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  1. Captain Bill Burt


    Respectfully think you're wrong on that. We have a shooter who is completely deaf and has been since early childhood. She's been shooting SASS for decades safely. If I need her to stop I tap her on the shoulder, just as I do when the timer goes off so she knows to start.
  2. Captain Bill Burt

    Hickock45 review of new Marlin 1894 357 Magnum

    So Hickock says poor wood, poor wood to metal fit, lowering quality bluing, rusted butt stock screws. "It's not that bad, but it's not that good."
  3. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

    Thanks Rye! Not totally related, but perhaps interesting. When Colt SAA came out you could buy one for a $20 gold piece (which weighed approximately one ounce). Today one ounce of gold is worth approximately $1250, which is just about (maybe not quite) enough to...........buy a Colt SAA. Interesting how inflation works. I wish we could get back on the gold standard.
  4. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

    That may be true Rye, but if I want to invest I’ll buy stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. I buy guns to shoot. They get banged up and worn out. When I buy a gun I’m looking for reliability, performance, fun to shoot, not return on investment. I’ll shoot my cowboy guns till they die, or I do. The same with my SD guns. Will a matched set of Colts help me perform better than my Rugers at Georgia State next year? If so I might be willing to pay the premium, but I don’t think they will. The pre 64 Winchester Model 70 in 300 Win Mag my dad gave me won’t be shot much, it’s not really a gun to me, it’s a collectible. The same for the Colt 1911 manufactured in 1917, it’s not an EDC like my Colt Commander, it’s a collectible and will rarely be shot. In a hundred years that 1911 may be worth quite a bit more than it is now, a 3rd gen Colt SAA manufactured in 2012, I don’t think so. Just my .02 cents and no offense intended.
  5. Captain Bill Burt

    What is difference in SKBs

    I used to. The straight stock is an obvious difference but it seemed to me they were significantly heavier and I seem to recall screw in chokes (could be wrong).
  6. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

    I’m going to respectfully disagree. There’s nothing wrong with Colts, I own two, but there’s nothing particularly special about them either. I’m not going to pay 2 grand extra for a picture of a pony and the word Colt on my revolvers.
  7. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

    You’re right about that! I love my Jimmy Spurs SASS Vaqueros but they are significantly bigger than Colts. Ever handled a Single Six in 32 H&R Mag? They’re closer to a Colt feel, just need half cock conversions.
  8. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

  9. Captain Bill Burt

    Colt SAA dead?

    Or you could spend less than what a single Colt will cost you and get a set of Rugers that will last longer than you will and for which parts are abundant.
  10. Captain Bill Burt

    Acceptable footwear

    All the time!
  11. Captain Bill Burt

    B Western Leather question

    Welcome to SASS! That rig would not be legal for B-Western for a few reasons. As noted it appears the butt of the revolver would be above the belt (easier to tell if you posted a pic with a revolver in the holster) and the rig isn’t embellished ie fancy stitching, conchoes, spots, tooling.
  12. Captain Bill Burt


    The difference between your soccer and baseball field analogy and this instance is that the wheelchair access is required for spectators, not participants. If a certain level of hearing is necessary to safely participate (I don’t believe it is) then ADA doesn’t apply. You don’t see blind people suing taxi companies so they can be hired as drivers.
  13. Captain Bill Burt

    Where are you headed in 2019?

    Local matches 4 Saturday’s a month, TN Mountain Marauders on 5th Saturdays plus FL State, GA State, TN State, AL State, and the SE Regional. Maybe CAC, Black Gold and SC State.
  14. Captain Bill Burt


    Up to the TO. If he believes the shooter didn’t hear the Stop command it’s not an MDQ. If the TO believes the shooter heard it but continued it’s a MDQ. In this case the TO has stated he believes the shooter didn’t hear him. He’s in the best position to know so it’s not a MDQ.
  15. Captain Bill Burt

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    Here’s two Uberti’s with aluminum carriers. I don’t currently load through the top but I have done so successfully with both of these in the past.. 9ish years old 3ish years old

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