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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker. Youngest members of the James Gang.

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  1. Kirk James

    Slick McClade 2018 B- Western World Champ

    I don't know how many that is for you Slick? They must all be special. Congratulations!!!!
  2. Kirk James

    Boaz World Champ Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

    Had the pleasure of watching Boaz shoot. What an incredible performance!
  3. A special congratulations to Matt Black and Holly Terror for their Overall World Championship EOT performances!!!!!! Matt Black scores are incredible and there is only a one second difference between his 2017 and 2018 championship. This is Matt Black's third Overall World Championship and Holly Terror's eleventh Lady's Overall World Championship.
  4. Kirk James

    The start of something GREAT

    Congratulations on your success. Hope to be able to bring the family and shoot sometime.
  5. Kirk James

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    Thanks Chicken George-It was a mistake on Cody James registration but the staff was excellent in resolving the matter. SASS Kicker just finished her 2nd year of pre-med and is taking summer school and will not be able to shoot. I had a right shoulder replacement six months ago and am shooting one day matches only. Not ready for EOT. Jessica and Cody are working on helping Jessica's friend, Kara Dunn, fly back to the US after waking up in Spain paralyzed by a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome. She is also a pre-med student at the University of AZ. Insurance will not pay for the medical flight needed. Jessica and her room mates have raised over $50,000 on go fund me, and Cody has found a friend with a jet large enough to make the flight. Jessica has been on TV in Tucson and the cause may go nationally. She and her room mates already have a doctor and nurse willing to donate their time and go on the flight. Please keep Kara in your prayers and if you can, please donate to the go fund me page. We are trying to raise $150,000 to cover the expenses. Her insurance in Spain runs out next Monday.
  6. Kirk James

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    There is smooth and there is very smooth. All depends on what you want to accomplish. Very smooth is more expensive than smooth. They are all fun!!!!! Also find the short stroke that works for you. There is a difference. Cody James uses a Palo Verde fifth gen while SASS Kicker and myself use a 4th gen. Same length stroke but a different feel. It is what feels good to you. There are some excellent 3 gen also. All of our rifles are set up by Palo Verde. We all like a different feel of the trigger breaking so he works with us. Good luck and hope to see you at EOT!!!!
  7. Kirk James


    Your idea of a coach or mentor is a good one. Learning to shoot fast is a process built on fundamentals. If you cannot find someone in your area, there are some outstanding tapes that break the basics down to drills to build upon. Evil Roy and Long Hunter have some outstanding tapes. Doc Shapiro has a must read book you can download. Dry fire is a must. There are also outstanding shooters at most clubs that will share, but a strong foundation is a key. Perfect practice makes great shooters.
  8. Kirk James

    "Spud" the Ohio State Champion

    Congratulations Spud on your championship!!!!! Will see you soon at EOT.
  9. Kirk James

    prayers for my daughter

    Prayers on their way!!!!
  10. Kirk James

    SASS Wire "Fresh Start" and Grudges

    For years I have advocated the wire become an informational place to learn about CAS . Too often a great informational thread becomes a place where the topic is "high jacked" for someone's jokes and pleasure, or an attack on an opinion. Is the wire just for entertainment or will it become a place for advice? When starting the champions forum I spoke to many of the best shooters in the world. Most left due to rude comments and the lack of substance. Just look at the thread on subconscious shooting. I use to spend some time on Enos's thread just to get some opinions and answers. It was an excellent site and either moderated well or respected. I do appreciate the moderators on this site. You have you hands full!!!!
  11. Kirk James

    Complaining and SASS-Bashing

    Our TG's do an excellent job of keeping our club informed of new rule changes. They did an excellent job of changing rank pts. to total time this last year. I appreciate the moderator's past and present. It is a thankless job and we are not always going to get our way. The bashing needs to stop if we are going to get real substance and get back our champions.
  12. Kirk James

    Making a Ruger like a Colt

    Don't get me wrong, I love the feel of a Colt, especially if Bob James has worked on it.
  13. Kirk James

    Making a Ruger like a Colt

    I wonder if anyone called them cheaters for having their shotgun belts up high. Could start a hell of a gunfight!!!!! I wear mine at my belly button. No gunfights hear, but I am concerned they may start up in Texas. Hear a lot of Texans are on belly button patrol. Don't get mad, just a joke>
  14. Kirk James

    Making a Ruger like a Colt

    I have always wondered how the old cowboys modified their firearms. Lots of time around the campfire. I know some took their sights off. Any short strokes back then? Give your thoughts. I bet a lot of them put their shotgun belts up around their neck. Sorry, want your response! Please
  15. Kirk James

    Making a Ruger like a Colt

    If God made man, and Colt made um equal; why did I spend so much money on my Shotgun Boogie's! Because they kick a##.

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