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  1. Charlie T Waite


  2. Charlie T Waite


    Agreed, I have serious doubts that there would be a favorable decission here if it does not get tossed as it would cause a reversal of to many previous decisions made in the courts over the years.
  3. Charlie T Waite

    Supreme Court Accepts First Gun Case in Nearly a Decade

    Lets wait to see the outcome before we get our hopes up.
  4. Charlie T Waite


    P No Bonus. SHB p 22 10-second penalties include “Procedural” (P) penalties and Minor Safety Violations (MSV). Procedural errors are simple, unintentional mistakes made as a result of “brain fade” or confusion, where the competitor engages the stage in a way other than how it was intended. Procedural penalties cannot exceed one per stage. Minor Safety Violations (MSV) are lesser safety infractions that do not directly endanger persons. Procedural (P) infractions include: - Failure to attempt to fire a firearm, engage a prop, or perform a stage maneuver. - Shooting targets in the wrong order. - Engaging the stage in the wrong order. - Use of illegally acquired ammunition. - Not returning revolvers to leather (unless otherwise specified). - First offense in the same match for “shooting out of category.”
  5. Charlie T Waite

    Who Are the Real Extremists?

  6. Charlie T Waite

    Types of firearms legislation being introduced

    Red Eye Jim The last one is in regards to the pump stock issue. That is why I bought it up. But I agree that even with out it there's a full plate of laws being introduced. CA alone could fill a book for your article.
  7. Charlie T Waite

    Types of firearms legislation being introduced

    CCW national reciprocity Constitutional carry ATF is a regulatory agency as opposed to actual legislation
  8. Charlie T Waite

    The Mask Is Off


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