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  1. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Prayers up for Stirrup
  2. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Gunsmoke winner

    Congratulations to Gunslinger Grace Midwest regional ladies overall champion. Hard work pays off MCJ
  3. Medicine Creek Johnny

    1873 extractor

    Yes it is. Got a new one for a spare from browning parts in missiouri
  4. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Thank you to the Cottonwood Cowboys!

    Glad you could make it. See you in a couple weeks at Moffit ND
  5. Hey Johnny are you making your 110gn coated bullets yet?

    I have all the techno infor if you like and some sample powder.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Medicine Creek Johnny

      Medicine Creek Johnny

      $65 per thousand. I can send you a handful in an envelope if you want to experiment with some before buying. I can get 3500 in a medium flat rate box for $15 shipping

    3. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      OK, I'm back in Aussie for a couple of months. Will contact you when we get back.

      We may catch up at NE state, we were hoping that it would be on the third weekend but it clashes with the TX state too now.


    4. Medicine Creek Johnny

      Medicine Creek Johnny

      Sounds good. Will you be at winter range

  6. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Blood lead level

    I do roll my casting machines outdoors if weather permits. I thought I was one of those cowboy casters set up for it (smile)
  7. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Blood lead level

    No I havnt been wearing gloves while handling brass. That is something I need to start doing
  8. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Blood lead level

    Thanks Joe. I probably shoot around 20000 a year plus 5000 shot shells. I’m thinking fired brass and RO duty is pry the biggest culprit. Dross could also. I’ll try to keep it cleaned up better as I use a lot of reclaimed lead. I cast indoors but use a good ventilation system. I also coat and bake bullets but wear Uber gloves while doing it
  9. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Blood lead level

    Has anyone had there lead levels checked. Mine is at 20 which my Doc says is getting high. I do cast a couple hundred thousand bullets per year. I have also been wet tumbling my brass for the last year and it has still increased. Anybody got any experience or suggestions? MCJ
  10. Medicine Creek Johnny

    2019 Nebraska State SASS Championship

    That’s great Stirrup. I plan on being there. Glad you ordered better weather
  11. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Peace in the Valley

    Congrats to all. Great shoot
  12. Medicine Creek Johnny

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Medicine Creek Johnny Sass 61890L South Dakota Been shooting 17 years
  13. Hey Johnny, I'll be staying at the Hampton Inn, in Anthum, and expect to arrive by Tuesday afternoon.  My cell is 563 349 2273. We should try and get together then.  OK I hope .. Regards  RT

    1. Medicine Creek Johnny

      Medicine Creek Johnny

      I’m at ben Avery campground. Mark and Mary will be here too

  14. Hey Johnny. God t hear from you... OK  Done deal. It's yours.................Thanks  RT

    1. Medicine Creek Johnny

      Medicine Creek Johnny

      My # 605-280-4097

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Thanks Johnny.  I'll call you when in town.......RT


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