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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker. Youngest members of the James Gang.

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  1. Kirk James

    Dillon 650 vs Lee Loadmaster

    Why make fun of this post. If it is repetitive, go on to the next. I don't know Hoss, but it was a nice post.
  2. Kirk James

    What exactly is "the best"?

    The best is the best in my experience. Often limited for most of us. But it is still the best.
  3. Kirk James

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    Between all three of us we had a Ruger SS 22/22 mag.
  4. Kirk James

    Got my first match under my belt!

    Congrats JR. See you at the range!!!!
  5. Kirk James

    Bad practice session?

    Good post Shooting Bull. They say you win with the shotgun so it must be the hardest to master. I have a tendency to stop and then go out and live fire. Then go back to my dry firing. Easy to break that edge when dry firing, but it seems to have more good days the more I dry fire. For me I seem to live fire more consistently that when I dry fire.
  6. Kirk James


    First we had the Rattlesnake Wrangler rule, now they want to take away our jackets. Some of you have not been around long enough to get this one.
  7. Kirk James


    Was the coat at or below the belly button?
  8. Kirk James

    Mernickle Holsters

    I have two sets of Mernickle holsters and highly recommend them. Bob discounts them at the matches. They are a great holster for the money. I am really enjoying my performance rig.
  9. Kirk James

    11 year old interested

    Srap P looks amazing. Everyone working with him should be congratulated also. His technique, gun handing, transitions are right on . Cannot wait to see videos on the rest of your family. What a great addition to CAS. See you on the range.
  10. Kirk James

    158 to 125 grain bullet

    The three of us follow Tulley Mars post. The only difference is we use 147 knock downs for the large or hard to knock down plates, and 125 gr for most everything else in knock down plates. We also seat our rounds to 1.510 to 1.520 depending on how they feed in each rifle. 1.515 is a sure thing in all 3 of our rifles. We do reload over the top and seat our reload rounds for 1.425. I do suggest you follow Oklahoma Dee's advice and chronograph your pistols to ensure you are within the power factor. We set our powder throw at 3.0 and rounds are usually somewhere between 2.9 and 3.1 for Clays. This is our favorite powder.
  11. Kirk James

    New grips for Schofields.

    They look great!!!
  12. Kirk James

    Shooting with tennis elbow?

    If the braces work, that is great. If the injections work, that is great. After all that my ortho doctor suggested needling. I had never heard of it. My ortho completed the procedure and it worked. No more tennis elbow. Now everything else hurts. Good luck!!
  13. Kirk James

    Lever wrap and butt stock cover for Winchester 1873

    We use Palo Verde leather wraps, come with a video on how to thread them. Good wraps.
  14. Kirk James

    SASS Hall of Fame 2019- Announcement of Inductees!

    Thanks for all your hard work!!! We appreciate everything you do!!!!
  15. Kirk James

    CREEKER: JEDI GF of the Year 2018

    Congratulation Creeker! Your hard work has allowed many a cowboy to play. It has been fun to watch you an Desert Scorpion over the years and I look forward to seeing you both at the next match. Give a special thanks to all in your club also. They are incredible!!!

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