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  1. Gun cart rules

    So you went with the 3 cart?
  2. Long Range Side Matches

    I am enjoying the Long Range side matches that most clubs include at their State, Regional and National events. Unlike all the other side matches the Long Rangers need to know what categories will be shot. If Rifle-Revolver is going to be shot and NO Buffalo then that’s 10 to 20 pounds of stuff we can leave at home. So why not try a new Facebook sight totally devoted to Long Range. Please if you know of a match that will include a Long Range Side match then let's get it posted. We can use the Website to look at upcoming events and hopefully review what specific gun types we need to bring. Also if we have good club reporting we can post the winners and Match photos. Give it a try. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CowboyActionLongRangeShooters/ Match postings should include the following: SIDE MATCH DATE, Place and TIME Rifle categories with corresponding yardages Revolver or other special category with yardages. Club Logo or Photo ENJOY !!
  3. Long range rifle shooting

    I am looking forward to the long range at FL State. Sounds like a great match for all. If any you pards plan on attending GA State this year we will also be shooting long range. Come on down and give it a try. We will even have a 5 round shooter standing 50 yards revolver category.
  4. Long Long Range @ Florida State Championships!

    If your a shootin long range then I will also be there. I heard the same thing that they where going to have a real nice long range event. We need more folks to participate. As you know we also have a nice one scheduled for the Georgia match
  5. The stage is set. Shooter, Spotters and RO at the ready. Pistols first 10 rounds, then Rifle 9 rounds and then 4 Shotgun. Shooter starts with hitting all 10 pistol targets and moves to rifle and after the fifth round his safety glasses fall to the ground. Without retrieving his glasses he continues and completes the stage with NO misses. At no time was a ceasefire called. What, if anything should the RO and or spotters done. Same as above except substitute the word glasses with ear plug.
  6. Georgia State will have LONG RANGE

    Please consider bringing an extra long gun or just mosey over and use your SASS Match standard rifle and pistol. Below are the listed categories. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Long Range Matches Buffalo Single Shot Rifle 200 yards...Single Shot Precision Rifle 200 yards.......Lever Action-Rifle Caliber 200 yards........Lever Action-Rifle, Revolver Caliber 100 yards....Single Action Revolver 50 yards Quigley Bucket Challenge ** **AMMO Up to 4 rounds, Yards 200. YOU HIT IT YOU KEEP IT. One Bucket per Shooter. Must qualify by shooting at least one Long Range Category. Firearm can be any firearm used in Long Range match
  7. Have you met any celebrities?

    Lots. However,, Red Skelton would be at the top of my list. Also for true hero type celbs I would go with one of my home down folks. Mr. Gary Powers. Anybody know who Gary is? Recent movie made about him, the U2 pilot that was shot down overseas
  8. Have you met any celebrities?

    More than I thought after I started writing them down. At the top of my list are Red Skelton, Dolly Parton and Gary Powers
  9. "durable" membership card ?

    Just received my dues renewal notice and brand new membership card. The second sentence states "The card is a brand new design that is durable and packs a lot of benefits." Does anyone know if after you pay the dues you get a second mailing with the "durable" card? The one I received is on the same paper as the invoice and appears to be standard copy paper weight with no special coating.
  10. PRICE REDUCED TO $325 $275 bucks! I purchased this 4 gun cart brand new from Tiger River Ralph for $425.00. He makes some of the best heavy duty carts found anywhere. Last week Ralph told me he sold his personal cart (almost exactly like mine) for $350.00..... . Cart includes all the options, removable cooler shelf and drink holder.. Available for Atlanta area pick up only. Email with any questions. Listed just in time fro Christmas. Link to https://goo.gl/photos/UhVYWPzNUFXp9JM1A
  11. SASS- The Organization

    I love SASS and this sport. I will support with paying my dues and other activities. I do have a question and something that just kinds of well just stiffens my neck hair and little. I always thought that you HAD TO be a SASS member to shoot at a SASS event. I was just told by one of the senior guys that many of the shooters or NOT SASS members!!! They do not shoot state or Regional matches. They only shoot at their local club. Can this be true? If yes should we consider local rule changes that would require ALL shooters to be SASS members after shooting for a two year adjustment period

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