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    Mark your calendars for October 22-27, 2019. Bordertown 2019 Match Applications will be on facebook www.facebook.com/Bordertown-Cowboy-Action-Shoot-197547776931903/ and the www.Bordertowncas.com website. They will be posted and available NO LATER THAN NOON TUCSON TIME MARCH 17, 2019. visit the Bordertowncas.com web page for updates and more info. Please share this out to your friends so everyone knows that date!
  2. Too Tall Bob


    Smallest one allowed is “Pocket Derringer”. See y’all soon!
  3. Too Tall Bob


    Well, hope to see you and about 350 or 60 other folks as well!
  4. Too Tall Bob

    Looking to Buy a 1873 TNT double Cimarron

    You might do better posting this on the classifieds
  5. Too Tall Bob

    Even more .38 brass -spf

  6. Too Tall Bob

    Even more .38 brass -spf

    Found more in a corner cupboard... 300 pcs of .38 spec. All shiney - used STARLINE brass. No cracks and no nickle $38 conus. TTB
  7. Too Tall Bob

    Some 38sp Range Brass with a little 45 LC

  8. Too Tall Bob

    Winter Range...Was Hoping I Would Be Going..

    Well TL, sounds like you have your hands full. But! I can feel better knowing my toes are safe once again.......
  9. Too Tall Bob


    Now, as I remember this if you have something CAS or shooting related gathering cobwebs or otherwise needing a new home and you are not worried about compensation except perhaps for postage you can post on this thread. If you see something you want, post accordingly but you are obligated to post something yourself. I see this as a great way for new folks especially to find some of those odd or small items they want. Remember - you take advantage of an item - you should post something yourself . Hence, pay it forward.
  10. Too Tall Bob

    Spf .38 spec.brass

    300 pcs - Mixed headstamp. All clean and shiny .38 spec brass $30 shipped CONUS
  11. Too Tall Bob

    Spf .38 spec.brass

    I will keep you in line. I think I may have more if you would like
  12. Found some more! 300 pcs of Starline once or twice fired .45 Colt brass (they are in the brass washer as we speak!) $60 shipped to your doorstep (CONUS) $50 if you pick them up from me between 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Wed morning at long range /Winter Range
  13. Too Tall Bob

    .45 Colt Brass - SPF. thanx!

    SOLD to the man named Grass Range! Sent you a pm.
  14. Too Tall Bob

    .45 colt brass - sold!!!

    250 pcs of Starline (once fired by the looks) and 85 mixed head stamp(mostly winchester) PLUS! It’s all clean and shiny! $50 shipped CONUS
  15. Too Tall Bob

    We need a sticky cartoon thread

  16. Too Tall Bob

    WTB: Mernikle Crossdraw

    What type of revolver for fit and barrel length?
  17. Too Tall Bob

    Boot Laces.....Can They Be Modified Safely

    Why has no-one suggested either duct tape or velcro to replace the laces?
  18. Too Tall Bob

    AA and STS hulls at WR SOLD

    Well, my Santa Fe has LOTS of room if you need more..........
  19. $20 shipped to you! Reduces swelled mouth of reloaded shotgun hulls. 12 gauge only Reduces ejection problems in SxS shotguns with reloaded shotshells. (I acknowledge blatently plagerizing Caboose’s post)
  20. Too Tall Bob

    AA and STS hulls at WR SOLD

    TTB = Them’s The Breaks!!!
  21. Too Tall Bob

    AA and STS hulls at WR SOLD

    I’ll take the sts’s. Since Barry and I are both working long range, we can both catch up with you at the same time Wed morning if that works for you. Let me know. PM ‘ing you contact info
  22. Too Tall Bob


    This would be “shooting out of category” per the above reason posted by Keystone.

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