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  1. I lived in CA for 66 years minus the 2 1/2 years I spent in the Army and retired to the free Battle Born State. I still have vacation property in CA as well as family. I am seriously considering going through the hassel of acquiring a 30 cal suppressor for use with subsonic 300BO & 308. In 1999 I purchased a Colt Sporter just before AB23 passed the legislature. Bought a fire safe to protect it & built a closest with 3 layers of 1/2" drywall on sides & rear & 2 layers for the door. Since moving to NV I have built a precision AR10 in 308 & AR15 lower w/Fostech Echo II binary trigger to go with 300BO & 223 Wildy uppers.
  2. You'd better buy all the semiauto handguns you have a yen for before moving; since, the CA DOJ Safe Handgun list is getting shorter. Also, if you want to buy a consecutive serial no. pair if single action handguns you'll have to wait 10 work days to pick-up the 1st and another month plus 10 workdays to pick-up the other. Starting Jan 1 there will be background checks for ammo purchases. If you internet order ammo it has to be shipped to a CA FFL or CA DOJ licensed ammo dealer. Any money you save will be eaten up by the fee charged by the licensee & shipping. I didn't include the sales tax savings since SCOTUS ruled this year that sellers that don't have a physical presence in your state are legally required to collect sales tax. So, some time in the near future these transactions will include a line for sales taxes.
  3. J.D. Daily

    Uberti 1851 Navy London or EMF Navy London?

    The Pietta C & B revolvers have issues that make out of the box a pain in the CAS game. You can search the archives for a list of the mod's required to make them acceptable for CAS.
  4. J.D. Daily

    Shooting The Mosin Nagant And Not Starting Fires

    I shot one once!! I don't like the recoil of a 308 out of any rifle weighing <12 lbs. The recoil of a 30-06 bolt gun is way more than I like. However the worst recoil is from a Stoeger coach gun shooting 2 3/4 in. steel waterfowl loads. When I bought mine the store I purchased it only had non-toxic 12ga shells. The only thing I shoot that has more punishing recoil is that of 12 ga 3 1/2 in. magnum steel shot shells out of a Benelli SBEII.
  5. J.D. Daily

    It's That Time Of Year For Asking THE QUESTION

    I was at home getting ready to drive the 50 miles to work. I would leave no latter than 8:50AM PT. I always listened to the KSFO morning show. After it was broadcast that the 1st plane had hit one of the WTC towers I turned on the TV. When I saw the size of the fire I wondered how long it would be before the building collapsed. When 2nd plane hit it was obvious that it was terrorism. Also I knew due to the location of impact being below that on 1st tower it would collapse 1st. I didn't leave home until the 1st tower collapsed. Even if the impacts hadn't disabled the fire suppression system on the fire involved floors they aren't design to put out fires. Only residential fire suppression systems are designed to put a fire out.
  6. J.D. Daily


    Sort of like what happened to my brother in-law when he served on the Ranger. During his day watch the planes were parked with their tails over the flight deck. He wasn't told before his night watch that they had been moved so their tails were hanging off the deck. It was a moonless night & with the only illumination a single cell red light. He followed a plane's fuselage until his feet were firmly planted in air. Fortunately for him the barrel of a 5" gun was pointed outward; so, his fall was broken by the barrel.
  7. J.D. Daily

    Study: Gun owners more politically engaged

    I bet that some of survey participants who reported both voting in 2016 & not owning a firearm is significant
  8. J.D. Daily

    How far would you drive to shop?

    See lives in just west of Valley Springs and shares a driveway with her in-laws. My brother in-law and his family live scattered around Placerville. I have noticed at least a sign on 49 pointing to Fiddletown the times I driven from Valley Springs to Placerville when making a loop from NV to visit my daughter & brother in-law.
  9. J.D. Daily

    How far would you drive to shop?

    Martel's pricing is higher than Safeway. My daughter & her in-laws drive to Walmart in Jackson or COSTCO in Stockton.
  10. J.D. Daily

    How far would you drive to shop?

    Must have been a few years back or the drive was between Midnight and 4AM. Every time we go to an A's game with my daughter & son in-law I am reminded why I retired in 2012 & moved to rural NV.
  11. J.D. Daily

    CZ SP01

    The inside rails are why they are very accurate. I have bought a CZ85 in 2000 because my gun nut coworker loaned me a CZ75 with wood gripe panels. Took it to the range and was very impressed with the ergonomics & accuracy. I searched the LGS's for a CZ85 (has ambi controls) & eventually found one. The only thing I changed were the grip panels which were rubber. The rubber grips prevented dropping the magazine so, I bought wood grips from CZ. One comment is for reliable feeding use only OEM magazines.
  12. J.D. Daily

    new MG for the Army

    Sounds like a daunting task. Unless new weapons that have a breach/bolt the can seal a proof round gas pressure the case head has to seal that pressure are developed. A polymer case ain't going to do it and have the same or greater case volume. The currently available composite case ammo is more like shotgun hulls.
  13. J.D. Daily

    Savage Lever-Action for Long Range Match?

    The Savage 1895 & the 99 until the 1950's had a rotary magazine that allowed the use of spitzer (pointy ogive) bullets. Only the caliber 303 Savage meets the long range rifle category requirements. The 1895 & 99 rifles have a certain cool factor due to their rotary magazine which allowed the use of spitzer bullets & allow a very svelte receiver. The disadvantage is the bullet profile must fit the dimensions of the cartridge the rifle is chambered in.
  14. J.D. Daily

    Pheasant Ammo

    Has your A5 been fit to you? Proper fitting makes a huge difference in wing shooting success. It is especially important if you are left eye dominant; since as shipped from the factory the cast is for the 90% of the population that are right eye dominant. I being left eye & left handed find that I have a much higher hit ratio with my Benelli SBEII than my 1978 vintage Remington 1100. The SBE has been fit.
  15. J.D. Daily


    The "chem trails" are the solid phase of Dihydrogen Monoxide. It ain't cold enough for the Carbon Dioxide to be in the solid phase.

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