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  1. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    How do you call a spirit of the game on someone for NOT doing something that the rules DON'T require him to do? What? you want to get rid of the penalty for empty rounds, then what is the point of shucking? If empties aren't an issue (that's what YOU said) why do you care if they're in the shotgun? Please don't take this the wrong way, but that collection of words between "I get your point....or counters" isn't a sentence, doesn't form a coherent thought, and doesn't refute my concern. It's indisputable that if the rule were changed as you suggest, TO's would have to make a determination about whether it's a live round that needs to be cleared, or an expended round that doesn't matter. I fundamentally disagree with hour characterization of what a TO does. A TO is supposed to safely 'assist' the shooter through the stage. I'm not going to shoot the stage for them, but if I can help them avoid a penalty I'm going to do that, and I'm going to do my best to be in a position to be helpful by observing and staying close.
  2. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    I think you're missing my point on the empty round rule. As it currently stands if you see brass in the rifle or a hull in the shotgun, as a TO your job is clear. As long as they haven't already fired the next gun call them back to clear it. Without that rule the TO has to make a split second determination of whether that is a fired round or a live one. Just because you counted 10 shots, or think you counted 10 shots, doesn't mean it's not a live round. You may have miscounted, the shooter may have loaded too many rounds, so in a split second the TO must make a decision that could prevent a penalty or result in a reshoot due to bad coaching. Plus, as Smokestack pointed out, it won't be long after that rule is removed before the last shotgun rounds cease to be shucked. I know that if shotgun isn't last and that rule doesn't exist I'm not shucking, why would I?
  3. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    I have to agree with suggestion 1. Allie. I don't understand why you want to eliminate the default starting position though. I could see modifying it, but why eliminate it? If you eliminate it then stage writers will need to define what the shooter is doing at the beginning of the stage, even if that's just saying 'shooter's choice of stance hands not touching guns or ammo'. You can already override the default starting position simply by putting a statement in the stage instructions to that same effect. The only thing eliminating the default position does is require the stage writer to say something about it, they've always had the option to specify whatever they want. I don't see angle violations that often, so again it may be a local thing. The same thing with the 170, a guy on my posse was called for breaking the 170 over the top with a long gun at FL State. I'm kind of with you on the basketball rule, though I understand why some venues go even further and have a poke and plant rule. When your lawyer says create that rule or risk losing everything you own most folks create the rule and enforce it. Not sure on the empty case. As I see it, having that rule makes the TO's job easier. If I see brass in the action, I'm calling the shooter back to clear it. Without that rule I have to either determine whether it's live (can be hard to do with the timer running and the shooter potentially moving), take the risk and let the shooter keep going, or take the risk and perhaps call them back when I didn't need to. I don't see a clean solution here though I agree that empty brass isn't a threat.
  4. Where would you head first?

    Come on! The answer is easy! The beer and wine aisle! If in Louisiana, the hard liquor section.
  5. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    It may just be a difference of where we're shooting. I just came back from FL State, 200 shooters. Admittedly holster angles aren't as obvious and I wasn't looking specifically for that type of violation, but shotgun bras are very obvious and I didn't see any of those. I did see a shooter called for carrying a rifle reload tucked into a strap of his holster. I've never seen anyone ridiculed for any type of call. I've seen objections, but not ridicule. Just the view from my saddle, but the rules seem to be pretty fairly and consistently enforced around here. Not perfect, but pretty good. Just out of curiosity what are the rules that we need to get rid of?
  6. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    I'm right at 7 years with SASS now. I rarely see shotgun bras, maybe two or three times so far. I've never seen or heard of anyone around here being called for a cross draw/strong side holster violation.
  7. For those who went through NAS Pensacola

    I loved Trader Jon's when I was in my 20s.
  8. 2018 SASS Florida State Championship

    It was a fun match! Lots of movement, fun stages, a nice mix of more challenging target placement with opportunities for speed runs, incredible props! I almost felt bad having to slam Barkeep Casey’s head on
  9. What exactly is a gamer?

    A person who tries to shoot stages in the most time efficient manner given SASS rules and the specific stage instructions?
  10. Dillon SDB for Sale SPF

    SPF to Crooked Creek Sam!
  11. Dillon SDB for Sale SPF

    Message responded to.
  12. 2018 SASS Florida State Championship

    Three days and a wakeup.
  13. Dillon SDB for Sale SPF

  14. 2 shotgun front sights permitted?

    I think they're legal as Ramrod stated.
  15. Unburnt Clays powder

    I've been loading with Clays under 125 grain bullets for over six years now. I use a load that's just a couple of notches above the minimum and I've never seen unburnt powder. When I used Clays for my son's shotgun loads I got lots of unburnt powder. I use a roll crimp, as Marshal Stone suggested you might try that. Are you getting unburnt powder in all your cases and if so how are you cleaning them that allows the powder to remain afterwards. If you're not getting unburnt powder maybe you have a chamber that's out of spec? I know my bullets run a lot cleaner in my wife's rifle than in mine, not unburnt powder, just fouling. I've done my loading on a SDB until a month or so ago. You might call Dillon and ask them if they have any ideas.

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