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  1. meesterpaul

    Hell On Wheels 2018

    Howdy Black Barrels. Hope you had a fun visit.It looks like you did well. I plan to visit my daughter on the North Island, perhaps January-February. I'd very much like to shoot at some matches in NZ. What club are you with?
  2. Howdy Meesterpaul,


    I have a friend who was looking for one.


    What's with it & what condition?





  3. meesterpaul

    WTB- Luber Sizer, Lyman or RCBS

    I have a Lyman 4500 with the heater if you still need one.
  4. meesterpaul

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results?

    Thank you Count… .dare I say… we can Count on you? ty, MeeesterPaul
  5. meesterpaul

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results?

    2018 EoT End ofTrail Results? I didn't see a link in this forum or on the Sassnet.com page. Am I missing it? The homepage still has reference to the "upcoming EoT" from last month and features the 2017 top winners.
  6. meesterpaul

    Stoeger coach shotgun SxS parts

    I have a spare set of triggers. I thought about changing them so that I coukd slip more quickly from frobt left to back right… .but I haven't done it yet.
  7. is there still room in there for a cot or hammock and a toothbrush holder?
  8. meesterpaul

    Dillon 650

    Good thinking there. Now let's see if the Lee bullet feeder would work - even if only in a semi manual mode.
  9. I guess you must be keeping your 41 magnum stuff. I understand that.
  10. I'm interested in some alloy, please pm me. Deuce

  11. I not know too much about the SKB shotguns.

    Is yours a 12 or 20?

    Also any work one on it?

    If so by who?

    Asking price?

    If you could send a pict or two it would be great. Email is [email protected]


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