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  1. McCandless

    SASS, The Early Days

    Golden Heart Shootist Society photo from 1996 entitled "The Magnificent Seven". Pictured is (l-r) No Horse, Jamie, Alaskan Wrangler, Montana Kid Hammer, Mastodon John, Judge Yukon Hatch, and the Wind Drifter at Pike's Landing during Golden Days in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  2. McCandless

    SASS, The Early Days

    Judge Roy Bean, Miss Becky (SASS #1000) and Diamond Jim Judge Roy Bean and his mobile gun cart, Miss Becky
  3. McCandless

    SASS, The Early Days

    Wimpy Hank Yoho, 1999.
  4. McCandless

    Changing Hammer and trigger springs and hammers.

    Home Gunsmithing and Repair, Ruger Single Action Revolvers
  5. McCandless

    SASS, The Early Days

    Shaky Jake, John Clum, Hipshot, and Bull Shooter c. late 80's
  6. McCandless

    Reduced - Cowboy Clothes 2X, 3X and Boots 13E

    Done and been gone. PM'd you the tracking number.
  7. McCandless

    Zastava M75 shotgun?

    If you can get an early one, (I don't know the serial number ranges), the early ones made from 1959 to 1975 were called the Model 59 and were made by FN in Belgium for Zastava, Excellent guns, light triggers, and can easily become a nice CAS gun. The later ones, fairly identical, but made in Yugoslavia starting in 1975, is called the Model 75. Made of cheaper and lighter materials, and has been know to have several failures. It's hard to tell them apart, as the markings are similar, and now, they all get sold under the umbrella term of "Model 75". I believe the serial numbers continued through the changeover, so you'd be looking for low serial numbers. Maybe someone else on here has access to the serial number ranges and see if you can get a pre-1975 model.
  8. McCandless

    SASS, The Early Days

    Mustang Man and Jingler, c.1998
  9. McCandless

    Walker Silencer Razor Earbuds FS

    yep, SC and NC matches. Couldn't make the Regional
  10. McCandless

    Walker Silencer Razor Earbuds FS

    If you can do Paypal, I'll take them.
  11. McCandless

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    I don't think you'd find many gunsmiths willing to take that on. You'd have to get conversions for the Uberti and adjust the ratchet teeth, the hand, and the timing to all work together. It might be kind of an expensive undertaking. You could PM "45 Dragoon" and see if he ever wants to tackle another pair of ASMs again. **edit** What HK said below.. this would probably be a one way conversion.
  12. McCandless

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    This is great information... Thanks!
  13. McCandless

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    In earlier years, I felt that the Uberti had better fit and finish than the Piettas. Recently, not so much. If someone was just getting started, I'd probably advise them to go with the Pietta. Quality is now the same, (there's a noticable difference since Alchemista became a Cowboy Action Shooter.) Parts and cylinders are less expensive. And, with the Cabela's sale prices, the initial outlay for a Pietta is half of the cost of a Uberti. A gunsmith, like Mike Brackett, charges the same whether the gun is a Pietta or a Uberti. There is a bit of difference in grip and gripframe shapes. Like you, I still have myriad Blackpowder guns, but as age creeps along, I'm paring down to just my main match guns. I'm almost out of "1858s". I'll be posting my spare parts and my last 1858s on the Classified Forum soon. I figure to keep three pair of BP match guns and sell the rest. I never went with the ejectors, like you I figured that with springs, action work, better front sights, lowered hammers, I'd have more in it than a ca'tridge gun... besides that, I like chasing those teeny, tiny, percussion caps across the loading table... especially in the rain!
  14. McCandless

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    I won't say no... I'll say probably not. That would be a lot of work, with a great amount of potential liability, when there's already relatively inexpensive drop-ins available.
  15. McCandless

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    They come in the box, along with the instructions, with the Howell Conversions. You can call Taylors and see if it's the same with their R&D Conversions (same product, different packaging)

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