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  1. Captain Bill Burt

    Hey Moderators!

    It’s not unbiased moderation. It’s moderation without personal accountability for decisions made.
  2. Captain Bill Burt

    Hey Moderators!

    One more comment. I think this idea of anonymous moderators is stoopid. If you’re enforcing the rules as written then why do you need anonymity, unless you think SASS members can’t determine which posts and which members stray from the guidelines? Do our TOs wear masks when making their calls? If you believe in the call you’re making then own up to it. If not, then don’t make the call.
  3. Captain Bill Burt

    Hey Moderators!

    Yep! Just because the OP has been answered doesn’t mean we might not want to chat about it. Isn’t that the purpose of a forum like this?
  4. Captain Bill Burt

    Hey Moderators!

    Thanks for volunteering! Less is more! How about you stop locking threads that don’t violate forum rules just because YOU feel the discussion is over? What’s the justification for that?
  5. Captain Bill Burt

    chrome plating

    I’m thinking of hard chroming my ‘73 rifle anyone done that and how did it work out?
  6. Captain Bill Burt

    Ruger Bearcats

    I had a pair of Bearcats for my middle son. Although they weren't as bad as you describe they were stiff, you can't see the empty chamber, and they do foul pretty quickly. I also had trouble with a transfer bar hanging up on the bottom of the firing pin (I beveled the leading edge of the T bar, problem fixed). I bought him a pair of birdshead grip Uberti Lightnings in .38 special. Much smoother and although they're a bit bigger he handles them well.
  7. Captain Bill Burt

    SASS Wire "Fresh Start" and Grudges

    Was that Manatee?
  8. Captain Bill Burt

    SASS Wire "Fresh Start" and Grudges

    I have to agree with Deadeye George. People aren't going to change who they are just because you change the code on the Wire. Some people don't want to let bygones be bygones nor move on. There are people that post here on the Wire who have called me some pretty bad names, over some pretty small stuff, like whether I have a lever safety in my rifle. I have no intention of moving on or letting bygones be bygones, that's not my nature. I simply put them on my ignore list and don't engage with them.
  9. Captain Bill Burt

    86,000 Garands

    I must have missed something. I thought they said they paid about a million for the termites, a million for the asbestos and 3 million for the ship rental? What else did they pay? Did you notice the idiot dragging them muzzle down on the concrete?
  10. Captain Bill Burt


    I understand. When I said it was odd I wasn't referring to the OP call, I was referring to Allie's comment about coming to the line with a cocked shotgun, action closed being a no call. Since it is a long gun as a rifle is, I was hypothesizing that the reason one gives you a SDQ and the other doesn't is that we don't stoke the shotgun at the LT. Does that make sense or have I lost my mind (I guess both could be true)?
  11. Captain Bill Burt


    That's odd. If you come to the stage with a cocked rifle it's a SDQ at the least and a MDQ if there's a round in the chamber. It's interesting that coming to the line with a cocked SG with the action closed would be a no call. I guess the reasoning would be that we don't typically stoke a SG at the loading table whereas we know the rifle is loaded?
  12. Captain Bill Burt


    This is why I don't trust the weather shamans. Tomorrow's forecast has completely flipped, now there's a 50% chance of rain until about 11 am and then it drops off.
  13. Captain Bill Burt


    Yep, I shot that match clean and won my category.
  14. Captain Bill Burt


    Things look a bit better now. Thursday the probability before 2 pm is now down in the 20% range, after 2 it jumps up again, but only into the 50% range. Friday looks about the same in the morning, but jumps to almost a 90% chance beginning at about 1 pm. Saturday looks much better. The probability is just below 50% in the morning and declines to the 20s and below beginning around noon. If this holds up we might be better off shooting 4 Friday and 6 Saturday instead of the other way around.

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