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    Tampa, Florida
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    I do ground shooting with Antelope Rangers and mounting shooting with Bayarea Bandits. I am a member of cowboy fast draw. My favorite club is Lake County Pistoleros. I protect the gold shipment for Florida Gulf Coast Railroad with the hole in the head gang.

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  1. Gun Belt Set

    No they are not lined. They are very smooth and fast
  2. Brass 38 special

    Fantastic enjoy
  3. Gun Belt Set

  4. Brass 38 special

    Email reply sent with shipping instructions
  5. Gun Belt Set

    I’m using Ruger vaquero 5 1/2 inch
  6. Henry Rifle. 45 SOLD

  7. Brass 38 special

    I do not believe these are once fired since they are mixed had stamps from George Arm
  8. Brass 38 special

    Yes your gold shipment will arrive on Wednesday
  9. Brass 38 special

    I have never reloaded them I Purchased my ammo from Georgia arms Shoot them once and sell the brass if you’re interested $225 for 3000 rounds shipping included
  10. Gun Belt Set

    Gun Belt Set - I am not sure but I think this is a Mernikle gun belt set. I have had this set for quite a while and has served me well. This is a very nice matching set. Gun belt and two strong side holsters, Measures 43 inches overall; first hole 36 inches; center hole 38 inches; last hole 41 inches. 38 caliber Shotgun Belt. Measures 40 inches overall; first hole 32 inches; center hole 35 inches; last hole 39 inches. 12 gauge Entire package only $275.00 Plus shipping
  11. Brass 38 special

  12. Henry Rifle. 45 SOLD

  13. Henry Rifle. 45 SOLD

    Henry is looking for a cowboy or hunter
  14. Brass 38 special

    Brass looking for a home
  15. Unavailable

    A leather man can easily make an adjustment