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  1. Rattlesnake Slim

    Winchester 73

    My 73 was made in 1890. I guess that it's "new production" compared to Driftwood's.
  2. Rattlesnake Slim

    RV camping during Winter Range

    Here ya go Marshal http://winterrange.com/page53.html . Campgrounds are at the bottom of the page. I like to check the reviews at http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ . Feel free to PM me if there's anything else we can do for you. We also have dry camping available back where the Rangers and Board Members camp. It's $15 per occupied night and there is a place on the application to request it. If you've already sent in your application, PM me and I'll take care of it for you. See you there.
  3. Rattlesnake Slim

    Bushing size

    Hi Slim, I always bought whatever size I could find at Sportsman's then drilled it out with a 1/2" drill bit until it threw what I wanted.
  4. Rattlesnake Slim

    Front Sight Visibility

    Hey MB, how ya doin'? I too thought that the brass sights were going to be my key to breaking into the top 75% too. I was initially disappointed, but here's what I found. My current shooting glasses, which were kind of a rose color (supposed to increase contrast) were filtering out the red color that is inherent in brass and actually causing the brass sight to blend in with the SS gun! I started experimenting and found that a mild green was the best, at least for me. My advice is to experiment with a few different lens colors before you make any drastic gun changes. See you soon in AZ.
  5. Rattlesnake Slim

    Whats your thoughts on these AWD vehicles

    I cut a lot of people out of wrecked cars in 31 years as a firefighter. In my opinion, Subarus protect their occupants better than any other regardless of cost. It's what we drove when we lived in snow country.
  6. Rattlesnake Slim

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    I used one in .357 for about 6 months when I first started. It was very, very cartridge length sensitive. Even when I finally got the OAL dialed in, it still choked on occasion. I sold it and bought Browning 92, which although is still picky about cartridge length, served me very well for the next 5 or 6 years.
  7. Rattlesnake Slim

    Quick Question on SASS Targets

    I shot a stage with pistol targets like that once that was quite fun. They were all about that size that were crude knock-down style (bent at the bottom). 10 of them and you got to clean any that you missed with the shotgun. Pistol and shotgun shooting was quite fast and furious! But it was a one-time thing, not every stage.
  8. Rattlesnake Slim

    Anyone shoot 32-20 as main match rifle

    I don't do it regularly, but I have an original (mfg. 1897) Winchester 1892 in .32 WCF that I will shoot a couple of stages with when I'm having a not-so-good match. It never fails to put a smile back on my face.
  9. Rattlesnake Slim

    Happy Birthday Damascus Jon

    A big black powder salute!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday
  10. Rattlesnake Slim

    Winter Range Campers.......Attention

    BTT One week from tomorrow. BTW, the WR application is live at http://winterrange.com/2019 Shooter Application.pdf . Dry camping remains at $15.00 per occupied night.
  11. Rattlesnake Slim

    EOT Champion pics

    Well they sure took enough of them...........
  12. Rattlesnake Slim

    what do you need to build a musket kit?

    I built a CVA kit a while ago and used Birchwood Casey's Plumb Brown with good results. Patience, lots of coats, and lots of rubbing.
  13. Rattlesnake Slim

    Winter Range Campers.......Attention

    OK WR campers, EOT is barely in the books, but it's time............... Ben Avery opens their window for reservations for all of their camping facilities on July 9th, just two weeks away. July 9th through August 5th reservations are only available to shooters in organized competitions. The system opens to the general public August 6th. More info is available here: https://www.azgfd.com/shooting/basf-camping/ . Additionally, we will be expanding the dry camping behind the Staff parking lot this year. The soon-to-be-released WR application will have a spot to reserve space there. There will BE NO WATER AND SEPTIC SERVICE THIS YEAR due to the lack of a reasonably priced and dependable service. There is a dump station and water available at the Central Shooters Campground behind the mounted arena, a short distance from the dry camp. We have updated the WR website with new RV rental agencies and a list of local camping alternatives here: http://winterrange.com/page53.html . Looking forward to seeing you all there in February. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions that you may have.
  14. Rattlesnake Slim

    EOT 2018 top 16 out yet?

    Dinner is over...........Band is playing.............Supposed to announce it when the band takes their first break.
  15. Rattlesnake Slim

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    I have purchased two antique Winchester rifles within the last two years. A 38WCF 1873 made in 1890 and a 32WCF 1892 made in 1897. Both came directly to me by USPS, one from an FFL dealer, one from a private individual here on the wire.

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