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  1. Charlie T Waite

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    Jamie Lee Curtis Made Sure ‘Halloween’ Only Used Firearms for Self-Defense and Aligned With Her Views on Gun Control. I really do not need an actor to tell me what my rights are or what I should use to defend my family each circumstance is different so there is no one firearm to fit the need - I think it is just more of the same from the left. Charlie
  2. LANCASTER, Pa. - State Rep. David Zimmerman
  3. Charlie T Waite

    The Charlotte Observer

    In a new survey, powerful North Carolinians agree on weed but not on guns
  4. Per Christopher Scalia, son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, “If federal judges returned to the more modest approach our Founding Fathers envisioned for them, they would be less likely to rule according to their preferred policy preferences and more likely to leave political decisions to our elected representatives.” Justice Antonin Scalia himself, long ago warned Americans about the excessive intrusion of politics into the judicial appointment process. “He knew that persuading people to this way of thinking would help return the judicial branch to its proper status as what Hamilton famously called ‘the least dangerous branch.” Judges need to return to the more limited role they had held for most of our nation’s history: applying laws and statutes according to their text and interpreting the Constitution according to its original public meaning, using history, tradition and precedent as guides. I take this to heart before each court session.
  5. Charlie T Waite

    From CHRIS W. COX NRA-ILA Executive Director

    Don’t Let Your State’s Governor Mansion Become a Gun-Free Home

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