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  1. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Peace in the Valley

    Congrats to all. Great shoot
  2. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Who can do a 45 acp convert on a Uberti 73

    Goatneck Clem did mine MCJ
  3. Medicine Creek Johnny

    What exactly is a gamer?

    Hey Red. You stole that line from me ya Gamer
  4. Medicine Creek Johnny

    My SASS Ruger Vaquero Set Arrived Today...

    That is correct. A form must be sent to ATF and Local law office. No big deal but they will have the info
  5. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Hope, our youth

    If all parents were as concerned about there children as Southpaws a lot of problems would be solved
  6. Medicine Creek Johnny

    BSS, is there a way to get the firing pins to start retracting quicker,

    Mine hang up on factory AA primers. They are softer than the Winchester reload primers. It is fine with factory Remington shells or reloads with Winchester or federal primers. Hope this helps. You can try polishing the firing pins MCJ
  7. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Cody Conager?

    Just received 3 rifles from him
  8. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Where do our cowboy roots come from?

    Third generation Cowman. Just can’t quit. It must be a sickness
  9. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Miroku1873 vs Uberti 1873 screws

    I have ordered spare parts from the Winchester-browning parts center and they sent them at no charge. Excellent service
  10. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Winchester Trapper Cycling Issue

    I had one with the same issue. File to remove a little metal where the bolt is contacting the inner frame. Be sure to check and make sure you have some headspace clearance MCJ
  11. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Congratulations Lodan B. Fast Frontiersman National Champion

    Congrats. Great posse Marshall too
  12. Medicine Creek Johnny

    Congradulations to National Wild Bunch Champions , Shell Stuffer and Dusty Darryl

    Congrats guys. Great to shoot with you
  13. Medicine Creek Johnny

    2018 Nebraska State Championship

  14. Medicine Creek Johnny

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Medicine Creek Johnny Sass 61890L South Dakota Been shooting 17 years
  15. Medicine Creek Johnny

    2018 Nebraska State Championship

    Hey Volga did you finally figure that out?

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