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  1. Country Wildman

    At least they have options in this town!

    I think when my time comes I will be taken the extra mile.
  2. Country Wildman

    Post of the day

    If it was LA wouldn't it be upside down and on fire?
  3. Country Wildman

    Mice CPR

    Team work remember their is no I
  4. Country Wildman


    Nice picture
  5. Country Wildman

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    I thought that was for bears. Bell let's them know it's dinner time and pepper spray in case they want some seasoning.
  6. Country Wildman

    Another Evil Cat!

    All cats are evil. The attention ploy is a distraction so he can plot your demise. congrats hope all enjoy time together
  7. Country Wildman

    Did you ever get home with your Chinese carry out

    at least they should have shaved them first now its all full of cat hair
  8. Country Wildman


    Bottles set up a tall one
  9. Country Wildman

    If you were around in 1919 ...

    Isn't women why we drink to begin with Woman problem=drinking problem Drinking problem=woman problem
  10. Country Wildman

    Blood transfusion question

    When you are empty
  11. Country Wildman

    I'm Not Old Yet!

    I'm not 56 yet so next time you tell what I did............. What was we talking about
  12. Country Wildman


    I like style of brown one but prefer it in black
  13. Country Wildman

    Advice needed - Finding the right ammo

    My model 70 always did better with 180 grain corelock 1 inch or less. I went to 150 nosler and got 2 inch group. Either did well enough inside 200 yards for good shot. Nosler was better performance on expansion and transfer of energy. Hot barrel can change flight as well. My 243 really shows hit barrel. There are alot of other variables as well including head space bullet depth neck tension bullet weight brand powder charge brand and which powder number even brass brand length cut too and even primers. Best advice I can give is if you want to reload start with a load that is try to get as close to the best factory load that your rifle likes. Each rifle can like different loads.
  14. Country Wildman

    So that's where you've been hiding the Ice Cream!

    You caught me. Now everyone will know why I keep 10 bags of organic veggies in freezer
  15. Country Wildman

    I guess I should open the window first.

    only if you don't want clean up glass afterward

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