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  1. Brazos John

    Anyone have an opinion on this Rossi lever action deal?

    No, I paid $325 for mine over 15 years ago, so that's not too bad a mark-up. At $440, that seems a fair price, fairer than a lot of their other prices. And it looks brand new, so it's a value call. I paid $700 a few years ago for a new Marlin JM Cowboy, which is a lot more than I wanted to pay, but it's a good rifle, and I needed it, so it is what it is. It's sure cheaper than a '73, and it'll hit the target just as well. It will last a long time, too, so look at it like, $44 a year for 10 years isn't much at all. You'll spend more on ammo.
  2. Brazos John

    Anyone have an opinion on this Rossi lever action deal?

    Collector's Firearms is like a museum with price tags. High price tags, but they have ANYthing you might want. I love going in there, looking for what I want, and then buying it cheaper somewhere else. I love my early Rossi (pre-safety) in .38/.357, too. Got it at one of Texas's infamous gunshows many years ago. Welcome to SASS. I hope you can stay a while.
  3. Brazos John

    Wrist Hoster SOLD! pending funds

    That's just too cool. And, I have a Maverick looking for a holster. I'll take it. PM me, and I'll reply. Thanks, Brazos
  4. Brazos John

    SPF Original 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun PRICE DROP $1100

    Greetings, Sir, I found your address in the messages regarding my acquisition of the LeMat last year. Upon your confirmation that you remain in the same location, I will send the finances in your direction. As in the Past, I Remain Your Humble Servant, Brazos John
  5. Brazos John

    SPF Original 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun PRICE DROP $1100

    I give up. I'll take it. I'll just wear my suit to the wedding. I don't need no stinkin' tux. A wedding present for the father of the Groom! PM me with your address, and I'll do the same. Thanks, Brazos John
  6. Howdy, Willie,

    I'll buy that Cimarron Lightning.

    Where do you want the money sent?

    I'll have to contact my FFL to make sure he's in town.

    I'll be getting back with you.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John


  7. Brazos John


    Dang it! I was kinda likin the jingle of coins in my pocket, and now I gotta go and buy this here pistol. So, I guess I'll take it, assuming it runs right. Does it? If so, let's do this. I'll pm you with my private details. Nobody else needs to be knowin about my private details. See you down the trail, Brazos John
  8. Brazos John

    SPF - NICE Uberti 51 Navy

    "Nothing touched the trigger but the Devil's right hand." Steve Earle
  9. Brazos John

    SPF Original 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun PRICE DROP $1100

    I'll....... I'll...... I'll..... hate myself for not buying this, but a June wedding for my Air Force son & daughter-in-law has tied up any and all loose nickels. I'll just have to shoot my '87 Chin-chester. But, I've always loved the originals. Good luck with the sale, Sir.
  10. Brazos John

    New Polish Capper PCC

    I learned to spell it with the "au" in technical writing in college, way back before spell-check. If you use water or liquid to move something, it's hydraulic. If a man has to move it, it's mandraulic. If a man can't stop moving it, he's a mandrolic. If he only moves it for 12 steps because it boring, he's a good candidate for Mandroholics Monotonous. Does anyone else have any examples or comments?
  11. Brazos John

    New Polish Capper PCC

    I received mine a few weeks ago, and with the Polish eagle engraving, it's pretty! I haven't used it, other than to just try it, but it works so much better than the flimsy straight capper I had. Last time out, I spent 15 minutes trying to load the straight capper, and the caps kept flipping over after I would load another cap, making me remove both caps and mandraulically reinsert them. So, I'm quite pleased with the Polish capper. Plus, like a cowboy said on another Polish capper topic, the shipping envelope has neat stamps on it. Another thing: If you want to buy one, I suggest PayPal. I tried a credit card, but because the charge comes from Poland, it was rejected, and the card was frozen. Since it was my wife's card, that was not pleasant. I'm not a regular user of PayPal, but in this instance, it worked.
  12. Brazos John

    All gone!!

    I sent my money for the cowboy shoulder holster last Thursday, and got the holster the following Thursday. That's fast turn-around. Dirtwater Doc treated me right, and I expect he does everyone that way. A good pard with a fair price and quick response. I would do business with him any day.
  13. Brazos John

    Looking for Colt Single action frame any generation

    I can't help you with your search. I hope you find one. Being a detail-oriented sort of guy, I noticed that your SASS number is shown as 50502 and 50510. Is there a story behind this, or just a typo?
  14. Brazos John

    Passing Of A Special Lady.

    Our Nation experienced a loss today. Barbara Bush was a very special lady, and TV and internet will tell all about her achievements. Here's my little story: Years ago, I was inspecting a roof on Terminal C at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when I saw 2 black Suburbans come up to the jetway, and park at the bottom of the outside stairs. I knew somebody important was arriving. Mrs Bush stepped out of the plane, and started down the stairs. I wasn't 15 feet away, but on the roof. I wanted to say Hi, but I knew if she tripped going down the stairs, I would be in trouble. As soon as she reached the bottom step, I yelled "Mrs Bush". She look around, but not up. I repeated it, and she again looked around. I yelled "Up here", and she looked up, saw me, and gave me the biggest smile and a 2-handed over-the-head wave before entering the Suburban. Returning to the office, I told co-workers, and they asked me if I saw the red dots that were undoubtedly on my chest!
  15. Brazos John

    Gun for sale

    For such a gruff looking cowboy, you have a great sense of humor! And an appreciation of pop music! Not what I would have expected.....

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