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  1. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

    FS .44 dies

    BTT: Offer?? I'm sure the Salvation Army or Goodwill won't take them. LOL
  2. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

    FS .44 dies

    Here is a pair of older C-H "Hollywood" dies in .44. On is marked 44 Magnum Sizer, and the other is just marked .44 Caliber No 3. The decapping pin has a bit of a cant to it. Straighten it? Parts may be available from the CH4D.com ? They will be shipped in an RCBS die holder box. I'd like $25, shipped.
  3. Picked up stock this morning.  Excellent packing job although the post office tried to beat it up.

    Thank you

    Probably was there last Saturday - but this was first I could get there when someone was there.



    1. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Great. Got your check too. 

      Enjoy. Shoot straight 

      Happy Trails


  4. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

    SASS, The Early Days

  5. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

  6. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Dusty Chaps SASS 5925 Life Southern California Since about 1998 including 10+ years mounted shooting.
  7. My cell is 5309454223 if you wish to call. We're any of my fliers still out at either store?

  8. Yes, we will be shooting Saturday at the Reddibg Gun Club. Would love to meet you in person. Our web page has times and directions on it. Would you need anything? There are a couple other stores local, each is unique.

  9. Hi Modoc. Thanks for the invitation.

    I MAY still be here Saturday. Is that when you guys shoot in Redding?

    I visited a couple local gun stores today: Jones Fort and Bastiani's (spelling?)

  10. OK, so now you have TWO friends.......


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