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  1. Wow! That was fast! Got Mine in Oregon on Saturday, Great Job, Really nice Badge Holder- it even fit my 3" belt. -- thank you! I would like a black one if you have any more-
  2. Hi I would like number 5 please- thank you; Riverdog
  3. Still cleaning out the closet, too many hats- this is a brown 4x Resistol 4" brim in like new condition. I'll take 75.00 plus shipping- thanks for looking
  4. I've got a pair of Olathe Boots in really great condition, cleaning out my cowboy closet, haven't worn them in a few years, very comfortable - size 11D - I'll take 100.00 plus shipping- probably UPS- or your choice-more pictures if needed-
  5. Thank you , you can send $35.00 to --Thomas Puls--3451 SO. San Joaquin RD. # 42-- Tucson , AZ. 85735 , as I'm spending the winter in Tucson . Thanks again , Splitthumb

    1. Riverdog


      I'll get it in the mail first thing in the morning, did you use this on one of your machines?

      I have a Grabber I've been wanting to get one of these for- hope it works better-

      thank you,

      Mark Van Hook 

      94315 ORCHARD Lane

      Gold Beach, Oregon  97444


    2. Splitthumb


      I did , but removed it because I got my load down to insert number 26 & 1 1/8 oz. of shot all of shotgun shells for SASS shooting . This one is an extra one I had , I sold the other one to a friend who shoots trap also . You work up a load , write it down for , then work up another load for some other type of shooting . Then redial the universal block back to your other type of shooting. I use clays  (26)insertor 700 -x, (23)insert , because 700-x is a little hotter

    3. Riverdog


      I put the money order in the mail but screwed it up- another five coming to you in another envelope-

      must have CRS- sorry-not trying to short you- how embarrassing!- thank you- Mark

  6. Riverdog

    ( SOLD)-MEC Universal Charge Bar

    I'll take it, where to send the Gold?
  7. I have a pair of Working Cowboy chaps in great condition- they are 37" long, I wear 38 pants and they fit on the middle hole of the belt-which would give you 3" either way, top grain cowhide, I can send more pictures if interested-100.00 plus shipping-
  8. Riverdog

    shell holders free-upay shipping

    Just send 10$ to: Mark Van Hook 94315 Orchard Lane Gold Beach, Or. 97444 I'll send it in a priority box- personal check is fine thanks for the follow up- Mark
  9. Riverdog

    shell holders free-upay shipping

    do you still want these?- if so it costs about 10$ to ship them priority to Henderson- my address is: Mark Van Hook 94315 Orchard Lane Gold Beach, or 97444
  10. Riverdog

    Large Elk handled J. Paxton Custom Knife

    The name of the maker is etched -J Paxton
  11. Riverdog

    shell holders free-upay shipping

    Great! glad they will go to someone that needs em' give me your address and I'll send them Monday-
  12. I have a 12 guage shotgun slide & a 38 cartridge slide I'd like to give to a new shooter or someone that needs 'em. Just need the shipping expense- ammo not included-- fits a 2 1/2 inch belt- Cheers!
  13. Large" VERY SHARP" J Paxton hunting Knife- the Elk antler grip and Brass bolster are all in great shape, the back for the sheath says Madison Saddlery Ennis , Montana- so I guess the knifemaker was from Montana? the sheath fits a 3" belt- asking 80.00 shipped to you-
  14. Riverdog

    FS - Starline 38 Spl brass: all sold PF

    Hi Joe, I'd Like to buy 500 of the starline 38 - need an address where to send the gold-\usps-mo thank you, Riverdog
  15. Riverdog

    12 Guage Belgium Double Cowboy Shotgun

    No They are not Damascus, the gun has been my backup for the last 10 years, great shooter, won lots of cowboy trap & sporting clays with it. Bought a bss a while back and don’t use it much anymore,

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