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  1. Brazos John

    FS Taylor's & Company Spencer Carbine 45 Scho

    Man, that's sure purty.
  2. Howdy, Tinpan, I'm interested in the gum blanket, but have some questions. At the creases in the gum blanket, has the rubber come loose or started to peel? Has the rubber started to peel anywhere, or does it stick together when folded? What does the blanket measure? Thanks, Brazos
  3. Brazos John

    Found a pair

    I know some fellers up in DC that should grow a pair! Going for humor, not a political commentary.
  4. Brazos John


    Howdy, Paisano, I shoot .38s, so I can't help you there. But I like your Cherry Valance quote. The first time I heard it, I wrote it down, expecting to hear it again. Here's something off the internet: Cherry Valance was a character in a 1949 movie, "Red River" played by John Ireland. Interesting facts about Cherry Valance: There's a scene where Montgomery Clift and John Ireland compare their guns, a not-too-subtle code for their sexual organs. Also, during the shooting of "Red River"": Ireland and co-star Joanna Dru started a romance, earning the ire of director Howard Hawks. Ergo, most of John Ireland's or Cherry Valance scenes landed on the cutting room floor. A director scorned is a fury. See you down the trail, Brazos John
  5. Brazos John

    Earthwalkers in Classic Cowboy?

    Thanks for the info, PWB. My guns include a '92 Rossi or Marlin in .38, and a '97 Winchester, so Classic is out. And I'm too inhibited for B-Western. Except maybe on Saturday night! I've worn them for Wild Bunch, though. If a Villista isn't legal for WB, then that's just wrong. I qualify for Senior (Senor?), and like to shoot Sharpshooter (gasp), so I should be fine. Besides, I smile when I wear them, and isn't that what this is all about? Thanks, again, mi amigo, Brazos John Republic of Tejas
  6. Brazos John

    Thunder River Renegades shooting this Sat

    Ain't that Todd Mission? On the other hand, when it rains, you can hear lots of toads in my back yard in The Goodlands. I've been hearing them a lot, lately. I wish you well with the weather and the traffic.
  7. Brazos John

    Good timing!

    THAT is Cool!
  8. Brazos John

    Earthwalkers in Classic Cowboy?

    I got me a pair of Footskins that I love, and highly recommend. I have the lighter color, which shows marks when they get wet, but that just makes them more authentic, in my opinion. They don't have an exterior hard sole, but they have a leather outer sole, and then an inner sole. You can feel rocks when you step on them, so maybe they're not what you're looking for, but I wear them when I wear by Villista outfit. Then, I'm Senor Juan de los Brazos. The outfit is much cooler in the hot Tejas summer. https://www.footwearbyfootskins.com/store/item.asp?Category=9&SubCategoryID=&GroupID=&SKU=1740
  9. Brazos John

    New member/cart project

    Those are nice wheels, and a nice start to the cart. If you're in gravel, turn it around and pull it. Much easier than pushing it through soft stuff. Have you ever tried to push a chain? Pulling it is much easier. Yes, I know it's not exactly the same, but someone's bound to comment on it. Good luck with your project.
  10. Brazos John

    WTB Conversion cylinders for Pietta .44

    Dang. I'm never the first viewer, and I thought I was getting the drop on a cylinder. Oh, well....
  11. Brazos John

    Don't be afraid to try

    At the Texas Historical Shootist Society, we've increased the target size, and shortened the distance, to pacify those that want to shoot that way. I've shot enough clean stages that it's no big deal. So, when we started the Sharpshooter category, I was excited again. Pistols are shot at rifle targets at 30 to 40 yards, and rifles are shot at the Cody-Dixon rifle targets, about 100 yards out. Shotgun targets are the same for everyone. I haven't cleaned a match yet, but Jedediah (10 years old) has shot it clean, so it can be done. We've had to revise the scenario at Fort Finn, too. We used to climb stairs to a landing, then up to a Block House, and then down to another landing, and down to the ground. Too many folks couldn't make the climb, so the Fort was remodeled. It's still a neat structure, but...…. For the Stand and Deliver, we have a life-size standing bear that is not too big to miss, as many have found. So, with all of the categories available, there are ways to satisfy almost everyone. Find one that suits your pistol, as JB Books said.
  12. Brazos John

    SOLD Case Trimmer and multi-gage $45 shipped

    I'll take it. PM me the details for sending the gold. Thanks, Brazos John
  13. Brazos John

    My first time....

    Did you carry cowboy or modern? You can shoot a single action as quick as anyone can shoot a semi-auto. It just has less rounds. Did Angels carry, too?
  14. Brazos John

    Are old people REALLY that stupid?

    I kept getting calls from this one number from "my company's tech dept". After about 15 minutes I had the guy crying, saying that he was poor, and was being made to do this, when his supervisor came on, asking me if I liked what happened on 9/11. He repeated that several times, and I asked if he was a terrorist. He kept repeating the question, which I took as a threat. I forgot to mention that they had middle-east accents. I took his number, and tried to contact Homeland Security, and other law enforcement folks, and found that there's no way to actually report this sort of harassment. Now when they call, I just call them terrorists, and hang up.

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