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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker. Youngest members of the James Gang.

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  1. I am now 'Widder'

    You know you will decrease your times by not having to run up that Hill everyday. Look what happened to Matt Black when he got out of the Rattlesnake business!!
  2. Families in SASS

    Congrats Jackpot Jerry. I have had the pleasure of shooting with Moose Tasche and Cottonwood Kid. You did well.
  3. What have you received because of SASS?

    What have you received from SASS? Friends, friends and more friends. Incredible coach that taught us all to shoot, and gunsmiths that keep us running. Mentors and friends for my children and family. SASS is helping pay for one of my children’s education. Quality World and National Championships as well as other matches that hone our skills and keep us sharp, well, keep my kids sharp. Two wrist surgeries from reloading for the three of us to shoot. Well worth it. An incredible relationship with my wife’s parents who travel and support us. Before my wife’s father, John passed away, he let us know seeing both kids win overall at 2016 Winter Range was one of the most exciting times in his life. Us too!!! It has taught my family how to work together, not only as a family, but as a SASS community! A special thanks to everyone in the SASS community for making this happen.
  4. Ruger Signs Randi Rogers

    Congratulations Randi-We are all proud of you!!!!
  5. Best Youth Shotgun

    My kids went with 12 gauge and cut the stocks. Save the wood so it can be glued and doweled back on for a later date. I went with SKB's for both. Jessica, aka SASS Kicker is still shooting the same shotgun she received over seven years ago. Single trigger Baikals are also a good choice. Johnny Meadows in Camp Verde can slick them up when needed. The low recoil Winchesters work great. Good luck
  6. How many "P's" on a stage are too many?

    I am still recovering from a total shoulder replacement and was observing a match. I noticed a high no. of P's on several stages that I felt were good stages. I did not feel any of the stages were P traps, but different than the local clubs we shoot at. It is an interesting subject. I have shot at places where you see a high no. of P's on one stage and often include some of the better shooters. Oklahoma Dee brings up some good points. Self discipline will cut down the no. of Ps an individual has. I shoot better if I have read the stage instructions and only listen to see if there are any changes on the stages. I know on a personal level that I am easily distracted if the person reading the stage has to tell stories, make jokes, informs the posse on the best way to shot the stage, or starts answering questions before the stage is read. I need to deal with this problem. But I also see some stages that draw a high no. of Ps from some very good shooters as well as everyone else. There maybe other reasons than what we refer to as a P trap.
  7. As stage writers, how many P's on a stage are acceptable? After shooting for seven years I am still seeing stages that look great, yet have a considerable no. of Ps. When shooting out of state I wonder if some of the stages with a higher no. of P's are great stages in one state and just not shot much in another; or are they P traps. What makes a stage a P trap? Your thoughts please.
  8. Shooting Physical Therapy.....Help please!

    Thanks everyone and good luck on you recovery Jackrabbit Joe.
  9. Clarification of rule-need help

    This may help with the clarification of a discarded rifle and if you can correct prior to firing the next firearm.
  10. Shooting Physical Therapy.....Help please!

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It was a tough surgery. Lasted four hours rather than two. It has been three weeks now and the therapist has been great. Cannot move my shoulder without the therapist moving it for three more weeks. Then then the exercises begin. Range of motion looks great according to the therapist. Doctor is really pleased how it came out and knows how much I love this sport. Will see you at Winter Range as a spectator and will be volunteering at speed rifle. I miss shooting with everyone and will be back soon.
  11. I need your opinions.

    I would follow Creeker's advice and offer them as different matches. Creeker even posts the stages ahead of time so you can make a decision if you want to attend. I am not a retro fan so I would not travel far. I did however attend Creeker's dam site last year knowing it was retro and enjoyed it. It was more for fun and practice. Not to much on the clock. I agree with with Larsen. If you not a fan of retro you will not enjoy half the match. If you are a fan you will enjoy the match.
  12. Where has all of the "fun stuff" gone?

    Creeker-That was a great way to accomplish those goals. I will be back. Kirk
  13. who makes best leather lever wrap

    No question. Palo Verde Gunworks. Just ask the kids!!!!!!
  14. Where has all of the "fun stuff" gone?

    I would enjoy seeing more moving targets at matches. The train at EOT was a blast as well as more fliers. El Dorado has some neat walk ways where you shoot through doors. Winter Range has had them in the past. I can do with out choking the chicken and stabbing brother John, especially if they are on the clock. Is there enough interest in Western Three Gun?
  15. How fast is fast?

    SASS is a blast at what ever speed you shoot. Perfect practice is what brings down your times. Have fun!!!!