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  1. WTB Wind-up Pocket Watch

    I bought several antique watches on ebay years ago, back when they were cheap. I carried them for a while, and they ended up not working. I didn't overwind them, but they're not running. For my daily carry, I have several from Wally-World, for about $12 each. They're quartz from China, but I don't cry when they break. Antiques are neat, but expensive. Good luck.
  2. Testing the waters

    Before you offer them for sale, look and see what other similar guns have sold for, and see if that amount of money would make a difference to your situation. You probably won't be able to sell them for the buying price, so make sure that it is worth the money to sell them. Once they're gone, they're gone. I hope your situation changes, but if not, those are popular guns, and should sell easily in the Classifieds. Good luck, Chicago. Brazos
  3. Sold WTS two Uberti 7 1/2 357/38 pistols

    Unsolicited Endorsement: I really like my Remington Outlaw in .357 / 7 1/2" Barrel. It's accurate to 100 yards with my .38 spl regular loads at the long range targets. The pistol looks good, and it's good for the ego. Here's one for cheap. Somebody buy it, quick, before I spend what I ain't got.
  4. Sold WTS two Uberti 7 1/2 357/38 pistols

    That's a great price for some nice pistols! If I didn't have all I need, I'd be all over this deal. Brazos
  5. Fancy Gun Rigs

    Were you ill, and now you're healed? Or, were you unarmed, but now you're heeled? Just a little cowboy humor. Yes, I know, very little. But, on the original question, a long holster, maybe a Slim Jim, would be a good canvas. I've always liked the slimness of the Slim Jim, and a long-barreled open-top is always cool. Show us what you get.
  6. ‘87 technique.

    Smokestack, Thanks for your kind reply. I've been cowboy shooting for over 20 years, but all of it has been at THSS, so the rules that I know and follow are THSS's. I didn't realize there were SASS rules against stoking, but I never looked. If I shot at other clubs, I would look into changing the SASS rule, but since I don't, mox nix. And thanks to the rest of y'all for your comments. THSS is a great club, and we've been shooting in Columbus, Texas for a long time. We do a few things our own way, but, as everywhere else, Safety is of the utmost importance. I hope y'all can come visit us at Trailhead this year (March 22 to 25). I can't make any promises, but maybe y'all can stoke your shotguns. Like others have also said, it's fun blasting away.
  7. ‘87 technique.

    I hope you are not insinuating that I don't follow the rules. If so, I would be rather offended, Sir. And, since you are a Match Director, I am surprised at your ill-informed comment. At THSS, the Stage Instructions are almost always written so that shotguns with magazines can be stoked. Like I said, that's how the real cowboys would have done it. However, when the stage has only 2 shotgun targets, I use a SxS, since that is all that is needed. OK, it's your shot now. I have to go to a meeting.
  8. ‘87 technique.

    I stoke my '87. It's slower, but it's fun to shoot all 6 in one run. Plus, I don't think the old time cowboys would have loaded just 2 at a time. Fill that magazine, and blast away! No offense intended towards gamers, it's just MHO. YMMV.
  9. El Paso Sadelry Doc Holiday gig

    Dad gum it. Late, again. Let me know if you got another one to sell.
  10. Texas Independence Day is March 2

    Or, as Willie says, "Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses". That's not all he says, but .......
  11. Texas Independence Day is March 2

    Yee-Haw! Come celebrate with us! Shiners and Lone Stars for everyone!
  12. fs: Winchester 1876, 45-60

    I hope I look that good when I'm that old!
  13. Snow removal made a little easier.....

    I was a Cub Scout Den Leader and Boy Scout ASM for years with my 2 boys, who both Eagled. This would have been great fun on campouts! Boys can be creative! I shudder to think of the possibilities!!!!! Brazos John
  14. Gun Cart 6 questions?

    Howdy, Aggie Bill, I like to be as historically accurate as I can. I wanted something that could have been used back then. So, I got me a Mexican vegetable cart, and built a cedar box to go on top. The box has a rear shelf and open top, and I used some dropped antlers to hold the long guns. It fits in the back of my Jeep Patriot, so I'm good to go. In fact, on the Patriot test drive, I took it home and put my cart in the back, just to make sure it would fit. Hope to see you at Gunsmoke soon. Brazos John
  15. SPF - Colt 22 Peacemaker - Lowered Price

    I keep snake shot in my Frontier Scout. It has dispatched 1 copperhead on my back porch.