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  1. J.D. Daily

    New to SASS and CAS, lots to learn!

    The SDB uses Dillon proprietary dies. The sizing & seating dies as well as powder funnel are the same for 45C & 45 S&W. The crimping dies are different.
  2. J.D. Daily

    Federal shotgun primers / CCI mixup

    Federal & CCI are part of Vista Outdoors.
  3. J.D. Daily

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    For transporting through CA as long as it isn't an Evil Black Rifle or an NFA item 1) for a vehicle with a trunk transport them unloaded in the trunk 2) otherwise the firearm has to be unloaded with installed CA DOJ approved gun lock . Don't transport an EBR through CA. Once she is in WA send the EBR to her.* If she wants to take a handgun for protection during the trip buy a handgun lock box to store handgun unloaded. Store the ammo separately. *WA residents how does the recently passed ballot measure affect owners of semi-auto rifles with fixed or detachable magazines that hold more than 10 rounds? From what I have heard the Ruger 10/22 is an assault weapon.
  4. "Some argue that universal background check legislation will close security gaps in gun purchases and help prevent mass shootings." How can they argue this when they can't point out one post 1968 GCA mass shooting that the weapon(s) used were acquired via voluntary (not by theft) private party transfer. Sandy Hook? The perp killed his mother and took her firearms.
  5. J.D. Daily

    Contra Costa supervisors ask state to ban gun shows at fairgrounds

    The author by listing Alameda & Los Angles counties should have stated that they were sued by the operators of the shows at their fairgrounds. Alameda County didn't directly ban gun shows, they banded firearms on county property. They were loosing in the 9th Circus circus & saved face by paying off the show operators which still run smaller venue gun shows in CA. I believe the operator of the LA show was paid off by the Board of Stupidvisors & moved the show to Clark County NV.
  6. J.D. Daily

    Light 12ga. Shotgun loads with Hodgdon Clays powder?

    Wear a Past shoulder padlt recoi under your shirt. I use it when shooting a box of 2 3/4” steel shot or any 3” or 3 1/2” shells in my Beneli SBE II. +1 for using a BP substitute like APP. After a triple bypass I bought some 12 ga Magtech brass & loaded them using APP. Followed a recipe in Balitic Products BP manual. The felt recoil was similar to that of a round barreled carbine firing 45 colt w/200 grain pill over recommended starting weight of trail boss. My CASS shotgun is a Stoger coach gun.
  7. J.D. Daily

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    I agree that firearm owners regardless of the reason they own them shouldn’t criticize owners whose reasons are different. We should encourage all owners to participate in a firearms competition that improves their skills. Unfortunately there a too many who are narrow minded. The gang on AR15.com are populated with many. They are quick to label hunters who are 2A ignoramouses “Fudds”. They laid Jim Zumbo a long time hunting writer low after Sandy Hook when he confirmed he was a Fudd by stating in his blog that AR’s have no legitimate use. Whithin 48 hours he lost his Field & Stream gig & Remington sponsorship. Many AR15.com members contacted both co’s to express their anger. The kerfufel spread like the Camp fire.
  8. J.D. Daily

    Cleaning Oilskin Duster

    If that doesn't work try Odoban. It kills difficult odors like cat & dog urine. It took two applications to remove (kill) the mildew & mold in the basement of our family cabin in Tahoe last year. The heavy warm winter storms last year raised the water table above the basement floor. There was a 1/4" of water on the concrete floor in March. The basement didn't totally dry out until September. The humidity was so high that the solid core door to our owner's closet (10' by 10' room) was swollen to the point that it couldn't be opened/removed even after removing the hinge pins. Had to use a reciprocating saw to cut the screws mounting the frame. P.S. The problem with Odoban is your coat will smell like a nursing home until it has been aired out for a week.
  9. J.D. Daily

    When It Is Time To Say Good-bye To A Pet

    I the misses & Moose lost our loving loyal golden retriever friend Chief Thursday at 5:30PM. He passed after emergency abdominal surgery. He hadn't been acting quite normally starting Monday. He had to be coxed to eat and he didn't follow us out to the paddocks when we feed our horses. He didn't eat much Wednesday evening & Thursday morning he would only eat a little canned cat food. We took him to the vet and I had to lift him into the car. He groaned when I picked up his rear by his abdomen. The vet determined he had fluid (blood) buildup in his abdomen. This was confirmed by x-ray & syringe inserted into his abdomen. He explained that it was a ruptured tumor on his spleen; which isn't uncommon for 11 year old large breed dogs. He felt that he may live as long as a couple years if no other organs are involved. The vet called at 4:45PM to say the surgery went well in that the bleeding was stopped & he didn't see that the cancer had spread. At 5:30PM the misses got a call from the vet who informed her that when he checked on Chief before he went home for the night Chief had passed. Chief just had his 11th birthday on Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the 10 years 10 months we had with Chief. The misses called him the Best of the Best.
  10. J.D. Daily

    Triple 7 storage

    All the real BP & BP subs are very hydroscopic. So, in high humidity environments the container should only be open to fill a powder measure hopper or empty the hopper when reloading session is finished. If using dippers fill the container your dipping from with not much more than needed for the reloading session. Acquire some small desiccant packs like the ones found in some pill containers. If you through them into the powder container they will keep the powder in good condition.
  11. J.D. Daily

    CCH & cleaning (1873)

    Unless the Uberti CCH finish has changed the frame has a clear coat to make the faux* CCH shiny. I have had a Beretta Goldrush (Uberti Lightning) for 8 years and it "HAD a clear coat. I sprayed the inside of the receiver down with Remoil which softened the clear coat where it got on the outside. I had to mask off the stock & wipe off the clear coat with a Remoil soaked rag. The receiver no has a mat finish. *Chemical wash process vs. traditional bone charcoal process used by Turnbull.
  12. J.D. Daily

    Flechettes In WWI

  13. J.D. Daily

    Selling a BP Revolver

    If the item is not a "firearm" as defined by federal statue or regulation why would the ATF or DOJ prosecute a violation of a state law?
  14. This is at most virtue signaling. Other than forcing a useless expenditure of corporate funds to produce studies, they can't do anything to force corporations to adopt their policies. Pension funds & mutual funds can't own enough stock in a company to vote for enough board members to change a firearms manufacture's policies. Especially when those policies will drive away their products future purchasers. You don't have to guess what will happen; since, S&W's sales dropped to near zero when the owners got in bed with the future NY governor, then a cabinet secretary during the Hillbilly Whore Hopper' s presidency. If a fund manager or billionaire acquired enough stock to take over a firearms corp, they would have to acquire all all the outstanding stock otherwise when their policies cause sales & stock to tank & will loose the suit by the remaining stockholders. I am sure that the corporation's creditors will sue if the debits aren't retired before the corp. goes Tango Uniform.
  15. I am sure he supported Manchin-Toomey in 2013 after Sandy Hook that couldn't get 60 votes for cloture.

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