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  1. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    My new 45 colt

    Yes. I have a few S&W revolvers. I even have a few that are legal to shoot in CAS.
  2. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Winchester Super X 44-40 ammo avilability?

    Howdy Most of the big suppliers will not ship ammo or components to MASS. Cabellas won't, Midway won't. No they will not ship to a FFL, they just won't ship to MASS. Let's not go into why. I haven't bought any 44-40 ammo in a long, long time, once I started reloading it. You really need to start reloading if you want to shoot much 44-40. Starline will ship brass here if you send them a photo of your LTC. You can pick up powder and primers at gun shows. Depending on where you live you might need to cross a state line to pick up powder, primers, and bullets. Where in the Land of the Pilgrims do you live?
  3. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Wire Slowdown update

    Howdy The Wire is working at a snail's pace on my phone, my laptop, and my coal fired desk top computer. All three. Yes I remember when bandwidth was limited and we couldn't post photos, and all that stuff. That does not mean we have to go back to those days.
  4. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Northeast Regional Happening

    Howdy Ohio is in the North East? Sorry, but I got spoiled by the North East regional being 1/2 hour from my house in the Land of the Pilgrims. Ohio is a bit farther then I care to drive.
  5. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Are there guns to avoid

    Near as I can tell mine is a Model 250. Somebody had already cut the barrels to 24" before I bought it. I would have rather the barrels be the original 28" or 30", but the 24" length is very handy. Of course whatever chokes were on it got sawn off, so it is cylinder choked. I certainly do love shooting it.
  6. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Reloading 12 guage

    Howdy That is what I pay for shells when I get them on sale at Dicks. If I wait long enough, I can buy them for $50/case. That works out to $5/box. I shoot Trap all year long. average 100 rounds a week, maybe 125. That adds up to about 6500 rounds a year. I gave up loading for Trap a long time ago. There just is not the savings in loading shotshells that there is in loading metallic cartridges. I used to have a MEC Grabber. Hated that thing, I finally gave it away. Had a MEC 900G too. Didn't like that either. I still have an RCBS Grand that I keep thinking of getting rid of because I don't load smokeless shells anymore. These days the only shotshells I load are my Black Powder CAS loads. I load them on my trusty old MEC Jr.
  7. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    Well, I always liked Ginger best. And I like my guns to be just as elegant. So my favorites are a pair of 2nd Gen Colts.
  8. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Are there guns to avoid

    Would you care to explain why? I don't bring it very often, but sometimes I like to shoot my old Marlin Model 1894 that was made in 1895. Side by Sides? This nice little Stevens hammer gun from about 1907 has been my Main Match shotgun for a long time now. Things to avoid? I would avoid the S&W Russian model. That big hump on the grip makes it real awkward to cock it and shoot it one handed. Original Schofield Model. Unless you accept the fact that you have to load it with cartridges loaded with Black Powder. Same with the S&W New Model Number Three. Black Powder only. Merwin Hulberts. Avoid them like the plague. Particularly the modern replicas, they don't work at all. I have to agree. There are not enough 38-40s to go around for those who want more, and the supply is drying up.
  9. Need help on merwin Hulbert.  I am looking at a 7 shot my.  The seller says 32 s&w long.  However, I think it is actually 32 M&H long which is different.  Do you know it SW long or short will chamber?

  10. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    RCBS Cowboy vs "Regular" dies *UPDATE*

    Howdy All I can tell you is I have been loading 44-40 with a standard RCBS set of dies, not the Cowboy dies, for a zillion years. I don't think the cowboy dies were available yet when I started loading 44-40. I am a satisfied customer. If I was going to be buying any new dies, I would probably look into the Cowboy dies, but so far Hornady and standard RCBS dies have been fine for me for 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 44-40, 44 Special, 44 Russian, 38-40, and 38 Special. Don't need to buy any more dies right now.
  11. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    44-40 on a progressive press?

    Howdy I load 44-40, as well as a bunch of other calibers, on a Hornady Lock & Load AP. I use a Lyman BP powder measure with this press when loading 44-40 and others with Black Powder. I don't have the linkage for the press hooked up to the BP powder measure, so I have to remember to trip the rotor on the powder measure for every round. Here is a batch of 44-40 being loaded. These are shiny, brand spanky new Starline cases. After being fired they will never be this shiny again. Notice the 50 caliber BMG dummy round in the background. An excellent tool for smoothing out case necks that are slightly out of round before they go onto the press. I have always used a standard RCBS die set to load 44-40. Other brands are good too, but that is what I have always used. As my good friend Lou Graham says, you need to get a feel for loading 44-40. The necks are fragile because the brass is so thin at the neck. Easy to crumple if the brass hits the bottom of the sizing die. You need to go slow, so if you feel the bump, you can stop the stroke without damaging the case. 45 Colt and most other cases are more robust and will take more abuse. It is also important to set your dies just right. If the dies are not set right, you can wind up with crumpled cases like this: Here is a trick I learned a long time ago when loading 44-40. When setting up your dies, go through your brass and find a few that are the longest cases. Use those as your set up cases. Set the crimp and case depth so that there is a hair of space above the crimp and below the underside of the crimp groove. That way, when the cases ride up around the bullet the case mouth will not bump into the underside of the crimp groove and crumple the neck. The case mouth will never quite touch the underside of the crimp groove. More robust cases such as 45 Colt have no problem with this, they will dig into the lead without crumpling. Not so with the more fragile neck at the mouth of 44-40 or 38-40.
  12. Driftwood

      I wonder if you could help me establish a value on an Lyman mold # 450229. 182 . It cast a hollow base .452 at 155 gr. With the original handles. 

    We are relocating and will be able to cast at the new place. 

    Thank You 

    Turkey Bob

  13. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Real BP or BP sub

    Howdy I only shoot real Black Powder in CAS. Yes, there is a little bit of snobbishness involved. There, I said it. A few simple facts: Yes, real Black Powder is classified by the BTAF as an explosive, the substitutes are not. They are classified no different than regular Smokeless propellants. This means different storage requirements for Black Powder than for the subs. Not so much an issue for the individual shooter, but it does make a difference when you are looking to buy some. Many municipalities, and municipal fire departments impose more stringent storage requirements on businesses that sell powder. Some shops just don't want to deal with the more stringent requirements, so they don't sell real Black Powder while they have no difficulty selling Smokeless or the subs. Case in point: I used to buy a few pounds at a time of Black Powder at a shop about an hour away from where I live. That was the closest shop to me that carried it. I didn't mind the drive, there was usually something interesting to see in the store anyway. A few years ago they screwed up their paperwork and the BATF said they were going to have to build a new powder magazine further away from the road in order to keep selling real BP. The shop stopped selling real BP, although they continue to sell Smokeless as well as the subs, because of the less stringent storage requirements. So right there is a good reason to shoot the subs instead of real BP. Simply easier to find locally. The nearest place I can buy real BP now is an hour and a half away, and their prices are outrageous. Like many others, I now go in halves with a pal and we buy real BP, Schuetzen to be specific, in 25 pound lots from one of the on line vendors. Much cheaper than driving an hour and a half to buy a few pounds at a time. Yes, I loaded up a box of 38 S&W a bunch of years ago with APP because I could not find any bullets available that had a big enough lube groove for real BP. So I loaded up a box to shoot in an antique S&W Top Break. Yes, I used to use regular hard cast smokeless bullets with real BP. I had to melt the Smokeless lube out of the lube grooves and pan lube with a BP compatible lube. It worked OK for my pistols, but my rifle would develop a hard, crusty fouling the last 6" or so of the bore because the bullets ran out of lube. This ruined accuracy until I swabbed my bore out about halfway through a match. Yes, I tried Lube Cookies, and every other conceivable gimmick to load regular hard cast bullets. Eventually I was putting in cardboard card over the powder, a Lube Cookie, then another card to keep the cookie from sticking to the base of the bullet. Way too much work. Then I discovered Big Lube bullets and have been using them ever since. No more wads or cookies, I simply seat the bullet on top of the powder, compressing about 1/16" - 1/8" when the bullet is seated. No, this does not distort the base of the bullet and result in poor accuracy. At least not that I can determine. I used to cast my own Big Lube bullets, even designed one that is a standard now. These days I place an order with Springfield Slim once a year for a year's worth of bullets. 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 44-40, 44 Russian, and 38-40. Yes, these bullets are more expensive than typical hard cast bullets. I justify it by not practicing, so I don't have to use as many bullets as those guys who do practice. Why don't I just use the subs? Snob appeal. There, I said it again. Do I care what anybody else uses in their loads? Nope, as long as they meet the minimum smoke requirement.
  14. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    Howdy Around these parts (New England) CAS usually shuts down in November and doesn't start up again until March. I see a couple of clubs are being optimistic and are planning some January shoots, but I don't even think about shooting again until March. Probably half of those get cancelled anyway. The guys putting on these matches know from experience that it isn't worth the effort to run a match where not very many shooters will show up. I don't shoot in the rain anymore. It ain't my idea of fun to stand around in the rain for three or four hours, with both me and my guns getting soaked. Yeah, I have a big umbrella and a good waterproof duster, but the guns wind up getting soaked anyway. Then I have to take them apart to dry everything out. Not my idea of fun. I don't like shooting when it's cold out either. This photo is from at least 15 years ago, when I wasn't quite so old and crabby. Notice the thermos of hot coffee in my cart. These days, I don't shoot until spring.
  15. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

    Uberti Henry in .44 Rimfire

    Here is a video by Mike Beliveau on loading up some 38 'rimfire' cartridges using 22 blanks as primers. https://www.full30.com/watch/MDEwNzAy/remington-new-police-revolver-38-rimfire-reloading-part-2

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