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  1. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Moe T. Vader and Chantilly Shooter

    Oh! A road trip to Oregon for y’all would be awesome! You’d love it up here (once we get all the fires put out). Let me know if you can make it happen!
  2. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Moe T. Vader and Chantilly Shooter

    Howdy Yul, I do not know if I’ll be down that way for any September matches...
  3. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Moe T. Vader and Chantilly Shooter

    Well, maybe next time Lumpy! I already travel with SO many hats...
  4. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Moe T. Vader and Chantilly Shooter

    One of the (many) great things about traveling around and shooting at different clubs is the opportunity to meet new Pards. Oh, and learn new sweeps !! And that is exactly what I did when I visited the Escondido Bandidos again. So, let me take the opportunity to introduce a couple of great young shooters (in case you haven’t had an opportunity to meet ‘em yourself) and give you a couple of stages you can take and try out with your club! Enjoy!!
  5. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Cleaning BP firearms between stages

    Most I ever do at a match is spray down the barrel (whatever you favorite formula is should work). That should run down the barrel and into the action to keep the lifter moving freely (depending on caliber, maybe). Here is my method for cleaning up, on the range, after the match (not a direct answer to your question but you might find somethin’ useful in the video).
  6. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Attention: Steampunk!

    Gooder, I believe is the term you’re looking for Lumpy.
  7. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Attention: Steampunk!

    ^That’s funny!
  8. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    The (Unofficial) "Rifleman" Category Explained

    Thank you!!
  9. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    The (Unofficial) "Rifleman" Category Explained

    Absolutely Don! Let me know how it goes! We’d help! Or at least let ya make multiple trips I think the “mares leg” guys should be able to shoot at the pistol targets as long as they do it from the hip like Chuck Connors did!
  10. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    The (Unofficial) "Rifleman" Category Explained

    Yeah, it’s interesting, some clubs ask that the rifle not be last and others don’t seem to care. I actually still see/hear “any gun, any order as long as the rifle is not last” at many of the places I go. I suppose it is the safest route, but I’ve never had a rifle not set off a timer as long as you get it close enough. Do let me know if you get it implemented at one of your local clubs!
  11. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    The (Unofficial) "Rifleman" Category Explained

    I know a lot of you enjoy these "unofficial" Cowboy Action Shooting Categories that we do (Josey Wales, Street Howitzer, etc...). So, with that in mind I bring you The Rifleman category! Enjoy!!
  12. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    JD Walker - Rest In Peace

    Here's a clip of JD from a few years back, guaranteed to make you laugh. A lot of folks wouldn't have come away from a stage like that with a smile... but, it really didn't matter what the situation was, JD always had fun. That's the way I will remember him.
  13. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    JD Walker - Rest In Peace

    I learned quite a bit from ol' JD Walker. Lessons that I carry on and will pass on. I sure am going to miss him... Rest In Peace JD.
  14. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Royal Flush Teaches a Lesson on Missing...

    Just prior to headin' off to End Of Trail, and placing 44th Overall, Royal Flush taught us all a lesson in "Target Acquisition" PLUS, you might find some cool sweeps to use at your next Cowboy Action Shooting match!
  15. Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    POV action camera glasses?

    ^THAT is laugh out loud funny.

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