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  1. Lead Ringer

    ALL SPF Thanks..

    I’ll take the PSA Carbine. PM on the way. Regards, Ringer
  2. Lead Ringer

    SOLD FS mags & mag loader

    Going A-Team
  3. Lead Ringer

    Sold Pending funds: SASS 38/.357 Vaqueros

    guns have been sold pending funds Thanks for looking Ringer
  4. Sold pending funds: Pair of consecutive serial number SASS Vaquero's. 38/.357, Stainless, 4.62" Barrels, after market main springs installed. Pistols have a manufacture dating of 2010. (I'm of the belief this era of Vaquero's are made extremely well) The guns were not put into use until 2014-2015. They are owned by a local cowboy (JD Bullet) who asked me put them on the wire for him. He has three years of cowboy action use on the guns at about two shoots a month. I personally Remember when he started using these pistols. Asking $1,300.00 shipped to your FFL OBO. Postal money orders only please. First I'll take it gets it. You can call me for more questions. The payment will made to JD Bullet (current and active SASS member). I'll pass along all details to buyer. Thanks for looking. Ringer 270-331-2386
  5. Lead Ringer

    45acp WB loads

    3.9gr WST with my 230gr Round nose. Some of the cleanest and most consistent (crono) loads I’ve ever seen. I believe the 230 has less and smother recoil than any 200gr or 185gr at the same power factors. with that said there’s countless 45 ACP loads that work. Regards, Ringer
  6. Lead Ringer

    SPF Linotype ingots for sale 2.00/lb plus shipping

    I’ll take all of the Linotype. PM on its way. Regards, Ringer
  7. Lead Ringer

    Sold Pending Funds...MEC 8567 Grabber 16ga

    I got it Wild Lead. Thanks. Sold Pending Funds
  8. For Sale: Winchester 1897 16ga shotgun (E Model) 20" barrel, Large brass bead, Briley choke tubes (Cyl, Mod, Full) 12 1/2" length of pull from trigger to end of pad. This is a fine shotgun with bright bore and tight lock up. Cycles very nice. feeds from the tube and ejects great. Pictures tell the story on condition. $650.00 Shipped to your FFL. Postal Money Order Please. Thanks for looking. Regards, Ringer
  9. Sold Pending Funds: Extremely nice condition MEC Model: 8567 Grabber 16ga shot shell reloader. I bought this new and probably haven't loaded over a thousand shells on it. I'll ship this with wood base, that I've made, 7/8oz Charging Bar, #22 Powder Bushing, extra large primer tray, powder and shot containers. This unit is 100% and makes fine looking shells. I'm going to use 3 bags of 16ga wads as packing peanuts inside the factory box. (that's a $36.00 added value) $295.00 shipped to your door. (New it's over $540.00) First I'll take it gets it. Postal money order please. Thanks for looking Regards, Ringer
  10. Lead Ringer

    Sold pending funds: 1897 Winchester 12ga

    Deadeye Deska, I need to hear from you about the Shotgun by 5:00 PM today or its going to another Cowboy. I've sent you a PM and posted my phone number. I'll need you to confirm you have received details and you'll be sending funds. Regards, Ringer
  11. Lead Ringer

    Sold pending funds: 1897 Winchester 12ga

    I’ll send you a PM. my number is 270-331-2386 Thanks Ringer
  12. Sold pending funds: Original Winchester 1897 Pump Shotgun (D Model). 13" from trigger to end of rubber pad, Very, very smooth, Holds 6 factory Winchester AA's in the tube and feeds them reliably, Ejection is very good. No cracks in wood. This one is race ready! You wont be disappointed with function and reliability. Has that brown patina color going on. Did I mention it's very smooth, easy to cycle and reliable Pictures tell the story of exterior. History: I purchased this Shotgun about 7 years ago. In its original factory length. Paid a competent 97 Guy to cut barell to 18", install large brass bead, and tune it up (action job). Miss Behavin' used it for about a year. Until she found a solid frame gun, that she has used ever since. I've used it in a few Wild Bunch Matches. At this point Miss Behavin' has 3 solid frame shotguns and I'm a Double guy, so it's time to let it go! $550.00 Shipped insured to your FFL. Postal Money Order only. Thanks for looking. Regards, Ringer

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