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  1. Parts is on their way to you. You be getting them today or tomorrow.
  2. McCandless

    .357 or 45

    Have had 3 Uberti '73's that handled .38's perfectly. Do not use Semi-Wad Cutters. The ridge catches and won't feed properly. Marlin .357, I had to change the carrier, now it feeds .38s just fine. '92 38/357 are finicky about length. Reloading solves these problems because you can play with OAL. Snakebite even developed a long nose .38 bullet just for finicky rifles.
  3. McCandless

    .357 or 45

    No. It's just cheaper to reload. If you don't reload, it's much cheaper to buy. More ammo equals more practice which makes you faster.
  4. McCandless

    Future is scary

    If you could guarantee that all the meat ... all the way to the bone, had reached a temperature of 165* for at least 15 minutes You could eat it, with the knowledge that if you missed something, you and anyone you served it to may be in for a lifetime on medications. TB doesn't just infect the lungs. It can set up the G.I. Tract, in lymph nodes or anywhere else in your body that is a nice warm, moist place... (do you have a tiny cut somewhere?) But the problem is, to cook it, you have to first handle it raw. Since the M. Bovis is also airborne, you would have to be absolutely sure that nothing got into your eyes, nose or mouth. You'd have to have be wearing a TB mask (not a normal surgical mask.) Wear goggles that seal around your eyes, and have a body covering that you could dispose of while handling the raw meat. Don't forget shoe coverings, and something to cover your head, hair and ears. Then, be careful while taking all that stuff off afterwards... wrong moves such as touching yourself somewhere with the gloved hands, could contaminate yourself anyway. Think cooking in a hazmat suit with a filtered air supply.
  5. California has ammo laws that require mail-order ammo to be sent to an FFL. The FFL has to keep the doors open so they normally charge a per round fee for handling the transaction. (perhaps there's also some tax involved, I don't know). So, a pard is looking for in-state commercial cowboy ammo reloaders. (Some folks can't reload for one reason or another... yes, they know it's the better, cost-effective option). Anybody have a good experience with one?
  6. McCandless

    Photo posting

    At the bottom of the window where you type your post is an image of a paper clip and the intructions "Drag files her to attach, or choose files..." Click on that choose files link and it allows you to directly upload from your computer. That easy. No hosting site needed any longer. Then you'll see a small version of you picture underneath your typing area. All you need to do is touch that image for the larger version to appear in your post, where ever you left your blinking cursor.
  7. McCandless

    Does Hunting Need Constitutional Protections?

    It's on the ballot for an amendment to the NC State Constitution...
  8. McCandless

    Largest East Coast SASS gathering

    The Southeast Regional 2017 had 227 shooters.
  9. SOLD: Cleaning out the workshop and I came across another box I forgot I had. This is the Frame and almost all the parts of a Dixie Gun Works 7-3/4" .44 "1858" No date code, but Palmetto in Brescia, Italy was making these between 1979 and 1982 Bore is excellent. Looks like it now has an 11* forcing cone. Rear sight notch has been widened and squared All the parts are there except the springs. The strain screw is frozen and I didn't want to force it. I don't have any springs to send with it. Antique finish. 75.00 plus 13.00 for USPS Priority Mail Shipping. Thanks
  10. McCandless

    Cautionary Note about Posting Loading Data

    From another forum: "Ammo reloading recipe posts will be allowed however, IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY PERSON UTILIZING LOAD DATA POSTED HERE TO RESEARCH THE LOAD IN QUESTION BEFORE LOADING ANY AMMO." Posting your reloading data on this forum is a great idea. Good starting points for many powders that don't have published data for "cowboy" loads. Come on, it's been going on here for years anyway, just by e-mail and PM.
  11. McCandless

    WTC...Shooter has two pistols shooting gunfighter...

    It's only a quad tap if it's stage 4 and he hits the middle target with the 4th pistol, with four different calibers, all starting with a 4
  12. McCandless

    Leather Maker for Chaps in Texas?

    I've been asked for a recommendation of a Texas Leathermaker to craft some shotgun chaps What say y'all?
  13. McCandless

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    I see, the opinions of the lowest SASS number is what counts most. Why didn't folks tell me?? Obviously, I shan't speak again.
  14. McCandless

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    Well, poster asked for opinions on the "best" rifle for B-Western. He's got them.
  15. McCandless

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    I believe Phantom's been trying to tell you why. He's been around firearms and top shooters for a long time. I know a few top B-Western shooters as well... The reason they choose the Marlin is: A properly set up Marlin will run rings around a '92. By properly set up, I mean a gunsmith like Widder, Spur, Cowboy Carty, Slick McClade, Jimmy Spurs or others had worked it up so that there is no "Marlin Jam", and a few other neat things that make it run flawlessly (you can read their websites). Quite a few B-Western shooters have learned to work on their own and make them run flawlessly. Deuce Stevens has run Marlins for years. You may be able to shoot your '92 faster than your '94. Is your '94 stock or has it been tuned, any parts replaced? I can run my '94 far faster than my '92. Before gunsmiths learned how to tune up the '73, the preferred rifle for CAS was the '92. Not any longer. Not for a long time.

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