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  1. Brazos John

    WTB Conversion cylinders for Pietta .44

    Dang. I'm never the first viewer, and I thought I was getting the drop on a cylinder. Oh, well....
  2. Brazos John

    Don't be afraid to try

    At the Texas Historical Shootist Society, we've increased the target size, and shortened the distance, to pacify those that want to shoot that way. I've shot enough clean stages that it's no big deal. So, when we started the Sharpshooter category, I was excited again. Pistols are shot at rifle targets at 30 to 40 yards, and rifles are shot at the Cody-Dixon rifle targets, about 100 yards out. Shotgun targets are the same for everyone. I haven't cleaned a match yet, but Jedediah (10 years old) has shot it clean, so it can be done. We've had to revise the scenario at Fort Finn, too. We used to climb stairs to a landing, then up to a Block House, and then down to another landing, and down to the ground. Too many folks couldn't make the climb, so the Fort was remodeled. It's still a neat structure, but...…. For the Stand and Deliver, we have a life-size standing bear that is not too big to miss, as many have found. So, with all of the categories available, there are ways to satisfy almost everyone. Find one that suits your pistol, as JB Books said.
  3. Brazos John

    SOLD Case Trimmer and multi-gage $45 shipped

    I'll take it. PM me the details for sending the gold. Thanks, Brazos John
  4. Brazos John

    My first time....

    Did you carry cowboy or modern? You can shoot a single action as quick as anyone can shoot a semi-auto. It just has less rounds. Did Angels carry, too?
  5. Brazos John

    Are old people REALLY that stupid?

    I kept getting calls from this one number from "my company's tech dept". After about 15 minutes I had the guy crying, saying that he was poor, and was being made to do this, when his supervisor came on, asking me if I liked what happened on 9/11. He repeated that several times, and I asked if he was a terrorist. He kept repeating the question, which I took as a threat. I forgot to mention that they had middle-east accents. I took his number, and tried to contact Homeland Security, and other law enforcement folks, and found that there's no way to actually report this sort of harassment. Now when they call, I just call them terrorists, and hang up.
  6. Brazos John

    Ladies Corsets (SOLD/Last Kiss)

    I could never explain the size to my wife.....
  7. Brazos John

    Ladies Corsets (SOLD/Last Kiss)

    Aww, I was hoping to see them being worn while heeled.
  8. Brazos John

    one bad knife fight

    All of those old stories are disappearing, unless they're written down. Thanks for this one.
  9. Howdy, Rufus,

    I'll get the ffl info together and head it your way.

    And the pesos, too.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John

    [email protected]

    John Agnor

    12118 Gray Oak Place

    The Woodlands, Texas  77380

    1. Rufus Brady
    2. Brazos John

      Brazos John

      Howdy, Rufus,

      I put a postal money order in the mail today.

      My ffl said that he contacted you.

      Is that everything, until you get the m.o.?



    3. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      all cool.  FFL was e-mailed.  Just waiting on MO.

  10. Brazos John

    Rossi Overland for sale=price reduced

    I was too late last time, but if I'm not too late this time, I'll take it.
  11. Brazos John

    Anyone have an opinion on this Rossi lever action deal?

    No, I paid $325 for mine over 15 years ago, so that's not too bad a mark-up. At $440, that seems a fair price, fairer than a lot of their other prices. And it looks brand new, so it's a value call. I paid $700 a few years ago for a new Marlin JM Cowboy, which is a lot more than I wanted to pay, but it's a good rifle, and I needed it, so it is what it is. It's sure cheaper than a '73, and it'll hit the target just as well. It will last a long time, too, so look at it like, $44 a year for 10 years isn't much at all. You'll spend more on ammo.
  12. Brazos John

    Anyone have an opinion on this Rossi lever action deal?

    Collector's Firearms is like a museum with price tags. High price tags, but they have ANYthing you might want. I love going in there, looking for what I want, and then buying it cheaper somewhere else. I love my early Rossi (pre-safety) in .38/.357, too. Got it at one of Texas's infamous gunshows many years ago. Welcome to SASS. I hope you can stay a while.
  13. Brazos John

    Wrist Hoster SOLD! pending funds

    That's just too cool. And, I have a Maverick looking for a holster. I'll take it. PM me, and I'll reply. Thanks, Brazos
  14. Brazos John

    SPF Original 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun PRICE DROP $1100

    Greetings, Sir, I found your address in the messages regarding my acquisition of the LeMat last year. Upon your confirmation that you remain in the same location, I will send the finances in your direction. As in the Past, I Remain Your Humble Servant, Brazos John
  15. Brazos John

    SPF Original 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun PRICE DROP $1100

    I give up. I'll take it. I'll just wear my suit to the wedding. I don't need no stinkin' tux. A wedding present for the father of the Groom! PM me with your address, and I'll do the same. Thanks, Brazos John

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