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  1. Hollifer A. Dollar

    73 problem

    FWIW Vitavouri N320 looks remarkably like grains of sand after it is burned. One of our shooters uses it & his guns look like they are spitting sand with every shot. I always thought it was unburned powder until I saw N320 in the can. Holler
  2. Hollifer A. Dollar

    New 1872 Open Top

    FWIW There are 4 clubs currently shooting in your area. Panhandle Cattle Company shoots in Chipley on the 4th Saturday, Panhandle Cowboys shoot in Cantonment (north of Pensacola) on the 2nd Sunday, Red Hills Rangers shoot on the 3rd Saturday in Midway (west of Tallahassee) & Big Bend Bushwhackers shoot on the 3rd Saturday in Woodville (south of Tallahassee). PM me your e-mail address & I can have you added to all of their mailing lists. Holler
  3. Hollifer A. Dollar

    2019 Georgia State SASS Championship

    Kay Sadeeya & I will be there! Holler
  4. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Stage Writing

    I choose a western movie & pull all the start lines from there. IMDB.com is a big help, there is a quotes page for each movie. Holler
  5. Hollifer A. Dollar

    What are "western spurs"?

    ...or that the wearer can't contort him/herself enough to buckle them if they are on the outside! I am a charter member of that club. Holler
  6. Hollifer A. Dollar

    A simple stage that I think might be fun to encounter once a year.

    We did a stage like this at our November match but with a little twist. We called it the "Desperado Dale Sweep" since misses didn't count. The stage before was 24 knockdowns, that's why there are so many targets shown on the stage plan. Everyone enjoyed it, but like you said, once a year is enough. & yes, a couple of shooters did jack out rounds. Holler
  7. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Live Round on Carrier, Action Open

    My understanding is, if any part of the round is in the chamber, it is considered to be in the chamber, so SDQ. If no part of the round is in the chamber, miss (for the unfired round) & minor safety. Holler
  8. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Share your format for stage description

    I also use AutoCad for the target layout, because I have worked with it for 17 years. I lay out the targets in AutoCad, then screen cap the plan as a JPG, which I then insert into MS Word. Holler
  9. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Straight triggers

    I was so prone to jack a round from my 73, I would shoot my Marlins at monthly matches to develop the habit of full stroking the lever. Back in the spring, I put a straight trigger in the 73...voila! No more jacked rounds. I am not faster with it but I am confident I can go as fast as I want now, without worrying about jacking a live round. Like Junky said, the straight trigger is goofy looking, but it sure fits my shooting style. We put a straight trigger from T-bone Dooley in Kay Sadeeya's 66 but she hasn't had a chance to try it, thanks to Hurricane Michael. Holler
  10. Hollifer A. Dollar

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Posting a 2nd set for Kay Sadeeya SASS #93732 Greenwood, FL 5 years
  11. Hollifer A. Dollar

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Hollifer A. Dollar SASS #91847 Greenwood FL 7 years
  12. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Going to EOT

    Kay Sadeeya & I went to EoT for the first time last year, best trip of our lives! We enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to go back in 2018. Holler
  13. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Who Got You Started?

    Abe E.S. Corpus gets full credit. I had bought a Taurus Judge revolver & mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a rifle in 45 Colt to match up with it. He said "ever thought about a lever action rifle?" & it was downhill from there. Holler
  14. Hollifer A. Dollar

    Prescription Shooting Glasses

    I am on my 2nd set of prescription safety glasses from WalMart. Full wraparound protection & very comfortable. Very reasonably priced if you get them in single vision, something like $75. I got them for distance only, which I prefer for shooting, but I did put a stick-on bifocal on the left lens, which covers close vision for scoring. The stick-on bifocal lenses came from Amazon for $15. Like Boggus said, safety eyewear is more about protection than being period correct. After seeing someone take a bit of lead to the eye while wearing very small lenses without side shields, I decided to go for safety rather than appearance. Holler

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