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  1. Chicago gun buybacks have helped the group raise $12,000 for the children's shooting safety camp, an organizer says.
  2. The bipartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a series of resolutions calling for more gun control measures during the group's annual meeting in Boston this week. The conference is advocating measures to strengthen the regulation of gun sales and dealers, as well as ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. “The U.S. Conference has a 50-year history of formally adopting and aggressively promoting strong policies to reduce gun violence, all consistent with its support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution,” the group said. Additionally, the group called for steps it said would protect young people — like opposing letting teachers and other non-law enforcement personnel be armed in K-12 schools — and cited incidents like February’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as impetus for its push. The group also passed a resolution backing red flag laws that allow “family members and law enforcement to seek court permission to temporarily remove guns from a person in crisis.” “Policies like background checks on all gun sales and Red Flag Laws save lives,” said Karen Freeman-Wilson, mayor of Gary, Indiana, and chair of the conference’s criminal and social justice committee. “The U.S. Conference of Mayors will continue doing everything in our power to keep our communities safe so that children and families are able to live free of the fear of being gunned down.” Gun control advocates including the group Everytown for Gun Safety lauded the move. “Mayors are on the frontlines of America’s gun violence crisis, so it’s no surprise they’re also leading the charge to pass common-sense, life-saving laws,” Everytown President John Fienblatt said in a statement. “It’s time for our leaders in Washington to follow the lead of America’s mayors and put public safety over NRA priorities.”
  3. Scores of bills are quickly passing both chambers in Albany with no public input or debate as lawmakers continue to scramble toward the end of session tentatively scheduled for next week. Anti-gun Democrats who control the Assembly passed red flag legislation today (A.11148), and A.5826A to require microstamping for handguns is on the agenda for tomorrow. It is important that you contact your Assemblyman immediately and urge them to OPPOSE A.5826A. A.5826A would require all handguns manufactured and sold in New York to be equipped with microstamping technology by 2020 despite the fact that microstamping is easily circumvented with common household tools. If this bill were to become law, only semi-automatic handguns capable of microstamping would be allowed for sale. This bill would do nothing to impact public safety while driving up the cost of firearms. In fact, a microstamping requirement could have the opposite effect on law-enforcement as criminals could misdirect investigations by gathering microstamped casings from gun ranges and dispersing them at crime scenes. The vast majority of the country has rejected microstamping because the technology simply doesn't work. Ultimately, this bill is nothing more than Empire State gun control. Please contact your Assemblyman immediately and respectfully request that this bill be defeated.
  4. Backed by broad support from national and state doctor groups, the American Medical Association is launching a renewed push to curb gun violence and mobilize physicians to lobby Congress for legislation doctors say is long overdue. The AMA’s policy-making House of Delegates Tuesday endorsed several gun control measures including renewed support for banning assault weapons and bump stocks and raising the legal age to 21 for purchasing firearms and munitions. Capping a week of debate, the AMA’s new policies put the group’s considerable lobbying clout behind legislation heading into November’s mid-term elections when gun control is expected to be a key issue in the wake of school shootings across the country this year. “Gun violence in America is a public health crisis,” AMA president Dr. David O. Barbe said in a speech to delegates earlier this week. The AMA has been updating and adding measures to its gun control and public safety agenda for the last two years, but it apparently hasn’t been enough given no movement by the Republican-led Congress in Washington. Several measures were considered at this week's AMA meeting in Chicago which members described "unprecedented." “In the two years that have passed, we have been horrified by yet more carnage: in Parkland, Sutherland Springs, Santa Fe and Las Vegas,” Barbe said. “And those are just a few of the incidents that made headlines. On average, violence claims the lives of nearly 100 people a day in the United States.” Among the other measures the AMA said it now supports include: advocating for schools as gun-free zones expanding domestic violence restraining orders to include dating partners removing firearms from high-risk individuals supporting increase in legal age of purchasing ammunition and firearms from 18 to 21 “In emergency rooms across the country, the carnage of gun violence has become a too routine experience," AMA 's Barbe said Tuesday. "Every day, physicians are treating suicide victims, victims of domestic partner violence, and men and women simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we urge lawmakers to act.” The AMA’s House of Delegates includes representation from most national specialty doctor groups as well as delegations from every U.S. state. Its moves are the latest in an increasing outcry from health professionals who see U.S. gun violence as a health epidemic. Two years ago, seven of the largest health organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Surgeons outlined an elaborate “call to action” with recommendations on how to curb gun violence. The groups said its recommendations are “constitutionally sound.”

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