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  1. Too Tall Bob


    Coaching -if any- should comefrom the TO. Spotters are just that, spotters for misses, procedurals and safety issues. I have seen way too many shooters get confused by multiple voices coaching them.
  2. Wonder if anyone has a set of last year’s stages (maybe in electronic format) you might be willing to share. I’m thinking about going over for it but would like to get an idea what I am getting myself into. Thanx in advance TTB
  3. Too Tall Bob

    What’s fer dinner?

    This cabin’s having peach glazed pork chops, green beans with bacon and hatch chilies, romain with cranberries, nectarine pieces and glazed walnuts with creamy italian dressing salad. No shooting or loading to do, house is clean so why not cook? Oh, and fresh rum cake and coffee for dessert.
  4. Too Tall Bob

    All gone

    Multiple times but all good
  5. Too Tall Bob

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    I use 2 - 550’s. One for small primer and the other for large primer. Although there are any number of solutions to keep the primer slide working there are two things I do religiously and as a result have no slide binding issues. Firstly I make sure the bottom of the slide is CLEAN of dirt, etc., the plate as well. I have never lubed the slide or the plate. The other is to be sure the bolts that hold the primer feed assembly to the press are not over tightened. If they are, the base of the unit will cause the slide to bind and as a result primer misfeeds occur. Just my $.02 TTB
  6. Too Tall Bob

    All gone

  7. Too Tall Bob


    Oh my! We get a $2 upcharge! See you soon buddy. Good luck on selling your books!
  8. Too Tall Bob


    That’s because they had pictures!
  9. Too Tall Bob


  10. Too Tall Bob

    All gone

  11. Too Tall Bob


    Depends on the version
  12. Too Tall Bob


    Will also consider trades for CZ-75 BD or CZ-75 compact in 9 mm
  13. Too Tall Bob

    We need a sticky cartoon thread

    Soooooo - it’s time for this!

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