifle's chamber to compare the chamber dimensions to the SAAMI chamber spec's for 44-40.

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