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  1. JEDI GF of the YEAR: 2017

    Thanks y’all. It’s always flattering to be recognized by your peers!!
  2. Outlaw Class

    I’ve been known to play around in the Outlaw category... When a club allows it (some don’t because of “over the birm” rules) I’ve seen some folks shoot their rifle, and hit quite well, from the hip! I’ll have to hunt around and see if I have any video of my pards (Badd Dawg Matt and Biffer Jones) shootin’ their rifles in this fashion. If I find any footage I’ll get it posted on JED iTV and put a link here.
  3. I need advice on speeding up my transitions

    I seemed to have picked up a reputation somewhere along the line.
  4. Double duelist

    Thanks Scarlett! My Pard Lee is pretty notorious about chasing me down any rabbit hole!
  5. I need advice on speeding up my transitions

    Thanks for the mention Hardcase. I just finished a whole series (12 parts) on how to shoot the stages from this years NW Regional. And, while they don’t all specifically call out the transitions (some do) you can see from the multiple camera angles what worked well on what stages... for me anyways.
  6. Double duelist

    How the heck did I miss this post? Thanks for posting this link Russ T. Sites, I’m glad you enjoyed it. This one has been on of the more popular “challenge” episodes!
  7. Jess Ducky added to the Memorial Page

    Thanks Utah Bob. Rest in Peace Ducky.
  8. Cap and ball 36 cal

    I gotta chime in here and cast my vote for the 1851 Navy (Colt, Uberti or Pietta).

    I'll take 'em! I'll PM ya with my info and get yours....
  10. SOLD! 16” Black Cowboy Boots by Double H

    SOLD! PM’d ya back!!

    I'm very interested in seeing this in person Lead Hammer... next time we share the range!
  12. Birdshead grip vs Traditional grip

    I don't much care for the Birdshead Grip. But Miss Harley, well, she thinks they're the best, especially for Gunfighters. To each his, or her, own...
  13. 1866 yellow boh

    For what it is worth, the 1866 is my rifle of choice.
  14. 2017 Northwest Regional Scores

    And here is Day 2: Enjoy!!
  15. 2017 Northwest Regional Scores

    If you'd like to see the shooters (at least from my posse) and the stages I've put together a couple of episodes highlighting this match. Here is Day 1: