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  1. Howdy Meesterpaul,


    I have a friend who was looking for one.


    What's with it & what condition?





  2. meesterpaul

    WTB- Luber Sizer, Lyman or RCBS

    I have a Lyman 4500 with the heater if you still need one.
  3. meesterpaul

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results?

    Thank you Count… .dare I say… we can Count on you? ty, MeeesterPaul
  4. meesterpaul

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results?

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results? I didn't see a link in this forum or on the Sassnet.com page. Am I missing it? The homepage still has reference to the "upcoming EoT" from last month and features the 2017 top winners.
  5. meesterpaul

    Stoeger coach shotgun SxS parts

    I have a spare set of triggers. I thought about changing them so that I coukd slip more quickly from frobt left to back right… .but I haven't done it yet.
  6. is there still room in there for a cot or hammock and a toothbrush holder?
  7. meesterpaul

    Dillon 650

    Good thinking there. Now let's see if the Lee bullet feeder would work - even if only in a semi manual mode.
  8. I guess you must be keeping your 41 magnum stuff. I understand that.
  9. meesterpaul

    Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot

    I get it from the guy who recycles it from some local gun club or two. He has an interesting sifter with an auger and multiple screens that he uses to clean the shot. I'll be going by his neighborhood this Saturday, as I do at least once a month. I'll check in with him tomorrow and see if he has material available. He usually puts it in 2 L soda bottles. I stopped by and picked up to a while ago and he said that some gun club from Maryland came up and bought 700 pounds. He's 80 years old and showing potential for tapering off. In any case I'll check and see if he has it available and if he does and you want some I could arrange to ship it.
  10. meesterpaul

    Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot

    I buy graphited, reclaimed shot near Valley Forge Pa for $1/lb. I wonder how much would go in a Small Flat Rate box instead of the Medium. A 25lb SFR box would be a lot more manageable than those 50-60lb boxes. I'm making up some bullet alloy ingots to fit the dimensions of the small flat rate box. It may work out to cost about the same or a little less then using the larger flat rate boxes. Not that I plan on doing this - but an ingot the exact size of a flat rate box would weigh something like 27 pounds. I'm thinking that ingots the thickness of candy bars that fit the box may not leave too much airspace and maybe I can get 25 lb in a flat rate box. If anybody wants the shot from my local guy I should have enough to fill up a flat small flat rate box and test to see how much shot fits in that SFR box.
  11. meesterpaul

    WTB Older Lee Press

    I have a bunch of extra Pro 1000s without dies from a trade that I did a while back. There is a variety of shellplate carriers. If anyone has dies and wants to try a progressive, or add on, let me know.
  12. meesterpaul

    All sold Thanks.

    Howdy Doc, I could put a Loadmaster 11L shell plate to use. Anyone else want the other parts?
  13. I'm interested in some alloy, please pm me. Deuce


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