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  1. Revolver CCW opinions

    Started with a S&W Mod 40 born in 1958. My wife confiscated it after the first time she shot it. Then I bought a Ruger LCR in .38; I think it shoots very nicely for a double action, light weight snubby. I also bought a 3" SP101 in .357 for hiking and when I'm willing to pack a little extra weight for the extra whump. Unlike Yoos-Ta-Be Kid, I think mine shoots much milder (and more to POA) with 158gn silvertips than with the new hypervelocity 125's everybody else likes. Full Disclosure: I don't own a semi-auto bigger than .22.
  2. Found Thanks!!!!

    Hi South Pass Kid, Thanks for coming all the way to AZ for Winter Range. We hope you all had a good time and will be back to join us soon. I have a powder flask with a couple of spouts and a straight line capper. PM me your mailing address and I'll get them on the way.
  3. SASS Wooly Awards??

    The award that was given at Winter Range in 2017 was given to Winter Range for the 2016 Match of the Year. Don't know when or where the others were given out.
  4. Congrats JM Brown,Silver Senior Duelist National Champion

    JM also served his fellow Winter Range shooters as the very able Posse Marshal of Posse #29. Thanks and congrats JM.
  5. Uberti ‘73 in 44 magnum.

    If you want another .44 mag birdshead Vaquero PM me. I have one I am considering selling.

    One of these: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stack-On-14-Gun-Matte-Black-Cabinet-with-Bonus-Door-Storage-Organizer/45089616 laying on it's back, bolted to the floor under the lift-up bed.
  7. Awards

    A small, custom branding iron is a one-time expense that can be used to make small wooden or leather awards.
  8. Rumblings in the Desert. Winter Range 2018 FINAL ENTRY

    Please, please, please, please, if you haven't already done so, contact Turquoise Bill and volunteer to help out on side-match Wednesday. Shooter, guest, conventioneer, or non-shooting local, it don't matter, all are welcome.
  9. What the heck did I just buy?

    If it truly is an original Winchester, the homestead site here: http://homesteadparts.com/shopcart/How_to_Order.htm has parts and an inexpensive, comprehensive disassembly manual. I was able to completely disassemble and do some minor repairs mine using their manual.
  10. Cowboy Chronicle Online - NO MORE :o

    Creeker - That's the best I've heard it put yet.
  11. Coated Bullets?

    Sorry, can't remember just now. It was a couple of years ago.
  12. Coated Bullets?

    I did try, and will never go back to, moly coated bullets. After the first fifty or so rounds loaded, my bullet feeders (fingers) were so slippery that I was dropping every other bullet before I could get it in the case mouth. I ended up having to wash my hands every five minutes. I did just pick up 500 clear powder coated bullets at Sportsmans Warehouse just because they were all they had in 158gn. I'm hoping they're not as slippery. But add me to the camp that likes the old, waxy lube.
  13. Questions for some of the more experienced shooters

    I think it depends on your prior shotgun experience. I shoot as much skeet and sporting clays as cowboy. My eyes automatically go to that length when I shoulder my gun. When I switched from a coach gun to my current 26" barrels, I got the gun on target much faster. If you don't shoot much other shotgun, having your rifle and shotgun closer in length makes sense.
  14. Light shotgun loads with Clays/Clay Dot?

    The published Hodgdon 7/8 oz. load works perfect for me for skeet & SASS.
  15. Rumblings in the Desert. Winter Range 2018 FINAL ENTRY

    Larsen was out at the WR work party on Sunday. He was taking lots of pictures for you all. I'm sure he'll be posting an update soon.