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  1. Caboose

    IAC 1887

    What Tyrel said. It might be faster to remove the follower and spring, load the mag tube, then replace the follower and mag spring.
  2. Caboose

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    Hey Bob, please remind me to take a look see at your W73 the next time we cross trails at a match.
  3. Caboose

    IAC 1887

    Is the barrel on your 87 marked 87 or 87-1? If it says 87 your follower should have a hole in the middle. Cap’s idea so when pushing the carrier down the nose of the ejector would catch in the hole preventing the carrier going from going to low when loading two rounds. Some worked better than others. Some shooters put a spent shotgun hull in the inside of the follower ( open end in the follower, brass end against the spring) to increase the resistance to help the nose of the ejector to hang up in the hole in the follower. Best way is the positive stop that is welded on the bottom right of the carrier which allows the shooter to push as hard as he wants without being concerned the follower will go too low. If the barrel of your 87 is marked 87-1 it won’t have the hole in the follower. By doing this they avoided paying Cap for his idea for each 87 marked 87-1.
  4. Caboose

    IAC 1887

    No you can’t. Call Lassiter after he returns home from Winter Range and make an arrangement to send him the 87 for his load 2 modification.
  5. Caboose


  6. I have purchased new shotshell belts from Murphy, Doc Noper, Mernickle plus others and I understand the recommendations for leather smiths but I’m looking for a used belt for a new shooter with limited funds that doesn’t cost $150.
  7. Caboose


    I thought only Gunfighter can have two loaded pistols out of holsters at the same time. Shooting out of category.?
  8. Caboose

    Slix Shotshell Sizer - SOLD PF-

    Sold to Cowboy Small. Thanks Pard.
  9. Reduces swelled mouth of reloaded shotgun hulls. 12 gauge only Reduces ejection problems in SxS shotguns with reloaded shotshells.
  10. Caboose


  11. Leather shotgun belt with pouches to hold two 12 gauge shotshells with .38 cartridge holders. Needs to measure 32" to center hole. Whatcha got?
  12. Caboose

    One piece firing pin system for 73s

    I have been running one in my 73 for 2 to 3 years and love it. I sent my bolt and striker to Jere Korthanke ( J & J Gunsmithing ) 405-615-4577 in Edmond, Ok for conversion and got it back in less than 2 weeks.
  13. Caboose

    Advice - shotshell loading

    Perhaps you were using a wad made for non-tapered hulls instead of one's made for tapered Winchester and Remington hulls. Claybuster CB8100 wads for 7/8 to 1 1/8oz are made for tapered hulls.

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