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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker. Youngest members of the James Gang.

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  1. What Single Action should I buy in 357 Magnum . . .

    You will not go wrong with Rugers, either Blackhawk's or Vaquero's in 357. I would strongly suggest shooting them to determine what barrel length you prefer. You can find some good used sets to bring the price down. I found some with action jobs from a great gunsmith a few years back for $1000. They are hard to come by at this price, but deals are out there. Good luck.
  2. Do You - Inventory and Insure Your Firearms?

    Eastern Insurance www.historicfirearms.com has a policy with $40,000 policy for $150.00. They sell to collectors, gun show seller etc...
  3. Breaking bad habit/learning something new?

    I have been trying to change my shuck for 6 months. It is right during dry fire, but still struggle in matches. Bought a case to practice and hope to practice everyday before Eldorado.
  4. Worst reloading horror story.

    My worst reloading accident occurred in a series of mistakes. First of all I was going to load 500 44 magnum rounds of ammo and left two similar cans of two different powders on the loading table. I was only checking the weight of my powder throw after every 75 to 100 rounds. Around the 400th round I noticed two different powders in my pan while checking the weight. It was around 3 am in the morning and I was exhausted. I wasn’t sure which boxes of ammo had the mix of two different powders. I went to a friend’s loading shop, and he sold me an inertia hammer bullet puller. After approximately 150 rounds there was an explosion in my hand. Only the handle and an inch of the stem of the thrower was left and there was damage to his walls. We could not find any evidence to the rest of the bullet puller. He sold me another bullet puller and I continued on, with one heck of a flinch. About an hour later my buddy comes in the room with the end of the bullet puller which he found. It had gone through a door opposite me and bounced around his inventory. The end where the bullet and powder comes out was blown off with part of a fired case still present. Locked in the collet of the puller was a second round with the bullet seated much further in the case. Evidently, I had placed a round inside without locking it into the collet, and one on top of it locked into the collet. The inertia of the bullet locked into the collet must have hit the primer of the contained round in the front chamber and built enough pressure to explode. I know you are all counting the no. of procedural's I have. Add, I was not wearing safety glasses. This is the first time a miss was on my side as I was not injured. Do you have a story you would like to share?
  5. Shotgun loops on main belt?

    Agree with Garrison Joe. Also, you are not reaching so far for a rifle reload. If you want to be a fast shooter, learn from their experiences.
  6. Breaking bad habit/learning something new?

    I would say break it down and practice each component separately, perfectly. I would practice burning that new path everyday for a while. Then I would combine components into less moves and repeat. Repeat until it is one sequence. Give it plenty of time to develop in matches under pressure.
  7. Tucking pants

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  8. Tucking pants

    Just a test. Hope you enjoy the video. youtu.be/yPMH5RnTqBQ This is an older video by Jokers Wild. Hope it works.
  9. Tucking pants

    How do you upload a video so you do not been to bring it up? It is showing and you just click on it. Thanks Kirk
  10. Tucking pants

    Maybe we should keep our pants on the outside of our boots. SASS_Kicker_hot_foot.MOV
  11. Clays powder in a Dillon Square Deal

    Clays will work great in your press. Would highly recommend you order an extra small charge bar if you are loading on the light side.
  12. Ruger revolver cleaning faux pas!

    I have only cleaned the cylinders with the sonic cleaner and simple green. I usually clean all three of our revolvers at the same time. The basket in the sonic cleaner will easily hold six cylinders. After 30 minutes in the cleaner I rinse them in water and brush them out with Hoppe's. The ends of the cylinder are clean enough to read the cylinder no. I dry them and place them in WD-40 for a few seconds. I dry them with compressed air and they are ready to go. Usually clean them 3 to 4 times a year. Does anyone clean their whole revolvers this way minus the grips?
  13. Ruger revolver cleaning faux pas!

    After six years of cleaning six cylinders each time I purchased on Sonic cleaner with simple green. After 30 minutes they are clean. Not sure what temperature is best, but even then minimum temperature gets them clean. Have not had the guts to put the whole revolver in minus the grips. Anyone clean this way?
  14. Win AA Featherlite

    We case gauge our AA's with a Dillon case gauge as soon as they arrive at the house. For a while the AA low recoil low noise were not very consistent. The last ten cases have been very consistent but we gauge them anyway.
  15. Sure Hit sight

    Your going to love them. Makes your sight stand out! The whole family shoots with Slick sights on our rifles and pistols.