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  1. Brazos John

    Baby, Just GO Outside

    This was sung on Reba's Christmas show last night. I thought the same thing. "A pistol that shoots"? How did this song get past the censors? Oh, they're probably too young to actually know the words to the song.
  2. Brazos John

    Humbly asking for prayers for my Mom

    I went down that road with my Dad. It's a rough one. I'll pray for your Mom, and especially for you, Clay. Brazos
  3. Brazos John

    Train 4141.

    I live near Spring, Texas, North of Houston, where President Bush's casket was loaded onto his train, 4141. The crowds in Spring were huge! I had to go out in the boonies to find room to set up my camera along the tracks, and ended up using my cell phone. So, I apologize for the amateur quality, but here's his train as it passed me. Hail to the Chief. And, Gig'Em, Aggies! Brazos John TAMU 1976 Train 4141.MOV
  4. Brazos John

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    Thanks, y'all, for the different ideas and advice. Brazos
  5. Brazos John

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    Thanks, Warden. The more I see on reloading the brass shells, the more comfortable I'm becoming. I think I might start with that MZ that you used. Cleaning guns isn't my favorite chore. Brazos
  6. Brazos John

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    Is that why all the powder fell out the little hole? OK: 1. Seat primer. 2. Load powder...…..
  7. Brazos John

    What Stamps on Pietta 58 Remington 44's?

    Thanks, Sedalia Dave and Prairie Dawg. These are the articles I was looking for. I'm wanting to get some Slix nipples for them, and my Uberti and Pietta need different sizes. Thanks again, Brazos
  8. Brazos John

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    I have a box of MagTech shells that I've been hesitant to load. The way I understand it: 1. Load Powder. 2. Load over-powder card and compress. 3. Load the cushion wad. 4. Load shot. 5. Load over-shot card and compress. 6. Now what? How does the shot stay put? Thanks, y'all.
  9. I have a pair of '58 Remington cap and ball revolvers in 44 cal. One is by Uberti. The other is, well, it's NOT Uberti. It has stamps and proof marks, but none that say Pietta. How can I tell if it's a Pietta? I remember seeing an article a while back identifying Piettas, but I couldn't find it. Thanks for your help. Brazos
  10. Brazos John

    FS Taylor's & Company Spencer Carbine 45 Scho

    Man, that's sure purty.
  11. Howdy, Tinpan, I'm interested in the gum blanket, but have some questions. At the creases in the gum blanket, has the rubber come loose or started to peel? Has the rubber started to peel anywhere, or does it stick together when folded? What does the blanket measure? Thanks, Brazos
  12. Brazos John

    Found a pair

    I know some fellers up in DC that should grow a pair! Going for humor, not a political commentary.
  13. Brazos John


    Howdy, Paisano, I shoot .38s, so I can't help you there. But I like your Cherry Valance quote. The first time I heard it, I wrote it down, expecting to hear it again. Here's something off the internet: Cherry Valance was a character in a 1949 movie, "Red River" played by John Ireland. Interesting facts about Cherry Valance: There's a scene where Montgomery Clift and John Ireland compare their guns, a not-too-subtle code for their sexual organs. Also, during the shooting of "Red River"": Ireland and co-star Joanna Dru started a romance, earning the ire of director Howard Hawks. Ergo, most of John Ireland's or Cherry Valance scenes landed on the cutting room floor. A director scorned is a fury. See you down the trail, Brazos John
  14. Brazos John

    Earthwalkers in Classic Cowboy?

    Thanks for the info, PWB. My guns include a '92 Rossi or Marlin in .38, and a '97 Winchester, so Classic is out. And I'm too inhibited for B-Western. Except maybe on Saturday night! I've worn them for Wild Bunch, though. If a Villista isn't legal for WB, then that's just wrong. I qualify for Senior (Senor?), and like to shoot Sharpshooter (gasp), so I should be fine. Besides, I smile when I wear them, and isn't that what this is all about? Thanks, again, mi amigo, Brazos John Republic of Tejas

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